Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Dark Ascension Rare

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Counter target spell. You may cast a nonland card in your hand that shares a card type with that spell without paying its mana cost.

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Counterlash Discussion

libraryjoy on Dragons Dream Big!

3 weeks ago

I think at this point, you just have to decide which cards are not your most wanted. I'm looking at Counterlash - while it's a cool idea, it's also a 6 mana counterspell, and who wants to leave 6 mana unused? also, Temur Ascendancy does nice things, but is it worth the 3 color mana cost? These decisions are ones I can't really help you with. In the end, you'll have to decide what cards to set aside as a "maybe" board, that you can later use to replace any cards that are underperforming...

The7thBobba on Dizmizit

4 weeks ago

Dredgar, thanks, my man! That is a rediculously fun and wicked idea! I actually just got my hands on Wrexial! And I had been pondering what to do with him. I mean, there isn't a whole lot of support for kraken tribal - so I can't go for my usual schtick. I really like the idea of dismissing my opponents' tactics and then showing them how it's done! Things like Redirect, Counterlash, and Gather Specimens could shine :) thanks so much for the feedback! Btw, the 23rd "episode" is up :)

RexStrangelove on Atraxa Maybeboard - Ideas Seeking ...

2 months ago

So I, like many of you, am sitting in a place of giddy excitement as I wait for my new Breed Lethality deck to arrive. I knew it was the one I wanted the very moment they were spoiled, and I was Vindicated to see it outselling even the much-touted Bromance (which is also a completely solid choice, along with everything but Yidris).

Anyway, as I sat waiting, I got to looking through my old cards, plucking out anything that looked particularly juicy for the new deck. My landbase is upper-mediocre for sure, and I still need to grab a few pricier staples (i.e. Archangel of Thune and Doubling Season), but I actually found a surprising number of cards which may totally merit a spot in the lauded 99.

Basically, what I'm hoping to get out of this thread is to pick a few other players' brains about how good my card choices are. If you see something that's like a "OMFG holy shit definitely put that in there," let me know and explain why. If you see anything that's like a "Wow, I maybe see what you were thinking, but that will honestly serve you no good at all," then do the same. With no further ado:




So yeah...if anyone can offer any reasons that any of the above cards would or wouldn't be good choices, I'm all ears. Budget is a concern (I already have all the cards on this list)), but I'm WAAAAY open to hearing better suggestions than the ones I made.

Atraxa is the tits, guys and girls. I haven't been this pumped for a new commander since Kaalia and Animar. Let's put our heads together and perfect this like I know we can.

n0bunga on Yidris Dragon Ball

2 months ago

Counterlash might be nice for you. Counters an opponents' creature and you get to play one for free. Seems nice with the theme.

I don't think you need the extra turns. You should instead look at infinite combat steps. Aggravated Assault + Savage Ventmaw will give you an infinite amount of combat steps, yielding an infinite amount of potential combat damage from Yidris and a potentially infinite amount of cascade triggers!

Pal00ka on Interactive Jori

4 months ago

Brewing up a Jori list aimed at casual multiplayer matches where I interact a lot with my opponents. Mainly looking for additional card suggestions that interact with my opponents hand, library, board, or graveyard.

I want to take advantage of Jori's ability so I've picked out cards like Etherium-Horn Sorcerer, Diluvian Primordial, Stolen Goods, Jace's Mindseeker, Mindclaw Shaman, Spelljack, Counterlash, Spelltwine, Talent of the Telepath, Knowledge Exploitation, and Reversal of Fortune to get a double cast off 1 card.

Cantrips like Peek, Gitaxian Probe, Fact or Fiction, and Windfall let us continue the interactions.

For longevity and win-cons I plan to have token and burn packages based around casting spells and tokens hitting the field (Talrand, Sky Summoner + Impact Tremors & Guttersnipe + Forks). Might add a couple combos later.

Can upload the deck if there's interest and thank you for suggestions!

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