Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Shards of Alara Uncommon

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Creature — Zombie Wizard

Tap: You may tap or untap another target permanent.

Unearth (Blue) ((Blue): Return this card from your graveyard to play. It gains haste. Remove it from the game at end of turn or if it would leave play. Unearth only as a sorcery.)

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Fatestitcher Discussion

Rzepkanut on Last Stop On The Fun Train

5 days ago

Hangarback Walker has pretty good synergy, should be helpful. Nim Deathmantle & Mimic Vat can also help keep a stream of sacrifice targets coming. Elspeth, Sun's Champion is one of the best token makers, plus it board wipes and leaves your commander. Fatestitcher & Aphetto Alchemist can get you another counterspell per turn.

Marvelman7878 on Controlled Combat: the Great Teacher

2 weeks ago

Phaetion Oh nice! Yeah the vigilance part makes him super dangerous. That's why something like Vow of Duty is so potent with Ojutai. He simultaneously becomes a 3 turn clock for commander damage, can't be targeted, and blocks a lot of decent sized beaters. I wish I had a Minamo, School at Water's Edge, but it's just too pricy. Thats what Fatestitcher is for.

enpc on Who shall I be when I devour your soul?

2 weeks ago

JerichoDarkstar: I depends which Hermit Druid combo you want to run but the best is:

Hermit Druid mills entire deck, hitting Narcomoeba, Dread Return and Fatestitcher as well as Morselhoarder, Devoted Druid, Necrotic Ooze and Spikeshot Elder.

Unearth Fatestitcher and sac it, Narcomoeba and HD to Dread Return flashing back Necrotic Ooze.

Now Ooze has Devoted Druid's ability to untap itself by putting a -1/-1 counter on itself an Morselhoarder's ability to remove -1/-1 counters to get mana. It also has Spikeshot Elder's ability to do a bunch of damage given mana.

Lilbrudder on There Is No Cow Level!

1 month ago

The problem with Hermit Druid is he needs alot of other cards to work. Most those cards are useless (i.e Fatestitcher; Narcomoeba) on thier own, unlike doomsday, which has mostly useful cards in its piles (i.e Gitaxian Probe; Yawgmoth's Will).

To include both combos would dilute the deck since there is little synergy between the two. HD wouldnt be bad if you went bare bones with it and used him primarily as bait. With Memory's Journey and Deep Analysis you can form a mini dd pile of Gitaxian Probe, Dark Ritual, and Yawgmoth's Will. Just mill your deck, flashback journey, and then analysis in the graveyard you can draw into ritual and then cast yawgwin to win the game off your rocks, rituals, and labman.

At the end of the day though your better off building more around engine than anything else. Its takes almost no dead card slots to have approximately 7-8 overlapping and easy to assemble combos that win the game consistently on turns 3-4.

pshawver on Merieke Ri Berit? You mean gimmie dat ish

1 month ago

why do you hate justins yidris deck so much?

needs Fatestitcher and Sword of the Paruns

needs Gilded Lotus and maybe Dreamstone Hedron since when you untap them you make lots of mana

might want more tappers?

Justin mentioned Flusterstorm

hfvalenz on G&G's B&B

1 month ago

Hey man, I'm playing G&G at my LGS lately and they've been running very good, they're the only truly zombie tribal commander in my opinion. There are some cards you should definitely get in your deck:

  • Sunken Hollow and Drowned Catacomb instead of Dimir Guildgate and Submerged Boneyard. These lands will enter the battlefield untapped most of the time.

  • Piranha Marsh should be cut, even a basic Swamp it's better. 1 life means nothing in Commander, an untapped land beats that EVERY time.

  • Unknown Shores fixes your colors, true, but you'll be tapping 2 lands for 1 mana.Sunken Ruins does the job needed best than everything else, but it's expensive. Darkwater Catacombs is a very good alternative, and it's easier to find and much cheaper, since it just got reprinted in C16.

  • Skyline Cascade has an interesting effect, didn't know that one it may worth trying it. I still play Halimar Depths to take a little look on what will be going to the graveyard before casting G&G.

  • I'm pretty sure you're aware of Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, but that shouldn't stop me from mentioning it. Does marvels with Zombie Master.

  • Related on the previous Urborg point, it's close friend Cabal Coffers worths every dollar you spend getting it. And while we're talking about lots-of-mana-producing lands, I shall include in this point Crypt of Agadeem and Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, since you're more inclined to black than blue. Fatestitcher will untap them and there you go, more mana than can be spent.

  • Wonder, because flying zombies are truly wonderful. Corpse Connoisseur can go and get it right where it belongs.

  • Fleshbag Marauder, just keep casting him and sacrificing himself, get rid of pesky indestructibles or hexproof or whatnot. Works well with your Dictate of Erebos.

  • Convolute and Cancel should go. 3 mana can pay for lots of better counterspells, just to name a few: Dissipate, Dissolve, Hinder, Spell Crumple, Forbid (my favorite). If the double blue is an issue, then you got options as well: Negate, Arcane Denial, Swan Song...

  • Zombie Infestation requires lots of fuel to spawn zombies. Phyrexian Arena, Rhystic Study will give you lots of cards. Secrets of the Dead will give you an extra one when using G&G's ability.

  • You need reanimation spells. Living Death is a classic one that can act as mass removal as well, but there's also Patriarch's Bidding and Zombie Apocalypse, the most flavorful of the three.

  • Lastly, since I was talking about flavor, G&G on their independent cards aren't that bad, especially Ghoulcaller Gisa. And if you got them both working together, you can spawn a big zombie with Stitcher Geralf and sac it to Gisa for lots of tokens.

Hope any of these helps, though most of them aren't that new of ideas.

Rzepkanut on The Great Enchantress

1 month ago

In my Merieke deck I like having more ways to untap her. Especially ones that also do other things too. Like ramp mana or protection or whatever. These are the ones in my deck:

Here is a link to my deck too, maybe it has other ideas for you:

Merieke, Goddess of Theft

Commander / EDH Rzepkanut


kamarupa on Untapped

1 month ago

Thanks, evermoistcorndog. I really really appreciate it; this deck has received very little attention and I'm grateful to anyone who takes the time to write anything. Banefire is baller.

I'm aware of the Bloom Tender+Freed from the Real combo. It's not in this deck because 1) Bloom Tender is really expensive (This deck is hub-tagged "Budget"), and more importantly, there just isn't room for it along with the existing combos and wincons. This deck isn't aimed at simply being an infinite mana combo - the combo is infinite untap.

Incidentally, I'm also aware of Fatestitcher, which could work as a duplicate of Kiora's Follower but at double the CMC, I'm convinced it would be too slow.

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