Day of Judgment


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
2012 Core Set Rare
2011 Core Set Rare
Zendikar Rare
Promo set for Gatherer Rare
Promo Set Rare

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Day of Judgment


Destroy all creatures.

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Day of Judgment Discussion

Oboga on Troll Revenge Deck (Stax)

1 day ago

Maybe swap out Day of Judgment with Damnation

Definitely add in Moat as it works really well with Humility, and is just generally good.

Rzepkanut wouldn't Energy Field be better than Solitary confinement? You can still draw, and it also combos with Rest in Peace or other graveyard hate stuff which is nice to have in a deck anyway.

StopShot on Anya

1 day ago

If you need more cards to help out mana fixing I'd recommend Terramorphic Expanse and Ash Barrens especially since they help out with Emeria Shepherd.

Abolish is another fun card since you can discard an unneeded Plains to cast it for no mana to surprise your opponents. Seal of Cleansing and Aura of Silence are more helpful cards in that you can cast it early and sacrifice it at any time without needing to spend mana on it. Seal of Cleansing and Aura of Silence are also recurrable by Sun Titan and Emeria Shepherd.

Regenerate doesn't normally see a lot of play in EDH so you can run Day of Judgment as a second Wrath of God.

Lastly Worldslayer is brutally powerful for this commander. Since your commander can gain indestructible, equipping this to her is practically a game finisher. I'd recommend also running Steelshaper's Gift and Open the Armory to help search for that equipment to help you reach the end game sooner.

And while we're on the subject of indestructible you could also run Jokulhaups, Devastation, and Obliterate to also guarantee yourself victory by cleaning the board of everything buy your commander.

If you're going to destroy everything on board your Avacyn, Angel of Hope can make board-wipe one-sided. Boros Charm also works in giving your stuff indestructible or could give your commander double strike which could help dealing lethal commander damage to someone or you could also select the 4 damage mode to take out a planeswalker.

Jojonathan on Made in Heaven

2 days ago

Hi Again xXImpetuSXx,

Ho, indeed, my bad. :(Sorry, I didn't memorize the Ban and Restricted List. :(

Thanks for pointing that out, you saved me some money mate !

Hi Again ghoul_Legion

I have 3 Day of Judgment in my stock right now, and I think one of my buddies got a spare Supreme Verdict around.

Yeh, Aurelia, the Warleader RRWW and Akroma, Angel of Fury RRR aretricky to play. I often face the situation where I'm missing White or Red Manas. That's why I put mostly two-colors-lands and Bounces-lands ( Izzet Boilerworks etc etc )

Even Entreat the Angels without Miracle is just unplayable.

That foil Ral Zarek and Platinum Angel are gifts, I know they don't belong in this deck, but I play them for their sentimental value ( Yeah that's not optimized sorry :( )

Yeah, I messed up the lands ratio as well, sorry. I'll fix that in a few days.

I don't want to annoy you with tons of questions heh. Your advices are extremely precious, for I'm not an hardcore MTG Player and your advices are extremely pertinent / relevent !!

Thanks again for your time !!

Snap157 on If you build it, they will die.

2 days ago

Personally I don't see why sweeps like Day of Judgment could be helpful, because unless you can save your creature with indestructable, you're just left with no creatures and a ton of equip costs. Good luck!

ghoul_Legion on Made in Heaven

2 days ago

Well Since Supreme Verdict can't be countered it's obviously better.

Consider that Day of Judgment can be played in decks without blue, so there's that. If your friends don't play much counterspells, I'd go day of judgment.

Also, You have alot of cards with 2X or 3X of the same color cost, those cards gets really hard to play. Playing cards with RR & others with WW is dangerous in a 2 color deck, Here, you have cards with RRWW & RRR you are playing 3 colors. Yes ofc it's playable, but do some playtesting and tell me how often you got to play Aurelia, the Warleader or Entreat the Angels on the turn you draw it. I would probably try to find angels with simpler mana costs.

ALso 22 lands seems a bit low to me. 23-24 lands would be better, and you currently have 63 cards in the deck :)

Ral Zarek doesn't bring much to this deck.

Don't worry you can ask as many questions as you like.Just remember my advices are my own opinions and I'm nowhere near a pro level player :)

Jojonathan on Made in Heaven

2 days ago

Hello once Again ghoul_Legion

I have one last question for you ( If it's okay ! )

Do you like Day of Judgment or Supreme Verdict ?? I like mass-removals, and they might come handy in some match-ups.

Also, I'm a little short on money right now ... Do you think Swords to Plowshares can replace Path to Exile

Thanks Again for your time !!

acht_deck_manager on What life?

4 days ago

Just some thoughts in case they help build off of what Immortalized said or provide any other useful things to look at:


There are a lot of other draw cards too that you might consider:

And countless more. In a deck like this though there's a lot of value to be had in something like Phyrexian Arena since 1 life per upkeep is no biggie with Oloro around


Here's some other good removal to think about:

Slow Down Taxes

Here are some cards that can really halt your opponent's aggression:

Taxing Creatures

Some other creatures worth mentioning that tax an opponent's life:

Other Notables

Here's some other cards that are worth noting:

  • Pristine Talisman combos well if you have Oloro out (Tap to gain life, spend the mana to draw the card and cost each opponent 1 life)
  • Baleful Strix can be great utility in this kind of deck
  • Reliquary Tower Is always great in draw decks

Additional Thoughts

One card I'd definitely recommend ditching is Azor's Elocutors.

Other cards I see that I'd consider removing if it was me:

I used to play an Oloro deck as well (albeit it with a very different affinity ) using a ton more artifacts and some fun combinations around Darksteel Forge and Nevinyrral's Disk . He's a great commander and a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy the deck and can find something useful in any of my suggestions.

Good luck and happy hunting!

thoughtsinknots on Darien Suicide Control

5 days ago

SufferFromEDHD Flagstones seems like a great add to the deck. I've considered the Ankh before but I have enough sources of damage in the deck that the little I get from it could be something else. The outlast creatures though... I'm not sold, they only do something with 2% of my deck and I'm already playing Karma as a lol card :P I'd rather play Angelic Skirmisher or Akroma's Memorial. Rector was in earlier but I don't have any sac outlets so she came out pretty early. I'd rather not win with Helm. I love Catastrophe, it was in the deck for awhile but it came out for curve reasons but I can see it coming back in, that card is bananas. How can I not run Day of Judgment and Wrath of God?? They're too gorgeous to not play!!

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