Counter target spell.

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Counterspell Discussion

Grind on Tap All the things

11 hours ago

If you're going for "competitive" you might want even more mana acceleration. Cultivate etc.
Also some tutors like Fabricate, Reshape, etc can get your stax cards.
Clock of Omens can be mvp if you have orbs out to allow yourself to untap.
Also a broken card like Defense of the Heart can get your infinite mana combo.
You almost certainly want multiple Counterspells.

golgariizzet on Tribal Morph

16 hours ago

yes but still creatures are easy to remove it would i think be wise to have some cards like Fog,Counterspell,Dissipate,Absorb,Dissolve,Forbid,Render Silent,Hindering Light up to you man.

RedUndead40 on Painful Profiteer

1 day ago

Looks cool. Maybe try Grand Arbiter Augustin IV at the helm instead and really focus on the taxing opponents theme.

Gwafa is good but since the opponent draws a card each time it can be hard to gain real advantage with him.

Also remember that edh is a multiplayer format so any card that trades 1 for 1 puts you behind (I.e. Counterspell). Instead you want as many cards as possible that hit each opponent to gain advantage over the board (I.e. Grasp of Fate)

waffledevouror on New Infinity combo Turn 4 kill

2 days ago

In rule 100.2a of the comprehensive Magic rulebook, it states that constructed Magic must contain at least 60 cards. Your deck does not comply to this rule. Here are a few suggestions: Elvish Spirit Guide, Dark Ritual, Seething Song, Metallic Mimic (as backup), Counterspell, Island, Force of Will, Pact of Negation

GeminiSpartanX on Commander Nope of Nopehaven. Pop: Nope

2 days ago

No problem! Also, I prefer Syncopate or Broken Ambitions over Clash of Wills since they're strictly better. I also think Elixir of Immortality is slightly better than Quest for Ancient Secrets, unless you add a Thassa, God of the Sea to the deck and need the devotion. Negate hits a lot in EDH, so I think it's worth running. Disdainful Stroke, Arcane Denial, Swan Song, Deprive, and plain old Counterspell might also be good here over some of your higher-costed options that don't draw you more cards. Speaking of drawing cards, Rhystic Study and Consecrated Sphinx are normally good options in a blue deck, although those cards can be somewhat pricey.

TheDevicer on Beating Prossh

3 days ago

Counterspell. Ez. No, but for real, you can Extract Food Chain if he relies on it too much. Prossh costs a lot of mana, so killing him is a decent option. Make sure he doesn't get access to Puprhorous or impact tremors. Wasteland his Gaea's Cradle if he runs it.

His best value engines are cards like Fecundity, Necro, Skullclamp, Phyrexian Arena, etc. depending on your level of play. If you get him off of draw and just 1-for-1 a lot of his most dangerous threats + advantage, he's going to be left struggling to piece together resources.

Lame_Duck on Can I do this with ...

3 days ago

No, the Spellskite must be a legal target for the spell or ability you're trying to redirect; the 'Skite isn't a spell so you can't redirect the Counterspell and it isn't a player so you can't redirect Thoughtseize. You can still target the Counterspell or Thoughtseize with Spellskite's ability but it just won't do anything.

luisserpa on Can I do this with ...

3 days ago

Hello, thank you in advance for reading this. I never played with against a Spellskite and I have a question about it.

Let's say that I have one in the table, and I try to play a Tarmogoyf. My opponent tries to counter it with a Counterspell, can I change the target of that counter to the Spellskite?

Also, if I have one in the table, and my opponent uses Thoughtseize, can I redirect that to Spellskite?

Sorry for the trouble and thank you in advance.


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