Wild Slash


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Custom Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Fate Reforged (FRF) Uncommon

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Wild Slash


Ferocious — If you control a creature with power 4 or greater, damage can't be prevented this turn.

Wild Slash deals 2 damage to target creature of player.

Wild Slash Discussion

Die4Dethklok on Casual Burn

1 month ago

How strict is the budget? And how casual?

You can make a pretty decent burn deck for around $40, if you try to keep it fast and low to the ground, by dropping things like Viashino Pyromancer and Guttersnipe , and adding Soul-Scar Mage and / or Monastery Swiftspear

An upside to playing the prowess 1-drops is it gives you reliable access to a cheap burn spell called Wild Slash which is very good if you can reliably turn it on. Especially alongside Kiln Fiend , that should be easy to do.

I'd also suggest dropping Volcanic Fallout in favour of Exquisite Firecraft , losing the instant speed can be a minor downside, however, with two in the deck, and it costing 3 mana anyway, Firecraft will work more like a finisher, hitting your opponent for 4 instead of 2, and possibly finishing them off. It is uncounterable with spell mastery, which should be pretty easy to turn on.

Also, with 20 lands, it might be worth considering Shard Volley , turn your extra lands into 4 damage.

Funkydiscogod on New Alara

2 months ago

I disagree that Ferocious is not well-liked: it is overrepresented with modern staples: Temur Battle Rage , Stubborn Denial , Flamewake Phoenix (now obsoleted by Arclight Phoenix ) and I've seen Wild Slash in some budget sideboards.

Even if we dismiss the last two examples for being too rare, that means out of 20 total Ferocious cards printed, about 10% of all Ferocious cards are modern staples. Not even Infect can claim that kind of popularity, with arguably 5 cards, out of about 60 ( Inkmoth Nexus Glistener Elf Blighted Agent Viridian Corrupter and Carrion Call in some sideboards with control-heavy meta).

I'll agree that Formidable is not well liked, but only because there haven't been many cards printed with that ability.

Control_Train on Feather Redeems Boros in EDH [Primer]

3 months ago

Thanawat - a really expensive equipment or creature that doesn't have immediate impact is far, far too slow and clunky for this deck; the deck's CMC needs to be as low as possible, and even my sweepers feel like a stretch on the manabase sometimes

mn6334 - there are really no good flashback cards for Feather other than Seize the Day; however, Dreadhorde Arcanist is really powerful knowing that flashback style effects work in tandem with Feather, but Krenko just feels too slow without a lot of good pump spells

Dhampir05 - if I were going to run any damage mitigating effect, it would be Wild Slash because it targets; the double damage isn't that relevant to me, and having to pay three mana to enable a win through a fog permanent feels really bad, and also Chaos Warp exists

Iamme10000 - Psychotic Fury and all the other double strike effects that don't do much are getting cut, except Boros Charm because it has added utility; Psychotic Fury is the worst of them despite cantripping I think, however, because it can only effectively target Feather

I'm not really running the pump effects that make Feather voltron, but I'm also not afraid to use her as a win condition via Phalanx Leader and the few pump spells I do have or Boros Charm

@ Everyone who said Sunforger - I finally found the slots to put it in, and I would say I added a Sunforger package, but the whole deck is a Sunforger's wet dream, so really all I had to do was add tutors and the card itself; also added some other value equipments to make the tutors less dead after Sunforger is found/drawn

goblinguiderevealpls on Candy Cane

5 months ago

guttersnipe is just terrible in modern.. 3 mana that could easily have just been another bolt, and there is a million better options than shock, most of which are fairly cheap.

some shock replacements include:

Wild Slash

Flame Slash

Searing Blaze


Shard Volley

Deflecting Palm

Collateral Damage

Gut Shot

Molten Rain

Chained to the Rocks

guttersnipe could be replaced by plenty of lower cmc creatures not seen in regular burn decks

Young Pyromancer

Firebrand Archer

Kiln Fiend

Goblin Arsonist / Goblin Grenade

Mogg Fanatic

Keldon Marauders

Seeker of the Way

Soul-Scar Mage

Abbot of Keral Keep

sideboard you could and should run more artfact and enchantment hate like


Wear / Tear

Smash to Smithereens

or even just the very basics in Smelt and Demystify

nospamspam722 on Red Burn fullspell

5 months ago

I like how you are starting. Personally burn decks are one of my favorites. I think some tips I have are to get cheaper spells. I would recommend taking out Fireblast (even though you can sacrifice two mountains instead). You definitely should add Shock (a MUST for a burn deck) and Wild Slash (basically a better version of Shock .) I really think you should check out my burn deck for more ideas. I will also take some inspiration from this burn deck to add to mine, including Thunderous Wrath and Flame Rift . Great deck!

Kukitan on Ryan's Zada, Hedron Grinder

6 months ago

Love this deck. Mine is very similar but a few cards of mine are all stars:

Firestorm is amazing. Won a few games with it when combat wasn't enough (rarely)

Winds of Change as a cheaper alternative to wheel. Not as good, but definitely a good 1 mana hand reset to keep the storm going

Kher Keep sometimes your just don't have anything better to do. Use extra mana for extra creatures. This has definitely helped me hit a critical mass of creatures on a longer game for that one crutial storm turn!

Wild Slash Insult / Injury , Insult is better but more mana and a sorcery. Honestly my play group plays plenty of fog type effects. Helps me push through in the end. Idk about these tho. Maybe not worth the slot.

Driston on Four Now And Four Later

9 months ago

Also yeah I was thinking of replacing Wild Slash it was put in more for flavor with the number 4 theme but any ferocious card would work like the ones you mentioned.

Wizardhat91 on Four Now And Four Later

9 months ago

I like what you're working on! I'm just going to throw these at you although you may have considered them. Thud, Temur Battle Rage, Terminate, Anger of the Gods (for centaurs), Barrage of Boulders, perhaps Sign in Blood or something to find Sarkhan's Unsealing a little faster, or something to cast it a turn earlier like Llanowar Elves. Wild Slash feels like a weak link to me. Keep up the good work!

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