Legion Loyalist


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Guilds of Ravnica: Guild Kit (GK1) Rare
Gatecrash (GTC) Rare

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Legion Loyalist

Creature — Goblin Soldier


Battalion — Whenever Legion Loyalist and at least two other creatures attack, creatures you control gain first strike and trample until end of turn and can't be blocked by tokens this turn.

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Legion Loyalist Discussion

Last_Laugh on My current markov deck

1 week ago

First, you seem to be missing 2 cards, you've only got 98 in your list.

Now for some suggestions...

Reconnaissance needs to be in this list. It allows you to attack with every creature, untap to avoid bad blocks, untap after first strike damage but before normal damage, and even untap after normal combat damage is dealt due to the creature being 'attacking' until the end of combat step ends (you untap in the middle of this step).

Now for a few cards with much smaller explanations lol...

Card Draw is lacking, consider Herald's Horn, Necropotence, Dark Prophecy, Greed, and Twilight Prophet.

Boros Charm - wraths are the bane of this deck, protect your board. Talisman of Indulgence/Fellwar Stone both deserve spots. Shared Animosity needs to be in the deck, not just the maybe pile. Diabolic Intent should replace Diabolic Tutor. Sorin, Solemn Visitor is better here by far for his lifelink your team +1 than your 2 current Sorins combined.

Now creatures... and I'd up your creature count to at least 33. Legion Loyalist, Rakish Heir, Yahenni, Undying Partisan, Mirror Entity, Dusk Legion Zealot and consider more flyers like Falkenrath Aristocrat and Voldaren Pariah  Flip.

Anyways, I hope this helps and feel free to check out my list for ideas. Edgar's Dega Vampires. Upvotes on any of my lists is appreciated.

Last_Laugh on The Infection of the Rose

1 week ago

I would work on your ramp and add Talisman of Indulgence and Talisman of Dominance. I'd probably replace Lantern and Commander's Sphere.

I'd also find room for more boardwipes to clear the board so you can get infect damage through. Consider Blasphemous Act, Last One Standing, and maybe Jokulhaups (this card is extremely mean).

Mana Confluence and City of Brass deserve a spot. Ogre Battledriver is a really good haste enabler, especially with infect. Dack's Duplicate is a great clone here. Scourge of the Throne, Legion Loyalist, and maybe Marton Stromgald would probably be really good here also.

Feel free to check out my Marchesa list for ideas. It's not infect but it should still help for non-creatures. He who controls the Spice controls the Spice Girls

Last_Laugh on He who controls the Spice controls the Spice Girls

1 week ago

Ok lol lots of questions...

No, flipping thrones isn't my list. My old list can be found here. https://www.mtgsalvation.com/forums/the-game/commander-edh/multiplayer-commander-decklists/769157-marchesa-the-black-lives-matter (I still like Legion Loyalist here lol)

Fervor I've never ran, Anger came out due to not consistently having a mountain. It was replaced with Garna, the Bloodflame but that got dropped due to the high cmc. Haste is good here but savvy opponents just kill in response to entering combat or the attack trigger anyways. Cards like Metallic Mimic do a better job of protecting your dudes and are more abuseable.

Sidisi can cause awkward moments when she comes back eot when I don't want to sac anything. I also have 3 other tutors which get the job done honestly (personal call though because she is good here).

Viscera Seer is a good card and deserves a spot, scrying is good card selection. River Kelpie is ok but I prefer Grim Haruspex/Midnight Reaper for the lower cmc even if there's no persist. Clique hasn't been in for a long time, I don't like relying on my opponents to have stuff in their yard (which they often didn't).

Fleshbag Marauder etc are very nasty cards when they're recurred over and over, I love them in Muldrotha and I'm sure they'd work great here too.

Vigean Graftmage came out due to never once seeing the card across 20+ games and as a result it didn't get the appreciation it probably deserved, it still should be in my list honestly. It lets me abuse 1 etb/death on everyone's turn instead of once per round which is great and it also curves into and immediately protects Marchesa and other creatures.

Razaketh is definitely a card that can and probably will get dropped again. It's just tough when you realize the card does everything you want in a Marchesa deck (besides +1+1 counters), but man that cmc is rough.

Anyways, thanks for posting and your insights. I'll be sure to check out your list and maybe make a few recommendations.

Grimmlock93 on Kuldotha 8-Whack

1 week ago

Should cut Toolcraft Exemplar and move Legion Loyalist into the main

Evou on Upgrade Suggestions? B/R Goblin/Burn

1 month ago

The reason i have Dragon Fodder and Krenko's Command is to have a higher chance of getting more tokens out on turn 2 and 3, than i can usually get a Krenko, Mob Boss out aswell as Goblin Warchief and swing pretty early on for a decent hit. I will definitely try to find a few Goblin Piledriver, Legion Loyalist and Goblin Chieftain at my Local shop. Thanks for the Input!

ninjaclevs13 on Upgrade Suggestions? B/R Goblin/Burn

1 month ago

Goblin Bushwhacker was (is?) a finisher in Naya Zoo, I'd say absolutely. Goblin Grenade seems decent as well, especially considering you have plenty of (Dragon) fodder for it. Turns useless early game tokens into late game finishers. Kathari Bomber is questionable. Seems way too slow, and only for 2 tokens. Krenko's Command seems too redundant to me, I might even cut the two that are already there. Lightning Bolt is an absolute must.

Other suggestions:

Elf0491 on Mayael's Big Boy Club

1 month ago

Big smashy Naya decks can be a ton of fun! It kinda depends on what direction you want to take the deck, but if you're looking at the classic 'power 5 or greater matters' theme, here are some suggestions:

Remove: Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh  Flip: This deck focuses more on casting big creatures, so the likelihood of flipping Chandra is very low. Firemane Angel: Very expensive for her effects. Better creatures and lifegain can be found. Gigantosaurus: Hilarious card, but the 5 green will be super hard to get in a three color deck. Legion Loyalist, Legion Warboss, and Ajani's Welcome: These cards are all geared towards a 'go-wide' playstyle that encourages lots of small creatures. That's not how Naya usually plays, and most of the rest of your deck isn't set up to support them. Light of the Legion, Swiftblade Vindicator, Dawn of Hope, Path of Discovery, Prodigious Growth, Urban Utopia, Bounty of Might, Flower / Flourish, Boros Keyrune, and Selesnya Cluestone: These are all cards that either don't mesh great with the rest of the deck, or are decent, but have cards that can usually do the same thing better.

Big Boyz: Meglonoth: Great power for 6 mana, and can really pump out damage both attacking and blocking each time around the table! Mycoid Shepherd: Pretty decent source of lifegain. Paleoloth: Graveyard recursion. Spearbreaker Behemoth: Gives your important stuff indestructibility! Spellbreaker Behemoth: Can absolutely wreck blue control. Woolly Thoctar: 5/4 for 3. Nuff said. Bull Cerodon: Really solid creature to keep bashing your opponent's with. Godsire: Can be hard to play, but will generate an insane amount of value if it stays in play. Stalking Vengeance: When your stuff dies, so do your opponents! Victory's Herald: massive boost to your field, especially with lifegain.

Mana Ramp: Gruul Signet and Selesnya Signet: Some of the best ramp for three color decks. Drumhunter, Exuberant Firestoker, Sacellum Godspeaker, and Sunseed Nurturer: Can be okay as ramp, while also synergizing with your theme. Mul Daya Channelers: can be either a 5/5, or help you ramp into one. Somberwald Sage, Beastcaller Savant, Birds of Paradise, Channeler Initiate, Chromatic Lantern, Commander's Sphere, Draconic Disciple, Llanowar Elves, Atzocan Seer, and Drover of the Mighty: All permanents with useful ramp abilities, some of which even have a few other potential synergies. Traverse the Ulvenwald, Sakura-Tribe Elder, Yavimaya Elder, Harrow, Journey of Discovery, Gift of Estates, Cultivate, Caravan Vigil, and Collective Voyage: Cards with varying effects that let you search up lands from your library.

Utility: Asceticism: Lots of protection for your board. Anger and Fires of Yavimaya: gives all of your creatures haste. Signal the Clans: Great tutor card for creature based decks. Loxodon Warhammer and Behemoth Sledge: Trample and lifegain on a stick. Domri Rade: Card draw, repeatable fighting, and a crazy ult. Deafening Clarion, Austere Command, Earthquake, Mizzium Mortars, Comet Storm, and Savage Twister: All have the potential to be near one-sided boardwipes.

Lands: Ancient Ziggurat: With a focus on creatures, this card is usually really useful. Command Tower: Should be in every commander deck. Naya Panorama and Jungle Shrine Kessig Wolf Run: Extra damage and trample. Contested Cliffs: Repeatable fighting for your beasts.

There are probably more suggestions I could make, and certainly not all of these cards need to go in. Just some different ideas for you to consider!

shula_shula on Why don’t more EDH decks care about combat :(

1 month ago

Hey SpeedOfLightning! I've been having an absolute blast with it so far.

Thanks to how low the curve is for the creatures, most players within my meta are thrown off for the first 3 or 4 turns because they're not used to being hit so early in the game (especially with hasty 1/1s like Legion Loyalist or low to the ground double-strikers like Adorned Pouncer and Swiftblade Vindicator). And if you manage to get away with a few free swings on turns 1 through 4, opponents are gonna be really starting their games at a lower life total than they're comfortable with, which puts their attention onto your creatures and away from your utility cards (especially the tutors and planeswalkers). This lets me get away with way more value than I'd usually get, which covers a lot of the inherent flaws with playing Boros.

And don't underestimate the worth of a turn 4 Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice. Giving your 1/1 or 2/2 double strikers +2/+0 and Vigilance and/or Trample is just nasty. And, once again, it tends to really catch more control-y or midrange players off guard.

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