Wild Slash


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Fate Reforged Uncommon

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Wild Slash


Ferocious — If you control a creature with power 4 or greater, damage can't be prevented this turn.

Wild Slash deals 2 damage to target creature of player.

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Wild Slash Discussion

Wizard_of_the_Broke on Burn Spells other than Bolt

2 weeks ago

I just came back after not playing for 2 years. When I left, I was running budget Delver tempo builds most of the time. One of the cards that I'm personally pretty happy about is Dual Shot. I don't know the current meta inside and out, but it seems to me that Dual Shot is almost worthwhile (over Forked Bolt) just for taking out Snapcasters at instant speed - and mind you Forked Bolt is one of my favorite tempo cards. But it's a tough call.

Looking at you deck, I'm not sure how important it is that Dual Shot doesn't hit face, because you're not aggro, so board state is more important than trying to race. You could probably say the same for Magma Spray and Flame Slash. It looks like the exile effects are really only that big of a deal for Kitchen Finks, which are trouble for a tempo deck to be fair, but I'm not sure they're worth more than 1 slot, if that (Lingering Souls is way more common).

But, taking a quick glance at creatures in the meta link, I think Flame Slash isn't very good at the moment. For most of the stuff that Bolt misses, you'd want Roast. Same story for Wild Slash and probably Burst Lightning. Although, Spellskite is a fairly important card to deal with.

And Electrickery is really, really good against any token-producing effects.

Nice budget build by the way. I can't wait to add Thing in the Ice  Flip to my older builds.

Pieguy396 on Burn Spells other than Bolt

2 weeks ago

Thanks for the suggestions, guys! I totally forgot about Burst Lightning, as well as Wild Slash, Electrickery, and Tarfire. I'm really only looking for 1-mana cards, as my 2-slot is pretty full, but thanks for the other suggestions like Arc Trail and Searing Blaze. Which cards mentioned above do you guys think are the best?

Matthewp741 on UR Counter Burn

1 month ago

I have Wild Slash and Lightning Strike to deal with small creatures. I'm only playing black so I can cast Radiant Flames for 3. I'm not sure about playing more Cruises, because I'm already pretty heavy on delve with Dig. Thanks for the suggestions though!

pinecone2k3 on Krenko's Burning Crusade

2 months ago

For starters, I just want to say that, as someone who enjoys playing red, I like the deck. I do have two minor suggestions, though.
First, consider Mogg War Marshal in place of Krenko's Command, and simply ignore its Echo cost. The end result is the same: two 1/1 creatures in exchange for paying 2 mana, but MWM itself can be sacced to your Goblin Grenade or Jinxed Idol, and you'll get another 1/1 when you do so. One extra trigger for Impact Tremors. The number of goblins you have on the battlefield stays a bit higher, making Krenko more potent (thus triggering Impact Tremors even more). Downside: MWM doesn't trigger Guttersnipe's ability, but in my experience, the other benefits compensate for that quite nicely.
Second, switch out those copies of Shock. Ideally, start by getting your Lightning Bolts up to 4 copies. After that, swap any remaining copies of Shock for either Wild Slash, whose extra ability can be triggered in those occasions when your opponent lets you keep your Vexing Devil on the battlefield, or you could try Burst Lightning instead, which will act identical to Shock when cast normally, but has a Kicker cost to make it more powerful, should you find yourself in the less-than-ideal situation of having untapped mana and nothing else to use it on.
These minor tweaks will allow the deck to continue to function exactly the same as it already does, but with just a little more potency. Thus, the learning curve, on getting used to the changes, should be minimal.
Just some food for thought. I hope the deck continues to do well for you!

Triton on [[Primer]] Izzet a New Frontier?

2 months ago

cplvela0811 I think Wild Slash is a very good card, as I have four copies of it in the mainboard. Actually I don't know if I got what you meant exactly tbh haha. That's what I think you asked about the card. Stoke the Flames seems really cool! I might want to try it out sometime. Thanks for the suggestion and upvote!

cplvela0811 on [[Primer]] Izzet a New Frontier?

2 months ago

What do you think of Wild Slash? Stoke the Flames could be really good with Thermo-Alchemist. +1 from me!

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