Vendilion Clique


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2015 Edition Mythic Rare
Modern Masters mythic rare
Morningtide Rare
Promo Set Rare

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Vendilion Clique

Legendary Creature — Faerie Wizard



When Vendilion Clique enters the battlefield, look at target player's hand. You may choose a nonland card from it. If you do, that player reveals the chosen card, puts it on the bottom of his or her library, then draws a card.

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Vendilion Clique Discussion

btreuther on Feel the Light (Developing Competitive)

12 hours ago

+1 from me, although not a huge fan of Mana Leak.

I like the two Blessed Alliances main. How have they been for you, and how often do you side them (or one) out?

Also, I'd like to hear your take on Ancestral Vision.

Maybe consider Vendilion Clique, and perhaps the fourth Supreme Verdict in the board.

Spazik008 on Is a "late game" deck ...

1 day ago

There's also the "Tron" deck (short for Voltron from the 80's cartoons because you have to assemble parts to make a big thing like the lion robots), it uses big mana to cast Karn Liberated and Wurmcoil Engine. That's called "tap out control".

It probably helps to focus less on the overall archetype and focus on cards and strategies that speak to you. You can add control elements to a midrange or aggro deck, like the version of Burn that uses Scrying Sheets for some late game card filtering. Storm decks often have Remand and a modicum of other counterspells to get them to turn 3 or 4 so they can combo off. There are Blue Black fairy decks out there, a sort of midrange control that uses cards like Bitterblossom, Vendilion Clique, and Spellstutter Sprite. That's probably the closest thing you'll find to a "big bad blue" deck in Modern, or "blue tron" which takes the Tron deck and adds blue for counterspells and Gifts Ungiven.

Certain archetypes can become unviable for long periods of time in Modern and Legacy. For awhile in Legacy, Blue-White turtle control was the best deck because of a unique confluence of powerful cards, specifically Sensei's Divining Top, Counterbalance, and Terminus. They had to ban Sensei's Divining Top because the deck was becoming too oppressive and stopping a number of other popular archetypes from being competitive. So now blue-white control is gone for awhile. But it will be back, as soon as something good enough to replace Sensei's Divining Top is printed or until people figure out how to make it work without the Top (believe me, they're already trying).

Think of it this way: Trying to force your own preferred archetype in a format where it's clearly not viable is like trying to swim against the current of the ocean. Better to "go with the flow" as it is. It's the same basic principle in Judo or Kung Fu. Don't fight against force, channel the force of your opponent, flow with it, and use it against them. That being said of course, if you think you have an idea that works, go for it. Somebody somewhere had to be the first guy to sleeve up Sensei's Divining Top and Counterbalance, and you never know unless you experiment and try. Better to experiment and fail than to have never tried at all.

Marcus_Licinius_Crassus on Illusionary Horror (Torpornought)

1 day ago

Part II:

Your grixis delver Matchup (MU) is amazing.

You can ice out Snapcaster Mage, Baleful Strix, and Vendilion Clique from giving your opponent value. Your mainboard Abrupt Decay will also help remove their threats.

Your Stoneblade / Deathblade MU is amazing.

SFM coming down as a vanilla beater is not where the SFM want to be. Stoneforge Mystic.


Eater of Days looks like a great way to blank a Griselbrand

AlertKnave8075 on H: standard/modern cards for sale ...

1 day ago

Hey, i need some extra money for bills and a car repair. Lets make something happen. prices are per card.

Free shipping over $50, otherwise you pay for tracking+bubble

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JonathanSamurai on FireFly (Faeries)

2 days ago

veeonix, Smother works better than you think. I am trying to get Fatal Push but they are at $7-8 currently. I took Dismember out a while ago. I'm also trying to get hold of some Vendilion Clique as well.

Oloro_Magic on Everlasting scarabs

3 days ago

Geralf's Messenger states that target opponent loses 2 life, it does not state that Geralf deals damage to a creature, it doesn't sync well with the token plan because of this, plus undying is +1/+1 not -1/-1. I would run something like Plague Belcher or to get the same effect just with -1/-1 counters on the second time round, Murderous Redcap.

As for the sideboard help. Mono-blue control tends to rely on Snapcaster Mage for recursion and as such graveyard hate is great (Something like Dryad Militant could work but Relic of Progenitus works just as well). Mono-blue generally has a problem with winning which gives you an upper hand, they aim to kind of beat down with snapcaster or Vendilion Clique half the time (or mill) so if you can out value them then you are in a good place. If counters are getting annoying Prowling Serpopard can shut down control pretty easily. Red-blue is a bit different as they have a dew different ways to win depending on the deck. The Kiln Fiend varient can be stopped with Fatal Push, same goes for Delver of Secrets  Flip (in my opinion the best build with Monastery Swiftspear as well). Storm is annoying, and I don't know any card outside white that can stop storm in an instant without a huge caveat. The burn-control build means you need to go very aggressive, for this matchup have something like Tireless Tracker in the side so you can side in the threat and take out some expensive things, basically force your opponent to burn your creatures instead of you thereby wasting precious burn spells. Gifts Ungiven just kinda wins and there isn't much you can do about it. Abrupt Decay is another card you may want to include in your sideboard, it is versatile removal. Staples against control in the side for black are Duress, Collective Brutality, Liliana of the Veil (should be main for Lili).

Squirrelbacon on Grixis Prodigy

1 week ago


I saw your thread on help wanted on decks, so I figured I'd drop by and check in on them. I play a ton of jeskai control, and while I have not played grixis(at all) I have also played mardu and esper control as well. The spells suite that you are running in this deck makes it look like a control deck due to the counterspells and the addition of Vendilion Clique and flashback effects. However, it feels kinda off to me... So I'll make some suggestions and see what you think!

First off, discard and counterspells is fairly awkward. I played Esper Mentor and while back with two different versions of the deck. One that was heavy in discard/spot removal and one that focused on protection and counterspells. I found much more success with the discard variant because discard is simply more diverse in my opinion. With the Liliana of the Veil, I'd recommend 3(or 4) Inquisition of Kozilek and 2 Thoughtseize in the main. To make room, I'd actually move Ancestral Vision to the sideboard for more grindy match-ups.

Second, just a fun card suggestion! I personally find the Yahenni's Expertise is suuuuuppper under-rated. In modern, it more or less is a full board wipe. Kills mostly everything in afinity, burn, jeskai, infect and zoo decks alike. While it doesn't do much against tron or eldrazi, it still can pressure through killing mana dorks for eldra and then dropping a free spell. Could be lili, ashiok or snapcaster late game, doesn't really matter, it's free value! Value is amazing in control!

I'd also consider running 4 snaps and 2 JVP since counterspells and sorcery-speed JVP are a Nonbo.Going along with creatures, I love TITI. One of my favorite cards in recent years, however, for what your deck does Tasigur, the Golden Fang is better. It can get you a card and can come down almost as early as TITI. No, you don't return you snapcasters to hand, but you get a spell from your graveyard and a great creature body. I feel the deck is too slow to utilize TITI, since you aren't running any cheap cantrips...(Serum Visions/Slight of Hand/Manamorphose/Thought Scour). Vendilion Clique may want to be put in the sideboard since its only super effective into combo, but flying and flash is a plus so it's opinion.

Fatal Push is also a card, but I don't know if it is worth a spot...

Sorry if that was a lot, but I hope it helps, even if it is minor.

tclaw12 on Selling at 80% TCG Mid

2 weeks ago

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