Archon of Justice


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
2012 Core Set Rare
Eventide Rare

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Archon of Justice

Creature — Archon


When Archon of Justice dies, exile target permanent from the game.

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Archon of Justice Discussion

Panas on Fort Treva

2 days ago

Alright, I'll make a list of pillowfort cards that you may want to consider. Remember that a pillow fort is not just about taxing people that attack you, it's also about making clear that it's to their disadvantage to spend their resources on you rather than someone else. Taxing is extremely effective early, but later in the game it becomes less relevant.

To counteract this, you can include some cards that demonstrate that when something happens to you, the one who did it has major repercussions (aka rattlesnakes). Take Aura Thief, Archon of Justice and Academy Rector, as well as your Karmic Justice as prime examples of this. Another good one is the white equivalent of grave pact: Martyr's Bond. Michiko Konda, Truth Seeker fulfils a similar role. Last but not least is Dissipation Field.

Then you also have true protection. Cards that specifically state that you cannot be harmed: Solitary Confinement is the best example, but you also have lite versions in Crawlspace and Teferi's Moat. Stormtide Leviathan can work too, but it's very expensive and colour heavy.

The last point I wish to make concerns Privileged Position and its interaction with Sterling Grove.

Overall, the list looks very nice! It's just that people now understand that taxing them is your way of earning time and that you should be considered as a potential big threat late in the game. So the best course of action is to take you out first. No pillow fort can handle a coalition of 3 other players just by taxing.

On a sidenote, how does the deck win???

enpc on Just Stay Dead

6 days ago

Hey guys, sorry for the delayed reply - I've had two super busy weeks at work but that's all over now (it's never over...)

Lilbrudder: Weird Harvest seems... interesting. I do like how cheap and scalable it is, however I can see the downside biting me quite badly in the form of an opponent's Hushwing Gryff or similar. The other thing is that I usually only need to tutor one creature to win (as I usually will have Saffi ready) and so I want my tutoring to be as cheap as possible if I have to do it combo turn, as deploying combos is quite expensive. That's why I've been considering cards like Fauna Shaman which tutor much more cheaply. And if I'm playing it outside of combo turn, I would much rather not feed my opponents creatures.

Caustic Caterpillar is cool and I have been considering it for a while on and off. My only reservation is that while it's cheaper to play than Qasali Pridemage, it costs more to activate. That being said, it's an awesome Yisan 1 drop. I'll add it to the maybeboard. What would you cut for it?

Aven Mindcensor is solid. I've ummed and ahhed about running it in the past but it might be a good replacement for Archon of Justice. I'll maybeboard it too.

Daedalus19876: Congregation at Dawn is interesting. I've seen in in the past and it's good however the mana cost is so saturated T_T. I don't think I would run it over Worldly Tutor but I would consider running it in addition to. Maybeboarded.

Panharmonicon is funny in more casual and more creature heavy decks, however here it feels win more.

Starved Rusalka is actually pretty solid. It's one of the best creature based sac outlets in white/green (there aren't that many to begin with and most of them are rubbish). It's not primarily in the deck as a combo piece, but more to generate value with my commander if needs be. That being said, there is a goofy infinite combo with Titania, Protector of Argoth, Nim Deathmantle, Strip Mine and Gaea's Cradle.

Mortarpod is in there as an additional sac outlet which can be tutored by Stoneforge Mystic which can be in turn tutored via the creature tutors. It also provides a win condition given infinite mana. That being said, you're right in that it's not the strongest card in the deck. It'll most likely get subbed out with cards from the maybeboard.

Cheers for the responses, it's given me a few new ideas as well as helped lock in stuff I was on the fence about.

enpc on Just Stay Dead

1 week ago

I've looked at Song of the Dryads on and off in the past. It's a fairly solid removal card in green.

At the moment, I'm considering swapping out Archon of Justice. While Archon is awesome, at 5 mana I'm really starting to notice the cost.

The other cards I've been considering are Angelic Purge, Mercy Killing and even Oust. That being said, I would much prefer having removal on a body.

SwiftDeath on Let's bring a few cards back

1 month ago

Karador is my all time favorite commander and you play almost like I do. Cards That I recommend for you are; Survival of the Fittest is an auto include in these decks as it fills your graveyard and gets what you need to your hand, Renegade Rallier as another cheap combo with Saffi, Sadistic Hypnotist as a sac outlet that decimates your opponents hands and is recurable with Reveillark, Fiend Hunter is a sac combo with Sun Titan and can be used with sac outlets to permaexile creatures if needed, Demonic Tutor over diabolic tutor for obvious reasons, Archon of Justice is a faster way of exiling permanents then Ashen Rider but you don't get double effects.

You also said you were debating Boon Weaver Combo but that is personal preference. I don't use it in my build because I went with a different card to combo off of by using Aluren + Endless Cockroaches instead. It also combo's with saffi and karador too because everytime karador reenters the battlefield it forgot it already cast a creature from the grave allowing you to recast saffi for free everytime.

I tried to avoid cards you already had and in the maybe board but I will make a follow up post suggesting what to remove when I have more time.

Austin_Smith_of_Cards on Fling the Pain - first EDH deck

2 months ago

Zealous Conscripts can steal anything for a turn, but if it's a particularly large creature, fling it at their face with Brion for maximum lolz.

Malignus instantly cuts an opponent's life total in half, or finishes off weaker players.

Mimic Vat generates the same big creature every turn for Brion fodder. The fact that it can improve what it's creating tokens of is incredibly powerful.

Adarkar Valkyrie and Gift of Immortality rescue creatures sacrificed to Brion for more fling action.

Grab the Reins is either an instant speed Act of Treason, Fling, or both in one card. The utility is what makes it powerful.

Molten Primordial and Conquering Manticore are two more cards that steal opponent's creatures for flinging.

Feldon of the Third Path generates tokens of giant dead creatures in your graveyard already sacrificed to Brion.

Archon of Justice is quite the removal in conjunction with instant-speed sacrifice.

LoneCrusader399 on Let's Get Political...itical

2 months ago

Let us replace some of these bad on theme cards with some good on theme cards.

Cards to cut:

  • Agent of Masks
  • Council Guardian
  • Council of the Absolute
  • Ghost Council of Orzhova
  • Lieutenants of the Guard
  • Treasury Thrull

There are other cards I'd probably cut, but these ones are the absolute worst in my opinion.

And while they are good cards; Drogskol Reaver, Tamiyo, the Moon Sage and Sorin Markov don't seem to be on theme.

Suggestions of cards to add:

Also, there is no Crown of Empires to go with the Throne and Scepter.

rockleemyhero on W: Bulk cards for Isperia ...

4 months ago

Pretty sure i have Whispersilk Cloak, Archetype of Imagination, Archon of Justice, and i have Bident of Thassa (regular of prerelease promo foil)

Here's my binder for anything else that catches your eye: link

Pieguy396 on W: Bulk cards for Isperia ...

4 months ago

I'm looking for some bulk cards to finish off an Isperia the Inscrutable flying "tribal" EDH deck:

Archetype of Imagination, Archon of Justice, Archon of Redemption, Bident of Thassa, Cloudblazer, Gravitational Shift, Judge's Familiar, Peek, Soulcatcher, Spirit of the Hearth, Sprite Noble, Spy Network, Telepathy, Whispersilk Cloak, and Windreader Sphinx.

All of these cards (as well as cards I have for trade) are listed in both my binder and my PucaTrade profile.

Thank you in advance!

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