Monastery Swiftspear


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Iconic Masters (IMA) Uncommon
Khans of Tarkir (KTK) Uncommon

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Monastery Swiftspear

Creature — Human Monk


Prowess (Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, this creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn.)

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Monastery Swiftspear Discussion

TyroMaven on Jori en, little giant

3 days ago

Monastery Swiftspear needs to get an invite to this party.

GeeksterPlays on Jeskai Justice League (Superfriends)

5 days ago


I've been playing Jeskai Harbinger/Walkers/Control in Modern for over a year now, so I'd like to offer my advice on your list and the Modern Metagame in general.

This looks very light on actual answers to Modern's popular threats. It might be dependant on your meta of course, but with no Path to Exile, Lightning Bolt or Lightning Helix curving into Supreme Verdict or at least Settle the Wreckage I don't see you living very long against a lot of tier 1/2 decks. Jund, Aggro, Burn, Affinity and Metalcraft decks will be reporting their wins to the TO before you even see your first 'walker hit the table I expect.

You say you have "a lot of draw", but it's largely from the 'walkers and frankly anything over 2 mana is not good or consistent draw in Modern, and running 3 Serum Visions and 3 Opt is redundant; you're drawing into more draw and nothing else, so just stick with Opt as it's better being Instant speed. Ancestral Vision doesn't happen until T4 at the earliest and even then at the moment you're not really drawing into anything in your deck that is an 'answer' for popular Modern boardstates.

Counter magic is weak in Modern at the moment, and even the straight UW lists are running light on them. Most decks are running threats between 1-3 mana that can take you down quickly without you doing something to stop them; anyone who's faced a T1 Monastery Swiftspear followed by a T2 Lightning Bolt & Lava Spike & attack slapping them down to 10 life will tell you.

Removal and proactive threats of your own are where the format lies now. Cryptic Command is amazing of course, and look at Logic Knot, it's WAY batter than Disrupting Shoal which IMO is almost unplayable. Why risk needing the perfect mana-costing spell to discard and 2-for-1 yourself on purpose, or have to tap out to stop even a smaller threat when you can just delve away your fetchlands and stop them using only UU?

Remand in any kind of control deck is just bad, you want hard answers not tempo plays. Sadness ensues when you are forced to Remand a Tarmogoyf only to draw a land and then they replay their 2-drop 5/6 beater that same turn anyway.

I don't see what Narset Transcendent brings to the table, given that Modern right now is an insanely creature-heavy format, by the time you get her Emblem other decks will shrug and/or have killed you already anyway. Her -2 for Rebound is great if you have access to Supreme Verdict in the main, or even a Cryptic Command for bounce&draw twice in a row, but that's not likely to happen. Bringing her in from the sideboard for certain matchups I can get behind, for example UW would find it harder to deal with her resolved & ticking up while Jeskai or Jund would burn her out easily and still be able to attack you via a creature too.

Chandra, Torch of Defiance; I don't see anything in your list that you'd be using the 2 red mana in your own turn for, exiling the top card is pointless in what should be a reaction-heavy deck, and her -3 is not much more than an overcosted-Lightning Bolt after which she'll likely die to anything left anyway.

Oath of Jace is garbage. Search for Azcanta  Flip is where it's at, you want 2/3 of those so you can flip one and then cast another for double advantage. Card selection is better than mass-draw, and card filtering every turn is insane advantage over your opponent, plus the discard fuels your later-game Logic Knot as a 2-mana hard counter without tapping out.

Snapcaster Mage, IMO, is a must have for an controlling deck. His ability to re-use an Opt end step of T3, or have access to another Logic Knot T4 can put you so much further ahead.

21 land is NOT enough to be consistent. Control/midrange/superfriends etc. you want 23, minimum, probably 25. You're casting costs may curve out a 4, but you actually need at least 6 if you're gonna resolve a 'walker and then protect him/her as well, and that's if you even have low-costing removal available. You're also trying to get UU for counter on T2, but still wanting access to RR, UW and WW all on T4 as you've no way to know what 'walker you will be looking to cast. Some boring math to make a point; if you've taken a hand with at least some land, and used a Fetch twice before T4 you're down to around 14 lands left in your 48-card deck. Your odds of drawing further lands are now 1 every 3.5 card draws. Not exactly in your favour, especially when you're deck is revolving around 4-costing 'walkers.

I'd advise taking a look at something like mtgtop8 Modern decklists and asking yourself "what could I do on T1/T2/T3/T4 against this?". If the answer is nothing, or at least, nothing proactive or interactive, then you're not gonna have a good time.

I hope that my advice is useful, and please do feel free to check out my current decklist. I've been having a lot of success with it lately in a meta as divided as Tron, Metalcraft, Naya Burn, Eldrazi Taxes, Jund and Abzan Combo.

Jeskai Mind Sculpt

bibopaam on Gruul burn

6 days ago

I mean, you might as well drop the green all together and swap Rhonas's Last Stand for Vexing DevilThe other greens are not doing a whole lot for you. Swap Leyline of Punishment for Skullcrack. Either is more of a sideboard card. Rancor or Bloodbraid Elfcould be a Monastery Swiftspear

solarPULSAR on RG Stomp

1 week ago

If you enjoy the +1/+1 counter mechanic, you might want to consider trying a Hardened Scales deck, they are usually black/green or sometimes abzan (white/green/black). This deck seems to have a split identity as in its trying to do 2 different things. Honestly you could probably drop the red to run stuff like Winding Constrictor. The deck could also use more removal, consider stuff like Fatal Push if you replace red. Now if you aren't a fan of the +1/+1 counters strategy, you can consider moving to a more aggressive red based deck with stuff like Goblin Guide, Monastery Swiftspear. Modern is a format where youre trying to win by turn 4, or in controls case, survive to turn 4 so you can wipe the board (Think Supreme Verdict) or stabilize. This deck lacks alot of explosive power, so control can stabilize by turn 4, and aggro will have already killed you, which is probably its main weakness.

Nitropotent on Watch the World Burn

1 week ago

A playset of Lightning Bolts are always good in a burn deck. Monastery Swiftspear is another card I think is a good include. In this deck, I would take out 2 copies of Geistflames, a playset of Furnace Scamps, and 2 copies of Goblin Arsonists.

legendofa on Blue-Red

1 week ago

Sounds like you're looking for counterburn. It's right there in the name--blue for counters to prevent your opponent from making any progress, red for burn to win. They tend to be heavy on instants and sorceries, with the creatures being things like Guttersnipe or Monastery Swiftspear that put more pressure on your opponent, or creatures like Siren Stormtamer that are basically counterspells themselves. Izzet Charm does a small version of pretty much everything you need.


1 week ago

Still suffering from split personality, although of a better quality now that previously. You need to decide whether you go for burn, or for a go-wide strategy. Some of the cards from each of them doesn't support the other strategy very well.

Since you only play 20 lands - and that is what is to be expected of a burn deck, perhaps it's even a bit on the high end - you should stay away from anything with casting cost over 3. No Cleaver Riot and no Bonfire of the Damned (the latter could be fired for very low damage, but is it then worth a card?). You want to go with burn, Lava Spike and Searing Blaze are obligatory cards, I think. Also in burn, Monastery Swiftspear is a 4-of, since it is part of hitting for 10 on turn 2 (TURN 1: mountain, swiftspear, attack for 1, TURN 2: mountain, Lightning Bolt, Lava Spike for two prowess activations, then attack for 3, a total of 10 damage in 2 turns). And the 2 Dragonmaster Outcasts have to go, since they require so much land to function - you won't get them online until turn 10 or 11, best case (dragonmaster has its real home in a ramp deck).

If you go with Kiln Fiend, have 4 of them, have 4 of each their combo pieces, and some number of Fling as a finisher. Otherwise, don't bother. You'll have the occasional lucky game, where you make a really big kiln fiend, but without free spells (and a blue splash for cantrips like Opt and Serum Visions), it'll be a rare event that it can end the game, or even deal any significant damage.

Faithless Looting is not something I would play in a burn deck, since it's card disadvantage. Ask yourself what you'd rather do - lose a card to maybe improve your, or shoot for 3 life (lava spike)? Besides, as long as your plan is something as simple as "deal as much damage with each card", you don't need to sculpt your hand and search for pieces. The redundancy is high enough that digging is irrelevant. Card draw/filtering is good with kiln fiend, too. But then you don't get the whole burn package, just a few bits of it. Magmatic Insight is actually an interesting card, but I doubt that you'll have much extra land lying about to discard to it.


2 weeks ago

No red deck is really complete without a full set of Lightning Bolts. You just don't get it better than 3 damage for 1 mana, to any target at almost any time (it is exactly as Lightning Strike, but at half cost).

Your creatures belong in two different decks: One that goes wide, with a lot creatures that you then buff (Memnite and Signal Pest) and one that burns opponent to death (Guttersnipe and Spark Elemental). Since these two plans actually are rather different, drawing a couple of cards from both means that you can't carry out either of them. If you want to go wide, you need more smaller creatures or tokens (Dragon Fodder and Mogg War Marshal are good cards for this strategy). Tyrant of Discord has no business at all being in a deck with only 20 lands, since you plan on the game being over long before turn 14, which is when you'd be most likely to play it.

I've never really liked Guttersnipe, since it's a 3 mana creatures, that doesn't do anything on its own... and it belongs in a fast deck. That is, a fast deck where you don't mind spending your 3rd turn just playing a rather small creature, and not doing anything else. Of course you could wait until you have some more mana, so you could play some spells in the same turn... but what are you then doing until then? My guess is, that you'd then just end up playing the very same spells that you'd otherwise want to use for triggering Guttersnipe, and when you finally play it, you are more or less empty-handed. But if it has to be, you should play "free" spells, like Mutagenic Growth and Gut Shot... and since you'd then be playing free spells anyway, you might as well pick up the best prowess creature for fast deck - Monastery Swiftspear - and maybe you could get some real value out of Abbot of Keral Keep, since it both has prowess and gives you a card.

Anyway, you should probably make up your mind in regards to creatures, and stick to one plan.

Shrine of Burning Rage also likes free spells, but only as long as they are red... I'm not too happy having 4 of it in a deck. If there's one on the opening hand, it's fine, but drawing it later is a really under-powered draw. Perhaps it's better in decks, that can get rid of it - like if you played a looter (you know - "draw a card-discard a card") of some kind.

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