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Desecration Demon

Creature — Demon


At the beginning of each combat, any opponent may sacrifice a creature. If a player does, tap Desecration Demon and put a +1/+1 counter on it.

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Desecration Demon Discussion

thispersonisagenius on Putrefy

7 hours ago

Yeah, I think Junk is really well positioned as I said on your PTQ report, just because Lingering Souls > Liliana. I do agree that Boswell's maindeck Olivia Voldaren and Grim Lavamancer were very innovative tools to beat that card specifically, and one-up the matchup. He even boarded in Sword of Light and Shadow . Damn brilliant.

The Sword of Light and Shadow is something I would try to fit into my sideboard going forward, as equipping it to a Spirit makes it unblockable in the mirror and invincible save Lightning Bolt , but your opponent will never have four Bolts that they want to use on your Lingering Souls . If you can keep it in play, you will win the game.

Now that Souls Rock is the most prominent BGx deck, that Desecration Demon idea sort of goes out the window, and the Abyssal Persecutor idea seems a little better. The thing with Persecutor is that they either spend a card on it or they lose the game, and they can't chump with Spirits all day. Not to mention the fact that it eats Olivia.

I'll suggest a few cards I think could fit well going forward. I've seen some Skinrender out of sideboards before, though I'm not sure what they were meant to deal with. They kill Olivia Voldaren if you can do it immediately afterwards, and keep her small if you don't.

You probably have a reason for not playing it, but Phyrexian Obliterator is gas against everything. Why didn't you choose to play it? Presumably the damage factor from Bob, but there may be other reasons.

Ah, one more thing just came to mind. Engineered Explosives deals with pretty much everything out of Junk, killing all their non-token creatures and Souls tokens if you need it to. While it does kill your stuff, I see it in a lot of BGx decks so it must be good :)

Putrefy on So I went to a ...

16 hours ago

@ thispersonisagenius

I tried different things already with my deck. At one point I was running 3 Pack Rat and 2 Mutavault main (split 2/2 with tec-edge), but I didn't like that plan a lot. I read that Lifebane Zombie would be strong, but only if you don't expect too much B/G, affinity or b/w tokens. He's great against big zoo and Pod, but the former is non-existent right now and I don't want to run a card that's only good in one certain match-up. Well maybe he could be good in the mirror, to snatch a Tarmogoyf or Scavenging Ooze and it can only be blocked by Dark Confidant (lovely trade...) and it can draw an Abrupt Decay so your Ooze/Goyf sticks... hmm... need to think about this some more.

As for the Abyssal Persecutor : I dislike that I have to somehow remove him to actually win the game, and I have only 6 ways to do so. It's a very powerful card nonetheless. But if you fail to find the key-removal in time you might end up loosing.

Desecration Demon is also an option I considered but dismissed it, because I was expecting more pod-decks than I actually encountered and he's really bad there. Also he's generally not that great against decks that run disposeable creatures like affinity (thopter) or g/w (VoR).

At one point I even tried Master of the Feast but it's kinda contrary to the actual aim of grinding your opponent out, if you steadily fill their hand with gas. I think he could work in an U/B/x(maybe Esper)-Delver-Tempo list.

An Option I'm keen on testing is running 1 or 2 Polukranos, World Eater . He could be insane against Pod, Affinity (shooting down 2 mana-dorks or 2 fliers from affinity) or maybe even delver-lists and provides a huge threat against control-decks (at worst he draws a Path to Exile at best he wins the game for you.

Maybe you could run Victim of Night instead of Slaughter Pact . It has less restrictions for sure. But I like the blow-out potential of Pact when you're tapped out.

As for Bitterblossom : I see the arguments for it. But I think the life-loss is too huge of a drawback given that I don't run Courser. I might consider it in the future.

Thank you all for your feedback.

thewyzman on Not Enough Removal!!

17 hours ago

Just take out all the creatures, toss in three more Vraska's and call it good.

Well, maybe just keep a Reaper in for the hexproof and scry, or a Desecration Demon for flying and pseudo-removal.

rob1nb on Blue Agent

21 hours ago

@musselhead Another great demon instead of Desecration Demon can be Indulgent Tormentor , I think. I just got him from a booster pack, gonna try it out!

ManiacMike0643 on G/B Baby Rock

22 hours ago

Thoughtseize seems unnecessary here, whatever they have you almost certainly have an answer for it, so i would take them all out, and instead go for another Reaper of the Wilds , another Desecration Demon and 2 Nissa, Worldwaker

thispersonisagenius on So I went to a ...

1 day ago

My bad for not reading the post carefully enough :)

You make a lot of good points. I think Garruk Wildspeaker does fit better when you can use him with Lingering Souls , and I actually really like the innovation with Nissa, Worldwaker . I've seen lists play Desecration Demon , Lifebane Zombie (in the sideboard) and even Abyssal Persecutor to either have a bigger threat or disrupt people further. What are your thoughts on replacing Thrun with one of these or adding one of them to the deck?

Another removal spell that just came to mind is Victim of Night . Unless you're seeing a lot of Huntmasters or Dredgevine decks (which I'll rather safely presume you don't), it's a powerful card. I might play a singleton or two just for the versatility.

In my opinion, Bitterblossom is quite strong against Affinity so long as you can manage the lifeloss, and is rather strong in the mirror (BGx decks) if you can protect it from Abrupt Decay . Like you said, the mirror has trouble dealing with a large board presence, and Bitterblossom lets you create that without as much mana investment and card disadvantage.

MagicalHacker on 2014-07-27 update of Rise up, ...

1 day ago

With Gisa, two things are going to benefit incredibly:

Zombie token tribal (obviously)

Cheap huge creatures (wait, what?)

So cards like Phyrexian Dreadnought and Hunted Horror are going to be all stars! (With a lot of them, you may have to activate Gisa's ability right when they enter, sometimes in response to their ETB, in order to alleviate their downsides: Phyrexian Soulgorger , Nyxathid , Drinker of Sorrow , Master of the Feast , Phylactery Lich , Phyrexian Negator , Desecration Elemental , Waning Wurm , Abyssal Persecutor , Desecration Demon , Grinning Demon , Stenchskipper , and Crumbling Colossus )

Happy deck tweaking!