Ancestral Vision


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Jace vs. Chandra (DD2) Rare
Time Spiral (TSP) Rare

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Ancestral Vision


Ancestral Vision is blue.

Suspend 4-(Blue) (Rather than play this card from your hand, pay (Blue) and remove it from the game with four time counters on it. At the beginning of your upkeep, remove a time counter. When the last is removed, play it without paying its mana cost.)

Target player draws three cards.

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Ancestral Vision Discussion

TheAlexGnan on Opt Reprint and Discussion!

1 week ago

I want to go into specifics a bit here, concerning grixis, and I have a certain build in mind as always, The Perfect Balance (Grixis Primer).

Grixis has moved away from efficient, conditional answers like Spell Snare, Spell Pierce and Mana Leak. The archetype prefers tapping out on turn 1-2 for either hand disruption or Ancestral Vision.

I am working with the assumption that the playset of Serum Visions is replaced by Opt in the card pool, there is the possibility to build a deck that NEVER taps out in the early turns, the only sorcery speed play on turn 1-2 being t2 Tasigur, the Golden Fang.

Now that i am writing all this, could it be viable to play Serum Visions, Thought Scour AND Opt in the same list? current grixis lists often run 12 blue 1cmc draw spells as it is.

Maybe the perfect number lies somewhere in between, about 10 or so, in some combination of Serum Visions, Thought Scour and Opt. I've always enjoyed playing a tempo game with grixis without Ancestral Vision OR Delver of Secrets  Flip, and opt feels perfect for that.

steveo8706 on most epic upkeep

1 week ago

One rules interaction that I have noticed that you may be playing wrong is that you are not able to play Ancestral Vision after using Neverending Torment. Other than that, this looks like it could be pretty interesting to play around with.

Guftders on Iconic Masters Announced

1 week ago

Argy If memory serves, changes of artwork is also a way that Wizards uses to protect the value of a card. The new artwork version tends to have a lower price (compare Lorwyn Thoughtseize vs TherosThoughtseize), but if they put the bump new printing to mythic AND change the art (see Snapcaster Mage and Cavern of Souls), then the price barely changes at all. My predictions are (say 6 months after release):

I'm actually pretty hyped for this set- I thought it would be mostly jank, but this is actually the best series of reprints in years. I'll be looking to pick up a lot of cards from the set, but I'm not sure I'll buy a box unless my LGS is super cool as usual and sell it for msrp

Derpsofdoom on The Ur-Dragon Initiative

1 week ago

@Pickachu202: Yeah I agree, Ultimately, I vastly prefer Skyshroud Claim and was just playing with Tempt with Discovery. I have made the adjustment and put skyshroud back in the deck.

@Crav96: I am glad you enjoy the deck. I want it to be noted that I will be making a few adjustments to it really soon. I will be adding the mentioned Scroll Rack and the mighty Sword of Feast and Famine to help with getting Aggravated Assault infinite combat kills.

The removal of Dragonlord's Servant and Dragonspeaker Shaman might be happening as well to put in other dorks that will accelerate other spells instead of just being dragon reduction. Can leave that to the Urza's Incubator as that is its job. Anyway, on to a topic you asked about. Your curiosity towards Scroll Rack and why no Sarkhan Unbroken. The Scroll Rack is not going to be pushing a combo eccentric build. The idea is still the same, smash people in the face really really hard with dragons. There are other ways like scourge and dragon tempest but swinging is the standard procedure.

The Scroll Racks design is for fixing bad hands or sending cards away that aren't needed at that point. Especially since the deck uses quite a few shuffle affects like all the fetches, we can easily trade our hand in for something new and possible hunt for specific cards. One can also imagine the scenario of a starting hand with 1 land, Sol Ring, Scroll Rack, and then the rest dragons or other spells with high costs. This would normally be a very bad hand to start with but the Scroll Rack can open this to be a great start with dropping the land, ring, and rack turn 1. then send everything back to the deck, hit another land, or even better a fetch land, then create what plays you can with the new hand. Now I am not saying this is still a good hand to keep, but it is possible to fix that kind of scenario. It also has the possibility of fetching the other half of your deck if one ends up drawing a lot of cards, which the deck can do. The rack will also put dragons from your hand, back onto the deck so that Lurking Predators can trigger them out. It helps with fixing dead hands so that the deck can continue strong.

Next is Sarkhan Unbroken. I don't run him right now because I do love Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh and Ugin, the Spirit Dragon as my two main planeswalkers and I do not run anymore than the two because of space. Though Sarkhan Unbroken is a great planeswalker, he will more than likely not survive a round at the table to let you ramp into your other spells. He might, but while he is on the field, the target that does get painted on him is incredibly large. I also don't own one, so there is that.

@jeffbriem: Glad you enjoy the deck, and yeah I agree with some of the previous posts so I have made the change to Skyshroud Claim. As for the bolas. I really like the god-pharaoh, but I also really like his standard planeswalker as well. I want to run both of them, but I will not remove Ugin, the Spirit Dragon for him and I really don't see the space for a third walker.

Thought Vessel, while it is a colorless mana ramp card, it is mainly in the deck for the hand size bonus, as the deck can draw a lot of cards and my recursion abilities are small. I would just rather keep cards in my hand than discard them, and since it is on a rock, it does help pay for other spells that aren't dragons.

I also don't own a Strip Mine, otherwise I would be running it and I also forgot about it until I saw it last night being played at my local playgroup. So I am looking at getting that in the deck somehow and possibly the Bojuka Bog. Was killed by a Karador, Ghost Chieftain last night that went infinite because the Yidris player decided it was a good idea to mill the table.

I won't lie, I am thinking about the Tooth and Nail because it is just a strong tutor card. I think I would run it over Worldly Tutor.

I also want to mention, but with the spoilers of Iconic Masters, I am probably going to want and will be trying to get a Ancestral Vision, maybe Mana Drain for the deck. I am also looking for any kind of draw card spells that might fit into this deck so if anyone has suggestions, I am all ears. Thought about Rishkar's Expertise and it was in here and one point, but the amount of mana needed to spend and if it gets countered. Doesn't seem good at that point.

Sorry for the lengthy post, but hey, thanks for all the valuable input. I wish you all the best and thank you for checking out the deck. Have a great day everyone. :D

infinitelennies on Sultai midrange

1 week ago

He's right, Snapcaster Mage is great but not really enough to warrant an entire color, even if you have sideboard stuff. You need at least a couple of other things, and I'm going to go over some of your options.

The thing a lot of people fail to realize with Ancestral Vision is that, no, you are not "Sitting back", you would essentially be "controlling the game" like grixis but by slamming Goyfs and demanding immediate answers. Decks naturally have trouble closing the game out against you because of all the value plus removal you have. It doesn't really require you to use a different gameplan.

Serum Visions or the newly reprinted Opt are good card selection options, but they run into the problem of not being individual threats, which your deck needs to be full of.

I see other people playing Nissa, Steward of Elements, but it doesn't impose pressure of any kind, so I'm not really a fan.

Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip is slow but great if you can make him work. May not be the best for you though since you want things that immediately impact the board when peeled off the top and played. (Which is why I can see an argument against Ancestral Vision).

Vendilion Clique and counters in general are really good here because they shore up a huge weakness found in BGx decks, which is being weak to topdecks. I personally really like Vendilion Clique but the downside is that it is extremely awkward with Liliana of the Veil. And counters are even worse with Lili.

Far / Away is something I'm currently testing. It's a removal spell that basically gets better the more lands you have.

Simic Charm is good and versatile, and a surprise creature protection card that isn't as awkward with Liliana of the Veil as a counter would be.

That's all the additional blue cards I can think of. Surely there are more though.

BladeMasta220 on TheDuggernaught

2 weeks ago

Hey man, do you have any interest in 3x Ancestral Vision? Also have an Ajani Steadfast but it's slightly played. I'm interested in the Arid Mesa and Wooded Foothills

goblinguiderevealpls on Neheb, Summoner of Comets

2 weeks ago

Same thing, i used to run it in my wheel deck until i got fortune, and its far too slow for my decl since my gameplan is to play Nekusar, the Mindrazer and then wheel opponents to death, its good for setup but definitely intimidates the other players while suspended

Its not bad in control decks where it can function similar to Ancestral Vision for drawing more answers

It was more of a budget rec of Wheel of Fortune but it is 100% worse,

Ive played tuned mono red decks in the past ( Krenko, Mob Boss, Norin the Wary and Lovisa Coldeyes, and the general problem ive seen shared between those commanders is that you frequently end up top decking after a few turns, and reliable card draw is VERY limited in mono red

Reforge the soul will probably do just fine here, and the only other options are Wild Guess, Tormenting Voice and Cathartic Reunion, but those are hard to cast if its not turn 2 cuz you often wont have anything to discard

The best thing to compensate for lack of draws or to maximize top decking would be something like Outpost Siege naming dragons, or Sensei's Divining Top to manipulate your topdecks

But mono red is what it is, it starts explosively and then burns out mid game, frankly neheb is potentially far more explosive than the 3 red commanders i mentioned though, as long as you kill your table before you burn out, draw isnt that necessary :)

Pieguy396 on Grixis Cruel Control

2 weeks ago

In a Grixis Control deck like this, Ancestral Vision is absolutely invaluable. It's a 3-for-1 in a world of 1-for-1s.

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