Chandra's Outrage

Chandra's Outrage


Chandra's Outrage deals 4 damage to target creature and 2 damage to that creature's controller.
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Chandra's Outrage Discussion

HolySeadramon on Mardu Life Gain and Damage

6 months ago

You are welcome. I have used Satyr Firedancer with things Clan Defiance, Mindswipe or Chandra's Outrage, as well as Deflecting Palm, already. It's such a fun card! I would really like to get my hands on one or two Soulfire Grand Master for my Jeskai deck, but it is expensive and nobody wants to change it.

Own decks are fun and unexpected, and other people sometimes love them. That is what I like so much of them.

Nixin72 on Chandra, the burning Pyromaniac

7 months ago

Lightning Bolt, Monastery Swiftspear, Young Pyromancer, Stoke the Flames, Satyr Firedancer, Skullcrack, Lava Spike, Thunderous Wrath, Browbeat, Searing Blaze, Rift Bolt, Soulfire Grand Master, Kiln Fiend.

All of there's are cards that are super good for burn. Most are good in casual play, but the cards are pulled from top-tier lists. None of the cards exceed 5 dollars, other than Soulfire Grand Master.

Cards I would remove: Geistflame, Volcanic Geyser, Lava Axe, Spark Jolt, Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle, Chandra's Outrage and 2 Mountains.

Burn is typically played as a very fast deck, creatures that have triggered abilities from playing instants and sorceries. It's usually as many good 1 drop burn spells that you can fit into the deck, and burn almost always hits the face to keep up with speed. You cant play burn as a tempo based control style deck, so cards like Lava Spike that only hit face, don't really lose any value, but cards like Searing Blood/Searing Blaze are there for their double value and don't waste a spell on a creature. If you want, I can take my time to further elaborate on all of my choices to both add and take out, I'd be willing to practically write a book on burn for you, my time isn't worth much, I can spare some to help you.

ApocalypticGamer2015 on

7 months ago

Thanks for the advice! I'll swap out a Chandra's Outrage for a Monastery Swiftspear. You'll be surprised, however, how many games Chandra's Outrage has helped me win in. So I'll keep in 1. And as for Chandra Nalaar, I've managed to get her to the ultimate ability many times due to chump-blockers and burn spells to destroy possible attackers, and when that -8 is triggered, that's pretty much game.

ZestyTurtle on Sir. Purphoros Aggro Guttersnipe (Advice Welcome!)

9 months ago

Maybe a Grapeshot and Empty the Warrens. You have some cheap spells where Storm can be an issue for opponents. Molten Birth triggers both Purphoros and Guttersnipe, and can come back to help Storm. And Vexing Devil deserves a mainboard. Stoke the Flames can also be a bomb, and can be cast for cheap in a deck like this.

That being said, I'd drop 4x Wall of Tanglecord. I know you want it for Ward Sliver, but this deck would be fast enough to get around it. Also drop a Mountain, 2x Chandra's Outrage, an Outmaneuver, and 2x Searing Spear. Put 3x Grapeshot, 2x Empty the Warrens, 2x Molten Birth, and 3x Vexing Devil on mainboard.

As for sideboard, drop 2x Vexing Devil, add 3x Stoke the Flames, 2x Fanatic of Mogis, 1x Molten Birth, 2x Thunderous Wrath, and 1x Burning-Tree Emissary.

I know that's a lot of suggestions, but I think it will make this deck even better.


11 months ago

This is going to be some extensive criticism from a person who loves Burn and Red Deck Wins.

Chandra's Outrage , Lightning Strike , and Shock are probably too weak here. Try Lava Spike , Rift Bolt , and/or Skullcrack instead for a more solid burn spell line-up.

Spire Barrage is often too slow for Burn. For higher CMC spells, something like Flames of the Blood Hand or Reforge the Soul would pack more of a punch about 90% of the time.

When it comes to Shock clones I'd pick Forked Bolt over Burst Lightning but that is just a manner of preference I guess...

Kiln Fiend and Chandra's Spitfire combo greatly with Armed and Assault Strobe , Assault Strobe being my favorite.

If you find that your creatures get (chump) blocked all too often (I'm looking at you, Kiln Fiend ) a few Apostle's Blessing should do the trick.

I would like to push Ball Lightning , Grim Lavamancer , Keldon Marauders , and Spark Elemental as great alternatives for fast and aggressive creatures while still staying on a budget. If you don't have a problem with throwing some money at your deck, Goblin Guide , Grim Lavamancer , and Vexing Devil are major players in a lot of Burn/RDW decks.

As a final notice I'd want to recommend 19 lands as I personally have found 18 slightly too few and 20 slightly too many.

Hope you appreciate this giant wall of text that is my feedback on the deck! Have a nice day and planeswalk on!

Spivanis on Burn then Side for Switcheroo

1 year ago

Thank you UnexpectedPizza47, I was thinking about Searing Blood at first because of the cmc of 2 instead of 4 for Chandra's Outrage , however it seems like everyone and there mother's cousins uncles brothers are running Courser of Kruphix right now and the outrage would deal with them. And it'd also get the Blood Baron of Vizkopa and the almighty Stormbreath Dragon as well. The Anger of the Gods are there for obvious board wipes that wont effect me with the no creature style the deck was intended for. As far as Rd. 2 siding, 4x Boros Reckoner , 4x Chandra's Phoenix , 3x Young Pyromancer all come in. I'd more then likely side out 4x Anger of the Gods , 4x Wild Guess and 3x Chandra's Outrage . I'd still have enough burn for control and just to face smash and if I get out the Young Pyromancer then I have creature generation as well.

UnexpectedPizza47 on Burn then Side for Switcheroo

1 year ago

I like it! +1 from me!

Have you thought about maybe switching out Chandra's Outrage for Searing Blood ? Similar effect, cheaper cost.

And what do you normally board out? I have an idea but I'd like to hear from you.

Color(s) Red
Cost 2RR
Converted cost 4


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2014 Common
2012 Core Set Common
2011 Core Set Common
Archenemy Common

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