Chandra, Pyromaster

Chandra, Pyromaster

Planeswalker — Chandra

[+1]: Chandra, Pyromaster deals 1 damage to target player and 1 damage to up to one target creature that player controls. That creature can't block this turn.

[0]: Exile the top card of your library. You may play it this turn.

[-7]: Exile the top ten cards of your library. Choose an instant or sorcery card exiled this way and copy it three times. You may cast the copies without paying their mana costs.

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Chandra, Pyromaster Discussion

KreepingShadow on Fire Sale

2 days ago

Wow, thank you everyone for your advice. I wasn't expecting such a quick response, I've searched through my collection and managed to find a few of the cards mentioned like Ponder, Curiosity, Laboratory Maniac, Armillary Sphere and Pilgrim's Eye.

As far as red and blue planeswalkers the only other ones I currently own are Jace, Memory Adept and Chandra, Pyromaster, and now that I'm looking more closely at their abilities I think they're definitely being added. Dack Fayden's ability looks amazing but the price is a little steep for me right now, I'm currently just testing the waters with commander and as such am trying to keep the initial investment reasonably low.

Also thanks a ton for helping choose which cards to cut as I always find that to be the most difficult part of tweaking a deck. I agree with most of the cuts mentioned above now that I read the logic behind them, I do think I'll try keeping Mizzium Mortars for now as I feel like this deck needs early game removal, even if it does become less useful late game. As for Possibility Storm I included it mainly because I find it hilarious, I feel like it kind of adds to the already very Izzet feel to this deck in that it creates a sort of chaos that affects everyone. However, with so many more effective ideas now it will most likely be cut.

Thanks again everyone, I will update this as soon as I get it all put together

benjibot789 on Spinalripper

3 days ago

Hi, what do you think of this trade:My Bitterblossom for your Restoration Angel, 2x Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, and Chandra, Pyromaster? Let me know if you're interested. Thanks.

ChiefBell on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

4 days ago

"Free Wins Red"

Use rituals and SSG to ramp into a T2 bridge or moon.

Use Chandra, Pyromaster to kill them over 20 turns.

TheDracogenius on Unexpected Knowledge

4 days ago

Sweet deck ! The release of commander 2015 has led to a lot of attention for Niv Mizzet, which I really enjoy because he is my favoutie card ever printed. If you already have Tandem Lookout and Curiosity in your deck, you might want to include additional combo pieces like Ophidian Eye or Mind Over Matter. Bogardan Hellkite and Dungeon Geists do not really fit the strategy of the deck, he same goes for Pia and Kiran Nalaar and Etherium-Horn Sorcerer. Urza's Rage has the potential to deal massive damage, but dealing 10 damage for 12 mana is just not enough in commander. Chandra, Pyromaster also seemms really out of place, especially when you concider that there are many walkers that have much more synergy, like Ral Zarek , Tamiyo, the Moon Sage and Dack Fayden. Mana Leak is really more a card for modern than for commander. Dragon Mage could be replaced with cards like Day's Undoing, since the dragon is much more clunky. I would recommend you to run cards like Arcane Denial , Dream Fracture and Dismiss because they are great counterspells that have synergy with Niv. Ponder is also a great cantrip you are missing out on. Merchant Scroll and Misdirection are also really great cards to run in a Niv Mizzet deck. I do not know how high your budget is, but Snapcaster Mage, Cryptic Command and Mystical Tutor are some of the best blue cards ever printed. Riptide Laboratory is a land that has great synergy if you want to protect your wizards from removal or reuse their enter the battlefield abilities.

Overall I would try to streamline the deck into either a handcycle deck that wants to deal damage by drawing massive chunks of cards, or a control/combo build. I recently wrote a primer on my Niv Mizzet build, so check it out if you want some new ideas.

Happy deckbuilding !

BigSpenduh on Modern - Land Destruction - Gruul

5 days ago


Thanks so much for checking out the deck dude! I understand what you mean, sometimes the deck can start to fall short late game, but off the top of my head, here's some cards that could make it a little bit more reliable when you get to that stage:

Deus of Calamity is a pretty strong card at 6/6. The added Trample and the ability to keep destroying lands when attacking is very useful, especially due to the fact that when you summon it, you'd hopefully be in a position where your opponent wouldn't have much to deal with him.

Tanglewalker is another very useful creature dealing some good damage.

Acidic Slime is a pretty decent card, the deathtouch is handy for preventing your opponent from attacking for at least a few turns. The only thing that puts me off using it though is that its mana cost is pretty high for a 2/2. Definitely try it out though if you need more "meat" in the deck.

Viridian Revel is useful for speeding up the deck if you find that it is a bit slow.

Smash to Smithereens is essentially a better Lightning Strike for this deck. It is basically Smelt but better and for an extra colorless mana which honestly in such a cheap deck, in terms of mana, is not that bad.

Whipflare can also be used however I wouldn't really recommend it because its not very reliable. It's just good to know that it exists really!

I've never really made sideboards for my decks, however, Boil and Flashfires are no brainers for this deck's sideboard.

Sometimes I also like throw in Chandra, Pyromaster her +1 and her 0 abilities. The 0 is useful for speeding up the deck and the +1 is just handy to deal some quick damage.

I hope this has helped you a little bit! If I think of any other useful additions, I'll be sure to let you know. Thanks a lot for trying out the deck and thanks for the comment my friend!

Happy destruction!

Kidchaos2084 on Control The Flames

1 week ago

First, you want Lightning Bolt over Lightning Strike. Both Chandra, the Firebrand and Chandra, Pyromaster are better than the original Chandra. Nivix Cyclops is also a good option.

Vectoro on Mizzix of the Izmagnus and ...

1 week ago

I do like Tamiyo a lot, but I'm not a huge fan of Ral Zarek. Instead, I would suggest some of the Chandras. For instance:

  • Chandra Ablaze can help with card draw and damage, and her ult is like a Mizzix's Mastery for all your red instants and sorceries, except you get to keep them in the grave.

  • Chandra, Pyromaster gets you some pings and allows your infrequent attackers to get through, gets you a free card every turn (make sure you zero her first thing on your turn, even before a land drop), and lets you cast one devastating thing three times for free.

  • Chandra, the Firebrand pings, copies instants and sorceries, and can wipe an opponent's board in the right situation. This is probably the weakest of the three, but copying your spells is always good.

Of the three, I'd say Chandra Ablaze is the most powerful one, though it depends on what you're looking for.

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