Destroy target artifact or enchantment.

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Disenchant Discussion

darleen on Count Dromoka

1 week ago

Here are some suggestions to make the deck more consistent and build more on it's synergy.

LAND Terramorphic Expanse, Blossoming Sands, Canopy Vista, Temple of Plenty, Selesnya Sanctuary or any other dual land

RAMP Cultivate, Nissa's Pilgrimage, Farseek, and Rampant Growth: put land directly onto the battlefield

OFFENSEHardened Scales, Citadel Siege, Earthen Arms: add +1/+1 counters

REMOVALBanishing Light, Oblivion Ring, Faith's Fetters: removal any non-land permanent Disenchant: more removal for artifacts or enchantments End Hostilities: board wipe effect for emergencies

DRAW Inspiring Call: draws cards and protects your valuable creatures Congregation at Dawn: puts any creatures you need at the top of your library Harmonize: puts more cards into your hand Lifecrafter's Bestiary: scry and draw are great card advantage

CREATURES Ivy Lane Denizen, Sunscorch Regent, Managorger Hydra, Salt Road Quartermasters: +1/+1 counters synergy Abzan Falconer, Tuskguard Captain, Longshot Squad: give creatures with +1/+1 counters value abilities

GeminiSpartanX on Spaghetti from Outside Space

1 week ago

Perhaps you could add something in the SB as an answer against Blood Moon? I know you have the discard spells, but something like Fragmentize or Disenchant or Celestial Purge might help. Either that or adding a basic Wastes to your manabase in place of a mutavault should do it.

kamarupa on Brothers in arms

2 weeks ago

Concerted Effort is probably better than Odric, Lunarch Marshal. (not legendary, starts at Upkeep instead of Combat Step) If you decide to work on this deck more, I'd suggest 4x Concerted effort, 1-2x Odric.

Creatures to cut because they don't jive with Effort or Odric: Lost Leonin, Priests of Norn, Blighted Agent. Since Infect doesn't work with the Effort or Odric, I'd also swap out Tezzeret's Gambit for Divination.

If you want Hexproof, I think Slippery Bogle is going to be just as good as Invisible Stalker for 1 less CMC since neither the Effort nor the Odric can grant unblockable. And, with First Strike/double strike/flying, you don't really need it either. All that said, since none of these abilities are truly static, I think hexproof is probably just not really worth it at all.

Aerial Responder and Fencing Ace strike me as pretty good here. I'd probably go at least 3x for each. I also think Knight of the White Orchid would be really good (mana ramp+First Strike) and Courier Hawk would be good here. All together, I'd want at least 20 creatures for this build, maybe as many as 24.

I think Faith's Shield or Gods Willing will also be pretty good here. I like the Shield because it will work on Concerted Effort but can also be cast on a creature to give all your creatures protection. On the other hand, Gods Willing will also work on your all your creatures and give you a Scry. I'd drop some Ice Over or Spell Pierce for it.

You might seriously consider swapping Black for Blue. Typhoid Rats sharing deathtouch sounds pretty nasty to me. You'll also get access to black evasion: Fear, Skulk, Menace, etc.

I'd drop Aether Vial because it's stupidly expensive.

Add Glacial Fortress if you're sticking with white/blue.

Sideboard ideas: Revoke Existence or Disenchant or Hurkyl's Recall. Also probably 1xElixir of Immortality, Pithing Needle, Sanctimony or Witchbane Orb, Holy Day.

diateone on B/W Token

2 weeks ago

2 Sundering Growth + 2 Disenchant + 2 Stony Silence seems way too much.

I would round them up to 2 Disenchant + 3 Stony Silence and you get a free slot for something. Likely a Surgical Extraction. And... also take the Nihil Spellbomb out for another Surgical Extraction because it also deals with GY so you get 2 extra GY hate and 2 extra combo hate in two cards.

Aaaaand, yeah, that would look awesome... and really familiar. Wait! it's my SB!! xD

DanteBeleren on Everything My Friends Hate

3 weeks ago

You're gonna wanna cut down your creature count a lot. If someone opens with something like Nevermore, you're screwed lol. Up your mana rock count (Rakdos Signet/Orzhov Signet/Boros Signet), add some protection for Kaalia (Mother of Runes/Cavern of Souls), haste enablers (Hall of the Bandit Lord/Mass Hysteria), card draw/tutors (Phyrexian Arena/Diabolic Tutor), etc (Fork/Crackling Doom/Amulet of Vigor/Disenchant).

I don't wanna take up a whole page, so I'll link my list if you wanna take a look: Kaalia's Revenge. I have reasonings/description for each card in the description. Regardless of what route you wanna take your Kaalia deck, good luck.

DanteBeleren on Alesha, Who Smiles at Death

3 weeks ago

Not a fan of Ghastly Conscription although it sounds fun it's CMC is not worth it when you could simply run Rise of the Dark Realms instead. Tragic Arrogance might be good for an alt boardwipe. Fateful Showdown feels week, if you want/need a wheel effect Reforge the Soul might be good. Without a Living Death style effect, Altar of Dementia feels weak when most all your creatures only hit 2 cards anyway.

Having a few spot removal cards isn't bad for problem cards, but you don't want too many as they aren't super cost efficient. Have a couple, but save them only for a things that are a direct threat to you. I like the following in Mardu as they offer the most coverage and lasting effects (shuffle in or exile).

  • Anguished Unmaking
  • Chaos Warp: Best usage against spellslinger decks, but also used on self for potential trade up.
  • Crackling Doom
  • Disenchant
  • Fork: Not spot removal, but you can use it to copy ramp or counters.
  • Oblation: Use it offensively for removal or defensively so you can draw more.
  • Swords to Plowshares: The trade off will worth it if it gets rid of an Avacyn and doesn't give mana like PTE.
Not to say these are your only options, just some of my more used ones. Also, if you cut your instants down, you can cut Sunforger (it's an awesome card, but is it cost effective for you is the question).

It looks like you're torn on whether you wanna play Stax Alesha or Aggro Alesha. Ideally you want to focus on one and cut the other since they will won't play well together. If you cut the aggro cards, you can add more of a pillow fort package (Ghostly Prison/No Mercy) and additional oppressive cards with cards like Gray Merchant being your win-con. Or if you cut the stax package you can go full on face-punch and include more combat tricks and/or cards that have effects on damage. If you have the funds, pick up both and swap out the cards to switch between to see which you prefer.

Hopefully some of this was helpful and not too much of a ramble. Good luck and +1 from me.

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