Rishadan Port


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Mercadian Masques (MMQ) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Rishadan Port


Tap: Add (1) to your mana pool.

(1), Tap: Tap target land.

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Rishadan Port Discussion

Smeltz45 on Solemnity Lands

2 weeks ago

I also like the idea, I think i would want more Ghost Quarters or Rishadan Port tweaking solemnity to 3 and you also probably will never need Plateau.I would consider dropping it for a port or quarters. Mainly because the deck just looses to Blood Moon in which case you need the white which Plateau wouldn't provide at that point anyway. So you would need need your basic plains. I would suggest increasing to another basic forest so u can still cast loam to get your plains if someone for whatever reason would kill a plains. I would use Tranquil Thicket over revival because it protects loam and can recur off of loam. As far as The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale it is necessary its a win condition it's the reason you play wasteland and recur them it literately locks them out of the game resulting in more wins in the from of people seeing the lock and knowing they can't beat it and giving up and if they don't that is what your other win cons are for.

Metroid_Hybrid on What to do with my ...

3 weeks ago

So I play colorless Eldrazi/Stompy in Legacy..

Until recently I had played 3x copies of Mishra's Factory, but I have been rather underwhelmed by it's performance. Recently I had invested in a 3rd City of Traitors , and took this as an opportunity to replace my Mishra's Factorys; I replaced one with the aforementioned City of Traitors and another with my 4th copy of Wasteland, but this leaves me with the question of what to do with the 3rd Factory? I don't want to invest into a 4th City of Traitors , as I believe that (3) is the correct number to have. I thought about a single Ghost Quarter, but... eh.. I also thought something like a Rishadan Port would be pretty spicy too, or a Crystal Vein for still more acceleration, but I dunno.. Or should I just drop down to 23 lands & replace it with another spell?

In the meantime I've put a single Wastes in it's place, this way I'm at least running A basic land in my deck, but what else can it be? I need another set of eyes on the matter..

Type-1.5 Eldrazi_Tribal..

Legacy Metroid_Hybrid


Profet93 on Infinite Combos, EDH and Meta

1 month ago


I have a mono blue Talrand deck which I could use to just stop him constantly if I wanted to. I just choose not to be an asshole unlike others.

He countered my diabolic tutor and then copied it. So for 2 turns I used Rishadan Port and Mirage Mirror (port 2) to tap two 2 lands, one of which being his only red source.

He (and one other person) said that strip mining his land would be more fair. To which I responded "land destruction is frowned upon in this meta" (i personally don't mind getting my lands blown up, but others do). He says he can at least get his land back if it dies instead of being tapped down. I said, yeah, I know :P

Saharez on My Mono White human Weenie deck

1 month ago

What kind of meta are you playing in.What is your budget.

Those are good starting points.


Rishadan Portx4

Umezawa's Jittex3

Aether Vialx4

Stoneforge Mysticx2

Swords to Plowshares instead of Path to Exile

Add 2 other creatures instead of the death touch artifacts.

The above would make the list much more expensive and massively more competitive.

The idea is to strangle the opponents opportunities by wasting and tapping down their lands, while you drop threats with Aether Vial

I would cut the instants and sorceries to make room for them.

Canadiansnowdragon on A Pirates Life for Me

1 month ago

Thanks! I am glad that you like the look of the deck so far! While Rishadan Port is amazing both in effect and flavour/art, the price tag is well out of my pay grade so I will not be including it (I am not a fan of using proxies).

Though I cannot afford the port, I did find the card Rishadan Pawnshop while looking up the price, so that card is going to go in the maybe pile.

Saharez on A Pirates Life for Me

1 month ago

This is awesome, a pirate commander vessel!

You should consider Rishadan Port aswell! :D

Pretty good to force Maze of Ith effects or force a Cabal Coffers use in the upkeep face.

Flagellum on Looking for pirate themed cards

1 month ago

All of the following suggestions are purely pirate-themed, not actual usefulness.

Gamble Favorite pastime I hear

Reassembling Skeleton Pirates always have a few skeletons around

Expedition Map need to know where we're going

Jar of Eyeballs in case we lose one

Rapid Fire:

War Barge

Powder Keg

Fodder Cannon

Mystic Compass

Star Compass

Explorer's Scope

Saprazzan Cove

Rishadan Port

Booby Trap

Stolen Goods




Steal Artifact



Bargaining Table

Trading Post




Profet93 on MonoEVIL

1 month ago

Nice deck. I like where you're going with this. As with a lot of mono black, I also get myself down to low life. I then become a lowlife by using Soul Conduit. While it does cost a lot to play and activate, getting 12 mana can't be too difficult in EDH. Especially with Thespian's Stage and Mirage Mirror copying coffers. Because why have 1 or 2 when you can have 4! Have urborg and Deserted Temple in play to add even more mana! You already have the candelabra which is great. It's also worth noting Mirage Mirror can dodge many forms of removal and can combo with dark depths. Moreover, thespian's stage can combo with dark depths.

In Garruk's Wake > Plague Wind. Personally I think both cost too much for what they do.

Forcefield is nice since you already have both maze effects

Rings of Brighthearth MUST GO IN NOW! 2 cards back to your hand? Double the fetch lands (ramp), double planeswalker activations. Please add this now.

Trading Post to help recur your artifacts, provide chump blockers, gain life if you're running too low, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, works well with Contamination. Also helps sac your artifacts to prevent them from getting exiled, as I'm sure your candelabra is a big target

Rishadan Port and The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale. I suggest these expensive cards because your deck is currently valued at 7k.

Phyrexian Arena?

If you want some other ideas to incorporate into your deck, feel free to check out my deck The Descent Into Darkness. If you want suggestions of what to remove for some of my suggestions, let me know

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