Birds of Paradise


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Conspiracy: Take the Crown (CN2) Rare
2012 Core Set (M12) Rare
2011 Core Set (M11) Rare
2010 Core Set (M10) Rare
Tenth Edition (10E) Rare
Ravnica: City of Guilds (RAV) Rare
Eighth Edition (8ED) Rare
Seventh Edition (7ED) Rare
Classic Sixth Edition (6ED) Rare
Fifth Edition (5ED) Rare
Fourth Edition (4ED) Rare
Revised Edition (3ED) Rare
Unlimited Edition (2ED) Rare
Collector's Edition (CED) Rare
International Collector's Edition (CEI) Rare
Limited Edition Beta (LEB) Rare
Limited Edition Alpha (LEA) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Birds of Paradise

Creature — Bird


: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool.

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Birds of Paradise Discussion

brandonsperry25 on Jurassic Commander: Fallen Kingdom

3 hours ago

Ok, just want to give you a play test break down for the one I just ran. Was pretty nice and felt good considering I didn't have the best opening hand land wise.

T1: Evolving Wilds fetching a Forest.

T2: Tap Forest for Birds of Paradise.

T3: Clifftop Retreat tapped, tap Birds of Paradise for and play Kinjalli's Caller, tap Forest for Ulvenwald Tracker.

T4: Tap Forest for Sol Ring, tap Clifftop Retreat costing less for Nest Robber, Sol Ring and Birds of Paradise for casting Mirror Entity (leaving floating.)

T5: Tap Birds of Paradise and Forest, Clifftop Retreat for Cultivate targeting one Forest on battlefield tapped and Mountain into play for land for turn. Tap Sol Ring for Swiftfoot Boots

T6: Scabland tapped, tap lands (2 Forest, 1 Mountain and Clifftop Retreat), Birds of Paradise and Sol Ring for 7 and less from Kinjalli's Caller to cast Gishath, Sun's Avatar and swing.

That's as far as I went with that one, no telling how it would have play out against another deck and what your meta is like. Performance wise, that was a hand that got going. I normally wouldn't play a hand with one land and a Sol Ring but having Birds of Paradise and Evolving Wilds in hand with the Sol Ring made things a little easier for this go round. Ideally, I like to have at least 2-3 lands in hand, and hoping for all three colors so I can at least cast whatever I need depending on the card cost in hand. I also had Savage Stomp in hand, so that would have come in handy next turn for sure.

SilverIronMan on A Knight On The Falls

15 hours ago

While the main plan of knightfall is to out value and out tempo our opponent, some of the cards that are used for this purpose are pretty toolbox-y. However, this isn't the main theme of knightfall. Therefore, I definitely don't plan to play more than 1x Eldritch Evolution, but that 1x is Not the flex sideboard spot (That's Courser of Kruphix and Reclamation Sage).

Eldritch Evolution is reasonable against fair, non-blue decks, but mostly, it's there for combo decks (Knightfall's worst matchups). Due to the sheer number of creatures in this deck, there is usually some creature that helps out in the matchup and is worth tutoring for. While you could try something like Chord of Calling for this reason, Chord of Calling is usually at least 2 turns slower.

It might be a little easier to say a few matchups that I'd bring it in for (not a full list): Affinity, Burn, Jund, Junk, Tron, Lantern Control, Dredge, Infect, Elves, and Living End. If you look at that list, Burn, Tron, Elves and Living End can be some pretty challenging matchups. The card does a bit more than double duty.

Affinity is a pretty favored matchup. For reference at the Modern Open, I played 4 matches against them and lost 1 game (albeit, I usually lose a few more game 1s). This seems to happen for a few reasons.

The biggest reason is because of Spell Queller. Spell Queller stops a relevant spell while being bigger (before buffs) than their fliers. Of course, it can also be flashed in before blocks with no spell on the stack. Therefore, I can not stress enough how much of an all-star this card is.

Knight of the Reliquary is also quite good in this matchup. It can tutor up a Ghost Quarter for any of they're relevant man-lands, and a Gavony Township to make Birds of Paradise trade.

Between 2x Qasali Pridemage, 2x Reflector Mage, and 4x Path to Exile, there's typically a bit of removal to handle the first threat (and sometimes a few after the first one).

The main plan is just to stall as long as you can and make as many favorable trades as possible. Hopefully, you can create enough of a board state where they lose too much by attacking (aka a board stall) and Knightfall rarely loses from a board stall.

Therefore, so long as you don't draw too many Scavenging Ooze and Voice of Resurgence and they don't have a super speedy draw (Mox Opal...), then game 1 can be pretty close. Of course, post-board Knightfall becomes favored.

-3x Scavenging Ooze, -3x Voice of Resurgence, -2x Retreat to Coralhelm for +1x Eldritch Evolution, +2x Izzet Staticaster (Best Card and generally what Eldritch Evolution finds), +2x Kitchen Finks(The gain 2 life and +1 power sells me on it over Voice of Resurgence even at the cost of one mana (Mostly because both suck in this matchup)), +1x Manglehorn, +1x Reclamation Sage, +1x Reflector Mage

Post-Board, around 1/3 of the deck is removal. Of course, once again, the goal is to stall for as long as possible. Once again, the longer the game, the higher the probability that knightfall wins.

ericalt91 on Accordion Block Issues

22 hours ago

So as the title says, I've been having issues with my accordion blocks on my decks lately. Below is an example of the coding, and you can see the end result at the deck's page: Ezuri's Unending Progress

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would like all of my decks to end up looking nice and uniform. My other deck Karlov's Tithes is exactly how I want things to end up. Thanks in advance!

Alt text

My third EDH deck, and my first non-Black EDH. I chose Ezuri, Claw of Progress because I have always liked the idea of a +1/+1 counter-based deck. Blue/Green (Simic) is an ideal color combination for such a deck, as mechanics like Evolve naturally place counters on your creatures. Coupled with the Proliferate mechanic from New Phyrexia, and you have a deck that easily turns one and two drop creatures into powerhouses.

Card draw is a powerful mechanic, and no color does it better than Blue. In this particular deck the card draw is mostly creature-based.

Coiling Oracle - Mana acceleration or card draw depending on the card revealed.

Cold-Eyed Selkie - Card draw on damage. With all the counter generation in this deck, this card has potential.

Fathom Mage - Draw a card whenever she gets a counter, which in this deck should happen a lot.

Lifecrafter's Bestiary - Pay an additional whenever you cast a creature spell to draw a card.

Momir Vig, Simic Visionary - Whenever you play a blue creature, put the the top card of your library in your hand as long as it's a creature.

Nissa, Voice of Zendikar - Her ultimate ability can draw a considerable amount of cards.

Prime Speaker Zegana - With all the counter generation in this deck, she should draw you at least seven cards if not more.

Rashmi, Eternities Crafter - If the cast doesn't trigger from her ability, you can put the card in your hand.

Steady Progress - Proliferate and draw a card. Instant speed.

Tezzeret's Gambit - Draw two cards and proliferate.

The true essence of the Simic Combine and the bread and butter of this deck. +1/+1 counters beef up creatures and can be used to trigger a variety of abilities.

Avenger of Zendikar - Puts +1/+1 counters on its own tokens and those generated by Nissa, Voice of Zendikar.

Champion of Lambholt - Gets a +1/+1 counter whenever a creature enters the battlefield under your control.

Chasm Skulker - Gets a +1/+1 counter whenever you draw a card.

Doubling Season - Doubles all counters that would be placed on any permanent you control.

Ezuri, Claw of Progress - Places +1/+1 counters on a creature before each of your combat steps.

Fathom Mage - Evolve places a +1/+1 counter on a creature whenever a creature with greater power or toughness enters the battlefield under your control.

Fertilid - Enters the battlefield with two +1/+1 counters on it.

Gyre Sage - See Fathom Mage

Hangarback Walker - Enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it. Pay and tap it to put a +1/+1 counter on it.

Hardened Scales - Whenever a creature you control would get a +1/+1 counter it gets an additional counter as well.

Hooded Hydra - Pay X mana to have it enter the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it.

Kalonian Hydra - Enters with four +1/+1 counters; however, doubles the number of +1/+1 counters on all creatures you control when it attacks.

Master Biomancer - Places +1/+1 counters equal to its power on each creature you control that enters the battlefield.

Mycoloth - Gets counters equal to twice the number of creatures sacrificed as it enters the battlefield.

Nissa, Voice of Zendikar - Her minus two ability places a +1/+1 counter on each creature you control.

Plaxcaster Frogling - Enters the battlefield with three +1/+1 counters on it. Graft allows you to transfer these counters as well.

Prime Speaker Zegana - Enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters, where X is the greatest power among creatures you control.

Rishkar, Peema Renegade - Allows you to distribute two +1/+1 counters when he enters the battlefield.

Sage of Hours - Place a +1/+1 counter on him whenever you cast a spell that targets him. Doesn't really happen in this deck.

Simic Manipulator - See Fathom Mage

Verdurous Gearhulk - Allows you to distribute four +1/+1 counters when it enters the battlefield.

Vigor - Converts damage that would be dealt to creatures you control into the same amount of +1/+1 counters.

Vorel of the Hull Clade - His activated ability doubles the number of counters on target artifact, creature, or land.

Walking Ballista - Enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it. Pay to put an additional +1/+1 counter on it.

There is no more powerful, nor satisfying effect, than a well-timed counterspell. Being able to stop an opponent's big play or infinite combo is an amazing ability.

Counterspell - As basic as counterspells get.

Disallow - Counters any spell, activated ability, or triggered ability. Potentially a lifesaver.

Fuel for the Cause - Expensive as counterspells go, but does proliferate as well.

Glen Elendra Archmage - Counters noncreature spells. Easily repeatable with the amount of +1/+1 counters the deck generates.

Mystic Snake - A counterspell and a creature that can trigger Ezuri, Claw of Progress.

Plasm Capture -A little expensive for a counterspell, but gives you mana during your next precombat mainphase.

Voidslime - See Disallow

Mana is required to play spells. This is one of the most basic concepts of magic. More mana allows more spells to be cast. More spells allow for more plays to tilt the game in your favor. Therfore, getting mana as rapidly as possible increases one's chance of victory.

Birds of Paradise - One mana for a chump blocker that also produces mana of any color. A staple.

Coiling Oracle - You either draw a card, or get an additional land onto the battlefield.

Cultivate - Search for two basic lands, put one into play, and the other into your hand.

Devoted Druid - Basic mana dork with a twist. Reusable due to +1/+1 and -1/-1 counters negating one another.

Fertilid - Remove a counter and pay mana to search for a basic land. Highly repeatable coupled with the +1/+1 counter generation in this deck.

Gyre Sage - Potentially a massive mana source if you are able to put sufficient +1/+1 counters on it.

Kodama's Reach - See Cultivate

Nissa, Steward of Elements - Her second ability can put a land onto the battlefield from the top of your library.

Plasm Capture - Counters a spell and gets you some mana during your next precombat main phase.

Rishkar, Peema Renegade - Turns any creature with a +1/+1 counter on it into a mana source. Very powerful in this deck.

Simic Signet - Mana acceleration and fixing in one. A staple.

Sol Ring - to get . Few cards are as powerful.

Some cards in a deck don't really fit into the deck's broad categories. This is sort of a catch-all for useful, but perhaps niche effects or supplemental cards.

As Foretold - Gives you a free spell every turn. Couples well with all of the Proliferate effects in the deck.

Blighted Agent - Unblockable 1/1 with Infect. Possible win-con coupled with Ezuri, Claw of Progress.

Cyclonic Rift - Essentially a tool to set up for the big finish by removing all of your opponents' potential blockers.

Eternal Witness - A tool for getting back cards that have been used/milled.

Lightning Greaves - Almost exclusively used to protect Ezuri, Claw of Progress from spot removal.

Herald of Secret Streams - Doesn't generate +1/+1 counters, but makes all creatures you control with counters unblockable.

Invisible Stalker - Unblockable 1/1 with Hexproof. Becomes huge when coupled with Ezuri, Claw of Progress.

Panharmonicon - Creates more triggers for Ezuri, Claw of Progress. Synergizes well with enters the battlefield effects as well.

Rashmi, Eternities Crafter - A source of free spells. Works well with the low average CMC of the deck.

Reliquary Tower - With as many cards as this deck draws, having no maximum hand size comes in handy.

Swiftfoot Boots - See Lightning Greaves

Trygon Predator - Artifact and enchantment removal on a stick.

Vizier of the Menagerie - Allows you to play the top card of the deck if its a creature. Also allows us to use mana of any color for casting creature spells.

+1/+1 counters can be powerful in their own right. Any mechanic that can put more counters on your permanents should be a welcome addition to the deck.

Contagion Clasp - A basic source of proliferate. Costs to use.

Contagion Engine - Contagion Clasp's big brother. A board wipe and proliferate source in one.

Fuel for the Cause - Counter a spell and proliferate. Pure advantage.

Inexorable Tide - Expensive, but the ability to proliferate multiple times in a turn is very powerful.

Steady Progress - Proliferate and draw a card. Simple and effective.

Tezzeret's Gambit - Draw two cards and proliferate. Almost always paid for using life.

Thrummingbird - A proliferation machine. Very reliable source if you can keep it alive.

Viral Drake - Repeatable proliferate. Reasonably priced for the effect.

A minor sub-theme within the deck. Several cards generate tokens upon death. Mainly for use as board wipe recovery. If several small tokens enter the battlefield, can give several triggers for Ezuri, Claw of Progress.

Avenger of Zendikar - Creates 0/1 Plant toekns equal to the number of lands you control when it enters the battlefield.

Blade of Selves - Generates multiple temporary tokens on attack of whatever it is equipped to.

Chasm Skulker - Creates 1/1 Squid tokens equal to the number of +1/+1 counters on it upon death.

Doubling Season - Doubles the number of tokens generated by other cards I control.

Hangarback Walker - As Chasm Skulker, but produces 1/1 Flying Thopters instead of Squids.

Hooded Hydra - As Chasm Skulker, but produces 1/1 Snakes instead of Squids.

Mycoloth - Produces 1/1 Saprolings at the beginning of your upkeep equal to the number of +1/+1 counters on it.

Nissa, Voice of Zendikar - Her +1 creats a 0/1 Plant token.

knightsoftheround on Eternal Swords AKA Four Color Sword - Magic Aids

1 day ago

Hey Sombrereo, thanks for comment. I have thought about both pretty heavily but decided against them. Geist of Saint Traft does work really, really well with swords...(it's kind of dumb how fun it is) but I decided against him because of wrath effects. The deck runs lots of value creatures and the main way any deck has a chance of out valuing the creatures and Collected Company is to 1 for ???(many things). Geist dies either way. When a deck runs single target removal, Spellskite acts as a single turn hexproof for them, as well as protection for the swords, which seems to be enough against a lot of things. Noble Hierarch is great but that black mana's too important. Birds of Paradise also has flying, and a 0/1 with evasion equipped with a sword is better than a 0/1 without evasion. Thanks for your comment again! The deck is super fun to play...p.s. Eidolon of Rhetoric against storm is one of my favorite plays.

Sombrereo on Eternal Swords AKA Four Color Sword - Magic Aids

1 day ago

Looks sweet!What do you think about Geist of Saint Traft? He works really well with equipments in my experience. Also did you consider running Noble Hierarch over Birds of Paradise (although hierarch can't produce black mana)?

colton815 on Simic Combos

3 days ago

there are much better ways to copy your Biovisionary than Progenitor Mimic or Infinite Reflection. those cost too much mana. Phantasmal Image would be an example of a good replacement. also, if Overgrown Battlement is the only creature in the deck with defender, its not worth it. at that point its basically a worse version of Llanowar Elves, which outside of an elf tribal deck, is already worse than Birds of Paradise. Predator Ooze is really mana intensive, and can't reliably be cast on curve with your current land base. the fact that your land base is all basics, with exactly half in each color, tell me you're a really new player. i'd recommend dual lands like Misty Rainforest, Breeding Pool, and Hinterland Harbor. but without actual removal spells to kill off opposing creatures, the Predator Ooze isn't worth it in the first place. the Prime Speaker Zegana is basically worthless here. the highest power among your cards that will "always" be creatures is 2, and even if you have the devotion for Kruphix, God of Horizons that only raises it to 4. there are better things you can do for 6 mana. Biovisionary isn't worth it as a win condition unless you actually have some sort of draw and/or scry effects to pull it out reliably, such as Serum Visions, Opt, or Nissa, Steward of Elements.

Memphismaymagic5 on Dinosaur Poetry

4 days ago

Cool deck idea but I have 3 suggestions.

  • Birds of Paradise: Really speeds up the game and can be used as a chump blocker late game. It also fits in your dinosaur theme because it is a bird and birds are the only remaining species of dinosaur.

  • Ripjaw Raptor: If you're gonna take dinosaurs to modern, why not play one of the only dinosaurs who can hold its ground in the format? A 4/5 creature that costs 4 mana and with a card draw effect is really decent!

  • Kinjalli's Sunwing: Much like Ripjaw Raptor, this card is one of the only dinosaurs that can be used in modern. It works well in an aggro deck like yours because it minimalizes your opponent's amount of blockers so you can do some serious damage with your fatties.

Austin_Smith_of_Cards on Derevi, check this out!

5 days ago

Depending on which angle of control you want to take, I can offer different suggestions.

Some staples for Derevi you'll want to consider no matter what build you end up going for: Swords to Plowshares, Edric, Spymaster of Trest, Birds of Paradise, Tamiyo, Field Researcher, and Counterspell.

From your description, you could consider running a pillow-fort strategy. It's kind of like an extremely watered-down version of Stax that really just prevents opponents from attacking you, while they still have the resources to attack each other. It's definitely a politics-heavy strategy, making deals with opponents to convince them that other people are better targets until you start laying down wincons.

Essential cards: Propaganda, Ghostly Prison, Sphere of Safety, Collective Restraint (since you're in tri-colors), Norn's Annex, Orzhov Advokist, Windborn Muse, Martial Law, and Aurification.

Your wincons are going to be big fatties that also lock down the board or take advantage of your protection: Stormtide Leviathan (can't recommend this one enough), Azor's Elocutors, Isperia, Supreme Judge, and Blazing Archon.

If you want more traditional control that utilizes tapping/untapping, the general good all-arounds are: Aven Mindcensor, Thalia, Heretic Cathar, Hokori, Dust Drinker, Trygon Predator, Bant Charm, Supreme Verdict, and Winter Orb.

For blink abuse, I suggest Deadeye Navigator.

As a general structure for your EDH deck, try to follow the pattern of 10 mana accelerators, 10 card draw effects, 5 spot removal, 5 boardwipes, and 4 tutor effects.

There's a few filler cards that don't fall in any of those categories, and don't necessary synergise. I recommend removing: Djinn of Infinite Deceits, Hada Spy Patrol, Kazandu Tuskcaller, Phantom Nantuko, Winged Coatl, Wonder, Curse of Predation, Pyramid of the Pantheon, Thunderstaff, AEthermage's Touch, Biomass Mutation, and Sprouting Vines.

Happy brewing!

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