Chandra, Pyromaster

Chandra, Pyromaster

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Planeswalker — Chandra

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Chandra, Pyromaster Discussion

kameenook on white moon

1 hour ago

Chandra, Pyromaster's ability to shoot things is nice, but all in all she is far more vulnerable than Outpost Siege. Maybe I've been playing too much standard, but you could consider testing siege in her place, or a 1-1 split.

Rijrik on Melek, Spell Flinger

4 hours ago

I don't know if you are trying to stay in budget, but Force of Will. Other cards I recommend are, Dissolve, Steam Vents, Arcane Lighthouse, Dack Fayden, Chandra, Pyromaster, and Mindwrack Liege

Isntitizzet on Why is Moonring Mirror not ...

1 day ago

In red or white I can think of several options that are better right now.

Faithless Looting seems legit, especially with flashback.

Also, Chandra, Pyromaster, Commune with Lava, Act on Impulse, and Outpost Siege are where you want to be for real.

APPLE01DOJ on Narset Transcendent

2 days ago

I didn't think about Gideon. ..I wasn't thinking a T4 play I was thinking a game 2+ card for the mirror which are traditionally longer games, it would incremental value which is what wins the mirror. Same reason Jund would run Chandra, Pyromaster

Koala on One O'Clock, Two O'Clock, Three a Not Block!

2 days ago

I know the point of the deck is to prevent your opponent from blocking, but with as much block prevention as you have mainboard, I can only only see it getting clunky.

Goblin Heelcutter is great card, but he is a 4 drop. And considering that you're running 3 Frenzied Goblin and 2 Magmatic Chasm already, I think you'd be ok cutting to two.

Also, I would consider just cutting Frenzied Goblin altogether. He's a great card, but you're generally wanting that extra mana to put another creature on the field or play a spell. I'd suggest maybe running 4 Magmatic Chasm and then adding some burn spells or maybe even trying to save up/trade for 2 Goblin Rabblemaster, if you don't already have them.

As for sideboard, I'd suggest removing all the Eidolon of the Great Revel. It typically only ends up hurting you more. For the mirror or other aggro, maybe you could try 3-4 Arc Lightning. Maybe even Scouring Sands if you're really worried about it.

Wild Slash just isn't good in my opinion. If you're just looking for another form of damage, maybe try Collateral Damage. Otherwise, I would suggest dropping them for maybe 2 sideboard Rabbles and an Outpost Siege or Chandra, Pyromaster.

Sorry, lol.

VampireArmy on Just MORE Chatting

2 days ago

wilted abzan was made for you then.

goyf dies to my bitchen combo of Rest in Peace + Chandra, Pyromaster anyways. Pleb goyf

TheDevicer on If you could pick a ...

2 days ago

Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver, Chandra, Pyromaster, any of the Elspeths, Jace, Architect of Thought, and Xenagos, the Reveler would all make relatively balanced commanders.

chrissteals on Dash to the finish line

2 days ago

Testing results:

UB Control- 2-3 Loss.
Deck moved a little too slow and most games couldn't stop drifting death dragonlord or ugin from ending it. the two won games were all from 1 drop spam since the deck scares off most Drown in Sorrow.

Dragon midrange- 0-3 Loss.Same thing, but their stuff that makes you a non-factor drops faster and you can't really do anything about stormbreath and friends. Decks tested against were temur and jund.

Abzan control- 1-3 Loss. too much lifegain, too much rhino.

Mono-Blue devotion- 3-2 WIN!! same number of threats coming in at the same time but yours are bigger and Goblin Heelcutter is a boss. end of story

Ojutai Bant- 2-3 Loss.Pretty even matchup honestly, the last game could have gone either way had it not been a land on the top -_- hardest part of the fight is they can just infinitely recur deathmist and den protector.

GR devotion- 3-2 WIN.Same as above, but harder for you. game prolly should not have been won but two games in a row the GR had a mull to five.



  • Outpost Siege. Never wanted to play it due to high mana costs and how slow it makes a fast deck, and the mana it takes to set up one damage doesn't even make it cute, just saddening.
  • Chandra, Pyromaster. Same as above. 4 mana is just way too much investment to stop one thing from attacking, especially when its a vulnerable planeswalker, and the 0 you have to wait a turn for in most cases. Wait a aggro? nope, rather just kill em. -Mardu Strike Leader another four drop that doesn't do anything signifigant. the token does get impact tremors, but that's it, after that it's just a usually-ineffective 2/1. not the best in a curve topper.

-Searing Blood. never once did it do anything relevant except sit in the hand pissing me off over how useless it was. seriously hate that card now lol.

Did ok

-Goblin Rabblemaster. It was once said that he's only good when your opponents hand is bad by a guy on scg. He isn't wrong.

-Mardu Scout. About as well as a 3/1 vanilla should do.

-Warbringer. He did fine, but was easily the weakest card that requires other cards to work (ambuscade, flamerush) when ripped off the top or resolved after a wipe.

The All Stars

-Ambuscade Shaman. Absolute bonkers when you had the creatures to back him up.

-Flamerush Rider. Same as above.

-Goblin Heelcutter. Need to run like 20.

-Lightning Beserker. Game ender late and high aggressor early, very much worth it and multiples is usually what ended games.

-Zurgo Bellstriker again, it was the one drops. either they killed him and let bigger stuff through or countered the bigger stuff and u kept a 2/2.

Really fun deck to play though-enjoyed putting my time into it!! hope this helps and I'll probably check back into it after I get off work (3rd shifter -_-).

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