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Liliana's Reaver

Creature — Zombie


Whenever Liliana's Reaver deals combat damage to a player, that player discards a card and you put a 2/2 black Zombie creature token onto the battlefield tapped.

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Liliana's Reaver Discussion

Kogarasei09 on Apocalypse

2 days ago

Mortician Beetle would like to talk to your grave pactwhile we are talking about grave pact, why not Dictate of Erebos ?

since you have the urza lands, Expedition Map could be interesting

i don't see much synergy with the Lux Cannon and i believe something like Nevinyrral's Disk could be a better reset button.

i would personally cut a few artifacts for more zombies or cantrips. Grim Return could be insanely cute with grimgrin into play.

a few good creatures coming to mind are- Archdemon of Unx - Coffin Queen - Corpse Harvester - Death Baron - Dread Slaver - Drakestown Forgotten - Fleshbag Marauder (really sexy with grave pact effects)- Graveborn Muse (could replace the phyrexian arena/rhystic study)- Havengul Lich - Lord of the Undead - Liliana's Reaver - Necromancer's Stockpile - Plaguebearer could be very sexy with spare mana- Soulless One - Vengeful Dead (great grimgrin synergy)

since you plan on sacrificing all your dudes, Dark Prophecy would likely find a place hereand since it costs three black mana, why not add everyone's favorite zombie : Gary.

i think you have plenty of tutors without the Planar Portal , and the mass draw from the blue sun's doesn't seem relevant to mee, considering you'll have to pull off 3 blue from your secondary color. Moreover, rather than the Coldsteel Heart of the Khalni Gem , i would go for the Dimir Signet or the Talisman of Dominance . (i believe there is also a sapphire diamond ).

i love the Whip of Erebos and i think the deck as a whole could benefit of it.

rochdalekilla9 on Discard or is it Discord.....

2 days ago

I feel like you don't have a lot of kill spells. The discard deck I run is Rakdos and it contains a playset of Hero's Downfall plus 2 Dreadbore . Also, there are 3 Doom Blade s in the sideboard. I understand your reasoning behind Black Cat and Brain Maggot , but I feel your approach is too slow.

An ideal starting hand for my deck:2 Thoughtseize, 1 Waste Not, 1 Shrieking Affliction, 1 Duress, 1 Mind Rot and drawing into another swamp.

T1: Swamp, Thoughtseize.T2. Swamp, Waste Not.T3. Swamp, Thoughtseize, Duress. Waste Not gets activated twice, probably resulting in me getting 2 2/2 creatures. T4: Mountain, Shrieking Affliction, Mind Rot. From here on out the game is yours.

Brain Maggot is cool but gives them back their card once he dies which doesn't benefit you in any way. Black Cat and Drainpipe Vermin are also cool but are really one trick pony's that don't benefit you later on.Corpse Blockade comboed with Cat and Vermin I understand, but I wouldn't want to rely on that.

Some cards to consider would be Pack Rat , Deathrite Shaman (for its second ability), Liliana's Reaver , Lifebane Zombie for your sideboard, and splashing red for the likes of Rakdos's Return , Anger of the Gods , Dreadbore . and Mizzium Mortars . Aggro is our worst enemy, and as of right now I wouldn't say you have a substantial answer to it.

Check out my deck if you feel inclined and would like to give suggestions and feedback and +1! Goodbye Hand, Hello Victory

rochdalekilla9 on Recycling for the Living Impaired

3 days ago

I think you may want to consider adding a couple more creatures into this deck. I agree with jchudz about Master of the Feast . In my deck, I run 4x Desecration Demon , 3x Liliana's Reaver and 2x Pack Rat , although I may substitute the Pack Rat for Deathrite Shaman . Here is my deck if you want to take a look------> Goodbye Hand, Hello Victory (3-1 at FNM). You should definitely consider Mind Rot as well and may side out the Doom Blade for 2x Dreadbore . Doom Blade should be a sideboard card. Also, the only reason I would ever consider using Master of the Feast is if I was running Tormented Thoughts . Just food for thought.

jchudz on Recycling for the Living Impaired

5 days ago

Master of the Feast and Shrieking Affliction really don't work too well together, maybe try Lifebane Zombie or Liliana's Reaver ?

X_Kawaii-Extremist_X on SinfulDrug

5 days ago

SinfulDrug, I'm interested in some of your cards. Here's my offer.


1x Nekusar, the Mindrazer @ 1.49


Liliana's Reaver @ 1.50 (foil)


Benthebingbonger on Put your hands where I can see them

6 days ago

One thing I forgot to mention: Liliana's Reaver . Did you consider it? If yes, why not use it?

tchau204 on budget mono black devotion(in progress)

1 week ago

Victim of the night and Smother are probably better than Doom Blade, especially in the current meta (unless your local meta is different).

Indulgent Tormentor and Liliana's Reaver are very vulnerable to Lightning Bolt . I've always liked the latter card though. I would suggest taking out the former, it's just too likely to die compared to its investment. Have you considered Nantuko Shade ? I feel like you need better low-midrange drops.

Lastly, I don't think you need ramp -- take out Astral Cornucopia Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.24 $0.73 $2.05 $1.5
Power / Toughness 4/3
Color(s) B
Cost 2BB
Converted cost 4
Avg. draft pick 2.18
Avg. cube pick 1.70


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2014 Rare