Dark Depths

Legendary Snow Land

Dark Depths enters the battlefield with ten ice counters on it.

: Remove an ice counter from Dark Depths.

When Dark Depths has no ice counters on it, sacrifice it. If you do, create a legendary 20/20 black Avatar creature token with flying and indestructible named Marit Lage onto the battlefield.

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Dark Depths Discussion

CastleSiege on Mirage Mirror + Dark Depths... ...

1 day ago

Costs 5 mana to do it. I don't think this will see play alongside Vampire Hexmage in Dark Depths decks. Solemnity might see play in those decks, however, because it also acts a hate against other strategies in addition to comboing.

Mirage Mirror is a pretty sweet card for commander though!

jaylawlerrr on Mirage Mirror + Dark Depths... ...

1 day ago

So with the recent spoil of Mirage Mirror in the upcoming set, what do you guys think of this in a Dark Depths deck??? Is this another Thespian's Stage? Just popped into my head.

theilluminaire on Deforestation

1 day ago

Daedalus19876 sent me your way.

I really like what you're doing with Titania, Protector of Argoth. I run her in my "The Rise of Man's Fall" deck as well.

You have made some rather interesting land choices, particularly when it comes to those that are utility.

I do have to agree with Daedalus19876 on Thespian's Stage -- it is such an incredibly strong compliment to Dark Depths that I've grown to look at it as a pairing requisite.

Since you have some years spent with Titania, I would be more than interested to see what you think of my deck:

The Rise of Man's Fall

Commander / EDH theilluminaire


I am currently working to get it moving even faster and generating more tokens per land sacrifice.

Any and all thoughts duly appreciated!

rockleemyhero on W: dark depths, + others ...

3 days ago

Here's my binder

I'm after Dark Depths, Time Spiral, Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip, and Intuition. Thanks for looking!

RazortoothMtg on Hour of Devastation Spoilers

3 days ago

couldn't be in modern because Dark Depths is banned in modern.

In modern, I might just play a Melira Finks combo list except replace Melira with Solemnity since its a little harder to remove pre-sideboard.

------ on Hour of Devastation Spoilers

3 days ago

What about Solemnity + Kitchen Finks?

Kind of awesome because every time it comes back you get the 2 life.

And it's more difficult to target than melira.

Solemnity also shuts down commanders that use experience counters.

And stuff Hangarback Walker enters the battlefield as a 0/0 and dies I guess. If that is how I think it works, then what about Dark Depths?

Redace878 on Solemnity

3 days ago

There are so many combos with Solemnity. Dark Depths, things with cumulative upkeep (especially glacial chasm), anything with undying or persist, the possibilities are endless and truly terrifying.

RazortoothMtg on Hour of Devastation Spoilers

3 days ago

A new Dark Depths, except with 20 ice counters to make it more balanced!

Wait, players don't use the activated ability anyway?


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