Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Brawl Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vanguard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Heirloom Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Casual Legal

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Set Rarity
Signature Spellbook: Jace (SS1) Rare
Battlebond (BBD) Common
Rivals of Ixalan (RIX) None
Aether Revolt (AER) Common
Conspiracy: Take the Crown (CN2) Common
Oath of the Gatewatch (OGW) Common
Magic Origins (ORI) Common
Dragons of Tarkir (DTK) Common
Magic 2015 (M15) Common
Magic 2014 (M14) Common
Magic 2013 (M13) Common
2012 Core Set (M12) Common
2011 Core Set (M11) Common
Duels of the Planeswalkers (DPA) Common
2010 Core Set (M10) Common
Promo Set (000) Common
Morningtide (MOR) Common

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Counter target noncreature spell.

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Negate Discussion

FullmetalWes on Knight Fever, Knight Fever

12 hours ago

@Purple_Mage I built a knight deck (seen here if you wanna check it out Honor Valor Glory (BW Knights) and my answer for Settle the Wreckage is Shalai, Voice of Plenty. She gives you as a player hexproof meaning settle can't target you and they have to remove her before being able to to target you or any of your other creatures and even though her last ability will go unused without green mana, I think paying 4 for a 3/4 flyer that gives hexproof is good enough by itself. Answering control is much easier when you splash black for Duress or blue for Negate/Spell Pierce so that might be an idea too. Good luck!

Iron_eye2 on Leader of the Plaque

18 hours ago

This deck is really cool, but I would use Negate instead of Muddle the Mixture, because it is more versatile and easier to cast

multimedia on Esper Control

2 days ago

Hey, nice new deck. Esper are better colors than Jeskai right now and Esper Control is an ready established archetype in Standard. Your deck is fine as it is, the only small change I would make is adding 2x Fetid Pools giving you 26 lands. To do this you can cut Raff and Oath. I don't think either Raff or Oath are doing enough here for four and five mana.

Examining further I have other advice if you're playing the deck more competitively. I suggest a retooling of the primary colors and the splash color to help with consistency. Consider blue and black as your two primary colors and splashing white? My advice is go with blue and black because of three cards: Push which you want in the early game, Contempt which is overall the best removal spell and Disallow which is best overall counterspell. Contempt is and Disallow is these are the two cards that I suggest you build the manabase around.

Making these two double colored casting costs is too important. Because of this I don't see how you can also play Settle? Settle would be the first card I would cut because it's putting too much strain on the manabase and black for Contempt does more than white. Splashing white for Teferi, Cast Out, Seal and some sideboard cards is fine, but all these cards are or should be only single . The manabase can support single white, but not double white.

Here's a manabase observation. To consistently be able to cast Disallow turn three you want 19-20 sources of blue in the manabase. For turn four Contempt you want 16-17 sources of black. Now if you keep Settle, turn four you also need 16-17 sources of white. This many white sources is doable with Hub, but you don't want to have to rely on Hub to cast both Settle and Contempt, one is fine but not both. What if you get a hand or draw Settle, Contempt and Hub? You don't want be in the situation where you have choose because of Hub and energy which cards you play. Sacrifices have to be made and in my opinion you sacrifice white instead of black.

With the suggestion of cutting Settle with less white consider this manabase (19 blue, 19 black, 12 white):

  • 4x Hub
  • 4x Pools
  • 2x Farmland
  • 4x Catacomb
  • 3x Chapel
  • 2x Fortress
  • 4x Swamp
  • 2x Island
  • 1x Plains

I like Pools because it can turn on all the Check lands: Catacomb, Fortress and Chapel while also making black or blue mana or being a draw if you don't need lands. This example has 8x possible turn one or early game lands that ETB untapped to make black for Push. This is good because if you're playing Push you want to make sure you have enough black sources that can ETB untapped to be able play it when you want it, which is in the early game.

Consider cutting 3x Settle for 1x more Contempt and 2x more Push? I think a good core for Esper is:

  • 4x Push: early game removal
  • 4x Disallow: best overall counterspell
  • 4x Glimmer: best dig and draw
  • 4x Contempt: best overall removal spell

For the sideboard consider 4x Glint-Sleeve Siphoner and 3x Negate? With Hub and Glimmer, Siphoner is a very attractive sideboard card for control matchups. She's a two drop, can be played early with the suggested manabase and if not answered can take over a game with her draw power using energy. She's for control matchups because games two and three your control opponent will board out creature removal and side in more counterspells, Planeswalkers, etc. This can give you an advantage if your opponent doesn't have a lot of answers to Siphoner. Siphoner helps to make energy for Hub; the more energy you have the better Hub can be with the manabase.

Duress is a fine sideboard card, but I think it would be better as Negate. Negate in my opinion is too important of a sideboard card for control in Standard. This is mostly because of so much card advantage, draw power control can have. Duress can most likely take something from your opponent's hand, but the advantage of control is it can just reload fast.

Negate gives you more of a swing in your favor because you can use it to counter something that Duress could take at the time it's being cast this is more beneficial to the control game plan. Negate can also win counterspell wars which will happen in control matchups.

Good luck with your deck.

Kjartan on Second Sun Control

3 days ago

Don't think you need 28 lands. 24-25 should be fine.

I feel like you might have some better counter-magic than Rakshasa's Disdain and Unwind lying around. Mana Leak and Negate perhaps? And if you don't, you might find a person at your local game store that will at least give you some Negates for free. Or at least Cancel, which is still better than Rakshasa's Disdain, if not both of them.

As for what you have to work with ATM, I would cut 3 Taigam's Scheming, and 1 Unwind for the 2 Glimmer of Genius and 2 Cast Out currently in your sideboard.

SynergyBuild on Angelic Vial

3 days ago

Luckily, D&T/Hatebears isn't in the top ten decks, it isn't a real part of the meta with less than a percent of the meta, and your "Heaven on the roam. (Weenie hatebears)" isn't exactly a tuned varient of hatebears either. Your deck also it isn't weenie, but that is beside the point.

Also, "no original content"? I mean, if you are saying everyone plays the exact same hatebears deck, I'd implore you to check that statement, because Death & Taxes has some of the most varients that are still powered enough to see play.

Look at the normal mono-white hatebears builds.

There are some with just Aether Vial, Leonin Arbiter, Blade Splicer, Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, and Flickerwisp as the main core cards of the deck, with Path to Exile, and Restoration Angel, etc. Some of these run Eldrazi Displacer and Thought-Knot Seer with Eldrazi Temple and Shefet Dunes for an eldrazi package.

Some of the eldrazi and taxes decks are W/B (Which I find is one of the most common varients), while others want to run Blood Moon/Magus of the Moon and run W/R. Other W/R varients use Lightning Bolt and Simian Spirit Guide to pump out extra damage or a larger threat earlier on. Plenty of these builds run Chalice of the Void, and plenty don't.

One of my favorite varients of hatebears splashes blue. This one runs a tribal theme with Drogskol Captain and goes for a spirit tribal instead of Flickerwisps and Blade Splicer beatdown. It uses spirits because of the power given by Rattlechains with Mausoleum Wanderer and Spell Queller. Of course it runs a full playset of Selfless Spirit and a pair of Cavern of Souls with a single Moorland Haunt to provide extra value. With a full set of Path to Exile, 3-4 Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, 4 of Aether Vial, and the playset of Leonin Arbiter the deck is a hatebear deck to be sure, and I love having W/U for sideboards, because it can run Meddling Mage, Kira, Great Glass-Spinner, Negate, and Detention Sphere.

Of course there is G/W Hatebears too! Scavenging Ooze, Gaddock Teeg, Qasali Pridemage, and more for extreme value, but I already went over that prior.

Of course, these are just the two and one color lists, there was a bant one I went against, with Spell Quellers and Collected Company for some of the coolest plays I've seen, and a four color list (GWUB) with human tribal, making it seem like a 5-color humans list, but it ran the set of Leonin Arbiter, and it ran green for Gaddock Teeg, so though it ran Champion of the Parish and enough humans to warrant Cavern of Souls, it wasn't straight human tribal.

All of these lists are playable in the current meta, and none of these are top tier, let alone in the top ten decks, in fact hatebears hasn't been in the top ten for a long time if ever. If you claim you don't think any originality can exist in these decks, you are dead wrong, and if you claim you don't want a deck in the meta, then hatebears is perfect for you. Okay?

PLHess on UB Delve

4 days ago

Well, I have a playset of Negate, and a couple Stubborn Denial... Are you thinking about Mana Leak ?

DjMuffinTops on Tetsuko Umezawa

6 days ago

Haven't played Tetsuko as a commander yet but I've been wanting to see a cool "deals combat damage" unblockables deck, this is a cool budget deck.(I tried with simic when I first started, might try again).

My suggestions for a strong late game would have to be centered at protecting your board from board wipes which if resolved will really set you back. Since you're in blue you're probably looking at adding a couple more counterspells for those boardwipes like Arcane Denial, Negate, and Cancel

On the other side of things you might also wanna run some spells to set back opponents who try to swing back. AEtherize is good against that full swing back at you. For more problematic boards Cyclonic Rift is the ideal option but its a bit pricey now, River's Rebuke is pretty good though at clearing the way of one person's non-land permanents.

I also think Chasm Skulker looks pretty good here, from the looks of it you've got a lot of card draw. 1/1 that makes more 1/1s would probably be pretty good here. And finally a cool pet card of mine is Day of the Dragons. If you've got a full board of weenies and this resolves around a turn it's a really good time. Hope this helps!

hungry000 on $10 Blue Artifact Storm

6 days ago

Oh shoot, I didn't notice that you asked for sideboard help lol. Well, here goes:

The first thing to consider when making a sideboard is what matchups you're bad against; aggro is the obvious one, so that should come first on your list of hate cards to look for. Next you should ask yourself what decks you typically run into at your LGS (or wherever you play) and look for hate cards against those decks. Finally, fill the rest of your sideboard out with the "staples" such as Negate or Dispel. I actually usually do this first, then consider the other things after (that's the lazy way out, but it works if you need a sideboard quickly). Here's what I would recommend running in any blue deck:

Another thing you should try to do when building a sideboard is find cards that help out your game plan as well as shore up your matchups; for example, a Collected Company deck would play Thrashing Brontodon over Naturalize because it contributes to the deck's gameplan (winning through beats and making value with CoCo) whereas Naturalize doesn't. In your deck, it can be as simple as a spell that draws a card along with its effect, or it can be a cheap (or expensive) artifact that you can play for free (or for cheap) with your cost-reducers.

Of course, during all these steps you need to keep in mind the limitations of your deck and the colors it's in. Blue is particularly bad at removing creatures and artifacts/enchantments and dealing with graveyards.

Now that that's been said, here's a list of some generally good budget sideboard cards that I compiled:

  • Steel Sabotage for Affinity and other artifact decks.

  • Sea's Claim for Tron/decks with greedy mana bases. Upgraded version would be Spreading Seas (note how this card helps your gameplan by finding combo pieces).

  • Ceremonious Rejection is a solid counterspell for Tron, Eldrazi, and Affinity.

  • Echoing Truth is a good catch-all, takes care of tokens and pesky enchantments like Leyline of Sanctity (I've noticed it's in your maybeboard. Good job, you found a decent sb card on your own).

  • Spell Pierce. Idk, it counters stuff. I think Dispel and Negate are better for you though.

  • Gigadrowse is my favorite card to play in blue combo decks as it can tap creatures in the aggro matchup and tap down lands in the control matchup, allowing you to combo off the next turn without any chance of getting disrupted.

  • Ratchet Bomb is another good catch-all for permanents you can't normally deal with in blue. Pretty neat in this deck since you can play it for free. (It's under a dollar if you really search for it)

  • Witchbane Orb helps against targeted discard and stuff.

  • Dragon's Claw is great in the red matchup, even helps you gain life for the Aetherflux kill.

Now some cards that I think would work well in your deck as well as in the sideboard:

  • Metallic Rebuke works pretty well with artifacts, no? A 1 mana Mana Leak is pretty neat.

  • Engulf the Shore since you have Inspiring Statuary, it's probably easy to cast it for just 1-2 mana. In fact, I think it warrants a spot in the main if you run into aggro a lot. Might need more statuaries so you can cast it consistently, though.

  • Baral's Expertise because it can deal with creatures and cast Paradoxical Outcome (if you think about it it's a Paradoxical Outcome that bounces 3 things for 1 extra mana) and Statuary helps cast it, however it's in the same situation as Engulf.

  • Silent Arbiter is a bit too heavy on the wallet for this deck, but I thought you could maybe consider it.

After you make a rough draft of your sideboard, you need to do one more thing: ask yourself what cards your opponents will bring in against you and think of cards that will counter those cards. This part is tough, as you'll have to think of all the possibilities and cut some of your other sb cards, but it'll benefit you in the long run.

The way I learned how to make sideboards was by looking at similar decks to the ones I was building and taking notes from their sideboards. Doing that would help you out in the long term, too.

Sorry my answer was a bit late, hopefully this helps :D

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