Legion Loyalist


Format Legality
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash (GTC) Rare

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Legion Loyalist

Creature — Goblin Soldier


Battalion — Whenever Legion Loyalist and at least two other creatures attack, creatures you control gain first strike and trample until end of turn and can't be blocked by tokens this turn.

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Legion Loyalist Discussion

vorpalaxe on Undying Burn

1 day ago

okay sounds legit. I think Duress and Gravecrawler are interesting options, because you need turn 1 drops. Viscera Seer and Legion Loyalist also.

landofMordor on Boros Battalion

1 day ago

Another way I can phrase that: You want Battalion to turn on ASAP, because Boros Elite and Legion Loyalist benefit the most from the buff. I want to do that turn 2 if possible (T1 Boros Elite, T2 two hasty 1-drop creatures), but never later than Turn 3. So having a deck with a whopping 16 cards at 3 mana and above just means that your time-to-win slows down. I'd keep only the best of your curve-toppers: Firemane Avenger, because it's evasive and is also Lightning Helix on a stick. All of your slower 2- and 3-drops, I would cut in exchange for either better aggression (Relentless Raptor, Sky Terror) or efficient removal like Helix finishers like Insult // Injury/Onward // Victory or more Boros Charm.

Despite that advice, I love this deck and the intent behind it! It's always refreshing to see such a thematic build!

Cheeseball89 on Don Krenko, Combo Goblins

3 days ago


Big fan of the deck. I was hoping to morph it into more of a 1v1 duel deck. Do you have any suggestions? I put in Legion Loyalist and Goblin Piledriver. Thank you!

Last_Laugh on Attack the throne!

1 week ago

Well I'm back again with more suggestions.

Drana, Liberator of Malakir allows you to attack away from the throne when needed and deserves a slot.

Consider Legion Loyalist, the haste on this guy makes him a nightmare for your opponents, first strike/trample is real, and Marchesa brings him right back if they waste a blocker/removal... all for 1 mana. Other hastey creatures like Falkenrath Aristocrat, Zealous Conscripts, and Yahenni, Undying Partisan get counters immediately and are really good in the deck. Haste in general is great here lol, consider Urabrask the Hidden and Ogre Battledriver.

I'd run Last One Standing over Bontu's Last Reckoning also.

Feast on the Fallen, Skull of Orm, Star of Extinction, Bontu's Last Reckoning, Slumbering Dragon, Scorched Rusalka, Demanding Dragon, and Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker are what I'd suggest for cuts.

TypicalTimmy on Custom Commanders

3 weeks ago

A wall... avatar? Holy mother of Heliod I love that.

1empyrean, okay he will be mono-white in casting cost but I'll include red in an activated ability so he can have the color identity required to make a Goblin deck in EDH.

Kragel, Brain Thinker

Legendary Creature - Goblin Advisor

Other Goblin creatures you control get +0/+2 and have Vigilance.

, : Put a Goblin from your hand onto the battlefield. It gains Haste until end of turn. At the next end step if it's still on the battlefield, return it to your hand and create a 1/1 red Goblin creature token.

"Why burn books when you can use them as weapons!"


So, my boi Kragel was born surprisingly smart for a Goblin. As the bastard child of Legion Loyalist, he was able to grow up in Ravnica's Boros Legion. While there, he learned that the smart way to raid and pillage (As seen through his eyes) was to get others to do it for you. So he dedicated his life to this belief. Why carry a bigger stick, when 10 others are willing to carry 10 smaller sticks for you?

Well, that was fun. Let's see...

Make a Demon that has Defender. Demons are renowned in MTG (In cards, at least) for having huge punishing drawbacks for their insane stats and evasion. So a Demon with Defender is just pure punishment. Make one that is someone you'd definitely want to play, but only when the time is right so you can get the biggest bang for your buck.

Lukesini on Goblins for the win!

1 month ago

Art-n-Lutherie First of all, thanks for the suggestions and advices. But I don't know, if I have the space for Goblin Bombardment and Goblin Rabblemaster. Goblin Sharpshooter was in the origin version of the deck, but I cut him for Goblin Lackey - now I see him only as a sideboard card. Last but not least, the big issue with Goblin Guide is, that my Legion Loyalist have a lot more value in the deck. I don't need a first turn hit for two and maybe give my opponent a land - instead a goblin who gives my goblins first strike and trample sounds really good to me.

jpsuchecki on Krenko, Mob Boss

1 month ago

Legion Loyalist and Goblin War Drums. I see a few haste machines, why not first strike, trample, and menace?

Also, I think you should really consider Goblin Warrens. With Purphoros, God of the Forge and Impact Tremors that alone is 9 damage every time you use it. Some of your other cards would also increase this damage.

Squirrelbacon on Help Finding an Aggro Deck

1 month ago

I know it was mentioned once before, but if you want pure aggro, I'd suggest 8-Whack. Extremely cheap mana base (many many Mountains) along with all the fun goblins! Goblin Guide isn't super expensive and neither is Legion Loyalist. I'm almost certain those are the most expensive cards in the deck.

Plus, you get to play sweet cards like Goblin Grenade and Foundry Street Denizen which are always a blast!!!

Even if you need to buy all 60 cards for the main, it'll still be probably be about half the cost, if not less, the mana requirement for zoo.

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