Restoration Angel

Restoration Angel

Creature — Angel



When Restoration Angel enters the battlefield, you may exile target non-Angel creature you control, then return that card to the battlefield under your control.

Restoration Angel Discussion

0rc on Taigam Stole Ya Girl

2 days ago

Swell deck. As for recommendations, Venser, the Sojourner has synergy with your commander, creates massive shenanigans with Gilded Drake, and allows us to reuse Snapcaster Mage and Spellseeker in the absence of taiga. If we include it we should consider Restoration Angel or Felidar Guardian for added utility. If we include both, we might add Altar of the Brood for an infinite mill combo. :)))

Xica on Deck Help with Temur ramp ...

1 week ago

As a baseline, ramp decks - especially ones using mana dorks - are extremely vulnerable. They are hated out to an extreme by the "bolt the bird line", on top of loosing to "drwaing wrong half of the deck" even without aid from the opponent.

Frankly you MUST have some justification, that makes that vulnerability be worth it.

To give you an example elves can get away with this due to winning on t3, t4 through 1 creature getting killed.
Ponza can live with the problem as it locking out the opponent from his mana on t2 or latest at t3 makes itbstill worth the sacrifice.

Frankly your list has an uncanny resemblance to the card ponza played in its early days - if you gut the deck by removing all its interactions with lands.
Since then ponza added card selection (in Seasoned Pyromancer), and got some leaner threats to have better chances at casting said threat just in case they cannot ramp.

On top of all these issues, this decks runs "it doesnt do anything" cards.
Electrodominance does exactly NOTHING without suspend cards like Crashing Footfalls, Ancestral Vision, Restore Balance and the like.
Budoka Gardener  Flip is an extreme overpriced Sakura-Tribe Scout for all intents and purposes. Without a metric ton off effects that put lands in to plyy it never flips - i mean numbers like seen in mono green belcher decks.

Then add blue as a 3rd color to allow you to run counterspells in a deck that plans to spend all of its mana on its own turn, thus wont have mana to counter stuff.
Which is why counterspell decks run cards that have extreme low mana cost (have mana after casting it), like Delver of Secrets  Flip, cards with flash so they don't have to commit mana on their own turn to play threats, for example Restoration Angel, or cards that untap lands used to cast them, like Teferi, Hero of Dominaria or Wilderness Reclamation.

And Arcum's Astrolabe is BANNED.
Blood Moon is back, playing 3 colors with a grand total of TWO basic lands is just asking for trouble, attempt at your own peril.

P.s.: Sorry if i sounded harsh, modern is a high power format, with low tolerance for "messing around".

RG Ponza aka. RG midrange is a deck thats very succesful.
RUG delver/monkey grow is a good respectable temur deck running counterspells.

Its possible to have deck that you describe in your deck description, but not by randomly piling together cards.
You MUST consider how your card interact with each other and plan your deck around it to have ANY chance

And you must have a plan to deal with other decks that can be as opressively interactive as 8-rack, or as fast as infect, that will win on turn 2 if you leave it to its own devices.

king-saproling on Hyena Trio

1 week ago

Sure thing Prospekt. Yeah the order doesn't matter, you could even play Yannik last. Restoration Angel, Felidar Guardian, and Wispweaver Angel are a little confusing because they return the "Yannik" that they exiled immediately. This still works for the loop, it just reverses the order of who's exiling who.

For example, if Yannik exiled a Faceless Butcher and then you play Felidar Guardian targeting Yannik, Yannik's trigger to return Butcher will hit the stack, then his trigger to exile something (Guardian will be the target) will go to the stack on top upon fully resolving Guardian's effect. Guardian gets exiled, Butcher returns and targets Yannik, returning Guardian who then targets Butcher, and so on. Basically, every time Guardian arrives the loop order is reversed.

Glad I could help!

dichia on Abzan

2 weeks ago

aholder7, Aether Vial could be interesting if played with cards like Flickerwisp and Restoration Angel, but I'd need more etb abilities. Siege Rhino could be one to start with.

Davinoth on Chulane's Epic Adventure [ETB/Bounce EDH]

1 month ago

     Omniscience_is_life: Thank you! :)

     councilofautumn: A lot of good utility options there! In a lot of cases I've opted for casting creatures as opposed to flickering them to trigger their ETB. Enlightened Tutor is definitely the card that sticks out to me the most there, if for nothing more than fast tracking Panharmonicon! Restoration Angel as well would be a great add.

     Thanks for the great suggestions and the Upvote! :D

enpc on Tell me, does this line ...

1 month ago

I mean, if you're concerned about the fragility of using Najeela to combo off, you could always go:

The line does require a non-legendary, however you can shortcut it if you have resto in hand already (since you don't need to get Vannifar).

It's worth mentioning htat this line does need you run Jegantha as one of the 99, rather than as a companion. However thanks to the comapion rules change, I don't think this is an issue as otherwise you would be paying 8 mana for him anyway (across the 3 to hand and then casting cost).

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