Frost Titan


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 (C14) Mythic Rare
2012 Core Set (M12) Mythic Rare
2011 Core Set (M11) Mythic Rare
Promo Set (000) Mythic Rare

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Frost Titan

Creature — Giant

Whenever Frost Titan becomes the target of a spell or ability an opponent controls, counter that spell or ability unless its controller pays .

Whenever Frost Titan enters the battlefield or attacks, tap target permanent. It doesn't untap during its controller's next untap step.

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Frost Titan Discussion

Last_Laugh on Muldrotha's Madhouse - No Infinite

1 month ago

Got a few more games in today and went 1-2. 2 games I lost were both due to creatures (sorta). 1st loss was to a Rite of Replication copying Frost Titan that kept 6/7 of my lands tapped down and 2nd loss was to a very early Sheoldred, Whispering One in an Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder deck followed by Phyrexian Altar and Sadistic Hypnotist to seal the game.

xyr0s on

2 months ago

Basic stuff: Land based ramp is more reliable than mana dorks. Many opponents bring sweepers like Pyroclasm in the sideboard, and that shuts you right out of the game. So, I'd suggest exchanging Birds of Paradise for Search for Tomorrow. It costs you one mana in turn 2, but that's it. If you absolutely want to use creatures for ramping, you could go with Arbor Elf, and its best friends Utopia Sprawl and Garruk Wildspeaker. Kiora, Master of the Depths can do a decent impression of garruk in untapping stuff, but you'll really miss the beast tokens.

You need more lands. Playing an extra mana source every turn, and not hitting your land drops, just feels bad - you'll have the same mana as your opponent who only plays lands as manasources, but you have to do a lot more for it. If you want to play creatures at 6+ mana, you'll need something 25 lands, maybe 26.

Prognostic Sphinx looks a bit underpowered. When you play something at that cost, you want it to be a real threat. Maybe titans instead - Frost Titan and Primeval Titan?

ThallionDarkshine on Mono Blue Fun

3 months ago

This deck looks sweet, and I really like some of the cards you've got in here (especially Lunar Mystic, never knew an effect like that existed), but I feel the deck is somewhat lacking in direction. You've got some sweet stax pieces (Rising Waters and Ward of Bones), some awesome instant/sorcery support (Lunar Mystic and Disciple of the Ring), along with tons of other cool cards. Overall I think you need to pick a theme and stick to it. There are some cool cards in here that don't really have synergy with the deck (Grozoth, Riddlekeeper and small mill package, and the Donate + Illusions of Grandeur combo).

I don't have that much in the way of suggestions, since I don't know which of your themes you want to focus on. However, here are some things that synergize nicely with your commander. Forcing creatures to block is very powerful with Tromokratis, since it forces them to block with their entire team if possible. In addition, preventing their creatures from blocking or tapping them down basically makes him unblockable, giving you a fairly quick kill. Courtly Provocateur can either make utility creatures attack and die or force creatures to block, making your commander's swing into a pseudo-board wipe. Grappling Hook is a repeatable form of this effect that also grants double strike, turning your commander into an incredibly powerful beater.

Now, on to ways to stop creatures from blocking to make Tromokratis unblockable. Tamiyo, the Moon Sage is a great source of card draw that can also tap down troublesome permanents. Frost Titan, while probably the worst of the titan cycle, is still a troublesome card to deal with, and can lock down permanents. If you're willing to commit to running numerous colorless sources (and you've already got a bunch of colorless rocks), Endbringer can prevent big things from attacking, basically give Tromokratis unblockable, and even give you card draw. Fatestitcher is a great card in mono-blue, since not only does it serve as ramp, it can also tap down problematic stuff at instant speed.

Finally, some general blue good stuff. Cyclonic Rift is one of the best removal spells in the format. Whelming Wave can occasionally serve as a one-sided board wipe. I'm not sure if you have a reason for excluding Sol Ring, but otherwise it definitely should be making the cut.

I think you might want to cut back on some of the non-basic lands you've got in here, even if just to slightly improve the odds on Scrying Sheets. Some of the stuff you've got in here (Magosi, the Waterveil) just seems like a worse island in the vast majority of situations.

Sorry if this comment was overly general, let me know what kind of direction you want to take with the deck and I'll try to give you some more specific suggestions.

Davidjameskeenan on BUG Birthing Pod Toolbox Control

3 months ago

Hi T12H,

I have to thank you so much for making this deck. For 6 months I've been trying to build a fun reanimator deck, but it never quite clicked. I felt playing Grisly Salvage and Satyr Wayfinder wasted card slots so when I read your intro I thought, by Zeus this is the deck for me! I also like that Frost Titan, Grave Titan, and Ulvenwald Hydra fly just enough under the radar that they don't get killed on site like Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger does. Sometimes they even last a turn so that they can attack and they have a good etb to boot.

Please take a look at my deck, it is very similar to yours with very minor changes Tasigur Circle of Value. Two things I'm in the process of testing: Intuition and Survival of the Fittest. I think they fit the toolbox style of the deck. With Intuition you can make a pile with Eternal Witness, Reanimate and a beefy creature. Could be fun!

Thanks again for making such a fun deck. I can't wait to get some more games in with it! Cheers!

bgijy1 on Uncontrollable Fury (recipe)

3 months ago

First off, I love the idea of trying to build a creature only deck. Seems like a lot of fun, but I see a couple problems with this build.

  1. No ramp. You run so many lands, but no ramp. Take out like three of those lands and replace them with things like Wood Elves, and Farhaven Elf. Even some of the normally worse creatures like Ondu Giant might be better than running so many lands. Another option might be Frontier Guide since you are running many untap effects, and it could be a useful mana sink for those turns where you don't need to counter anything.

  2. No draw. A control deck needs draw, otherwise it has no way of keeping up with the rest of the board, especially in a multiplayer format. Run things like Mulldrifter, Arcanis the Omnipotent or Jace's Archivist for good draw. Another great card that would be on theme for you would actually be Mercurial Chemister since he can draw you cards, and can also be used for control.

  3. No visible win-con. Your best win con I can see is swinging with Frost Titan, which is not a very reliable win con. You need some big swingers who can act as finishers. I would recommend at least running a Pathbreaker Ibex, or something similar to help you win after you've soft-locked your opponents.

Those are the big problems I see with the deck. Now for a few card suggestions. The only card I can see being underwhelming is Guile. You only run 12 cards that counter spells, and with no draw to ensure you get multiple of them, Guile will turn into 8 mana for an 8/8; that is very underwhelming. The only three cards I would recommend are the praetors in your colors: Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur, Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger, and Urabrask the Hidden. These three allow for a lot of control over your opponents, and would advance your strategy (plus the green and blue ones count towards the ramo and draw categories I was talking about)

Hope this helps, and enjoy your deck!

TaegukTheWise on Roon Blink Shenanigans

5 months ago

With the amount of basics you have I would say to either take out Farhaven Elf or Solemn Simulacrum (I say either because of the differing mana costs) I like the pick with the Ulvenwald Hydra with all the non basics. I like the doomsday thing you're trying to pull off with Laboratory Maniac, I would chuck it in my deck as well, but getting the combo reliably isn't consistent and if you draw a lab maniac during a regular game I guarantee you that he will sit in your hand forever and its the first thing you discard since it doesn't actively do something, I get that every piece serves a purpose but lab maniac doesn't serve much of a purpose except take up a valuable card slot to get to a game plan that won't happen often (good try though). My recommendation to you is that you get a Minion Reflector instead since it doubles ETB triggers with a hasty body for mana and it combos just as well as the infinite draw combo you wanted to fire off.

Add Jace's Mindseeker it synergizes well with your diluvian primordial. Instead of Goldnight Redeemer use Cloudblazer, its the card draw that sells this one and at that rate add Mulldrifter over blue sun's.

By themselves Myr Battlesphere, Avenger of Zendikar, can sure make tokens and operate as efficient threats by themselves but they need a bit more to be more relevant, Hornet Queen is in a worse position but in the same boat.Cathars' Crusade, Call for Unity and Meadowboon can shore up the fact that your value creatures and tokens are typically small while staying with your main game plan (while staying cheaper than Craterhoof Behemoth), even if that's fetching for a basic. Swap the angel of invention for the crusade. Instead of icefall reagent use Frost Titan if you want more value locking things down. You have in your deck, you want Leyline of Anticipation since if its in your opening hand its free over the orrery if you didn't have then run the orrery.

I'm under the assumption that you want to be a control variant, which is fine but you need to have more control aspects like counterspells, add Counterspell Disallow, Voidslime and Glen Elendra Archmage she also combos well the cathar's crusade. I want you to look at Ghostly Flicker and tell me how good it is after a board wipe, cards like that are not good cards, you have the right idea with adding other blinkers like restoration angel, and Eldrazi displacer, they are so much better in comparison since they are creatures and can do something versus sitting in your hand and doing nothing after a wipe. Vorinclex seems cool, but I find that stalling out my opponents does better when its my main game plan (he also doesn't have an ETB effect either), I don't see much use out of him otherwise.

A bunch of your cards are good cards but the deck needs more focus. Edric rewards aggressive decks, this deck has aspects but can't always cash in on that. This deck wants to control the board but has a big volume of unnecessary blink (cough* ghostly flicker cards exclusively) and creatures that don't control the board, unlike stonehorn dignitary and mystic snake. You can get a lot more reliable and repeatable card draw out of creatures versus instants and sorceries because you run a blink deck, so abuse that. I don't understand what you seek to copy with cards like progenitor mimic, if you want cool creatures go with a control classic like Gilded Drake.

Choose a style and go with it, if you take a look at my Roon deck you will see a lot of cards that don't seem to synergize, but they have a common and fun theme that's extremely powerful and oppressive since they have an underlying theme. I control the board then I go aggro for the win. Treat your Roon deck like an exclusively ETB/LTB midrange deck at first. There are a lot of cuts I would make if I were in your shoes, but i'm not so its really in your ball court to start capitalizing on Roon's potential. There are also a lot more things to say, but I'll let this comment sink in for now. Just ask if you need more help/suggestions, or check out my list for reference.

Phoenix-2063 on Power Of The Gods

6 months ago

karmic justice specifies destroys, considering the my gods are indestructible i decided not to include it. Tejuru preserver is outside the card pool unfortunately, plus i want to keep the creatures as close to the theme as possible (hence dual deck sun titan). I'm hoping a card with this ability will see a commander deck print in the near future. Shall see if i can fit Inferno Titan in, Frost Titan may be a tad weak however.

As for hexproof Aegis of the Gods is in my maybe pile, marty's bond is a possible inclusion, gift of immortality i'm not to fond of.

shadow63 on Control Freak ($20-$45) (It's a pun)

6 months ago

With the way your deck is set up you shouldn't ever pull off the effect of your arch feind I think Vampire Nighthawk would be a better option maybe even Delver of Secrets but I know he's not super budget Frost Titan could also fill the spot. Maybe even Bone Picker

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