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Desecration Demon

Creature — Demon


At the beginning of each combat, any opponent may sacrifice a creature. If a player does, tap Desecration Demon and put a +1/+1 counter on it.

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Desecration Demon Discussion

wolfsokol on dega tempo/control

1 hour ago

I think celestial archon for 2x Stormbreath Dragon or Desecration Demon and young pyromancer could be taken away for more removal such Hero's Downfall and I would add in two more lands

dtardif on control reanimator

6 hours ago

Satyr Wayfinder seems way better than Commune with the Gods -- especially with 3 Shadowborn Demon , you're gonna want 4x Satyrs. Also, it feels like your only way to interact well with your graveyard is Whip of Erebos (Deadbridge Chant is way too high on the curve to be reliable and only does something starting on T7 assuming it doesn't eat enchantment hate; just hard cast these creatures at that point), so you could consider running a few Obzedat's Aid -- which, btw, can reanimate some sweet planeswalkers. The Whip-Obzedat interaction is awesome but it doesn't feel consistent enough at this point to be anything but a magical christmasland outcome. It doesn't feel like you have much removal to speak of so I'm not sure what the point of Sepulchral Primordial is. Speaking of no removal, run some removal or you'll get run over, or a single Scavenging Ooze will ruin your entire deck. Abrupt Decay and Hero's Downfall Bile Blight -- you know the drill.

You could replace maybe half of these big dorks because even running it dry right now, it feels like you have way too many big guys in the board that you can only get into play if you get very good draws. You could cut some of these fatties and put more good stuff in (Shadowborn, Sylvan Primordial, Obzedat), and then actually run some control spells, as you don't really have any despite it being a control deck. If you don't draw a Lotleth Troll then you really don't do anything until turn 5, and you probably will lose in this scenario. It feels like you want more creatures that have broken ETB effects like Sylvan Primordial Shadowborn Demon Angel of Serenity -- Armada Wurm on turn 5 already gets outclassed by most midrange decks and doesn't really stop a Desecration Demon or an unstoppable horde of Pack Rat or Master of Waves or Stormbreath Dragon -- you get the idea.

Anyway, just a bunch of thoughts. I've seen people run this deck with varied success against top decks, and it's fun as hell, so keep at it if you like it.

Necrotech on Rakdos Enchantment Aggro

6 hours ago

Master of the Feast also does not have haste..... I prefer NOT giving advantage to my opponent... tyvm

Mogis's Marauder is good choice, however...

Instead of Master of The Feast... I would consider these cards...

Prophetic Flamespeaker (This guy is ridiculous with a titan's Strength or Mad cap skills)

Desecration Demon ... Hard to get rid of... and sacs.... yum

Twinflame ... Just.. Read it.... nuts

Schuesseled on Manaweft Sliver , the Underused

8 hours ago

The problem with using a lot of mana dorks to fuel some sort of crazy 5 colour chromanticore deck or some such, is that it's really easy to disrupt.

Doom Blade and now my Desecration Demon attacks, you are 1 red mana off playing one of the two chromanticores in the deck, and your opponent would just love you to play one, so he can kill it and make you sad.

Champloo on Disrupting Delver

9 hours ago

Alrighty, sorry Didgeridooda but Runechanter's Pike is made for a deck like this, it will be bonkers pretty much immediately, while in almost all cases, swords are better, they are also a deal more expensive.

I would recommend +2 Gitaxian Probe , +2 Thoughtsieze, +4 Remand +4 Vapor Snag , I'd cut the Cyclonic Rift , Go for the Throat over Doomblade, and swap to SB. I'd cut Dash Hopes . Obviously you can't use it to it's fullest extend but Raven's Crime is an excellent way to disrupt someone's hand.

Obviously, you can't have enough Liliana of the Veil but she's pretty damn expensive.

Also, I'd playtest with Master of the Feast but if it were me, I'd almost always play Desecration Demon over him, 1 more CMC gives and extra +1/+1 and the chance the completely control board state. Card draw is TOO good in modern so you pretty much never want to give your opponent the option

Roguebolt0 on Agent of the Fates

9 hours ago

I would suggest Desecration Demon and a full 4 triton tactics if you want a good beater with a surprise. I run it in my MB Devotion deck and its quite fun untapping my demon for attacks after they sacrifice to him.

harrydemon117 on It's beginning to look a lot like Grixis.

16 hours ago


you're missing the main reason for his inclusion. With DrFunk27's build, he has a Master of Cruelties in the deck. Any direct life loss after his trigger resolves results in a game win. Keranos, God of Storms sets it up so that either he's dealing 3 or else drawing an extra card to get to something that will deal direct damage. He's PERFECT against midrange/control matchups and will probably be taken out vs aggro decks (just my opinion).

as far as the B/W exile "answers" go, there's only 2 from white that can hit Keranos, God of Storms without him being a creature: Banishing Light and Deicide

What black spell were you referring to that could remove the god when it's just in enchantment form?

Also, if decks start maindecking these spells to deal with the gods of Theros block, this opens up the gates for things like Desecration Demon or something else to finish off the opponent, and actually reduces the possibility of my opponent drawing a threat. We still have hand manipulation/discard/counterspells to deal with their "answer" to Keranos, God of Storms before we cast him

NobleRooster on Dimir Inspire (Disciple of Deceit-dot-dec)

18 hours ago

I just built my own disciple deck, but I focused on all 4 mana cards. Literally. The only not 4 mana card is disciple. Although this can give your opponent somewhat of an edge (you'll be slower and they can guess when you can counter/kill by how much mana is open a lot easier) you can tutor ANYTHING. Need a counter for Gray Merchant of Asphodel ? Need a kill spell for Desecration Demon ? A bigger body to beat down control? Anything and everything in this deck can be used. It needs refining, but this concept we've discovered can be very potent. keep working on it, we'll break this somehow! My deck is Disciple of Deceit Price

Low Avg High Foil
$3.32 $4.56 $12.0 $12.27
Power / Toughness 6/6
Color(s) B
Cost 2BB
Converted cost 4
Avg. draft pick 3.08
Avg. cube pick 7.15


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Extended Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
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