Cragganwick Cremator

Cragganwick Cremator

Creature — Giant Shaman

When Cragganwick Cremator enters the battlefield, discard a card at random. If you discard a creature card this way, Cragganwick Cremator deals damage equal to that card's power to target player or planeswalker.

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Set Rarity
Double Masters (2XM) Rare
Mystery Booster (MYS1) Rare
Shadowmoor (SHM) Rare

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Format Legality
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Limited Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Highlander Legal

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Cragganwick Cremator Discussion

abbatromebone on

1 year ago
  • stensiagamekeeper I get that the goal is to do 16 points of damage by discarding a random card and hopeing you get Impervious Greatwurm .
  • The problem is the set up. Optimally you play a land and noble/bird, and then turn 2 you do the same. One turn 3 you have enough mana to cast Cragganwick Cremator . Now you have 3 cards in hand. so a 33% chance to do 16 damage. If you do get your 16 damage they still have 4 health left and you have 0 power creatures. Which means youve probably lost. Unless you are in the scenario where your opponent used shock lands and fetchlands then you have to hope they ping them selves for 4. However, the next game they will probably play around it and only ping themselves for 3 or add in a little life gain. Then they have the field advantage they need. They could also put in any removal and now your slowed to turn 4 again.
  • If you have to naturally get out you win con turn 4 then it would very well be to late. Burn is designed for turn 4, Tron could very well be swinging at you with big creatures you cant ignore, or they might just start removing your lands, Spirits can just hold and Spell Queller , humans can meddling mage, and out last your creatures, storm could ping you out by turn 2 or slam you lock you down by pinging your mana dorks, any control match up can counter your win con...
  • ARCHGAZE deck that got 8th place in this even is impressive. But your decks are fairly different. It responds to his threats a bit better. That is what Im getting at.

stensiagamekeeper on

1 year ago

abbatromebone, I think you missed the point a little. This is one of those decks that competes more on the sum of it's parts than high card quality and a deck very similar to this won the magic online challenge last October. Cragganwick Cremator and Impervious Greatwurm make more sense when you consider that together they can deal 16 damage to your opponents face.

abbatromebone on

1 year ago
  • Ramp is always good, unless of course you don't have anything big to ramp into.
  • Fauna Shaman is a great filter card
  • Cragganwick Cremator is slow, there are a lot of decks that win by turn 4, you would cast him turn 3. And hope they dont have removal and deal not leathal damage so It might not be great.
  • Magus of the Moon isnt modern viable, he is to easy to remove you want blood moon. Every deck has creature removal not every deck has enchantment removal.
  • Scavenging Ooze is a side board card in my option, unless you need it for your combo.
  • Impervious Greatwurm great in token decks,with lots of ramp, but dies to easily in modern. you play that I play Path to Exile , is not good in modern if you want a 10 drop that does work you want elzardi like Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger .
  • Steel Leaf Champion is a great mana efficient card that runs well in mono green stomp. I dont really see him else where.
  • Tireless Tracker is a good card it does work.
  • Fire-Lit Thicket aka filter land, arent good in modern. The best way to get the colors you want is with fetchlands, the only time you really dont use that is when shuffling is an issue.
  • Kessig Wolf Run is run in some great decks, id keep. Look at RG Eldrazi Modern.
  • Lightning Bolt is a great finisher and removal spell, I almost always recommend 4 copies in any red deck.
  • Your SB (sideboard) is not great. You want cards that are answers to your enemies decks. I wont leave comments on that being your deck is going to change so its harder to plan a SB.
  • Bloodbraid Elf amazing card in the right deck

  • the best thing for you to do is look at modern decks that are tournement ready. Youll see cards that are used and why they are used. Itll help build your deck. Especially in these colors. Advise from people here is helpful as well. If you want me to be more nit picky I can be. If you need anyhelp just message me here or something.

  • There are some on my page in folder if you find that easiest

  • Have a nice week.

goldlion on 6 Average CMC In Modern??

1 year ago

Ok, so here's what I see NomadicSixGod...Though I'm open to being wrong here :).

Combustible Gearhulk & Cragganwick Cremator are very likely to be the key win conditions and first creature drops you make (beside Sakura-Tribe Elder ). So, a) I'd say the bigger the creatures for them to use for dealing that direct damage, the better and, b) Having a cheap stomper with trample to follow them up with and finish the job is probably the next priority, whether it's through casting it, or flashing it in with haste with Through the Breach for the final charge.

Considering this, I think Ghalta, Primal Hunger should replace Primeval Titan .

The benefits of the Titan that I see is flashing him in with Breach for manaramp, correct? And triggering Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle for 6? However, it seems like the same turn you'd be flashing him in, you could be flashing in Combustible Gearhulk to Ghalta/Emrakul/Worlspine someone for 12/15/15 damage, or playing another Cragganwick to deal direct damage that way.

I guess that's the trick of two win-cons, to make one stronger the other becomes weaker, and with this switch we take away from the 3 damage triggers. But it does replace it with a 12 direct damage instead, and then a monster trampler to cheat in for final damage... It just seems to me that Ghalta might make the deck able to defeat the opponent a turn faster as more damage can be dealt, where you might not need those lands.

Of course this is all from theory rather than experience facing other decks with this, but the swap I might make would be: - 3 Primeval Titans + 2 Ghalta, Primal Hungers + 1 Cragganwick Cremator

NomadicSixGod on 6 Average CMC In Modern??

1 year ago

JKRice the original build of this deck actually did have Scapeshift. I subbed it out for Primeval Titan because titan has better synergies with Combustible Gearhulk and Cragganwick Cremator. I may look to free up a few SB slots for two copies though because you're right it is a great option.

Boza on Sunbird's Shoal

1 year ago

Additionally, I just remembered there was such a deck that cared about big creatures and their power - Cragganwick Cremator. An emrakul discarded to it is 15 damage, an Impervious Greatwurm is 16 damage. You can finish them off with a Lightning Bolt to the face.

Additionally, there are several other cards that care about the mana cost of something to deal damage - Erratic Explosion, Riddle of Lightning, Explosive Revelation that care for the CMC of the cards. Especially when you can stack something on top of your library like Thunderous Wrath. Seems like a cool way to care about big creatures.