Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Vintage Masters Rare
Unlimited Edition Rare
Collector's Edition Rare
International Collector's Edition Rare
Limited Edition Beta Rare
Limited Edition Alpha Rare

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Each player shuffles his or her hand and graveyard into his or her library and then draws seven cards. (Then put Timetwister into its owner's graveyard.)

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Timetwister Discussion

AzamiLadyofScrolls on Prepare Your Salami for the Azami

7 hours ago

Moclord Currently, the only 2 cards I don't own for this deck are Flusterstorm (because of shipping issues) and Timetwister because I haven't gotten around to buying it. Only buy it if you are going to dedicate yourself to playing a competitive deck. If not, then it's not worth it. Day's Undoing is not ideal, but there aren't really any worthy replacements I can think of for Twister. You could run another wizard for more draw per turn, though that won't be as good as getting a new hand the majority of the time (all depends what's in your hand).

Moclord on Prepare Your Salami for the Azami

8 hours ago

AzamiLadyofScrolls, Thank you for the prompt answer. I assumed it was this reason that it was cut, I find that happens in may of the decks I put it in. Any ideas what is a good alternative for Timetwister, I know Day's Undoing but its not ideal. Im trying to work up the courage and funds to get a candelabra but timetwister is too far out there for the budget

AzamiLadyofScrolls on Prepare Your Salami for the Azami

9 hours ago

Moclord An update for this deck's description is long over due. I've been busy with school and life lately, but yes it did get cut. It wasn't really a matter of being too slow, it was a matter of it being a "win more" type of card. If I am ahead then Extraplanar would help me get further ahead, but it doesn't really do much when playing from behind. I'd much rather have mass card advantage in the form of Timetwister, Windfall, and Time Spiral than have more mana. If Azami gets removed 2 or 3 times (which shouldn't happen), but regardless can happen, I want cards that will help me get back into the game.

Epochalyptik on Dominus - Dreamcrusher Edition

3 days ago

@ooop333: This deck is designed to operate on a lands-matter win condition, where it needs a sufficient number of lands in play in order to make Palinchron or Peregrine Drake functional. Therefore, the deck leverages additional land plays and includes more lands than other competitive decks. I don't think it's productive enough to cut cards like Azusa, Lost but Seeking or Burgeoning given that focus. I haven't had great luck running a leaner land base, either, but I suppose it could be worth testing again.

For cards like Paradox Engine and Aetherflux Reservoir, consider the points I outline in the "Criteria for card selection" chapter of the primer. These cards are expensive and don't offer much to the deck in light of their costs. Paradox Engine is hard to fit into the deck's curve (the CMC 4-5 range is actually very difficult to play around) and its usefulness is only directly proportional to the number of mana rocks and land/permanent untappers I have on the field. Aetherflux Reservoir doesn't do anything particularly useful; it would only be viable as a win condition (as opposed to a utility card), and it isn't nearly as strong as the other win conditions in the deck.

Leovold, Emissary of Trest is a possible substitute commander. I'm less sure if it would be part of the 99; I have no experience using the card. If you have experience with it, please share what you've found.

I generally don't like cards like Windfall or Timetwister in this deck. There's a reasonable amount of draw power available, and I'm able to keep my hand full (or close to it) most of the time. I hesitate to spend at sorcery speed to refill my opponents' hands.

@Emzed: Regarding Illusionist's Stratagem (from an earlier comment), I think the limited targeting options and the extra cost outweigh the cantrip effect. I'm comfortable enough with the redundancy in the deck and with Ghostly Flicker's ability to fulfill its role that I can justify not including Illusionist's Stratagem. Others' mileage may vary, though; it's an interesting alternative/insurance policy for those who find themselves in need of one.

ooop333 on Dominus - Dreamcrusher Edition

4 days ago

Your land count is pretty high for competitive EDH. Have you considered dropping it down to the 31-33 range? If you do, you can also cut cards like Azusa and Burgeoning to add more control and diversify your wincons. Paradox Engine ramps pretty hard with cantrips and mana rocks, and it's an easy win if you get it out with Aetherflux Reservoir. Also, you should consider Leovold, Emissary of Trest and Windfall, and possibly Timetwister if you can get your hands on one.

Lilbrudder on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

6 days ago

I have a friendly public service announcement for many of you aspiring cEDH deckbuilders. Ive noticed many of the lists posted have completely fixable flaws in them that cause awkward conversations and hurt feelings.

1) Please do not submit your "current paper lists" unless you have a $4000+ dollar budget. Your real life lists are simply not good enough because they are missing essential and irreplaceable cards. For example, An elfball deck without Gaea's Cradle cannot by definition be optimized. Same with a sharuum deck without Mishra's Workshop or a Leo deck without Timetwister.

2) Please do your research. Look at competitive examples of a deck on this website, cEDH subreddit or mtg salvation. Test those decks to see why they are good before claiming your version is the best version.

3) Do not submit a deck unless your curve is within reasonable limits. An avg cc above 3.0 is way to slow and clunky to hold its own in any competitive environment. Even a colorless deck should have a good reason to play high cc cards. A good rule of thumb is that the # of 1cc cards should be higher than 2cc card, which should be higher than 3cc cards. Anything above 3cc better be really good and anything above 5cc better be absolutely irreplaceable. Fast combo should never go above an avg cc of 2.0 and stax should never go above 2.8. This is singleton vintage. If there is a cheaper effect in your color scheme its probably going to be more effective than its more expensive and "powerful" counterpart.

I do not mean to sound condesending, these are just lessons I learned the hard way.

Zarathustra616 on Jeleva Slim

1 week ago

I own every card on this list except Timetwister. What would you suggest replacing it with?

Atleon on Ad Nauseam Doomsday Zur

1 week ago

Hey @Skuloth ! i've been building your list over the past month, and i'm missing just a few of the final pieces. I was hoping i could pick your brain about what order to obtain them in. the pieces i am missing are:


Grim Tutor

og duals

Mana Drain

If i were to pick one of the 200$ish ones up tomorrow, which should it be? I could also save up for a Sea or really save up for a Twister. i'm leaning toward picking up the drain, followed by saving/ trading for the duals, and then saving for the twister. Also, what would you recommend replacing the Sea/ Tundra with? i've been running prairie stream and the ub one, but they really aren't doing it for me. Thank you for such a sweet list!

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