Desecration Demon

Desecration Demon

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Creature — Demon


At the beginning of each combat, any opponent may sacrifice a creature. If a player does, tap Desecration Demon and put a +1/+1 counter on it.

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Desecration Demon Discussion

SirFowler on Orzhov, Controlers of the Sky

12 hours ago

I feel like Desecration Demon would do well in this deck.

farthernick on Orzhov, Controlers of the Sky

16 hours ago

I've been working on a similar deck.


Archfiend of Depravity and Desecration Demon work rather well as far as closers go, especially seeing how you run more spot removal.

If you decide to keep the scepter, Tithe Drinker might help you bleed them out a bit.

If anything I would recommend some more creatures.

mymanpotsandpans on MBC extract

1 day ago

Desecration Demon is pretty good but try out Abyssal Persecutor. At first you probably notice his large drawback but with 14 cards in the deck that allows you to sacrifice him when needed it should not be as big of a problem. With Lingering Souls running around as is Desecration Demon may be harder to get though for that damage when needed. Try a 2 and 2 split and see what works more often. I like the mono black control elements, good stuff.

thewyzman on TasiGRR The Golden Pain

1 day ago

Zyxix, I finally got to playtest it today and have one of the better EDH players look over my deck today and he said a lot along the same line you did. He convinced me I should transform this back into the Thraximundar deck it once was (before I swapped red for green), which is probably what I'll do, and lean more heavily on sac cards like Devour Flesh, or Desecration Demon, probably stick a Dictate of Erebos in and watch the blood flow.

Thanks for stopping in :)

Athenaaa on Demons

3 days ago


First I will talk about deck direction. After I say what the current state is I will talk about what I don't like and why, weaknesses, and win conditions, and maybeboard. Then I will add some things I like for monoblack.

Deck Direction

Alright, I really like Ghoulcaller as a commander, but it does slightly go against your Demon focus. So I had an idea, let's exploit demons for power, and have Zombies for tempo, utility, and also...power...The catch though, is I think you should focus on zombie tokens only, and have Demons for better midrange and tribal capabilities. That way you can have the tribal effects spread to both evenly without having to sacrifice power from the other. To do this you will need good grave retrieval (since your commander is a sac outlet) and you will need something to counter hate. Also you will need cards that exploit tons of creatures, and cards that push for massive tempo. So let's beatdown with demons and zombies and exploit monoblack's tempo.

Zombie tempo cards: Endless Ranks of the Dead, Moan of the Unhallowed (Somewhat Weak, but can spiral with Ghoulcaller and has flashback))

Demon shit I like that isn't on the list: Desecration Demon, Archfiend of Depravity, Bloodgift Demon, Demon of Wailing Agonies, Ob Nixilis of the Black Oath, Overseer of the Damned, Demonic Hordes, Demonlord of Ashmouth, Griselbrand (Yes I know it's banned, but fuck I don't think it should and I would allow you to have it in your deck), Havoc Demon (It can go agasint you, but it is a pretty big tempo swing and you can use it with your commander pretty well, also tribal), Hollowborn Barghest, Kagemaro, First to Suffer (Kinda weak), Kuro, Pitlord ( I actually love this card), Mark of the Oni, Minion of Leshrac, Reign of the Pit :), Xathrid Demon, Skirsdag High Priest.

TRIBAL: Cavern of Souls, Coat of Arms, Door of Destinies, Cryptic Gateway.

Weak and or Unfitting cards:

Cairn Wanderer: As much as I like this card, In this deck it will at most be a basic 4/4 with slight tribal effects and flying/trample. It's just too weak and has not enough midrange value.

Entrails Feaster: Rofl

Gnat Miser: Most of the time it will do nothing, and you're not playing the control game. Other basic discard effects are much better.

Liege of the Pit: 8 drop 7/7? It's a demon but there are better cards that can replace it and it will hurt you more than help you. If it was supposed to be a sac outlet, your commander does that ofc.

Lifebane Zombie: Not a good midrange card, nor good EDH card. Too situational and wont have enough power to be a threat.

Lord of the Pit: See --> Liege of the Pit

Rag Dealer: Took weak for an EDH card and can go against you occasionally since you want their graveyard as a tool aswell.

Duress: In EDH discard works better, and or cards that do the same thing but provide more value.

Murder: There are better kill spells and since you are playing midrange it will occasionally be a dead card.

Cloud Key: There are better mana rocks and mana ramp (Especially in monoblack)

Mind's Eye: There are better mono black draw mechanics. For example: Greed, Promise of Power etc..

Doom Blade: See --> Murder

Sickening Shoal: See --> Murder

Jet Medallion: I would rely on other forms of mana ramp and more valuable mana rocks such as Commander's Sphere.

Leyline of the Void: See --> Rag Dealer and See --> Deck direction.

Tormod's Crypt: Replace with Bojuka Bog


Life gain: With black, you need life gain, because most of the draw comes at a cost of life, and other demons have abilities that you can better utilize with more life, and you don't want to end up killing yourself.

Good life gain cards: Exquisite Blood, Whip of Erebos, Gray Merchant of Asphodel, Kokusho, the Evening Star, Exsanguinate, Miren, the Moaning Well, Consuming Vapors.


Black has some of the best mana ramp out there, use it, also with having tons of tokens, you can use that to ramp to your advantage, ESPECIALLY when demons are such high cost and you might have some absurd upkeep requirements.

Good ramp cards: Crypt Ghast, Cabal Coffers + Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth , Magus of the Coffers, Myriad Landscape, Caged Sun, Gauntlet of Power, Nirkana Revenant, Thran Dynamo, Commander's Sphere, Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, Ashnod's Altar and Phyrexian Tower (Amazing with all of those tokens).


Holy god you are going to need this to even be able to do the Demon and Zombie extreme tempo shit, luckily for you there are plenty to do this.

Good Reanimate Cards: Necromancy, Dread Return (Literally amazing)), Exhume, Infernal Offering, Rise of the Dark Realms, Stitch Together, Victimize, Nim Deathmantle, Sheoldred, Whispering One, Cauldron of Souls + Mikaeus, the Unhallowed , Makeshift Mannequin, Phyrexian Reclamation, Phyrexian Delver.


You are going to need this, and the way I see it you need to protect your own board while having a chance to come back when losing.

Good anti-tempo and comeback cards: Damnation, Head Games, In Garruk's Wake, Sudden Spoiling, Temporal Extortion, Attrition, Plague Wind Withering Boon, Imp's Mischief, Soul of New Phyrexia, Erebos, God of the Dead.


I like some cards, but here is a list of draw for monoblack I Like more

Good Draw Cards: Greed, Promise of Power, Damnable Pact, Syphon Mind, Diabolic Revelation, Phyrexian Arena.


Alright let's talk win conditions. With your deck, midrange means usually a beatdown and extreme tempo. In EDH sometimes this will bring you to a stalemate which is why you need some alternatives. One sided board sweepers are especcially good when wanting this win con too (In Garruk's Wake and Plague Wind)

Alt 1: Sorin Markov + Wound Reflection Instant 1 person kill

Alt 2: Ashnod's Altar, Cabal Coffers + Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and other mana ramp plus Exsanguinate

Alt 3: Reanimate with Gray Merchant of Asphodel, or Kokusho, the Evening Star

Alt 4: Exquisite Blood + Sanguine Bond Infinite combo.

Alt 5: Beatdown with Bitterblossom + Contamination also Contamination with the amount of tokens you should have is amazing.


Don't Like from that list:

Aspect of Gorgon,Asphyxiate, (Alternatives: Kiku, Night's Flower, Royal Assassin)Butcher's Glee,Coat with Venom,Dark Deal,Deathwind.,Dictate of Erebos, (Alternatives: Butcher of Malakir, Grave Pact)Feast of Dreams,Flatten,Grave Strength,Gravepurge,Grisly Transformation,Self-Inflicted Wound,Wake the Dead,Warchanter of Mogis,Wight of Precinct Six,

Cards that I think are too weak, but are OK cards:

Agent of ErebosBlack Sun's ZenithCorpseweftDutiful AttendantEndless CockroachesGhastly ConscriptionHedonist's TroveMutilateProfane Command


Phyrexian Obliterator, Erebos, God of the Dead, Slaughter Pact, Grave Pact, Contamination, Butcher of Malakir, No Mercy, Nightmare Incursion, Caustic Rain, Beseech the Queen.

I left lands out of the question for the most part, I will handle those in a different post later on.

Zedius on Discard Deck

5 days ago

-1 Exquisite Blood

-1 Sanguine Bond

-2 Liliana Vess

-3 Desecration Demon

-4 Ravenous Rats

-1 Vampire Nighthawk

-2 Hero's Downfall

-1 or 2 Waste Not

-3 Sign in Blood

+3 Pack Rat

+4 Inquisition of Kozilek

+4 Victim of Night, Go for the Throat or Doom Blade

+4 Necrogen Mists

+1 Dakmor Salvage

+2 Duress

Idea for these choices:

Exquisite blood/sanguine blood combo is cute at best. Furthermore I think that they are wasted card slots and drive the deck away from its main win condition

Liliana Vess is 'okay' and is terrible compared to Liliana of the Veil however Necrogen Mists is a decent replacement.

Desecration demon can do some work, but he dies pretty easy and can be worked around. I think more removal is better in place of him. So in my opinion I think he should be scratched as well as hero's downfall and replaced with 4x of the above mentioned cards. You could even go with 3 copies of one of the above and 1x Slaughter Pact however its semi-expensive.

ravenous rats is inefficient compared to a much better Raven's Crime which you already have. Replace him with Pack Rat who has much better aggro and late game potential.

Nyxathid is nice, however go with him OR vampire nighthawk

Hand disruption in which you get to choose which card is removed is vital in this deck. Discard when the opponent has a choice is easily worked around, the former is not which is why I recommend 4 inqusition of kozilek and 3-4 duress till/if you get thoughtseize.

Waste Not is a card that makes discard more efficient however it only aids you in winning and isn't as important as say the rack or shrieking affliction. I think you could cut 1-2 of them

Dakmor Salvage has good synergy with Raven's Crime in that you can sacrifice it to the retrace ability then dredge it back to your hand whenever to do it again.

As you are basically a control deck I think you should up the land counts to atleast 23. If you don't hit your land drops each turn and fall behind on mana, meaning you can't get your critical cards online asap you're going to fall too far behind. You want to start dealing damage with the rack and shrieking affliction ASAP. And besides... any spare land later on can be used for pack rat and raven's crime. Later on you could add Mutavault to further increase pack rat and Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth to counter mutavault's only tapping for colorless downside

Unfortunately adding more land means cutting something else in the mainboard. You need to keep the key cards, the discard effects and the creatures are there since you don't have ensaring bridge. You need the removal cards since you don't have liliana for her sac effect. In my opinion I think Waste Not is the weakest card however you could try throwing vampire nighthawk/nyxathid in the sideboard for more aggressive decks but I don't see that working too well without the Ensaring Bridge's

As for the sideboard heres something I'd start with going from what I saw at the FNM:

3x Surgical Extraction

1x Dismember

2x Bile Blight

2x Relic of Progenitus

2x Darkblast

2x Pithing Needle

1x Pack Rat

1x Syphon Life

1x Drown in Sorrow

Ruffigan on Rakdos, lord of rioting greed!

6 days ago

I would cut Desecration Demon. Replace Gild with Ashes to Ashes. A lot of EDH decks run recursion and you're not running mill so Mindcrank is almost a blessing in disguise for your opponents. Leechridden Swamp activates Rakdos. Winding Canyons to flash in Rakdos during an opponent's turn. Cryptborn Horror is cool but situational, you probably want to run something else. Sheoldred, Whispering One to retrieve fatties from your graveyard. Akoum Refuge is slow, maybe replace with Graven Cairns or Blood Crypt.

DragoLion on The First Rule of Fight Club...

1 week ago

I agree with Telerik on the Twilight Mire idea. also like was stated while playtesting Basilisk Collar, Ambush Viper and other deathtouch things. Really good for you. Also Abyssal Persecutor instead of Desecration Demon. Things I would consider taking out Mwonvuli Beast Tracker, and 2 Sylvan Caryatids. I also think maybe moving Abrupt Decay to the main would be a good idea to get rid of things that your fight spells can't (Like my Basilisk Collar or Boros Reckoner) I will take another look at the others tomorrow buddy. And I will have a whole new gauntlet for you the next time we play. lol. As always may the draws be ever in your favor.

Power / Toughness 6/6
Color(s) Black
Cost 2BB
Converted cost 4
Avg. draft pick 1.03
Avg. cube pick 7.89


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Return to Ravnica Rare


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