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Sargeras Power Cube

By Sargeras

Score: 2

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For my friends who wanted an OP cube.

This has enough cards for 8 people to draft from, if you have 8 people, 3 packs per person, 4 people, 6 packs.

custom Card:

Main Archetypes:

WU Control/Midrange

RB Reanimator/Control

GW Aggro/Midrange

RG Ramp/Aggro

UB Control

GB Midrange/Aggro

RW Aggro/Midrange

WB Midrange/Control

GU Ramp/Midrange

RU Tempo/Control

Colorless Shops

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Pack size 15
Cards 375
Date added 2017-02-23 18:41:59
Last updated 2017-04-22 15:10:06

Last Update: Forever ago

+1 Kodama's Reach
+1 Cultivate
-1 Explosive Vegetation
-1 Far Wanderings

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