Enclave Cryptologist


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Rise of the Eldrazi Uncommon

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Enclave Cryptologist

Creature — Merfolk Wizard

Level up 1,U (1,U: Put a level counter on this. Level up only as a sorcery.) [0/1]

Level 1-2 Tap: Draw a card, then discard a card. [0/1]

level Tap: Draw a card. [0/1]

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Enclave Cryptologist Discussion

xyr0s on Infinite Mana Ballista

5 days ago

I think you could try with Blossoming Defense, as it works both against targetted removal and pyroclasm. Besides, A full set of Serum Visions is probably better than Enclave Cryptologist and Think Twice, because you get to dig deeper faster, and for less mana (you pay 3 mana to loot the first card with cryptologist - you get to dig 3 cards for 1 mana with SV, meaning that cryptologist catches up after 3 turns). That does remove the cryptologist combo, but that one already relied on infinite mana from other combo pieces.

dunno if you need the full set of Spell Pierce. It's good in the early game, but the longer the game goes, the less relevant it becomes (turn 3 Lightning Bolt still gets to remove your Arbor Elf). Maybe cut 2 of them for Blossoming Defense?

tacshtson on Non-Dredge Dredge

2 months ago

Hey whyundead3, thanks for the feedback. I agree in making it as competitive as possible, casual or not. Winning fast is winning fun, right?

The usefulness of Rally the Ancestors I'd overlooked. Rule 603.7C was something I had missed, so from here on out please consider mentions of Rally the Ancestors and Immortal Servitude to be one and the same unless otherwise specified. The same is true for Blood Artist and Zulaport Cutthroat, although I was aware of the former, merely passing over it.

I do agree that the deck does nothing until Immortal Servitude goes off. It is stalling until that point when it goes off and hopefully wins. Adding in Augur of Bolas and/or Screeching Skaab gives it board presence before then, which is something I had been considering. There's not much to do about this, short of changing the game plan away from Immortal Servitude, which I should have gone into.

This is actually the third iteration of the deck I've looked at. The first version was a RBW setup that looked to power out and up a Quest for the Gravelord or Mortician Beetle as fast as possible. This is similar to your thoughts on Carrion Feeder. When I was looking at that setup I'd considered either using the same sacrifice outlets you listed, or one-drop self-sacrificing creatures like the Mogg Fanatic still in the MaybeBoard. I settled on the latter as it was more difficult to disrupt via removal and could get some additional speed through Kuldotha Rebirth and Infernal Plunge, as both sacrifice setups work best feeding on Ornithopter and Memnite.This was great in concept, except in researching it I found an identical setup that could power out a T2 win through different means https://www.mtggoldfish.com/articles/budget-magic-68-10-tix-modern-turn-2-tokens . No point using the same setup for two different decks.

I like some of the options you've brought up, namely the Doomed Traveler, as it gives me another target for Qarsi Sadist immediately, a repeat chump-blocker, or could power another scheme for damage like you're thinking. Pawn of Ulamog also plays nicely into this. The under-performing Inquisitor Exarch does stand to be replaced by something more useful.

Thanks for the catch on Enclave Cryptologist. I was under the impression he entered as Level 1, not having used that sort of card before. Merfolk Looter has been swapped in.

The alternatives to Taigam's Scheming I am not sold on however. While it is true that they don't actually do anything to the game, like put cards in hand, they do optimize Pieces of the Puzzle, which is wonderful. My main thing is simply that, as a two-drop, I can put 5 + 1 cards into the graveyard. I don't think anything else beats this ratio short of a good Mind Funeral somehow cast on myself. If there's a faster method you're aware of, by all means. I didn't look greatly into targeting myself with mill cards, only ones that give me some control over what remains in my library/goes to my hand.

I do like Forbidden Alchemy, but for my purposes it's a worse version of Pieces of the Puzzle, albeit a worse copy 5 - 8 of the card. Thought Scour is in a similar situation when compared to Screeching Skaab, as the reduced mana cost and self-replacing nature just doesn't suit my needs as well as a 2/1 body. It's a good card, just not for my needs. Fact or Fiction is just too expensive. Two castings of Taigam's Scheming fills the graveyard far better and doesn't give my opponent any influence.

We're in the same line of thought with Taigam's Scheming just not doing as much as it could. I'd looked at building this in Green using Gather the Pack, Commune with the Gods, and Satyr Wayfinder, but that setup just works better with the typical Dredge creature suite of Bloodghast, Narcomoeba, Prized Amalgam, etc. These cards have the benefit of refilling my hand, but I'm just not using the right creature strategy to make this deck work in Green.

As for Black mana sources, I definitely agree. Even in this current build I have no reason not to split my Plains and go 50:50 with Swamps.

Overall, I appreciate the input. I have been sitting on a playset of Dark Prophecy, Deathgreeter, Lingering Souls, and Teysa, Orzhov Scion that play nicely with some of the ideas you've dropped here, even if that wasn't the intent. Plus you caught some critical mistakes I'd made in this deck.Cheers.

whyundead3 on Non-Dredge Dredge

2 months ago

From a casual, janky deck point of view I love it. Your deck seems to be doing some pretty cool things with cards that are generally considered pretty bad and unplayable outside of limited.

But from a more competitive, critical point of view I'd love to give you some tips. (I know your deck is posted as casual so feel free not to even read this)

From what it looks like you're using cards like Taigam's Scheming and Taigam's Scheming 2.0 to fill up your graveyard then playing Immortal Servitude to return back all of your creatures of that cmc, stacking the damage to deal a ton. Sounds like a solid plan.

But from what it looks like your deck seems like when it goes off it goes but up until then it just spends most of its time durdling. Why cards like Taigam's Scheming never see play is because.. well.. they don't really do anything. Yeah you get to set up your next few draws and/or fill your graveyard but what else? When people play cards they expect them to to help them win the game. Scheming doesn't actually win games, it just helps other cards do. (In a weird sense it's kinda like straight life gain). If the card said draw a card at the end or even loot (draw then discard) I can assure you it would see insane amounts of play. But it doesn't. Better replacements might be Fact or Fiction, Forbidden Alchemy, and Thought Scour.

From your post it seems like you've considered Rally the Ancestors but decided to remove it. In my opinion I think is can potentially be much more powerful than Immortal Servitude. For starters it's 1 mana cheaper. But it also says with cmc X OR LESS. That can get everything rather than just your 1 or 2 drops. And the down side of exile at next upkeep? If you sac them all they don't exile. Meaning you can play Rally, sac all your creatures (preferably with a sac outlet). Then next turn play another Rally. (Rally does exile itself sadly) To top it all off Rally the Ancestors is instant speed. (That's a HUGE upside)

Lastly the creatures. If you were to play Rally I'd recommend a sacrifice outlet, luckily for you you have access to many good ones. Viscera Seer and Carrion Feeder come to mind.In my opinion Enclave Cryptologist is too slow at what it does. You have to put an additional 2 mana into the card for it to actually do something and then hope someone doesn't kill it. Recommended upgrades Merfolk Looter, Magus of the Bazaar, Bonded Fetch, or Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip if you like to spend money.

Zulaport Cutthroat is a good card, I like it. But depending up what type of games you play more there might be a better option. In free for all I think Zula wins but in a 1v1 match Blood Artist definitely wins. See unlike Zula the Artist says if ANY creature dies, yours, mine, any. But the Artist also only says for one player to lose a life, rather than Zula which is each opponent. Heck you could always just run both. Double the fun.

From there I don't think you'd even need to play either Inquisitor Exarch or Qarsi Sadist. (And Death Cultist) Like they're okay. But if you're already playing the life loosers and you already have sac outlets coming back it might just be more beneficial to play creature makers instead. (Depending upon how many life loosers you have the numbers could be much higher) Recommend Doomed Traveler, Blisterpod, Carrier Thrall. Sengir Autocrat (Just remember sac the Serfs first). These guys could be insane too Pawn of Ulamog and Grim Haruspex (Depending upon how many token makers you end up actually playing) and Xathrid Necromancer. (Depending upon how many humans you actually play from the ones I've listed.)

Additionally if you'd like more life loosers, Falkenrath Noble and Pious Evangel  Flip.

Last thing, I'd also recommend you play lands that tap for black. As there's a lot of black on the list. I know ideally you want to resurrect them and not actually play them from hand. But sometimes things don't go as planned and it's good to have back up options.

From your description it seems like you have a mind for understanding your deck. That's a good skill. One a lot of the pro's don't even have. Look forward to what you might make in the future.

Wihito on Atraxas Smörgåsbord Buffet

4 months ago

Regoober: Wow, thanks for all the suggestions! I really need to lower the average CMC of the deck to make it more playable, and some of them helped with that; you can see that I added Coalition Relic, Gemstone Mine, Luminarch Ascension and Enclave Cryptologist. I've also added some cards as maybe since they'll either be hard to aquire or I'm not sure if I want them in. For black/recursion I've added Grimoire of the Dead and Meren of Clan Nel Toth (thanks for suggesting her OBDog11!)(they also increase the number of different counters the deck have!), and Black Sun's Zenith for maybeboard in the case of Pyrrhic Revival turning out to work well. Happy Feasting! :D

OBDog11: I forgot about those! Thanks, I definitely want them in haha!

Ackemdeil: Thank you! I've put tons of work into finding relevant cards to balance the pie chart with, and I kind of ignored energy counters but then it dawned on me, Aether Hub works just as well as all the Charge counter lands I've added! Do you have any other suggestions on Energy cards I could add? :D

kampfy_wampfy: Yummy delicious eye-candy pie! Thanks! :D

Regoober on Atraxas Smörgåsbord Buffet

4 months ago

Energy Chamber and Power Conduit as fast ways to get charge on artifacts, especially if you use them up early and cant proliferate. Coalition Relic for more fixing: Works great w/ extra proliferate triggers like Thrummingbird (I like Astral Cornucopia, honestly. Four colors is hard esp with no splash). Spawning Pit is a good sac outlet for those pesky board sweepers and control magics. Consider a Gemstone Mine as well.

For Colored spells, Luminarch Ascension is good as long as you have your commander to stop people from trying to dink you early. More Level-up mechanics like Lighthouse Chronologist, Enclave Cryptologist, and Student of Warfare are cheap early and also take targeted removal away from your commander. Replace Spike Feeder with Spike Weaver for cheap, indefinite fogs. Hardened Scales for +1/+1 mechanics and Doubling Season for all your cool Planeswalkers. I was looking for something black to add, but could only settle on Pestilence Demon + Vigor as a fun way to pump and wipe opponents Pestilence Could work, too, but creatures are better for you. Maybe some graveyard recursion? Necromancy or Reanimate?

Love the flavor. Happy Feasting!

DreadnoughtMTG on UB Tibalt Madness/Flashback

6 months ago

Why Enclave Cryptologist? Just for the additional looter? Or because of his level 3? Thought Courier is probably better if you just want a looter.

I'm not certain, but your land count seems maybe a little high for the amount of filtering you have. I'd bet you could drop it down to around 21-22 with no issue.

P47Healey on Immobilizing Think

6 months ago


Ha, whoops! I kept updating the decklist but didn't change the text. Fixed now.

I've been going back and forth on Enclave Cryptologist - My main concern is that she takes too long to level up. I'll keep Burning Inquiry in mind as well, see how well it plays.


Maxpphire on

7 months ago

This is a really solid deck

Not sure how I feel about Logic Knot as it exiles things from your graveyard and it more or less seems as if you want your graveyard to be another hand for you. Here are some suggestions:

Enclave Cryptologist - seems on the weaker end, but is a decent 1 drop and you can't even have to level it up all the way for the discard to trigger.

Hisoka, Minamo Sensei - I feel like this would be decent. Forces you to discard and you counter spells. Not Terribly expensive either.

Statute of Denial - Another Counter that would force you to discard and draw.

Vexing Sphinx - Might be an interesting thing to add in the deck

Out of all of these I think Hisoka, Minamo Sensei is the best replacement or addition to add to the deck, everything else it just a "Meh, this caught my eye but probably not"

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