Logic Knot


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters (MMA) Common
Future Sight (FUT) Common

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Logic Knot


Delve (You may remove any number of cards in your graveyard from the game as you play this spell. It costs (1) less to play for each card removed this way.)

Counter target spell unless its controller pays (X).

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Logic Knot Discussion

Sargeras on Jeskai Rush

4 days ago

I like the deck concept, so +1 from me. Here are my suggestions.

  1. You may want to test playing Thought Scour over Opt, as while Opt lets you scry then draw, Thought scour gives you the graveyard cards you can use for Snapcaster Mage. Obviously some testing would be in order.

  2. The sideboard needs some serious work, Wear should have a place in the board since cards like Chalice of the Void, Ensnaring Bridge, etc. are all very real threats to aggressive decks like this one. Having played it, I know that Azorius Charm is honestly a terrible card, and that either more paths or counters would be more beneficial in it's place. You might also want to include something like Surgical Extraction, Blood Moon, or Stone Rain, but those are both meta dependent.

  3. Other more tempo based ideas are Spell Queller, Vendilion Clique, Izzet Staticaster, Logic Knot, and Aven Mindcensor. These are just ideas should you want them.


Esper879 on Bringing Grixis Back

1 week ago

skmbc I have always enjoyed the idea of Draw-Go control (That use to be my go-to deck style) but I'm not certain that the Grixis color combination is all that adept at doing that. Esper has a better power-house card selection for long term control. Supreme Verdict, Sphinx's Revelation, Path to Exile, and Spell Queller are just a few examples. I will be changing the Mana Leaks for the Logic Knots. Thank you for the suggestions!! Once I've ran the deck a few times I'll circle back around to the Countersquall recommendation.

skmbc on Bringing Grixis Back

1 week ago

Logic Knot is better than mana leak imo. If you're gonna run counters I'd throw the thoughtsiezes in the side and cut the delve creatures for something else, maybe gearhulks?

I'm a little biased though, being a draw-go control player.

Countersquall is fun too.

KGW on Esper Torment of Hailfire

1 week ago

Welcome to Esper Control :D I would recommend doing some google searches for esper control and esper midrange decks to get an idea of which cards work in this colour scheme. Some initial thoughts looking at the deck are that without fetchlands to fuel your Logic Knots, you wont be able to play them on time. Maybe replace them with a couple Negates until you find some fetches. I also believe that your Jace should be a Jace, Architect of Thought because it will help you deal with tokens and small creatures.I believe that the Hedron Archives need to go. 6 mana to draw 2 cards is far to costly. As a budget alternative to Serum Visions, just play Think Twice, which is great here because its an Instant.Lastly, you need some proper spot removal. The reason that cards like Path to Exile and Fatal Push are so great in this format is because of their low CMC. Never//Return is going to be played too late in the game to save you from aggressive decks. Consider alternatives like Go for the Throat or Victim of Night. Same situation with your board wrath card Fumigate, you really want to be able to play a wrath on turn 4 so if you can a hold of a few copies of Wrath of God or Supreme Verdict then do so.

Make sure you take a look at some of the other Esper variations out there as it will give you a feel what you need to survive until the late game when you can take over and play your win conditions. Control in general is super difficult to play in Modern as you need to know opponents decks as well as you know your own in order to determine what you need to counter, and what you can let through, however when you win a difficult match up it is very rewarding. Best of luck in your quest.

Xica on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

1 week ago

Nope, i think Logic Knot, Stubborn Denial with Death's Shadow/Tasigur, the Golden Fang/Gurmag Angler out, Cryptic Command, Condescend, Negate... etc.

Even stuff like Spell Pierce, or Mana Leak is game, since the spell costs so much.

cplvela0811 on Stubborn Souls

1 week ago


Thank you. Truly. You know what...I have been wanting to do that. I am going to remove the 2x Cryptic Command, for 2x Esper Charm. I will let you know how it feels and the match updates. So far - this deck has been a house. I have also used Sorin, Solemn Visitor in lieu of Cryptic Command. The ability to get off an ultimate in 2 turns, and rack up some life was pretty sweet.

I too like Geist of Saint Traft, but I personally feel that Spell Queller is the real deal. I like it mostly because it forces control to tap on their turn - paired with nearly all instants and flash creatures.

To answer your question regarding the delve spells - no, 6 is not too much. In fact, I have considered ways to incorporate Logic Knot. I primarily play , so this deck gave me the freedom to not worry about my grave as much (Tarmogoyf based decks). The main reason behind 6 delve spells is that I want to be sure that I have them, for my Turn 2 play. On Turn 2 I either drop a Gurmag Angler and or a Tasigur, the Golden Fang - Tasigur allows a mana to be left open for Stubborn Denial/bluff and or whatever else like a Fatal Push. Playing 12 draw/replacement spells (Mishra's Bauble, Thought Scour, and Serum Visions) creates for a strategy that reliably allows for a successful lowed land count. Honestly - on paper one would assume that so many draw spells create an over saturation of the deck and not enough "power" slots, but in theory the more we fetch and draw cards - the more we slim the decks fat and get into the core of the deck. I also must add that when you use Thought Scour and put a Lingering Souls into the graveyard - it feels like cheating.

Once again my friend, thank you.

KenyanPR on Modern Jeskai Copycat

2 weeks ago

Pieguy396 I appreciate the feedback and current state, although spell pierce is usually a good addition to most decks containing blue, I have had some great results with the Logic Knots in that slot, and it offers a little more versatility and can change the pay cost based on the number of open lands my opponent had. and I feel as though Opt is immediately going into the deck over Serum Visions due to being able to keep (especially my turn one) mana open until my opponent's end step. The sorcery speed has hurt me a few times in the matches I've played so far, but overall I fully intend on making the switch.

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