Time Walk


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Time Walk Discussion

sylvannos on They actually did it (Top ...

22 hours ago

Ehhhh I kinda wish Sensei's Divining Top stayed in the format, but the ban isn't really surprising. It's kinda the same feeling I had when Birthing Pod was banned in Modern. I like the card and wish there was another way, but I completely understand why the ban. This is especially considering the shitty slow play used to go 1-0-1 every round.

My main concern is Miracles was basically the last truly competitive control deck left in the format. Legacy has really shifted to having a large saturation of midrange. I dunno, we'll see if something else steps in. U/W Control has basically been a thing before Counterbalance was even printed. It's probably the oldest archetype in the format (going all the way back to Weissman's "The Deck").

On another note, I'm really surprised Gitaxian Probe got restricted in Vintage. Gush was a long time coming because of how well Monastery Mentor was positioned in the format. Gush has repeatedly been problematic every time it gets unrestricted. Hopefully, we see more variety between Thirst for Knowledge, Gifts Ungiven, and other blue draw engines. Gush really pushed those out of the format to where everyone has been playing UWxcontrol-midrangegoodstuff.dec because of how much value you get out of it.

But Gitaxian Probe? I guess they're really trying to nerf the shit out of Monastery Mentor and Delver of Secrets  Flip. I'm not really sure that's necessary considering how diverse the format is. Swedish Nationals just ended with 5 compeltely different archetypes in the top 8. The 3 decks that were the same were Monastery Mentor lists, and only 2 of them shared colors.

For those unfamiliar with what the difference is, Esper Mentor gives you Cabal Therapy (double prowess triggers for daaaaaaaaaaaaays!), along with the option of playing Demonic Tutor and Yawgmoth's Will. This means Esper allows for more combo finishes where you make a bunch of tokens and get tons of prowess triggers.

Jeskai, on the other hand, gives you far more control options. The main cards are Dack Fayden (who steals Tinker targets) and Pyroblast (which stops Time Walk and Ancestral Recall, while also blowing up Jace, the Mind Sculptor).

I'm not sure what restricting Gitaxian Probe accomplishes, despite the DCI's reasoning. Gush is the main culprit in Mentor, besides Monastery Mentor itself. I feel like this just hurts Delver and Noble Fish strategies. If they're so concerned over Monastery Mentor, I don't see why they don't just restrict the damn thing.

sonnet666 on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

2 days ago

xxSkedz24xx, I've built the deck. I know what their differences are: Optimized Sachi, Daughter of Seshiro.

The thing is that she's not even a turn slower most of the time. She might come down a turn later than Seton, but because you've gotten an extra turn to drop shamans out of your hand, and because her mana production is twice that of Seton, she frequently recoups 6 mana the turn she comes down, essentially a Time Walk in green, which allows her to combo on the same turns that Seton would be going off.

Also, with 5 slots devoted to haste effects and the ability to see 25% of your deck every game with Collective Unconscious effects, it's pretty easy to mitigate the summoning sickness disadvantage.

Seton is still slightly better, but Sachi is definitely a T3 deck.

tristanishappy on Magic? I'll just play Checkers...

6 days ago

You can't use multiple Ancestral Recalls or Time Walks because you can only use each card once according to Richard Garfield, Ph.D.'s text ("You can't choose the same card twice.") Also Mana cost includes color, so no Vampire Hexmage. Other than that I like the deck and I hope your friends let you play with it! :D

Daedalus19876 on A Taste Of Mortality

1 week ago

Desperately, desperately needs a Sunforger: It can tutor for any of your red "suicide instants", then tutor for Angel's Grace on the following turn to save you :) This frequently can work as a Boros Time Walk :D I've been meaning to find a deck for that combo forever XD

Also, Idyllic Tutor and Gamble can help you find combo pieces, while Scroll Rack is a wonderful draw piece.

Have you considered Stifle/Trickbind/Disallow/etc to counter the "you lose" trigger? :D

Decrepit_Angel on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

1 week ago

n0bunga Memnarch is one that I have seen a lot of people compare to Kozilek as a "colorless" commander with the upside of having access to blue. However, most Memnarch lists I have seen are just trying to get a lock into place and win the game from there and setting up a lock usually doesn't put your opponents under too much pressure except for occasional counterspells until the lock is assembled. Kozilek, Butcher of Truth runs in a similar way to an infect strategy by just putting so much pressure on your opponents so early to deal with your field that they will have to hold off on attempting or setting up their combo in order to not die. Combine this with stax and it becomes far harder for your opponents to stick around, much less force a combo through. Also consider that Kozilek immediately refills your hand on cast so even if he is countered or removed, the threat is going to be back and most opponents will have to dedicate important turns to stopping you instead of trying to win. I'll give you the point about Mishra's Workshop not doing much for casting Kozilek, but I have never had a problem with that in practice due to the absurd amount of mana rocks in the deck which the workshop can vomit out absurdly fast. And worst case scenario, an Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth or Chromatic Lantern will allow it to tap for one mana for Kozilek.

The Mindslaver effects in Kozilek are not meant to be a permanent lock the way they are in Memnarch, they are just a way to "preemptively interact" with combo players, waste their answers to what you are doing, Time Walk your opponent, or to just guarantee victory from a leading position by tapping them out or sacrificing their field. You can even force them to actually do their combo and only kill your opponents and themselves with it, which has happened many times in practice against Tier1-1.5 decks. One Mindslaver with an Eldrazi titan is usually way more than enough to win the game, especially when played on turn 2-4. One last note on the Memnarch v Kozilek argument: Infinite colorless mana is far, far easier to obtain than infinite colored mana. Kozilek wins on the spot with infinite colorless mana and a sacrifice outlet, whereas a Grim Monolith and Power Artifact in Memnarch many not guarantee victory.

I will admit that I have never run Memnarch but I feel that they are going for entirely different things so the conceived connection is not really there. However, Paradox Engine is a ridiculous card so I could definitely see both being on a similar power level if Memnarch lists start to incorporate it by going into more of a Paradox/Scepter route.

Neotrup on Can I Imprint a time ...

2 weeks ago

Ignore yahelhotam, as that is in no way a combo. Panoptic Mirror works because it allows you to exile an instant or sorcery, whereas Isochron Scepter only allows you to exile instants. As for the best way to make the combo your trying to play work, the trick to it is that you can play the mirror and not exile anything, then on your next upkeep you can respond to the trigger by activating the ability now that your lands are untapped, thus exiling the Time Walk as a surprise. If you have the mana open, you can also do it on your opponent's end step so that you have that extra two mana on your first of infinate turns.

yahelhotam on Can I Imprint a time ...

2 weeks ago

the funny thing is that you can also do Isochron Scepter with Time Walk

sonnet666 on Can I Imprint a time ...

2 weeks ago

Link all your cards: Time Walk Panoptic Mirror

Short answer: Yes. That works fine.

In case you don't know, Panoptic Mirror is banned in Commander/EDH.

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