Birds of Paradise

Creature — Bird


: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool.

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Birds of Paradise Discussion

Daarkest on Mana pools (Drank)

6 hours ago

clentdc, he should use Birds of Paradise, cause you never know when you're going to have to pay a different color.

enpc on ♫♫ Warriors, come out to play ♫♫; Najeela EDH

1 day ago

You know you have 21 custom categories right? It is to the point where your custom categories are so unusable that to view you deck I had to sort by type. You should be aiming for a maximum of 7 or 8.

On the deck - I would recommend a bit more low end ramp. Birds of Paradise would help enable turn two najeela and provides good fixing. Nature's Lore is half of Skyshroud Claim but helps ramp earlier so you can turn sideways faster.

Vanitas37 on The Birds

2 days ago

I love how fun this idea of a bird tribal Derevi sounds... but then again, i love anything that involves Derevi.

Anyway, i'm no expert, but i think you should take advantage of Derevi's untap/tap ability by putting in creatures that tap for an ability. The idea being that you tap them, then you swing in with your flyers, dealing damage to a player and triggering Derevi's ability. This would allow you to untap a permanent, you would untap the tappy guys, and get two effects where you normally would get one. Keeper of the Nine Gales Birds of Paradise

there are not many birds that have significant tap abilities though.

Another route, a more popular one, would be that when Derevi triggers and you untap stuff, you could untap your lands. And if you include effects like Winter Orb or Static Orb, this effect is amplified, because Derevi is allowing you to untap permanents, but no one else in the table can.


Catalog9000 on Help me make my R/G ...

2 days ago

Boza, while I personally do see your point about the mana restrictions, your comment of: "it is impossible to have 12 total mana any sooner than turn 5" is not entirely accurate.

I build speed-Gruul decks all the time. Gruul is super easy to pump out massive amounts of mana. BUT - you have to build for it.

We are assuming you have your hand of 7 cards. Works well if you went 2nd, so you have card advantage each of your turns. That draw really helps.

Turn 1: 7 - 8 cards in hand.

Turn 2: You played 2 cards last turn and drew 1 this turn. 6 - 7 cards in hand.

  • T2: Any other land that doesn't enter the battlefield tapped. You'll want to play something like Generator Servant, another 1-drop Dork, if able you can do both but let's not get greedy here. Normally I take a hand with a Servant that can be played T2

Turn 3: You played 2 - 3 more cards and drew 1. 4 - 6 cards in hand.

  • T3: Land. You're Gruul so you need to hit tempo. You now have three lands, and 2 - 3 additional mana at your disposal in creatures. At this point, I usually tap all lands, tap my Dork, sac my GS and play a Savage Ventmaw, swinging for 4 and adding . On T3, with six available mana floating from your Ventmaw, you can pay for either a second Savage Ventmaw, a Mana Reflection, or even work up to a Zendikar Resurgent. You get that 7th mana by either discarding a Simian Spirit Guide.

Another option you have available is to, instead of playing a Ventmaw, you tap out everything you've got for your 6 mana. You float 5 of it and use for an Infernal Plunge and target your Dork. This adds back which pushes you into 7. If you are lucky enough to have a Simian Spirit Guide on top of your Infernal Plunge (Don't count on it) you could theoretically nail a Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger.

Turn 4: There's a lot you could have done last turn. Between playing a land, a Ventmaw / Reflection / Resurgence and giving up an Guide / Plunge, it's hard to really tell where you are at currently. This all becomes situational at this point.

  • T4: This is normally where I begin to play big spells. See the Unwritten, Genesis Wave, Hydra Broodmaster, Dragon Broodmother. You could do all of this on T3, if I'm being honest. You do this by swinging with Ventmaw on T3 and dropping any of these 6-drop spells immediately after. But that aside, you play a 4th land. You'll either have 4 mana from lands and 6 from Ventmaw + Dorks, or you could have 8 mana from lands when you consider it'll be doubled via Enchantments + Dorks. Since Mana Reflection doubles Dork mana, too, that could easily tip you at or above 10 mana T4. So you can see just how easy it is to hit 12+ T5.

If you were lucky and hit a T3 Savage Ventmaw who was hasted by Generator Servant (Happens a lot in my decks with the frequency I play them), you could even dump his six into a Mana Reflection. This means on T4, you have 8 mana from lands, 2 mana from a single Dork, and 12 mana from Ventmaw. That's 22 mana, on T4.

To put that into perspective: That's an X=19 Genesis Wave, a Hydra Broodmaster that you also turn Monsterous for 7 () which gets you 7 7/7 tokens, that's an X=20 Rolling Thunder, an X=21 Crater's Claws which deals 23 Damage from the Ferocious trigger...

Gruul, if designed properly, is the single most powerful ramp color combination in the whole game, in my non-professional opinion (lol)

sylvannos on What's a worthy modern legal ...

2 days ago

Down on the left hand side of your deck's page there's a button that says "Download / Export / Embed Code."

If you click that, it'll give you the copy + paste link so you can do this:

The Tireless Assault (v 1.1.1)

Legacy Daarkest


As far as what to use in order to replace Tireless Tribe for Modern, there isn't one. Wizards learned their lesson with Psychatog and put really restrictive costs on creatures that let you discard things at no cost and without restriction.

It looks like, however, you have a good Doran, the Siege Tower deck already. I'd suggest cutting Tireless Tribe, Eladamri's Call (not Modern legal), and Abzan Beastmaster + Kin-Tree Invocation (there are better choices).

Replace them with 1 more Birds of Paradise (so that you'll have 4) and either Noble Hierarchs or Avacyn's Pilgrim (depending on budget). Finish off your replacements with Spellskite, Wall of Omens, Collected Company, and Lagonna-Band Trailblazer.

Shmookyla on I'm (NOT) in love with the coco (Werewolves)

5 days ago


Ok Guys,

So it turns out that hinging your entire deck on collected company is just not a strategy that is panning out on the kitchen table. I am getting wrecked out there, so I am open to making this deck as effective as possible without Collected Company. I also dropped Eidolon of Rhetoric because I anticipate Birds of Paradise probably gonna flock its rear end during the course of revamping this deck although I have kept them for the moment, but at this point I kinda feel like I don't know which route I should take.

Kayne117 on mightymorph

6 days ago

This is a super cool idea, making all of your creatures cost nothing to cast morphed in order to abuse their flip effect. That said, I think there could be some better morph creatures out there to use instead of the lowly Broodhatch Nantuko... Deathmist Raptor comes to mind. 35 lands is just a little low, so I recommend removing Farseek and Rampant Growth in favor of Kodama's Reach and Cultivate, just to make sure you can always be hitting those land drops. Even then, a few mana rocks or a few mana dorks could be very beneficial, thinking Birds of Paradise or Sylvan Caryatid. Other than that, you're being shut down by powerful artifacts and enchantments pretty hard, and while most of the answers to those are noncreature spells, not all of them are. Cards like Acidic Slime and Reclamation Sage will continue to uptick Animar while also being cheaper than their instant and sorcery counterparts. The weakness is that they will be sorcery speed, but I think that's worth the advantage for this deck. You have a pretty solid amount of draw, but I still recommend both Arch of Orazca and The Immortal Sun. The Arch is great because in the mid to late game, you will be playing your creatures very cheaply, which means you will probably have lots of leftover mana. Arch of Orazca has a pretty low opportunity cost and will let you put that mana to very good use. The Immortal Sun will make your plethora of creatures stronger, shut out planeswalkers, let you cast your first few creatures after Animar more easily, and draw you more cards. Every part of that card seems relevant for this deck.

Hexaflexagon on WG Angel Token

1 week ago

A few suggestions. If you want mana ramp, you really want that mana ramp out on turn 1 so you can cast 3 cmc things on turn 2. Some mana ramp options you might like to consider:

Noble Hierarch as Trentawn mentioned before

Birds of Paradise as Trentawn also mentioned before

Llanowar Elves

Avacyn's Pilgrim

I also strongly suggest putting Oketra's Monument in your deck, as it makes your (white) creatures cost less and gives you tokens(and get Lyra Dawnbringer out on turn 3)

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