Anger of the Gods


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Hero Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Iconic Masters (IMA) Rare
Theros (THS) Rare

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Anger of the Gods


Anger of the Gods deals 3 damage to each creature. If a creature dealt damage this way would die this turn, exile it instead.

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Anger of the Gods Discussion

StopShot on My Competitive Mardu Aggro And Burn Deck

12 hours ago

I'd consider running Slagstorm over Anger of the Gods. While exile can be pretty brutal, I don't think it matters that greatly compared to having the option to either deal 3 to each player as well. Since this is a burn deck I think it would be useful to have a boardwipe that can also function as a burn spell against your opponent.

Chasmolinker on JUND BLOODBRAID

2 days ago

Thanks to everyone for the great feedback:
ToolmasterOfBrainerd, Bob is a must in Jund. (Or Grim Flayer if you prefer). I prefer Bob though because he gives consistent card advantage and helps feed LotV's +1. Bob is excellent in any match-up he sticks around in. The card advantage outweighs the life loss and is part of the reason I am still not sure of my discard split. Collective Brutality, Kitchen Finks, and Scooze help gain back life lost from Bob. I really want to run 3 Scooze and just might cut Finks to make room.

xTCBxNightmare, Jund generally has 6-7 discard spells in the MB. With BBE now in the mix, those numbers are lower as cascading into discard is just not where you want to be. Thoughtseize increases the chance of being able to grab something when this does happen. And it lets you snag Jace. I'm back down to 3/2 favoring Thoughtseize and a 4th Thoughtseize may turn up in the SB. I think I prefer Collective Brutality over a 4th Thoughtseize for now.

I've dropped Pia and Kiran Nalaar for Thrun, the Last Troll. Good catch.
I don't want to dump that much money into Kolaghan's Command right now. Until I see a deficiency in gameplay, I'm fine with 2 copies.

xTCBxNightmare and scrotality, Kozilek's Return was an oversight. Made the switch from Anger and cut one Fulminator Mage for 2 copies of Kozilek's Return.

DarkStarStorm, I prefer Bob over Flayer. BBE and Bolt are good enough at handling Jace for me.


2 days ago

ToolmasterOfBrainerd Jund is meant to have a 50/50 split against control, so the argument for 4 Thoughtseize and less Inquisition of Kozilek is counter-intuitive. I currently have a 3/3 split, but may be moving to 4IoK/2TS.

Also Confidant let's you use your life total as a resource, drawing you cards. Been a staple in Jund, and it's hard to cut. I run Flayer over it in my list

As far as sideboard goes, I think you have to many fulninator mages. The extra percentage points against tron isn't worth it for the match up.

What is a Pia and Kiran Nalaar for?

One of those slots needs to be for Thrun to help fight control post board.

Also another K-command in the side would be awesome.

I've put Kozilek's Return in the side for affinity, and other agro match ups. While 1 less damage then Anger of the Gods, it is an instant, and kills Etched Champion because it's a devoid spell.

Squirrelbacon on JTMS and Blue Moon

3 days ago

Hello! I actually have several suggestions, primarily for the sideboard believe it or not! I just put a list together last week for Jace, and I never liked the breaching Emrakul plan so I'm pretty set against that in general, here goes...

For the sideboard, mine currently is,

1x Abrade2x Ancestral Vision2x Anger of the Gods2x Dispel2x Negate2x Vendilion Clique4x Young Pyromancer

The only thing I'm not sure about is the full set of Young Pyromancer, however, I'd only consider going down 1x to add in maybe 1 Batterskull. Your other options are adding the Madcap Experiment + Platinum Emperion package, or maybe adding in some Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip and maybe Harsh Mentor. There's a lot of flexibilty, you could add Chandra, Torch of Defiance or Chandra, Flamecaller. I have class now, so I'l leave this here and be back later as I have a few maindeck suggestions also! Nothing huge and probably more personal suggestions, but there's a lot we can do for your sideboard, especially if you know your local meta!

ersatz_olorin on False Gods

5 days ago

To the sorrow of all, you did not include the Hondens.

I wouldn't call them "good" per se, but they have a lot of flavor. (Honden of Cleansing Fire, Honden of Infinite Rage, Honden of Life's Web, Honden of Night's Reach, and Honden of Seeing Winds) (also Anger of the Gods)

If you want something more functional, consider Defense of the Heart, Homeward Path to keep your Karona away from someone, and Reflecting Pool/any five color land for more consistency.

escesare on Nayan Apocalypse **Primer**

1 week ago

Hm interesting idea. Sadly in the current shell, many of the hits are actively bad with BBE: 3 Anger of the Gods, 2 Simian Spirit Guide, 3 Porphyry Nodes. I guess it's not inconceivable to make some version of this deck less reliant on 1 drops, SSG, and board wipes though.

lemons452922 on 2018 Bloody JUND

1 week ago

First off, I like the Tech. Blood Moon + Bloodbraid Elf is quite funny. +1

Secondly, I'm still on the fence if Blood Moon should be in the main or in the side. Personally, I like it side because you would like your colors even after Blood Moon is out, which forces you to have at least 1-2 Swamp and one Forest, which restricts your early game, but hey... let's work with this!

As for the mana-base, I would say:

4x Verdant Catacombs

3x Wooded Foothills

2x Bloodstained Mire (possibly flip numbers with Foothills depending on cuts)

3x Forest (possibly lower depending on cuts)

2x Swamp

1x Mountain

1x Overgrown Tomb (2 if you move moon to the side)

1x Blood Crypt

1x Stomping Ground

2x Raging Ravine

1x Treetop Village

2x Blackcleave Cliffs

so that is 24, which, with 4x 4-drops, is right around where you want to be.. Even though you are playing Blood Moon, you are going to want a decent amount of Man-Lands as, with typical Jund fashion, you will probably be top-decking later in the game, and will want to push damage if you don't hit the Blood Moon. With that said, we need to cut 2 from the main going form 22 -> 24.

Now let's talk about Noble Hierarch. Personally, I say cut it, as it seems underwhelming if not in your opener, and cascading into it is meh (it does give Exalted though...), but if you do keep it (because a T2 Lilly into T3 BBE is BROKEN), make it a 4-of and possibly cut a land to 23. If you cut it, maybe add another Grim Flayer or another Liliana of the Veil to make up for the one extra cut.

Let me say, Grim Flayer is ridiculous with Bloodbraid Elf, so maybe make that a 4-of and move Tireless Tracker to the board. I get it is color intensive, so the decision is, as always, ultimately up to you.

Let me also say that discard and conditional removal seems to be going down in priority with Bloodbraid Elf, so I wouldn't be opposed to going to 4x discard and maybe 2x Fatal Push for another Terminate or Dreadbore or Abrupt Decay (ehhhhh). Plus, that frees up your reliance on Swamp so earlier Forest doesn't seem that bad (to get there with BBE through a Blood Moon).

The sideboard - SPICY. Personally, i say cut the white and have more sideboard slots for what you really want to do, but I cannot say the BBE into Lingering Souls isn't tempting. Id remove the Surgical Extraction and add another Nihil Spellbomb and one Grafdigger's Cage because I feel that combo is low in priority right now, but that depends on your meta. Anger of the Gods also feels outclassed by Damnation, but I cannot argue against the Exile part - once again, meta dependent.

All in all, this seems to be fun! if you want to check out my BBE deck for some explenations, feel free... Junding Them w/ BBE... Good Luck!

BeholdTheKing on Bloodbraid Jund

1 week ago

You think so? You have 3 Field of Ruin and only 2 basic lands. You only have 1 man land. Anger of the Gods only really affects Dredge. Damnation takes care of what your normal removal can't.

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