Liliana's Reaver

Liliana's Reaver

Creature — Zombie


Whenever Liliana's Reaver deals combat damage to a player, that player discards a card and you put a 2/2 black Zombie creature token onto the battlefield tapped.

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Liliana's Reaver Discussion

alecm on Mono Black Discard Girl Deck

1 day ago

I'm having trouble nailing down the environment this deck is suited for, as it's not really legal/tuned for common formats, so hopefully I'm right in assuming it's for casuals with friends? Anyways, here are some suggestions:

  • Try and bring it down to 60 cards. This is tough for new players, but figuring which cards do the most work and trimming the not-so-great ones can really help with consistency. Things I'd cut are probably Bump in the Night, Deadly Allure, Terror (if you really need the removal, just make Doom Blade a 4-of, it's usually strictly better), and Child of Night (is a chick, but doesn't really contribute to the discard thing, which is the main way you'll win games), Diregraf Ghoul, Plague Spitter.

  • Not really deck related, but try and pick a format to play by the rules of with your friends. I used to play in an un-format playgroup, so much dumb stuff happened, it got really un-enjoyable to play (Turn 0 wins being the biggest offender). Even if the decks are in no way competitive for the format, just abiding by the banned list usually helps a lot. This might incidentally give you cards to cut (for instance, I believe Dark Ritual is not modern-legal).

  • Actual card suggestions: Waste Not, Liliana's Specter, Hypnotic Specter, Geth's Grimoire, Guul Draz Specter, Liliana's Reaver, Mind Twist, Order of Yawgmoth. I'm not sure how many of those are female, but some of them are probably sexually ambiguous, at least.

AngelOfDivinity on Dead Man's Hand

3 days ago

Green zambiez and no Ghoultree? Sometimes you don't need abilities. sometimes for a 10/10 is all you need.

But much more relevantly and (I do hope) helpfully, I have quite a bit of experience playing zombies and I hope I can shed some aid.

Call to the Grave. Seems bad. Isn't. Always made my opponents cry and/or concede.

Lifebane Zombie is amazing in sideboard. Especially if you can hit Angel of Glory's Rise. Not likely, but doesn't really matter. Good SB card.

I assume you run this in Tribal? In my area, a local store has invented a format which is now spreading to other stores and even other states- It is called Bad Tribal, and the focal point is the idea that not all tribes are created equal so the ones that win a lot should be banned, and they are (needless to say, black zombies are on the banned list. Mind that any other color is fine.). Humans I have found are every where- I've only seen a couple actual human decks, but for example knights, warriors, shamans, etc will nearly always have at least a few humans of their tribe. Zombie Apocalypse?

(Of course, in Bad Tribal not only are Black Zombies banned but so are Sideboards due to the presence of so many anti-specific-tribe cards.)

Endless Ranks of the Dead is really anti climactic. Would not recommend.

Same applies to Grave Betrayal.

And obviously Army of the Damned.

Unbreathing Horde doesn't seem that fantastic to me.

There is of course Pontiff of Blight as an end to your curve. Every spell burns one and you gain one?

Other cards possibly worth considering:

Liliana's Reaver

Blood Scrivener

At least these are cards I used to run. +1, Have fun!

And since you're a casual player, if you want, I'll post the rules of the Bad Tribal format on your page. You may find it fun. I do.

Apocalypselater on Velainess

6 days ago

You've got a ton of sac effects, but with Intimidate, you should look at more effects related to dealing combat damage--it's going to be hard to block your deck, after all. Here are some recommendations:

Blizzca on Liliana's Zombie Horde

1 week ago

i would maybe toss in a Liliana's Reaver and some Hero's Downfall for removal.

Yuri200X on Gary's Devotion

1 month ago

i think, since you are doing a budget mono-black, you could try to do a control-ish deck... let me show the cards i would suggest:

  • Mire's Toll - this one in the mid-late game is very nice if your opponent is holding cards in hand. In the first turns it become "discard a card", but it's power hits a peak on the 3rd-5th turn and overall it is a nice discard card

  • Liliana's Specter hits for 2 and in the early turns it is bothersome for your opponent to deal with. Plus, 2 devotion! YAY!

  • Ravenous Rats i think is an interesting card: you can trade it with small fry on combat (or at least it is a blocker). Plus, again, discard your opponent, b*tch! :v

  • Liliana's Reaver i like this card. never seen a modern competitive play it, but. well. i like it, ok?

  • Geth's Verdict, this is so cool against decks that usually have a single fatty on the field.

  • Crystal Ball, i don't really know about this one. i think if you ever run this card, it would be nice to be a 1-of, i think. it is budget and kinda gives you a card advantage on which card you'll draw.

  • Mutilate - this is as cheap as a budget Damnation can get, i think... it would be cool for sideboard IMO

  • Duress, you yourself put it in the current version of the deck, and i think you did it because you know how powerful this card is. enough said.

  • Smother takes out pretty much any decent creature in modern. I mean... it is kinda a creature-only version of Abrupt Decay. Your opponent may still counter it, but DANG! 2 mana, takes out SO MANY STUFF.

  • Doom Blade is very nice as well, takes out MANY THINGS

  • Bojuka Bog is cool for a 1-of in the maindeck

  • Victim of the night takes down many stuff too

  • Gatekeeper of Malakir is a pain to deal with

  • Despise is nice depending on the metagame you are dealing with

  • Augur of Skulls seems interesting on some lists

  • Dismember is one of the best removals in a mono-black list. since you can use it with only 1 land untapped

  • Drown in Sorrow is an excelent board sweeper with a scry bonus.

  • Memoricide i've seen it being played in competitive modern decks.

  • Disfigure sees a lot of play as well.

  • Ratchet Bomb can enter your sideboard for matchups against zoo/tokens, or even to take down decks that use Tarmogoyf and Dark Confidant

  • Corrupt can be a win-condition

  • Tendrils of Corruption can be used to destroy some things and replenish a little life.

  • Tombstalker isn't exactly budget, but it still is a nice finisher. or you could use Desecration Demon as well, i guess. But the Squelching Leeches are nice too. maybe do a 2-1 for Squelching Leeches and Nightmare since the later has flying.

ANYWAY, that's just an idea i'm giving. I'm basing it on many similar Mono-Blacks i've seen playing modern on a budget. And the decks i've seen would be as strong as Tier 2. which is pretty amazing for a budget deck.

Goooooooooood Luck and ask away if you got any questions

MagicJoey on Diseased Peace

1 month ago

Liliana's Reaver would be a pretty good addition in my opinion. Efficient 4/3 deathtouch in both price and mana cost.

-Logician on

1 month ago

Hi Chickenflaps. Just so you know, this deck is not Modern legal because Dark Ritual is not in Modern. I noticed you have this deck labeled as Modern, so I thought you should know.

Assuming you want this deck to be played in modern, I have several suggestions.

Army of the Damned is certainly a powerful card, but at that cost, it's more for EDH than anything else. If you're entering a tournament, it's not likely that you'll pull that off. If you're playing just with your friends and it works for you, cool. I play the card too and love it, but then again I am playing it in EDH and not Modern.

When I built Zombies, I built it with blue included, because then I get access to Grimgrin, Corpse-Born. Look at how beastly he is! Look at that amazing synergy with Gravecrawler! The deck I made turned out to be an aggressive sacrifice-centric strategy. I played cards with undying like Butcher Ghoul and Geralf's Messenger as well as the Mikaeus, the Unhallowed you're playing so that when I sacrificed a creature, they just come back even bigger. Then, I was able to comfortably play this Grimgrin strategy, as well as a couple others like Altar's Reap and Demonmail Hauberk. To magnify that, I also played Blood Artist (yeah, he's not a zombie, but whatever) and Diregraf Captain to pressure my opponent's life total when these zombies died. As well, I was playing four Mutavaults, so even if I got field wiped, I could animate mutavault and then cast Gravecrawler from my graveyard. Sac Gravecrawler to Demonmail Hauberk to equip to mutavault and swing for 6. It was relentless. I even ran Bloodghast just because it's very strong at recurring (again, I didn't care that it wasn't a zombie). Blue also allowed for me to play a pretty aggressive counterspell in the form of Countersquall.

That said, I think you're probably trying a more token-spamming strategy here that doesn't splash blue, and that's okay too. I think that honestly, Liliana's Reaver isn't very strong, and I think that Undead Warchief is probably the one that should be a four-of. Think about Cellar Door for a moment. You pay two mana to put it out, and then three more mana to try for its ability, and it might net you a creature in your graveyard, which will grant you a single 2/2 zombie. 5 mana MIGHT get you a 2/2 zombie? That card, while it is thematic, is honestly more harm than good.

I'd like to take a brief moment and talk about Grimoire of the Dead. This card is a really cool card, very thematic. Anytime you have a card that doing something with counters, usually you're not using that card to its fullest potential unless you're abusing counters in some way. For example, you could heavily abuse this card by playing Contagion Engine and proliferating those study counters twice. Without that abuse, Grimoire is a 4 mana artifact that will cost you three cards in hand and 3 mana over 3 turns for what might be a really powerful effect. Sure, you could be discard creature cards and those might get reanimated with this artifact, but what if your opponent plays Naturalize after you've spent all those cards in your hand, all that mana and all that time? Grimoire can be powerful, but if you're not legitimately abusing how the mechanics work by rushing counters onto it or untapping it with other effects to speed up the clock on it, it's probably not fast enough for most games. Consider the difference if you just played Sheoldred, Whispering One.

I think Coat of Arms and Obelisk of Urd are on point. You could even pick up a Door of Destinies if you like that angle. Death Baron is great and you should probably get some more.

Zombie Apocalypse seems strong if you set it up properly, but I don't feel like you're milling quite fast enough. and you're kind of going for a token theme, so a lot of cards that you are milling aren't even targets. I'm not going to say its bad, but this deck could certainly be more equipped to break it.

Going with a lot of tokens, I'd be considering adding white to the deck for cards like Intangible Virtue and other buffs for tokens. It's nice to have a theme with both actual zombie nontoken creatures and lots of zombie tokens, but going one way or the other is almost always going to result in a more effective strategy. Make sure not to take ALL of my suggestions. Each suggestion I've made sort of appeals to a different overarching strategy. Try to find a strategy you like, and try to think synergy and breaking mechanics.

Buckeye6363 on LeaPlath

2 months ago

Hey! we talked earlier and I had a Tron wreck that turned into a train wreck... Anyway.. changed the deck to a BW tokens.. and any suggestions would be amazing... thinking about adding some cards.. (Army of the Damned,Mardu Strike Leader maybe Oona, Queen of the Fae Phyrexian Processor Waste Not Spirit Cairn Precinct Captain Liliana's Reaver but not sure where to go (im a rookie) and really am looking to learn! Would love some guidance and teaching! Thanks for the time!

Power / Toughness 4/3
Color(s) Black
Cost 2BB
Converted cost 4


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 Rare
Magic 2014 Rare

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