Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Masterpiece Series: Amonkhet Invocations (AKHMPS) Common
Coldsnap (CSP) Uncommon

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Whenever an opponent plays a spell, you may reveal the top card of your library. If you do, counter that spell if it has the same converted mana cost as the revealed card.

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Counterbalance Discussion

Xica on Bant Miracles, let's develop a ...

40 minutes ago

Well if no one else mentions it i will...
Scry effects tend to only reach the shallow top of the deck in modern, while cards that don't allow you to "put on the bottom of your library" di a lot deeper.
Cards like Index, Sage of Epityr are both pretty good cards.
They are as good as scrying, if you have a good number of fetch lands in the deck since you will get what you need from your stacked deck, then shuffle away the rest - the drawback is that too much fetch lands will make you trade between shuffling away wanted cards or playing lands on curve.

Is there a reason why no one mentions Counterbalance?
We have SOME pseudo Sensei's Divining Tops, like Crystal Ball, Hedron Alignment, Riddleform, Darksteel Pendant, Seer's Lantern, Descendant of Soramaro.Its worth it if we are able to float a 1 and a 2 cmc card on the top 3. that allows countering most removal and hate cards (not to mention dealing with stuff like affinity) - and wins counter wars by countering the cheap counters the opponent plays.

In my humble opinion Crystal Ball > Nissa, Steward of Elements, since it allows tinkering with the library at instant speed, thus facilitates Counterbalance.

And any and all instant speed scry AND DRAW effects are really potent with miracles - cards like Condescend are worth casting for X=0

Dr_Jay on Modern Miracles: Ebb & Flow

17 hours ago

Do you think this could be made into a Counterbalance list? I love miracles, and a +1 to you!

edit: In addition, I think the land count may be a bit low for the deck's gameplan, maybe 25?

Izu_Korasu on Miracle of Lanterns

2 days ago

are you familiar with the lantern control archetype?

its a weird style of control that seeks to control/limit an opponents ability to draw anything relevant using lantern and small targeted mills. (but is usually accompanied with discard)

this deck is an early draft trying to shoehorn the miracles theme into that shell, using that same manipulation top card manipulation to setup my own draws and counter threats with Counterbalance. (yes, abilities use the stack, so i can manipulate the "top" in response)

currently, rather then just the normal slow grindy mill of lantern control, Jace emblem does provide some level of additional wincon, but they are both slow and grindy ways to win. But have been considering Mechanized Production as a way to multiply the mill rocks and more directly win the game.

SirSh4ggy on Miracle of Lanterns

2 days ago

What's the win-con here? I'm not certain about the rulings, but if someone plays a one cost spell and you've got Counterbalance and Lantern of Insight on the field with Terminus on top, can you shuffle your deck in response to hopefully counter it with Counterbalance's effect?

spulverin on Zur the Hated

1 week ago

Hey, fr competitives spiel bist du vieEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeEEEeeeel zu langsamn.Folgende karten mssen verschwinden..Aqueous Form, Brave the Sands, Counterbalance, Damping Field, Triclopean Sight, Grim Guardian, Underworld Coinsmith, eine von beiden reicht.. du durchsuchst eh deine bib.Rule of Law or Arcane Laboratory, bei der bin ich mir nicht so sicher.Rising Waters?

Folgende Karten sind no brainer.. die musst du einfach spielen :)Dimir Signet, Azorius Signet, Sol Ring, Talisman of Dominance, Talisman of Progress, Swiftfoot Boots, Lightning Greaves, Arcane Denial, Counterspell, Swan Song,

damit dein Deck wirklich gut funktioniert reichts immer noch nicht.. aber so knnte es mal gefhrlich werden am Tisch :)

Hoffe ich konnte etwas helfen, meld dich einfach wenn du noch was wissen mchtest.


Skoodly on Combo wambo who has the ...

1 month ago

Zur the Enchanter is pretty good at that with things like Counterbalance, Stasis, Necropotence and Training Grounds. I don't really know a lot of commanders, but he's the first that springs to mind given your constraints.

srolo on Oloro

1 month ago

Take these over the guildgates

Drowned Catacomb
Glacial Fortress
Isolated Chapel

And you need these

Watery Grave

Hallowed Fountain

These are good too. You want as few come into play tapped lands as possible, but the scry lands are always good.

Sunken Ruins

Fetid Heath

Mystic Gate

Temple of Deceit

Temple of Enlightenment

Spell Pierce is weak in this format with things like Sol Ring

Dissipate is a direct improvement over Cancel
Absorb is a card and so is Countersquall

Sensei's Divining Top to go with your Counterbalance though I don't know how well counterbalance will work in EDH

Solemn Simulacrum

Serra Ascendant

Azorius Signet and Dimir Signet

Venser's Journal is a tossup if you want it or not

Supreme Verdict



Cyclonic Rift

Merciless Eviction

Wrath of God is a straight improvement over Day of Judgment


Hero's Downfall is a straight upgrade over Murder

Path to Exile

Swords to Plowshares

Sorin, Grim Nemesis


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