Anger of the Gods

Anger of the Gods


Anger of the Gods deals 3 damage to each creature. If a creature dealt damage this way would die this turn, exile it instead.

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Anger of the Gods Discussion

LitchOubliette on Commander Staples Cube

9 hours ago

Changelog (22/11/2020)








Mana Fixing

zAzen7977 on Bad Moon Rising

4 weeks ago

Hey AT23, I like your deck! I have a few suggestions -

Since you are losing a lot of life from the fetchlands, Thoughtseize, Dark Confidant, Bitterblossom (4 copies may be too many), etc., you could run Death's Shadow as an additional finisher. If you dip more into burn with Bump in the Night, maybe even Scourge of the Skyclaves would work. Shadows would add more late-game power other than Kroxa.

I would also drop the Magus of the Moon and run a full set of Blood Moon. I know you’re trying to run multiple versions of this effect, but you may end up with a lot of dead cards, and the Magus is more subject to removal (Anger of the Gods, etc).

A way to help with dead cards is Seasoned Pyromancer to help cycle through your deck. Street Wraith also helps draw cards if you embrace the life-loss.

psionictemplar on The Suspense is Killing You

1 month ago

You have way too many things going on here. Try to focus on one aspect (probably suspend) and work from there.

I am going to work off the suspend angle here and say remove the following: chronozoa, inkwell leviathon, bearer of the heavens, the jhoira cards, keranos, timebender and all the enchantments. With all this space freed up, you can increase quantities on your better suspend cards and run more counters/burn spells. Imagine suspending a couple keldon halberdiers early and then blowing up the board with an Anger of the Gods. Your keldons could come into play then with possible counterspell protection from there.

But this is my idea on what I would try to do with it. Take it for what you will, but most importantly do what you want and have fun with it.

cyeRunner on Brothers o' War - MonoW Tokens

1 month ago

ellie-is: here is the update from today:
- Game1 Esper Control: Got good starts in both Matches
- Game2 AspiringSpikes Jeskai Wildfire:
-- Match 1: Mulligand to 5 with still 1 Land -> Conceded turn 3 to opponents Teferi, Time Raveler with only 1 Land myself
-- Match 2, the good case happened: Got 4 Birds out of Battle Screech Turn 4 and won Turn 6 with them :)
-- Match 3, the bad case happened: Got my board cleared with Supreme Verdict, played but was not able to flash back Battle Screech afterwards and then lost the game to Cryptic Command + Mystic Sanctuary + Jace, the Mind Sculptor :(
- Game3 Temur Taking Turns:
-- Match 1: Opponent was able to keep his head above the water with Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath's Lifegain and Cryptic Command-Tap my Team. Did not draw any "Virtues" and lost to the combo with 13 1/1 creature tokens onboard
-- Match 2: Opponent got down a turn 1 Wrenn and Six due to Gemstone Caverns and was able to ping down my early tokens, played an Anger of the Gods turn 4, slowed me down with Jace, the Mind Sculptor & Chandra, Torch of Defiance and won with his combo turn 7

Conclusion: the games where overshadowed by my lack of sideboard cards against control and not by Battle Screech alone and I need more playtests, do you have any suggestions ?
The MonoW manabase felt a lot better than the Orzhov manabase indeed

I don't think that cutting on the 2-Drops is a good idea due to the low landcount and Windbrisk Heights coming into play tapped (sometimes turn 3) , it would be possible to run a split between Battle Screech, Spectral Procession and Lingering Souls.

TriusMalarky on Rackdos pyro vs. spirits help.

1 month ago

Well.... I'd say Anger of the Gods or Sweltering Suns..... but that doesn't quite work.

defamagraphy1 on SCOURGE BOLT (Mardu Suicide Burn)

1 month ago

Yes to Temur Battle Rage You also need Anger of the Gods

And a Singleton of Agadeem's Awakening  Flip as bolting yourself consistently on turn 1 is important. Especially without Thoughtseize

zAzen7977 on SCOURGE BOLT (Mardu Suicide Burn)

1 month ago

Hey Daveslab2022, thanks for the suggestions. I’ve been playing around with different possibilities like the ones you mentioned. The issue is how far I want to deviate from the focus on burn. The more creatures and non-burn spells I add, the less focused it becomes, and the odds of drawing a burn spell when I need it decrease.

I had the opportunity to test this deck last night, and it had around a 60% success rate against my friend’s extremely fast Green stompy deck, which usually wins by turns 4-6. That’s the metric I use to judge my decks. I found that I could have won several games had I drawn a burn spell instead of a creature. Plus Scourges and Shadows don’t have trample, and against creature-heavy decks they only serve as blockers. So I’m considering how to make this build even more effective. Perhaps Temur Battle Rage and/or Anger of the Gods would be useful as well.

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