Primordial Hydra

Creature — Hydra

Primordial Hydra enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it.

At the beginning of your upkeep, double the amount of +1/+1 counters on Primordial Hydra.

Primordial Hydra has trample as long as it has ten or more +1/+1 counters on it.

Price & Acquistion


Primordial Hydra Discussion

DreadnoughtMTG on Hydra Module

1 week ago

Diabolic Edict totally isn't legal in modern.. neither is Pernicious Deed actually.

I think some combination of Metallic Mimic with less Animation Module would be real strong. It just floods the board with 2/2s for all the mana you have. Also, Avatar of the Resolute should likely be an auto include.

Mistcutter Hydra is probably best in the sideboard as maybe a 2 of. Primordial Hydra, although stupid strong, often just doesn't cut it in modern. He's maybe still worth a try, but I'd stick around that 2 mark. Managorger Hydra might benefit extremely from some phyrexian mana spells like Dismember or Mutagenic Growth just to instantly negate lightning bolts flying at it.

Are you set on green and black? It could go either way (Mono-Green or B/G); you definitely get better removal with black and maybe Winding Constrictor.

WayMaker on Evolve? I think you're playing the wrong game...

1 week ago

Homelessguy on It's Feeding Time

1 week ago

What about Heroes' Bane just make him and bigger.

Or maybe Primordial Hydra and Kalonian Hydra ?

succeeddamnyou on It takes tooth to make a thing go right.

2 weeks ago

Glen Elendra Archmage nombo's with Pir, Imaginative Rascal not sure if that makes it worth dropping but other counterspells are available, you could maybe get a Cryptic Command for a similar price.

Tishana, Voice of Thunder is also pretty sweet even if you're not going super wide. Primordial Hydra exists, never forget it exists. Reality Shift and Curse of the Swine are other removal options. Any clone effect is good with Toothy. You clone Toothy, sac the one with counters on to the legend rule and draw a bunch of cards, which then puts all those counters onto the clone. You can then do the reverse operation with the real Toothy and sac the clone for even moar hardcorecarddraw.

Also Temple of Mystery

MegazoidDestroyerOfWorlds on Lorscale Counters

1 month ago

New update: took out 2 Nimbus Swimmer and 1 Drumhunter added 1 Primordial Hydra 2 more Fog Bank

RedUndead40 on What are some cheap creatures ...

1 month ago

Besides Tarmogoyf.

The idea is to make a deck with at least white blue and splash a third for some cheap things that get big. Then use white blue to control the board and protect the creature to victory.

I was thinking Myth Realized and maybe something like Managorger Hydra / Primordial Hydra.

Any tips for those creatures or the deck overall?

Meurth on If Trump played magic

1 month ago

This is epic! Looks like Wall of Blossoms isn't modern legal, replace with Wall of Roots maybe? And why not run a fourth Doubling Chant? You might want to use some more win conditions like Khalni Hydra and Primordial Hydra. Good luck!

aswordforthefallen on Hydras - +1/+1 Counter Crazy

1 month ago

Birds of Paradise can save you from a lethal flyer, potentially buying you the turn you need to swing for the win.

You have four two-drops as Primordial Hydra doesn't count and your other 2cc is Solidarity of Heroes. Strangleroot Geist goes well with Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, Doubling Season, and Reverent Hunter.

Reverent Hunter makes waves as a one-of. Alpha Authority is a good card to have at least one copy of. Wickerbough Elder can pull double-duty for you if you keep the Gyre Sage, and does extra work with a Doubling Season on the field.

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