Monastery Swiftspear


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Iconic Masters (IMA) Uncommon
Khans of Tarkir (KTK) Uncommon

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Monastery Swiftspear

Creature — Human Monk


Prowess (Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, this creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn.)

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Monastery Swiftspear Discussion

vorpalaxe on lava spike, vorpalaxe

3 hours ago

thanks for your comment. i have not looked at the cards yet, so i appreciate you pointing these ones out. these are some good cards, and those traditional burn creatures are good, too. There is no reason to Light Up the Stage this kind of card will just slow down a potential kill, like Browbeat . Skewer the Critics definitely seems like it can shine in some situations, and i agree that it looks better than Vexing Devil . the thing about Vexing Devil is that it is the best first turn play. also, it is critical to play something on the first turn, and I would not change the mana curve. also, if I have a Searing Blaze or a two mana creature, it is critical to play it right away. In other words, Skewer the Critics is ideal on turn three after I play Searing Blaze , Viashino Pyromancer , or Keldon Marauders . thus, I am not convinced it will improve the deck. The creatures with haste are great. the problem is that they are 1 cmc. To keep the mana curve the way it is, I would have to trade out Vexing Devil , and/or Grim Lavamancer . My argument against that is this: Vexing Devil on the first turn will kill anything that can block it turn two, and survive. The opponent has to deal with it by taking 4 damage or wasting a removal. If I can get them to take 4 damage, my odds of winning are better than had I played Goblin Guide . If they remove Vexing Devil , then I am in an equal position. The only time Goblin Guide and Monastery Swiftspear seem better to me is when you can squeeze one or two extra damage through before the opponent plays a pro red creature. Slagstorm will kill all my creatures, and eliminates the option of casting Volcanic Fallout after combat damage, which enables killing a 6 toughness creature by blocking with Vexing Devil . the fact that it does damage to the player as well is important. every card i play that fails to damage to a player potentially slows me down a turn, or even two, if i top deck a land. thanks again. let me know what you think.

hungry000 on lava spike, vorpalaxe

5 hours ago

Have you looked at any of the new cards from Ravnica Allegiance? Skewer the Critics and Light Up the Stage look like the two best ones for burn decks. Skewer the Critics in particular is better than Vexing Devil and Viashino Pyromancer . To tag on to what others have said above, they're suggesting you play some fetches for deck thinning (this isn't really all that relevant honestly) and so you can always have a landfall trigger for Searing Blaze . I don't think you need them when you're only running 2, though. Slagstorm is another option for a sb sweeper, it hits for 1 more than Volcanic Fallout which is a pretty big deal when you're a burn deck, and if you need to play sweepers you're probably not playing against an opponent who has counterspells.

Also, is there a reason you're not playing the traditional red burn creatures, like Monastery Swiftspear and Goblin Guide ?

Cereal_Killer on Mage-Ring Bullying

13 hours ago

First of all, what's your budget?

Then, since you want to go really fast, making big as soon as possible your creatures and dealing tons of damages immediately, why don't you consider Kiln Fiend or Monastery Swiftspear ?

Then, other "must have in this type of deck", in my opinion are: Mutagenic Growth (who cares if you lose 2, your creature gets bigger) and Apostle's Blessing

Now, cards I personally don't like in this deck:

Some cards I'd consider, but are not budget: shock and fetch lands, Thoughtseize , Inquisition of Kozilek , Blood Moon (in sideboard)

Darth_Savage on 20 Bolt

4 days ago

This is a pretty good list, but Wizard's Lightning, forces you into a position that you can't run Monastery Swiftspear . Replace Ghitu Lavarunner with the Swiftspear then I'd drop Wizard's Lightning for Boros Charm (multi-function), Thunderous Wrath (you run no card draw) or Searing Blaze . I'd cut 2x Mountains too for Ramunap Ruins , as options are good... Hope this helps, good luck with your brew.

StopShot on Ravnica Allegiance cards in Modern ...

6 days ago

Ravnica Allegiance spoilers have concluded, and I feel there are two cards spoiled that may have potential to see play in Modern Burn or at the very least hold potential for burn decks on a budget.

Obviously the dream is to cast this for , and given the requirement to do so is reliant on what burn does best it's easily comparable as a Modern version of Chain Lightning, yet given that Modern Burn is so refined it might be hard to find a spot to include this card. From discussions I've read, people are talking about cutting Skullcrack for a cheaper burn spell or Monastery Swiftspear given prowess is somewhat of a non-bo if you have to use your combat step to cast this spell. Personally I think I'd cut Rift Bolt given that you can cast this spell for cheap and have it deal damage on the same turn. Other than that this card may work best in Rakdos/Jund/Mardu decklists that run Bump in the Night and/or Shard Volley.

Comparable to Mutagenic Growth we now have a pump spell that also grants a relevant form of evasion for one mana. While pump spells are normally used to keep Goblin Guides and Monastery Swiftspears alive from oncoming Lightning Bolts, Izzet Charms, and Lightning Helixes granting flying in the late-game can also work as a one-mana 4-to-5-damage spell if it means getting a Goblin Guide or Monastery Swiftspear over a Gurmag Angler or Wurmcoil Engine just to close out the game. The only cons are this card may come out dull against Faeries and Spirits, and it does absolutely nothing if you don't have a creature to cast it on either. (That said Arrester's Zeal does make top-decking a hasty creature not as problematic as it is for most burn decks.)

What are your thoughts on these cards? Do you think either has potential to see play in Modern, and do you plan to include them in your own burn deck? Leave your thoughts down below.

souzagm on BR Rakdos Burn, Draw Some Flames

6 days ago

Darth_Savage I'll keep the Sword-Point Diplomacy because I like the card idea. I'll do some changes like trade 4x Ghitu Lavarunner to 4x Monastery Swiftspear and 4x Wizard's Lightning to 4x Rift Bolt and 4x Lightning Strike to 4x Magma Jet I'll keep Viashino because I dont think Thunderous Wrath will fit in this deck. Hey bro I'm very grateful for the help :D

Darth_Savage on BR Rakdos Burn, Draw Some Flames

1 week ago

Honestly I'd stay mono red unless you have a good reason not to. I'd convert this into a more classic burn list after that. Some substitutions that I'd make are:

Lightning Strike -> Magma Jet burn + scry at the same mana cost.

Wizard's Lightning -> Rift Bolt guaranteed one mana bolt, the wizard clause makes Lightning too fragile.

Ghitu Lavarunner -> Monastery Swiftspear one of the best creatures for a burn deck.

Goblin Chainwhirler -> Hell's Thunder or Ball Lightning burn wants to kill fast, a creature without haste is not what it wants.

Viashino Pyromancer -> Thunderous Wrath one mana for 5 damage is a pretty likely scenario here.

Sword-Point Diplomacy -> 2x Risk Factor 2x Pyroclasm or if you want to keep in black Drown in Sorrow mini board wipe, to clear the field.

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