Ancestral Vision


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Jace vs. Chandra Rare
Time Spiral Rare

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Ancestral Vision


Ancestral Vision is blue.

Suspend 4-(Blue) (Rather than play this card from your hand, pay (Blue) and remove it from the game with four time counters on it. At the beginning of your upkeep, remove a time counter. When the last is removed, play it without paying its mana cost.)

Target player draws three cards.

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Ancestral Vision Discussion

Winterblast on Multiplanar Maelstrom

23 hours ago

I would play one suspend spell with no mana cost, so you always hit that one when you cascade for 1. There aren't too many useful ones, probably Ancestral Vision or Wheel of Fate

Contagion Clasp is better than Contagion Engine imo because it's much cheaper. it can be searched for with Tezzeret the Seeker , it can take out mana dorks and utility creatures earlier in the game and the double proliferate isn't worth 6 mana.

For Paradox Engine to be reliable, you need a lot more mana artifacts. it doesn't do much if your only untapping mana source is a single sol ring or mox. Clockspinning is awesome if you want to do more with Paradox Engine...automatically ultimates planeswalkers if you can produce 4 mana with artifacts and the card alone is good as well.

skeletonkey8 on Sultai Midrange

3 days ago

IMO i think you should ditch the 2 Ancestral Vision and 1 of the Traverse the Ulvenwald for 2 Inquisition of Kozilek and 1 Thoughtseize or 3 Thoughtseize. The extra Traverse the Ulvenwald is nice for land fixing but Thoughtseize and the like set up for Tarmogoyf very well.

Also how is the Oath of Nissa treating you, i love the idea and seems like its a great addition?

cplvela0811 on Sultai Midrange

4 days ago


I was thinking the exact same thing, but in all honesty--this deck is a slow deck and aims for the long game. By turns 3-5 is when we actually begin to attack against certain decks. Most of the time we are forcing our opponents resources to be depleted with our "in response" plays, while dropping super effective creatures, for their mana cost. Ancestral Vision shines in the late game and that is where this deck shines. In the early game we dismantle the opponent. The only thing is that I do not like that it does not play well with Snapcaster Mage, but I will be doing some LGS play testing on Thursday 05/25/2017. I have been wanting to do more casual testing, but my play group has been busy recently, i.e. school finals, jobs, and what not. I will certainly keep you updated. At first, I was skeptical about Oath of Nissa, but I will never know how anything performs, outside of theory, if I do not take a chance.

If it sucks and I constantly get beat, it is a learning process. If I start winning more because of "gas", then I learned a new trick.

biorose671 on Sultai Midrange

4 days ago

I was thinking of running Ancestral Vision as well, but someone at my LGS made a good point to me. When casting Visions, you need to remember that its a payoff on turn 5 (T1: Suspend, T2-T5: remove counters to cast). That being said, it's a smart choice to have this in your opening hand so running 3-4 is usually a must. Yes, both our decks are control decks, but we're more midranged and so we're not in it for the long haul. Unless your play testing have proven otherwise, I'd like to here it as well. Continue spreading the love my friend.

Kjartan on USA control, needs help

5 days ago

3 Keranos is definately overdoing it.

And if you want Nahiri, you might want an Emrakul, though she is good enough on her own.

Less creatures in general would be a good idea I think.

But 4 of them should probably be Snapcaster.

Also consider Ancestral Vision and Blessed Alliance

For the mana base, Flooded Strand is legal now and should probably replace your Arid Mesas and 1 of your other lands.

Also, Ghost Quarter should probably replace Desolate Lighthouse as your Colorless/utility land of choice.

For the sideboard.

some good includes are Stony Silence, Rest in Peace, Anger of the Gods, Negate, Dispel, Supreme Verdict, Engineered Explosives, Deflecting Palm, Detention Sphere, and Wear / Tear

Here's my UWR deck if you have any interest:

AtomicEmpire on TheAlexGnan

1 week ago

I've brewed a Grixis Control deck of my own, and I'm looking for ways to remove Ancestral Vision. Thoughts?


Naosu on The Nahiri Restored Balance Of The Force

1 week ago

Hi controlplayer

Sorry but after few tests with As Foretold, it seem that not so effectiv that everyone think.

And Ancestral Vision are not a good card for that archetype cause of cascade ... I would not like to be disappointed to reveal an Ancestral Vision rather than reveal the Restore Balance i must need.

xyr0s on red blue control for the Dominus

1 week ago

To be a blue/X draw-go control deck in modern, you need to remove the "budget"-tag and have a good pile of money to spend. In spite of having countless suggestions of cheap cards, the annoying truth is that decks with all the good stuff are better than those without it, when it comes to control decks. You can't really replace Snapcaster Mage, Cryptic Command, or Ancestral Vision. Perhaps you can try alternatives, but Think Twice takes 1.5 card and 7 mana to draw 3 cards - Ancestral Vision does it for 1 mana (as an example). If you want to play budget control, blue is not involved (there are decks like martyrproc for monowhite, though).

Also, this deck does not look like a control deck - it looks like a prowess deck. It's an aggro deck, that tries to overwhelm with early damage, and which uses disruption to make its attack more stable - the disruption-cards look a bit like what would be used in a control deck (counters, removal). Or is that a misunderstanding?

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