Vendilion Clique


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Masters 25 (A25) None
Modern Masters 2015 Edition (MM2) Mythic Rare
Modern Masters (MMA) mythic rare
Morningtide (MOR) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Vendilion Clique

Legendary Creature — Faerie Wizard



When Vendilion Clique enters the battlefield, look at target player's hand. You may choose a nonland card from it. If you do, that player reveals the chosen card, puts it on the bottom of his or her library, then draws a card.

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Vendilion Clique Discussion

mtgplayer100 on This is not miracles... I think

1 day ago

Onyx77 why Spell Queller and Secure the Wastes? Against combo we already have Vendilion Clique, that does the job much better, by giving us information on what to play around, as well as attacking for 3 instead of 2. If combo becomes really big, then maybe i could see a few copies sneaking into the sideboard.

As for secure, this is not jeskai. We don't have burn to take advantage of the damage that the tokens will provide. Also, once we get Jace or Teferi in play we don't need a card like secure to win. As for the effect the card gives, we have Elspeth, Sun's Champion in the sideboard, to do that.

DarkStarStorm on Sultai Midrange

6 days ago

One of the biggest benefactors of going Sultai instead of Jund is that you get Stubborn Denial.I would go down the Vendilion Clique, up Grim Flayer, and replace Spell Pierce with Denial.

TheKing8426 on U-Control

1 week ago

$0.02 Time

I'll start with my background: I'm a low level points grinder. I play Storm/Jeskai Control in Modern, and Miracles/2 Chains in Legacy. I'm gonna tell you what I don't like in your deck, why I don't like it, then I'll tell you what I would put in your deck, and why I would. We all play magic differently, so I hope you at least consider some of the changes, and overall I wish you luck in your building!

Mana Leak: I would not play 4 of. Honestly, I'm not sure I would play more than 1, and absolutely no more than 2. This card is only good early game, and you're a pseudo-control deck, which means you will go long sometimes. For me, it's down to 1 here

Echoing Truth: This card just doesn't deserve a main board slot, in my opinion. In loses you card parity, as opposed to repeal, which will cantrip. I'd move to have 2 total in the side.

Spreading Seas: Again, a good sideboard card, but not a good main board card. As Durkle mentioned, it only hurts Delver. Also, you won't need it in every match up. I'd throw these in the board.

Scalding Tarn: You don't need this many fetches, even if you are playing Jace, considering you play 4 Serum Visions and 4 Opt. You need more lands than anything, so petition to make this pair of fetches into a pair of Islands.

Into the Roil: This card seems like an odd fit. At best, it's a Cryptic that can't counter and can't tap the team. I would take this out completely.

Pact of Negation: You already play 3 -cost spells in the main, in Disrupting Shoal. This card (for the most part) prevents you from holding up counter magic on your next turn, or playing a spell on your next turn. You already play a ton of fair counterspells, this pair is overkill. I'd take 'em out.

Vedalken Shackles: I think this is more of a meta call, but I'm basing my evaluation of these cards in the vacuum that is the national meta of modern - which means that K-Command and Bolt probably are too good to play this card. But, again, I believe this is a meta call. As per the continuity of this comment, I would be taking these out.

Ensnaring Bridge: I know this is in your maybeboard, but I'm gonna squash this right now. This card is awful in a deck that wants 7 cards in hand at all times. Unless Pox / 8 Rack is the best deck in your meta, I wouldn't even consider this.

Okay, now to what I would add:

1 Vendilion Clique & 2 Wizard's Retort: These 3 go into the main to help out your Disrupting Shoals - you have few three drops without these. Playing a total of 11 Wizards makes a pair of Wizard's Retort pretty playable. For those reasons, these come in.

1 Repeal & 1 Unsubstantiate: Both of these cards are nuts. Unsub does double duty, being both a counterspell and an unsummon (and don't forget, you can use both of these cards on your own Snapcaster Mage to avoid a bolt or just flashback another card), while Repeal cantrips and sets your opponent back one turn. Try both of these out in the main, you won't be disappointed.

2/2 Psionic Blast: 2 in the Main, 2 in the Side. There's a reason that Jeskai Control is the best control deck in Modern right now - it can become a burn deck pretty easily. This is your answer to that. The two damage is negligible - considering you don't play shocks, it seems your life total will be pretty safe in the early game. As for playing a pair in the side, it's just a continuation of the burn gameplan. Thanks Durkle for throwing this out there.

Dismember could find a spot in the side, along with Surgical, but I would only take out some number of your Relic of Progenitus to do so. Maybe 2 Relic, 1 Surgical, 1 Dismember? It seems pretty meta dependent, but thought I'd bring it up. Okay, that's all I got for you. Hope I've been of some use. Cheers!

Squirrelbacon on Esper Shadow

2 weeks ago

I'm super excited you turned this into Esper Shadow!! I played Esper Shadow at SCG Indianapolis in February, I didn't do too well but that was more to misplay on my end than anything else. A few things I learned about the deck from then to now.

Lingering Souls--> I play 2 in the main, one in the side. Great card, but used more for stalling than aggression with a Death's Shadow in play. Keep in, but maybe trim.

Serum Visions+Opt--> Probably want some number of both.

Stubborn Denial--> Better than Mana Leak and Cryptic Command for this deck.

Street Wraith--> Must have for Shadow Decks. Instant speed draw and lose life? Exactly what the deck wants.

Additional thoughts, 22 lands is still too many, and you probably don't want Field of Ruin in either a Shadow or a Delver deck. Too slow a card for most games. Vendilion Clique is a very serviceable threat. For shocks, your best bet is 2x Watery Grave, 1x Hallowed Fountain and 1x Godless Shrine.

I'm going to recommend against this, but, one of my pet cards is Monastery Mentor.... If you have a lot of games starting to go long, he may be worth looking at placing in the SB. You also have one extra board slot right now as you have an extra Thoughtseize sitting over there.

Best of luck, if you want a link to my list from SCG Indy, let me know I'll send it over! It hasn't been updated in a while though, so adjust if you look at it.

sylvannos on Guilds of Ravnica: Spoilers and ...

2 weeks ago

Bounty Agent

@dbpunk: I'm calling it now that she'll become a staple in all formats. Not only does she deal with cards like Goryo's Vengeance and Sneak Attack that like to dump Griselbrands into play, she also deletes things like Umezawa's Jitte.

Not to mention, the odd legendaries that see play, like Krenko, Mob Boss and Vendilion Clique.

You can basically throw her into the mainboard of any white weenie deck, while keeping Containment Priest in the side.

APPLE01DOJ on Chuku Jeskai

2 weeks ago

Perhaps 1x Telepathy on the SB. Maybe in place of 1x Vendilion Clique

Chasmolinker on The Angry Insect (Grixis Delver)

3 weeks ago

I pulled the trigger on a second Liliana, the Last Hope and haven't had the chance to use it yet. Not the right meta currently.

I would look at Search for Azcanta  Flip, Logic Knot, Vendilion Clique, Fulminator Mage, Bloodghast, Grim Lavamancer, Death's Shadow, Scalding Tarn, and Spirebluff Canal. Any of those that tickle your fancy would be good or the deck imho.

dommes89 on The Fateshifter | **PRIMER**

4 weeks ago

What do you think of Vendilion Clique?

I play this in my version and it did a very good job until now.

Since it contains "target player" it can get rid of combo pieces or other bad-for-me cards my opponents have in their hand or it can replace a card that I don't need at the moment with a new one!

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