Thran Quarry


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Urza's Saga (USG) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Thran Quarry


At the end of each turn, if you control no creatures, sacrifice Thran Quarry.

: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool.

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Thran Quarry Discussion

Sagarys on Ultra-Budget: Four Color Sliver Storm

1 month ago

It certainly would work, though it does push slightly past the budget. That, Ancient Ziggurat, Thran Quarry and Sliver Hive will give you a lot of flexibility if you're willing to spend a few extra bucks on your mana base! Thanks for the suggestion!

oliveoilonyaasscureshemorrhoid on ''It's Ok,They're just slivers''

6 months ago

Land suggestions :P

There's a bunch of good lands and serve functions, but a bunch of them come in tapped; I'll focus on lands that come in untapped, and can produce any color. The first ones to come to mind are Tarnished Citadel, Rhystic Cave, and Thran Quarry (which is great in creature-heavy decks, like Forbidden Orchard in your deck).

In lower priority, consider Forsaken City, maybe Transguild Promenade (which is just name of your Rupture Spire, but I'd rather have one of the vivid lands), Pillar of the Paruns, and Grand Coliseum (the shittier Forbidden City). There's also other lands that give an immediate, one color use, but aren't as stable.. like Aether Hub, Archaeological Dig, Tendo Ice Bridge, Crumbling Vestige, Undiscovered Paradise, and Rainbow Vale.

In addition, I would trade your Gemstone Mine with something like Crystal Quarry or Cascading Cataracts. In a five color deck, you won't be searching for a basic land that much. So consider some ramp that tutors for any land your little heart desires.. like Expedition Map, Traverse the Ulvenwald, Tolaria West, and Crop Rotation.

Hope this helps, I'm always here.

sonnet666 on Food Chain Tazri help

7 months ago

You're pretty far along, so I'll be basing my advice on this: Food Chain Tazri

For starters, Tainted Pact is pretty much an auto-include and isn't too expensive, definitely your first buy. It also gives you enough exile to run Laboratory Maniac as a back-up wincon.

Plunge into Darkness, Mana Vault, Lotus Petal, Chrome Mox, Sylvan Library, Deathrite Shaman, and Carpet of Flowers are all pretty cheap right now, so you should pick them up before anything else. In the meantime Cabal Ritual and Cull the Weak can provide you with extra mana accel. Orcish Lumberjack and Tinder Wall also work if you have red, and you have enough forests for Arbor Elf to function. Cyclonic Rift and Abrupt Decay are also great (and cheap) board control in this build.

Fire Covenant is absolutely beautiful board control at 50 cents. Silence is more of a meta call I think.

However the best thing you could be doing right now is improving your landbase. The quickest way to see results in a deck is to make sure you never have a land coming in tapped.

Get the cheapest lands first: Tarnished Citadel, Llanowar Wastes, City of Brass, Forbidden Orchard, Mana Confluence, Gemstone Caverns(!), Gemstone Mine, Thran Quarry, Reflecting Pool, Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, Then the rest of your shocks, the cheap fetches, etc. Use checklands like Sunpetal Grove instead of ABUR duals, they're typically the best budget option, although more fastlands can be a viable option too. (All the following are trash that you should cut: Bad River, Flood Plain, Grasslands, Sandsteppe Citadel, Seaside Citadel. The tango-lands like Sunken Hollow are alright for now, but you should cut them as you upgrade.)

Remember to cut Amulet of Vigor, since it won't be helping you.

Once you get rid of the taplands you should also take the deck down to 32 lands. You have enough acceleration to afford it and it will improve your speed.

SanctityFouled on The Best Possible Sliver Deck.

8 months ago

Once you get some protection on the board, Thran Quarry isn't bad.

bushido_man96 on Meren of Clan Combo

8 months ago

Here are some additions I'm looking to make:

  1. Infernal Tribute: how can I not? Sac a permanent to draw a card, for just 2 mana? I like it. I'll have plenty of stuff around to sac, all the while boosting the exp counters on Meren. She'll love it. Claws of Gix could do some similar work, too, gaining life. The last few times I've played, I've been mana flooded, so using those lands for draw or life gain could be a bonus.

  2. Savra, Queen of the Golgari: I'll be sacrificing stuff left and right, and paying 2 life to get an added bonus on something I'm already likely getting one LTB effect from is great value in black. And having the chance to gain a bit of life if its a green creature is nice, too. That, and she can join the other legends that are already in the deck. Seems wrong not to invite her to the party.

  3. Butcher of Malakir: Grave Pact on a stick, that Meren can bring back from the dead. Seems like a no-brainer. And if I can get one of my sacrifices to equal 3 creatures for each other player at the table, I think that will improve my chances of winning. Or becoming a target...ah, whatever.

I've also switched out Awakening Zone and brought in No Rest for the Wicked. I think its a good change, but in the times I've played, I haven't run across either one of them.

Thoughts? Suggestions on what to switch out? I am thinking of pulling Thran Quarry for Infernal Tribute, as I've been horribly mana flooded the last few times I've played. Sacrificing the land I don't need for card draw will help a lot. I could probably lose some of the other sac-fatties I'm running for the others. Please, any help is appreciated.

Meat_Face on five color field wipe

9 months ago

I have yet to make a 5 color commander deck (it's in the works, I'm leaning towards Progenitus superfriends), but what I've experienced in standard/modern 5-color is than lands are key. If you're going to run lots of basic lands, consider Thawing Glaciers, Evolving Wilds, or Sword of the Animist. I'm assuming you're like the rest of us normal humans and aren't about to drop hundreds on the old-school dual lands, so I'd pick up more of the all-color lands, or artifacts to help get that right mana color. Darksteel Ingot, Chromatic Lantern, Commander's Sphere are some mana rocks I'd highly recommend. I'd add a City of Brass, Undiscovered Paradise, Crystal Quarry, Grand Coliseum, and Thran Quarry since you have a ton of critters.

One last one - I'd drop Counterspell and avoid any counter that relies on two blue. Arcane Denial is a favorite of mine for multi-colored decks.

Looks like a fun deck. Have fun!

bushido_man96 on Meren of Clan Combo

9 months ago

Thanks for the advise, guys. hoardofnotions, I'm not running any fetch lands like that because I don't have any. They made those while I was gone from the game, and they run a bit high. I might look into it down the line, though. I think I will buy an Eternal Witness the next time I look to order cards, because the recursion just makes the card too good to not have. Not running Sol Ring because honestly, the deck doesn't need it, and I don't see a need to drop something I want based on the thought that every deck should run a Sol Ring. Doomsday is basically in there in case a game gets tight and I need to win within the next few turns. I'll cast it and set myself up with Aluren, Endless Cockroaches, and probably Grave Pact and sac fatty to clear the board and smash face.

Necropotence is not in because I don't want to run the risk of having to discard what I need and it getting removed from the game. I may throw a copy in the sideboard I have and sub it in to see how it runs. I like its potential, but I'm just leery of it.

Do you think I'm running too many lands in the deck? If so, I could make those cuts. But I never play Thran Quarry, and wanted to throw it in. But it is kind of out of place in a deck that looks to sac creatures...

Snacrifice, I kind of like Sprout Swarm, but don't have one yet. I could run Deranged Hermit, though. Next time I order, I'll order a Sprout Swarm, too. I kind of like Harvester of Souls; a little fat, and some deathtouch, and card draw. Looks like it fits. I've got a copy of Living Wish, should that go in?

Thanks for the looks, guys. I really appreciate it.

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