Desecration Demon

Desecration Demon

Creature — Demon


At the beginning of each combat, any opponent may sacrifice a creature. If a player does, tap Desecration Demon and put a +1/+1 counter on it.

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Desecration Demon Discussion

buildingadeck on TheHorse

6 days ago

Okay, so how about this trade?


4x Siege Rhino $12

1x Kolaghan's Command $9

For your:

Condescend $1.50

Treasure Mage $2

Loxodon Smiter $8

Legion Loyalist $5

Ghor-Clan Rampager $2

Desecration Demon $1.50

Stinkweed Imp $1

JoshRigone on BR Demigod struggle

1 week ago


I absolutely agree that Kolaghan's Command is a must! That spell is always a 2-for-1, gives you some relevant mainboard Affinity/Tron hate and let's you rebuy Gatekeepers. I absolutely love Blightning (seriously, one of my favorite spells ever printed), but I think that pound for pound, K-Command does more work. My first concern with this list was the lack of card advantage (granted Sign in Blood does help a bit) and K-Command definitely helps bridge that gap a bit.

I think that you should try and drop 1 Go for the Throat and 1 Doom Blade to add in 2 more Terminates. I like both spells, but they are somewhat circumstantial as GFTT is dead against Affinity and Doom Blade can't kill a Tasigur, the Golden Fang Gurmag Angler or Siege Rhino. I do like running some copies of both, but I think that you should try to max out on Terminates first. You can also possibly try a singleton Murderous Cut - I play 1 copy in my Grixis Control list and it really is the best Path impersonation that non-white decks have.

One source of card advantage that you may want to think about is Phyrexian Arena. A friend of mine plays it in his Mono Black Devotion list and loves it. It will definitely help you keep your hand full while ripping your opponent's apart.

Given your previous financial reasoning (which all seems quite sound) I don't think you'll bite on this, but...Olivia Voldaren really is a huge upgrade over Desecration Demon. Where Demon gets shrugged off by Lingering Souls decks, Olivia eats them alive. I would also be inclined to try Mogis, God of Slaughter in that spot. He essentially serves the same taxing role and with Demigod of Revenge running around Mogis will be a creature more often than not. Not to mention the absolute flavor slam dunk of having the God and Demigod hanging out together.

As a final thought, I quite like the idea of upping the count of Geralf's Messengers. As I mentioned earlier, the deck might need more forms of card advantage and Messenger gives you virtual card advantage by granting you 2 creatures for the price of 1.

Nidhöggr on BR Demigod struggle

1 week ago

I really like all of the hand hate, and basic 1-for-1 spells in this deck. But I don't see Gray Merchant of Asphodel being too relevant. I do like the basic aggro package but I'm not sure how good Desecration Demon Is either. I also don't know about how much of an issue money is, so let me know and I can give you some of my thoughts.

Jimmy_Chinchila on UB Control

1 week ago

Spell Pierce is a solid counterspell. Polluted Delta good to fetch Watery Grave. You also need some sweepers like Crux of Fate or Displacement Wave. Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver good against creature decks. Discard also important, Thoughtseize pricey but you could use Duress or Despise. Another good finisher is Pearl Lake Ancient or AEtherling. Perilous Vault also good way to wipe the board. Edict effects also useful, like Foul-Tongue Invocation, Self-Inflicted Wound or Devour Flesh. Desecration Demon can put creature decks under pressure and act as a finisher.

O-Higgs on Sidisi, Friendly Tyrant

1 week ago

I'd also get rid of Desecration Demon. Creatures that are, more or less, just beaters are underwhelming in a 40 life format.

FancyFish on Minotaur Smash

1 week ago

@GobboE I feel like I would rather take out Desecration Demon for Archfiend of Depravity because both are really about sacrificing at the end of the day.

Lightning_Collectors on Modern Budget Jund Midrange

1 week ago

ChiefBell I do have a single Thragtusk but I don't like the idea of getting hit for 5 from pain seer if my health is lower then 6... I will edit this to put thrag in But what are ur thoughts on Vampire Nighthawk and Desecration Demon should I put Sprouting Thrinax? A single Kitchen Finks?

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