Creatures with power 3 or greater don't untap during their controllers' untap steps.

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Meekstone Discussion

Daedalus19876 on Thousand Cuts: Tetsuko EDH | *PRIMER*

6 days ago

KzarKnuckle: Thanks, man! I've finally finished my semester, so I'm free to talk about it whenever :) also, any thoughts on the new primer as a fellow Tetsuko player?

n0bunga: I looked into it, but unfortunately it pumps both power and toughness and leaves my creatures blockable :(

gdm1989: Ooh. That could be interesting! Darn, now I need to find space...

Chiberia: Thanks for the comment!! I wish I owned a copy of Land Equilibrium, haha - I want this deck to be all english, but if I can get an english copy I will need to find space! I am avoiding turns effects currently, but I may reconsider in the near future :) I don't see much removal targeted at my commander, normally, since her ability is only a helper effect, but if that does become a problem I may take you up on the protection suggestions.

SobekisaRedGod: It makes my commander a 3/3 and thus blockable. Plus, shroud keeps me from targeting my own creature, alas.

TheRedGoat: Oh, Meekstone! How did I forget that?!? Darn, now I need a copy. Beyond that, Sharding Sphinx doubles my creature count each turn, so it's faster than the other options. It's a fun finisher in the deck, so I'm hesitant to cut it.

Loonmoon18 on Sliver Commander Deck

6 days ago

It's a very good start! My deck looked a lot like this when I first started working on it. A few cards I would suggest are Spirit of Resistance, Amoeboid Changeling, Unnatural Selection, Chromatic Lantern, Meekstone (then pull out Sentinel Sliver), Hunter Sliver, Paradox Engine, and Intruder Alarm.

If you need anything else just ask or look at my Sliver EDH deck! Works really well and the maybe board is full of cards that work in Sliver EDH decks. Let me know what you think of it too! :)

TheRedGoat on Thousand Cuts: Tetsuko EDH | *PRIMER*

6 days ago

So it turns out the creatures you have are pretty much the best you can find unless you're willing to go up to 3 cmc for those looter effects. However I believe you'll find either Lullmage Mentor or Orochi Hatchery to be far more effective than your Sharding Sphinx. I am hesitant to suggest the mentor given your relatively low merfolk count, and you don't run entirely counterspells either, but he fits extremely well into your idea of an oppressive blue aggro deck. Meekstone I would argue fits as well, but I wouldn't know where to cut for that.

Also, what do you think of a more casual aggro tokens variant of Tetsuko? Could it get away with Mightstone effects and probably with an artifacts subtheme?

kenbaumann on Blue ETB Wizards

1 week ago

I'm building a very similar deck. I'm considering running Enter the Infinite and Laboratory Maniac (and Leveler) as a floating win con, in case the ETB effects can't keep up. Though Rite of Replication and Clone Legion seem a lot more fun.

I have more Merfolk than you, so Stonybrook Banneret is key. Particularly since Blue ramp is mediocre.

Re: card draw, I've got Brainstorm, Opt, Arcane Denial, and Open Into Wonder. Rhystic Study seems hard to beat.

Other creatures you might like: Sower of Temptation, Identity Thief, Vendilion Clique, Merfolk Trickster, Aven Fogbringer, and various shapeshifters like Clone and Phyrexian Metamorph.

Overall, I'd add more creatures and cut some of the artifacts, so that you have at least 3225 creatures. I'd cut Meekstone and Wayfarer's Bauble.

B4BY3ATER on Pesky Little Critters

3 weeks ago

Looks good. Trinket Mage might be worth considering to grab Meekstone, Skullclamp, or Sensei's Divining Top

Saint99 on A Song of Turns and Dongers (cEDH)

1 month ago

First of all, I love this list. It's so satisfying to break the traditional mold of cEDH decks to play a swarm-style deck, especially one that refuses to run any creature buffs. It's ridiculous in a great way. That being said, my meta is a mix of casual and more tuned lists, and i often find myself getting outpaced by some decks with a higher curve that can make better use of mana rocks. Any suggestions for a sideboard when facing decks like these? I already run Meekstone, but without a Trinket Mage or a similar artifact tutor the effect is somewhat negligible. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


1 month ago

if you want to beat animar decks you may just want to counter their commander, as it is a commander centered deck. cards like Vapor Snag can get you time, cards like Meekstone make their big creatures not able to untap Trinisphere forces them to pay atleast 3 for their creatures and so on... Beating Animar decks is basically:

  1. disrupting their strategy (mostly by countering their key cards, using stax strategies or removing key cards)

  2. being faster than them (faster combo decks or aggro decks they cant keep up to)

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