Counter target spell. You may cast a nonland card in your hand that shares a card type with that spell without paying its mana cost.

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Counterlash Discussion

lemmingllama on 2014-12-07 update of 2 X ...

5 months ago

@Mithrandrir I've tested it a lot, it was in an earlier build of the deck. The problem was that it would also affect me, and cost me some games due to receiving extra damage. Dictate of the Twin Gods is better since I can flash it in at the end of my opponents turn then kill them with the extra mana the next.

@coco_natsukaze These are a lot of good suggestions, hopefully I can address them all properly.

Eye of the Storm will become an infinite combo with the extra turns, so I won't add it in.

Arcane Melee is good, but isn't as good as mana doublers. I'd rather just be able to fireball for 20 than fireball for 12. Also the fact that it helps my opponents isn't the best.

Chandra, the Firebrand is good, but the copy wasn't good enough. Typically she would die after a single copied spell, so something like Reiterate would give me better value. She will eventually end up back in here, but first I need to cut some stuff.

Harness by Force is a good one too. I might have to playtest it, never thought of using it before. Same with Act of Aggression

Talrand, Sky Summoner and Young Pyromancer are there almost exclusively for blockers. I have a lot of aggro in my meta, so blockers are necessary. Also Talrand's tokens have flying, which can be quite useful.

Phyrexian Metamorph is a great idea, I will probably make that switch immediately.

Devastation Tide is a problem since it messes up my board state too much. I run a decent amount of enchantments and artifacts, so losing those is a big loss of tempo. Mizzium Mortars is in here primarily for token decks, or weak generals who have been given hexproof/shroud

Counterlash isn't really useful for me, normally I would be countering a creature or instant, and I would only get real value out of it if I had a Consecrated Sphinx or Charmbreaker Devils in hand.

Anyways, thanks for your suggestions! I'll have to test out and change this deck up as needed.

coco_natsukaze on 2014-12-07 update of 2 X ...

5 months ago

Eye of the Storm before you start anything. Every socery you have is an extra turn. i've only got one deck and it has the same commander as yours (also a budget deck :) go izzet). Completely different take though.... Arcane Melee . Chandra the firebrand should defs go in. If you have copy spells, you need Harness by Force , copies of the spell by pass the extra costs for a complete control of the entire board. Talrand, Sky Summoner feels like a wasted space, and Young Pyromancer while strictly better than Talrand, is okay when cast turn two but useless turn 10. If you have a dacks, why not try a phyrexian metamorph? Devastation Tide strictly better than mizzium mortars.

You might want some tricks in your deck. (I would suggest to you instant creature steal, like Act of Aggression . Counterlash is always nasty, especially into omniscience. Nice deck, feel free to check out mine too

enpc on Intet Goes To The Store

6 months ago

Looks like a really fun deck to play. A few recommendations though:

Unforgivn_II on abdulbaqr

7 months ago

So, the other trade fell through, and you're next in line for Garruk. How does this trade sound?

Garruk, Apex Predator - $23
Ratchet Bomb - $1 (Scars of Mirrodin)
2x Killing Wave - $.67 ea
Total: $25.34

Scroll Rack - $18 (Tempest, I presume?)
Eladamri's Call - $6
Increasing Confusion - $1.07
Counterlash - $.29
Total: $25.36

Magiclover318 on DobeNode

9 months ago

Hey there, are you willing to add some cards onto our trade? :) I am looking at your Serra Avatar and Counterlash for my Launch the Fleet

DesertfoxII on 2014-05-27 update of Come one, ...

10 months ago

In edh a lot of control comes from creature spells. Counterlash Counterspell are much better.

Howling Mine gives your the weakness of it being tapped. Looks like you have many options to give players cards. I'm trying to help cut here so lets CUT!

Cut:Essence Scatter Jace's Erasure

add:Molten Psyche

DarkRequiem on 2014-05-31 update of Azami's Excelsus ...

10 months ago

Thanks for the +1. :)

I'm trying to avoid three kind of cards: 1. expensive cards that I don't own (Cryptic Command , Mana Drain and Patron Wizard are among them, although I recognize those are great, no doubt), 2. conditional counterspells (Condescend , Ixidor's Will , Power Sink and the like) and 3. cards with too high a cmc (Counterlash , Desertion , Scattering Stroke and Stifle since I'm trying to keep my counters bellow 3 cmc.

The only exceptions I'm making are Rewind , Syncopate and Put Away because the 1st untaps is almost free, the 2nd exiles the threat (which is important in my meta) and the 3rd recovers me something that can be quite important).

Gather Specimens and Day of the Dragons is a cute combo. Quite so. But it also requires a lot of mana available. I've even cut out Day of the Dragons because it tends to be a bit too expensive for what I want.

Draining Whelk and Deadeye Navigator are a bit overkill. Someone else on my playgroup brought that combo into play once and everyone else disliked it, considering it a dick move. I'm not looking forward to incorporate that combo here. I believe that I don't need the Navigator to maximize CiP effects though since I don't have that many creatures that do stuff when they come into play.

Voidmage Prodigy is something I'm quite unsure about though. I think he'd play better in a UB deck dedicated to wizards. I don't think I'd like to sacrifice my wizards.

I did enjoy Discombobulate , Spelljack , Declaration of Naught and Psychic Trance . A lot! I will have to check consider them. :)

Aelorith2117 on 2014-05-31 update of Azami's Excelsus ...

10 months ago

There's also a sweet combo with Day of the Dragons and Gather Specimens that basically lets you take control of all of your opponents creatures! What about Mana Short , Draining Whelk , Condescend , Counterlash , Cryptic Command , Declaration of Naught (for commanders!), Desertion , Discombobulate , Dismiss , Exclude , Ixidor's Will , Last Word , Lay Bare , Mana Drain , Patron Wizard , Power Sink , Psychic Trance , Rethink , Sage's Dousing , Scattering Stroke , Spell Contortion , Spelljack , Thassa's Rebuff , Thwart , Stifle and Voidmage Prodigy ? They're all really good counters and some are wizard specific! I love the mono blue! +1!

Color(s) Blue
Cost 4UU
Converted cost 6
Avg. draft pick 2.87
Avg. cube pick 6.13


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Dark Ascension Rare

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