Blade Splicer


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2017 Edition (MM3) Rare
New Phyrexia (NPH) Rare

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Blade Splicer

Creature — Human Artificer

When Blade Splicer enters the battlefield, create a 3/3 colorless Golem artifact creature token.

Golem creatures you control have first strike.

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Blade Splicer Discussion

AridTag on Golem factory

6 days ago

@ImtheRealBear I hadn't heard of Door of Destinies, that looks like a great card for inclusion. I agree with cutting Phyrexian Hulk and bringing Maul Splicer down to 2 copies in favor of 2 more Blade Splicer. Coat of Arms I'll throw on the maybeboard as something to possibly consider at some point (maybe for sideboard? i dunno). It's strong but potentially risky.

Thank you for the suggestions :)

ImtheRealBear on Golem factory

6 days ago

I would cut Phyrexian Hulk and bring Maul Splicer down to 1 or 2 copies and play a full set of Blade Splicer. I would up the land count a bit as well. Since you're play Xenograft you try either Door of Destinies or Coat of Arms, although keep in mind coat of arms help your opponents as well while doors does not.

Treehugger003 on Akiri, Equipment Slinger

6 days ago

I would remove: Myth Realized-its slow and it really doesn't boost your existing creatures so to make full use you will have to equip to it. If you like the effect Scroll of the Masters is an artifact version that I think works better in this deck, Cathar's Shield-It just doesn't do enough for you, Servo Exhibition-its a one time use and servo's don't fly. I think you might be better off and might want to keep something similar if you can find it in an instant but as a sorcery its just not worth its place,Blade Splicer and Master Splicer-its just a creature. You are really trying to kill with a voltron strategy and you should be able to do that with akiri., Frogmite-just another creature. Granted it comes in for free but its only a 2/2, Leonin Elder-1 life per artifact isn't great. Especially if you are getting lifelink off creatures/equipment. Myr Mindservant I didn't see where you were running top of deck manipulation like Sensei's Divining Top so I dont' think you need it. Thraben Inspector-its a one drop that will get you a card. Not sure its really what you want. If you are looking for a one drop creature that might work well try Mother of Runes.Militant Inquisitor if you get to the point where you want him you've probably already lost the game. The other thing is you can cut down on the equipment but equipment choices are really about personal preference.

One more thing. Please switch out Manalith for Commander's Sphere or Boros Cluestone they tap for the same mana but you can sacrafice them for card draw if you really need it.

Remember its your deck and many of the choices should be based on who you play with.


zuharran on False Banishment

3 weeks ago

By the cards you've added, it's clear that you're conscious of your mana curve, however, I'd say that even with the 2 ramp cards you have, it probably isn't enough for how high your mana curve is. I would also say that you're going to want a lot of creatures and, because of that, I feel like the addition of conjurer's closet actually slows down your deck rather than making it more efficient. There are a few cards that I would add, namely Eerie Interlude and/or Ghostway.Eeerie Interlude is helpful for the large number of creatures you'd want to run with this deck, as it would proc everything, and with panharmonicon on the field, it gets really nasty. Ghostway is helpful to dodge board wipes like wrath of god. I would also suggest Long Road Home, though it returns at the next end step, which can slow the deck instead of helping you tempo. Flickerwisp would also find a very pleasant home here, since it can also combo with panharmonicon. I'm not sure how, but if you could find a use for mycosynth wellspring, it could help the ramp.

Some creature/artifact suggestions:

  • Kitchen Finks:
  • this has life gain and persist, so it can be used as a blocker for the flicker effect. And, if it has the -1/-1 counter and you remove it with cloudshift, you would remove the -1/-1 counter as well and give it more survivability.
  • Trostani, Selesnya's Voice:
  • The life gain effect triggers with panharmonicon, on top of that, a cheap token production of enter effects could be very useful in the deck.
  • Fiend Hunter:
  • can be used to permanently exile creatures abusing the way the stack resolves triggers. If you activate cloudshift in response to fiend hunter's enter the battlefield effect it causes a permanent exile effect. Once cloudshift resolves the new enters the battlefield trigger goes on the stack once you choose a target (if possible). Then the old leaves the battlefield trigger goes on the stack (Assuming this resolves, it does nothing because there's nothing to bring back). Then the new enters the battlefield trigger resolves (When fiend hunter next leaves play, this is the card that will come back). Finally the old enters the battlefield trigger resolves, presumably, exiling something for good. (This explanation comes from Kahedron on mtgsalvation forums)
  • Blade Splicer:
  • a 3 cmc creature that drops a 3/3 golem and gives golems first strike? Yes, please. This card is way more efficient than trostani's summoner and definitely a good addition to the deck.
  • Elvish Visionary:
  • The deck desperately needs to maintain card advantage in order to stay relevant later in the game (if it gets to that point), so card draw is important. Having a creature that can proc panharmonicon and give you more card advantage is very useful.
  • Eternal Witness:
  • Good creature return for relatively cheap, and can proc panharmonicon. Can help maintain card advantage in the late game as easily as card draw does if you are having trouble keeping creatures alive.
  • Sigil Captain:
  • This would require you to structure your deck more around 1/1's instead of having larger creatures, but could be a useful addition. Would work well with blade splicer, cathedral sanctifier, farhaven elf, and sylvan ranger.
  • Treasure Hunter:
  • A useful card in the event your opponent destroys panharmonicon. I wouldn't put in more than one or two, or sideboard them, as they are only useful if your opponent is destroying your artifacts.
  • Wall of Omens:
  • Helpful for maintaining card advantage and a strong defender, if needed.

Sorry for the long post, but I like the deck idea and it gave me some ideas of my own. Hope this helps!

Oloro_Magic on Serious Ponza

4 weeks ago

Torpor Orb kinda depends on the build but it is still very good against D&T, especially builds that go heavy on Blade Splicer and Flickerwisp. With that said, those who rely more on Mirran Crusader and Serra Avenger as their primary win-con can fight through a Torpor Orb with relative ease, and the tax component of D&T remains largely unaffected.

Oloro_Magic on Serious Ponza

1 month ago

I've tested my G/W Hatebears against the deck yes as well as my Mono-White build sparingly, however I mainly have tested for other people and done substantial testing against my turns deck I have been working on.

I think ponza is not well positioned against the mono-white version of death & taxes especially against more experienced pilots. The deck inherently does not care too much about it's mana, and as a precaution I always play Weathered Wayfarer regardless. As I assume you know the best way to beat the deck is to deny the Aether Vial, yet even then there are ways we can work around that, for example the aforementioned Weathered Wayfarer. The mono-white version is closer to the legacy deck and as such runs it's own mana disruption plan too, Blood Moon removes that threat but at a cost. So basically in my testing my gameplan piloting your deck while I was developing matchup knowledge was turn 1-3 deny Aether Vial and try to land some kind of threat, from there Blood Moon and mana denial, not allowing D&T to rebuild in a turn.

As the death and taxes player however, I decided to go the agro route leaving most of my control to be gobbled, a landed Thalia, Guardian of Thraben could go a long way however. I'll be sure to test Death & Taxes more against your deck so I can give you more concrete tips, but my gameplan when I did use D&T was the agro route whereas others may try to go controlling.

As an aside note I have seen people try to side in Chalice of the Void to shut off one and two for me and I'll admit it can be effective but risky.

Some advice for the matchup I can give psychologically is pay attention to your opponent game one, often D&T players will chose which route they take the deck in game one at some point and you can see which route they take through there plays, for example a player who flickers Blade Splicer with Flickerwisp is favoring agro and is testing to see if game two they can out tempo you, a player who plays a Flickerwisp to deny you resources is likely attempting to use a more controlling strategy (though I'll admit against ponza, getting rid of Sprawl is always tempting). Also a turn three Mirran Crusader or Brimaz, King of Oreskos is probably the clearest indication that the D&T player is going agro and trying to win quickly (when someone does this it may be because they don't have experience however so be wary). People underestimate mono-white D&T as well, the deck will make your life miserable and use a variety of tricks to keep you off balance; I always tell players to not adapt to what a D&T player is doing as that is what we want you to do, if you adapt you are letting us influence your gameplan and from there D&T shines as it builds up a lock on the game the longer you let it go.

Never be afraid to establish priority against D&T, honestly most players forget this but many interactions in D&T rely on priority and the state of the stack. Though more impactful in legacy, D&T still plays mana denial and it will do anything to keep you from achieving your goal. At it's heart it is agro control and must be give the same amount of respect as that U/W control deck or U/B list.

So general notes on my experience against ponza. The most impactful card I have faced was Chalice of the Void (specifically on two), it makes the deck much less adaptive.

Ironically, the least impactful cards I have found, at least against the gameplan I like to use, were the land hate cards, making them more expensive and then landing Weathered Wayfarer made it feel irrelevant.

As I said, I really like your build of ponza so I'll be sure to test my mono-white against it more so I can give you more specific tips. If you made it this far, thanks for putting up with my rambling.

3InchMeatMonster on Blink Abzan Budget

1 month ago

i would move Siege Rhino up to a full set. as well as a full set of Restoration Angel. i would replace Acidic Slime with Reclamation Sage. the slime costs to much mana. the interaction with Fairgrounds Warden and Wasteland Strangler is good. i would also drop a mana dork or two to add something like Blade Splicer. i would also replace some of your flicker instants with premium removal like Dismember, Go for the Throat, and Path to Exile.

Mandalorian on Bounce deck

1 month ago

I think that if you are trying to abuse Okretra's Monumnet you should go up to 3 copies since its a main combo piece for the deck. Having some other cards like Wall of Omens that have good ETB would be good as well, cards like Lone Missionary, Blade Splicer, and Angel of Invention. If you add blue you can play Reflector Mage, Spell Queller, and Trophy Mage to search up the Monument with. You should also know, in case you are not aware, that the Lens doubles the opponents white mana as well if you are playing an opponent that has plains. Most people that run Lens play Snow Covered basics like Snow-Covered Plains so that if they are playing an opponent that shares a color with their deck, they are not doubling their mana as well. A couple more removal spells would be nice for the deck too, like Path to Exile.

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