Creatures with power 3 or greater don't untap during their controllers' untap steps.

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Meekstone Discussion

Flagellum on A Doran toughness build. Your ...

1 day ago

Gives evasion for big butts:

Behind the Scenes

Sidar Kondo of Jamuraa

Locks down high powered creatures:



Noetic Scales

Marble Titan

Mostly one-sided wraths:

Retribution of the Meek

Wave of Reckoning

Solar Tide

Fell the Mighty

General goodness:

Brave the Sands

Aura Shards

Assault Formation

Mass Pump:

Tower Defense


Bar the Door

Ideally, low CMC and high toughness critters reign with Doran. Vigilance is also amazing. Try to avoid plain vanilla creatures as tempting as they may be. Exceptions being Indomitable Ancients and Kami of Old Stone.

Caveman044 on Nekusar's Bizarre Adventure

1 day ago

Nice deck! You gave me several ideas for my Nekusar deck, namely Meekstone and Mind Over Matter

If you would like to see mine go here It is only Nekusar, why do you hef to be mad?

Daedalus19876 on Take me to Church

5 days ago

Hello again!

I tried playtesting this deck and it felt...weird. It didn't output much offensive pressure, and it seemed to have too few proper stax cards to survive as a control deck.

(Obviously you just built it so it needs some tuning, of course.)

RW's best strength in control is land destruction. Thus, Armageddon, Cataclysm, Ruination, Razia's Purification etc could help you secure your victory once you drop a win-con.

Stax cards I would include: Static Orb, Winter Orb, Storage Matrix, Tangle Wire, Ghirapur AEther Grid, etc. And don't forget Red Elemental Blast and Pyroblast: the best anti-control counterspells!

Smoke and Meekstone are good ways to lock down creature-based board states.

Have you taken a look at some of the Gisela stax/control decks on this site? They might help you find some more cards.

Leonin Shikari seems strange here. Might be a cuttable card.

What's your meta like? It's easier to tailor a hate package once you know your opponents' decks :)

Happy deckbuilding!

AKBZ on Atraxa Stax

6 days ago

I do not understand why Humility is in this deck list. It shuts down all the hatebears, your commander, and your alternate win con. It affects quite a bit of your Stasis locks, and you are only running one removal spell. If Beast Within is in your grave, you have no outs to Humility. Is it solely in here to get your planeswalkers to their ultimate? If that is the case, you would probably be better off with something like Ensnaring Bridge, or Meekstone. Personal recommendation, Massacre Wurm should be Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite. It works better with your commander, with your hatebears, with Living Plane, etc. It is a longer lock than Massacre Wurm and just synergies with your hatebears strategy. Lastly, you should have Weathered Wayfarer, and Deathrite Shaman in this list. With 31 lands, the wayfarer gives you consistent land drops, and the shaman gives you a win con when you have the lock. Other than the Humility, which is completely wrong for this list, this is a pretty good deck.

Daedalus19876 on Dark Phoenix, Who Frowns At Fun

1 week ago

Okay, let's do this! cracks knuckles I love the snarky tone of the description, btw :)

The stax elements of this deck seem strong, mostly. You're missing Winter Orb though. I would normally suggest Crackdown and Meekstone and Moat, but they interfere with Alesha :( Perhaps Smoke or Mudslide? I don't personally like Chalice of the Void in EDH, though, there's just too much variance in the mana cost of powerful cards. And since you're reanimating things anyway, might as well play Big Daddy Smokestack!

However, the land base seems...a little off. 29 mana-producing lands is REALLY really low, doubly so since you will have to pay some of your own "taxes". I know that the Karoo lands help a bit, but I still wouldn't trust this mana base without SIGNIFICANT testing. You might also find the Filterlands useful to mana fix (Rugged Prairie, Fetid Heath, Graven Cairns). I also never leave home without Reflecting Pool, City of Brass, Mana Confluence, etc. Basically, look at Lilbrudder's Leovold mana base and color-shift it XD

I'd frequently choose to run Rest in Peace over (or in addition to) Leyline of the Void. Always good to run another combo piece!

Phyrexian Arena over Underworld Connections, 1000%. The former doesn't lock down a land, which is even more important in this deck.

I'm actually not really a fan of Nahiri, the Harbinger in EDH. Is she just there for utility, or are you planning to use her ult? If the former is true, there are better ways to get card filtering. If the latter is true, what's your finisher?

That being said, planeswalkers can generally be really good in stax decks. You might get away with including some other walkers that play more into your gameplan, possibly Sorin Markov to reset lifetotals? :)

Night's Whisper over Wild Guess: less color commitment, more card advantage.

No Necropotence? :( I guess maybe the card is too much color commitment in tri-color.

If you're going to run Mox Opal with only 18 artifacts, I'd try and include the three on-color artifact lands as well.

False Prophet seems odd here, since you have the ability to reanimate creatures with relative ease.

Personally, I'd substitute Austere Command over Merciless Eviction, though it does depend on how you plan to use the board wipe.

Land Tax does wonders to fix your mana, and recover after an Armageddon...

If you have oodles of money, Imperial Recruiter pairs well with Recruiter of the Guard.

Yes or no on Mox Diamond? Your land count is already low, but it's so good...

Swords to Plowshares over Path to Exile: you don't want to give your opponents land ramp in a stax deck, lol.

I hope that helps a bit! :) I'll leave more comments if I think of them, and happy deckbuilding!

PimpJerome on Lin Sivvi's Enchanted Fort

1 week ago

Have you ever tried using cards like Marble Titan or Meekstone?

What about taxes on casting spells (Lodestone Golem , Vryn Wingmare , etc.), or effects that limit spells per turn (Rule of Law, Eidolon of Rhetoric, Angelic Arbiter)?

All of these seem like they'd be very one sided for Lin Sivvi.

StopShot on All my friends are playing ...

2 weeks ago

Why do most legacy decks that run Stoneforge Mystic and Batterskull run only one or two Batterskulls? Wouldn't running more and adding Masterwork of Ingenuity make a powerful strategy flooding the board with 4/4 vigilant lifelink creatures for cheap? I would imagine adding something like Meekstone would make it over ridiculous for your opponent to counteract.

Flagellum on Help Me Finalize Doran

2 weeks ago


Doran's Spring: 'Tis the Season of Big Butts

Commander / EDH Flagellum


Hi again guys and gals! I'm trying to cement my Doran deck and was wanting input. Deck description is a little bare bones but sufficient to get what it's trying to do across. Basically I am looking for cards like Meekstone that punish high powered creatures and I'm also looking for non-vanilla big butts. Tasseled Dromedary for instance is a 1 drop effective 4/4. While that is value I'd prefer cards that contribute a bit more than just being plain vanilla wafers (Kami of Old Stone and Indomitable Ancients are exceptions to this rule). Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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