Swan Song


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2016 Rare
Theros Rare

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Swan Song


Counter target enchantment, instant or sorcery spell. Its controller creates a 2/2 blue Bird creature token with flying.

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Swan Song Discussion

SpaghettiToastBook on [Kaseto, Orochi Archmage] Snake Tribal / Voltron

1 day ago

You have a lot of lands. Since you have green and Kaseto's CMC is pretty low, maybe you should cut 4 to 7 of them. I'm also not sure if Archetype of Imagination and Archetype of Endurance are worth their mana costs.

Adaptive Automaton is another anthem for your snakes. Triumph of the Hordes is an excellent finisher. You also might have some luck with Blighted Agent or Blight Mamba. Also, Krosan Grip is excellent removal, and Swan Song, Arcane Denial, and Delay are good counterspells. Heroic Intervention is nice protection.

Some other cards you could try: Wings of Velis Vel, Amoeboid Changeling, Putrefax, Xenograft, Parallel Lives.

Emzed on Oloro Healthcare by Theblacula, modified by me

2 days ago

Transguild Promenade is a pretty bad card compared to Reliquary Tower, Glacial Fortress or Drowned Catacomb, i suggest you replace that one. Also, 3 cmc mana rocks like the Cluestones aren't optimal, i would rather play more Signets and Thought Vessel. Saving a mana here and there really makes a big difference and allows for more explosive starts.
Currently, your deck doesn't have many tools to defend against powerful plays like Cyclonic Rift overload, Expropriate or Tooth and Nail (or whatever other unfair thing your playgroup tends to do). A couple more cheap counterspells like Swan Song or Arcane Denial could help.

Emzed on Penta: Child of Alara

5 days ago

Brilliant Ultimatum and Seek the Horizon aren't very good cards, i think you would do just fine without them.
Currently, your deck is all powerful fatties, but it lacks a supporting shell around them: Cards that cheat creatures into play (Elvish Piper, Garruk, Caller of Beasts, Selvala's Stampede), cards that benefit from them (Rishkar's Expertise, Chandra's Ignition), cards that interact with the opposition (Austere Command, Cyclonic Rift, Ashen Rider) and cards that protect you from bad things (Swan Song, Stubborn Denial) seem like they would be helpful.

Emzed on Baral, Fun Police

5 days ago

I my own attempt at Baral EDH, i have more really cheap counters, like Dispel, Swan Song and Disrupt, as well as cards that synergize with Barals looting ability (Obsessive Search, Deep Analysis, Alhammarret's Archive, Thought Reflection).
Also, i run Polymorph since it's so fun to cast it turn 3 off Baral and put something absurd like Kederekt Leviathan or Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur into play.

Emzed on Budget Banty Tokens

5 days ago

Cryptolith Rite seems like powerful tool for your deck, since you have lots of creatures and lots of ways to make use of extra mana. Nullmage Shepherd could also really shine here, and i think with access to blue mana, running a small number of counterspells as protection against cards like Wrath of God might be helpful. Maybe Unified Will or Swan Song deserve a spot?

cryptoplasm on marsthesoos

6 days ago

I'd do the Nature's Lore, Stroke of Genius, Swan Song and a Merchant Scroll for 2 Inquisition of Kozilek? Ends up about a dollar in your favor.

Last_Laugh on It's-a me, Animario!

6 days ago

You should find a spot for Bloom Tender and Swan Song. I'd personally drop Tinder Wall and Wild Cantor as they're not etb effects and are harder to abuse.

Forkbeard on Sliver Overlord: Slivers Gone Wild

1 week ago

Having spent the last few years with a beat down style sliver deck, not only was it not as effective as I wanted it to be, it was also getting a little stale...time to spice things up a little! Another important factor, Overlord is fantastic but also very slow - as it turns out, an 8 mana/5 colour tutor isn't exactly efficient. With these thoughts in mind, I've decided to give the deck a significant overhaul with 2 goals in mind: improve reliability + increase shenanigans.

I've taken out most of the pump slivers in favour of a few effective combo slivers. I've also learned that I need some disruption to avoid the hive mind's mortal enemy - board wipes. Anyway, here's the change list:

Out: Aphetto Dredging, Constricting Sliver, Cryptolith Rite, Distant Melody, Horned Sliver, Magma Sliver, Megantic Sliver, Might Sliver, Predatory Sliver, Root Sliver, Shared Animosity, Synapse Sliver, Telekinetic Sliver, Thorncaster Sliver, Toxin Sliver, Ward Sliver

In: Basal Sliver, Blur Sliver, Commander's Sphere, Counterspell, Crypt Sliver, Darksteel Ingot, Disallow, Dormant Sliver, Enlightened Tutor, Mystical Tutor, Paradox Engine, Quick Sliver, Swan Song, Voidslime, Wheel of Sun and Moon, Winged Sliver

I'm looking forward to seeing how this refreshed build performs.

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