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Desecration Demon

Creature — Demon


At the beginning of each combat, any opponent may sacrifice a creature. If a player does, tap Desecration Demon and put a +1/+1 counter on it.

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Desecration Demon Discussion

rochdalekilla9 on Recycling for the Living Impaired

55 minutes ago

I think you may want to consider adding a couple more creatures into this deck. I agree with jchudz about Master of the Feast . In my deck, I run 4x Desecration Demon , 3x Liliana's Reaver and 2x Pack Rat , although I may substitute the Pack Rat for Deathrite Shaman . Here is my deck if you want to take a look------> Goodbye Hand, Hello Victory (3-1 at FNM). You should definitely consider Mind Rot as well and may side out the Doom Blade for 2x Dreadbore . Doom Blade should be a sideboard card. Also, the only reason I would ever consider using Master of the Feast is if I was running Tormented Thoughts . Just food for thought.

acousticcancer on Take Three, They Said..

8 hours ago

very interesting deck you have, cant say ive seen something like it before. My two suggestions are Nyx-Fleece Ram in place of Soldier of the Pantheon to wall and gain life, i dont think soldier fits here since your not an aggro deck. and Master of the Feast in place of Desecration Demon , the card advantage they gain honestly isnt that bad as they have 5 turns to kill it or they lose, and if you have two out...well theyre pretty much screwed.

byepolarbear on Put your hands where I can see them

16 hours ago

In general I'm not too impressed with Indulgent Tormentor TBH. Gives too many outs for the opponent. It's all value every time but there are enough options that your opponent can just choose the least annoying of them. More importantly though it dies to basically every piece of removal in the set. From Lightning Strike to Hero's Downfall to Ulcerate . Creatures with 3 toughness or less all fall into this unfortunate position but either they don't cost much or they have very strong abilities that have an immediate effect on the game. Indulgent Tormentor doesn't though. They even get an entire turn to kill him before the ability triggers. Another Liliana Vess would probably help you more than Indulgent Tormentor .

Perhaps -2 Hall of Triumph -1 Indulgent Tormentor for +1 Master of the Feast +1 Desecration Demon +1 Liliana Vess ?

musselhead on Grixis Standard

16 hours ago

The thing about Mogis, God of Slaughter is he comes out faster and hits harder than Elspeth, Sun's Champion .
Turn 3 Nightveil Specter , Turn 4 Mogis, and Turn 5 Stormbreath Dragon (After a couple Thoughtseize ) is pretty hard to deal with.
Follow up with a couple Desecration Demon and they lose before they can even cast Elspeth.

Also, I recommend using the amount of discard to your advantage, such as including Nighthowler

Complexbullet on Did Somebody Say Life Gain?

16 hours ago

Nice deck, have you considered Archangel of Thune ? good flyer with lifelink and buffs all your creatures +1/1 each time you gain life. Adds a solid blocker when pumped against cards like Desecration Demon and Master of the Feast . Maybe drop one Wall of Essence and one Nyx-Fleece Ram for two Archangels as youve got quite a few blockers already. Also I agree with Oaf Ajani Steadfast would be a good edition and I'd even suggest Ajani, Caller of the Pride cheaper to play, buffs for +1 or just -3 straight away and give your buffed Ajani's Pridemate or Soul of Theros flying and doublestrike, good game ender. +1 from me.

hereticloki on A: Destroy your opponent, or B: The world (Then A)

17 hours ago

StanleyHartman it's only 7 enter tapped lands, but I understand your point. When I was first crafting the deck I started out with Thoughtseize in the 1 CC slot. But I swapped it for Exp 1 as a cost measure ($60 for a playset of Thoughtseize). After playtesting, with all the pain lands and the fact that the deck takes an early pounding from faster decks, I'm still leaning away from Thoughtsieze.

I hadn't really considered going with another larger creature, but Reaper of the Wilds was considered for the Desecration Demon curve topping slot. I'm worried about Herald of Torment for the same reason as Thoughtseize, self inflicted damage. But he does fly.

Think another mana dork Elvish Mystic would be worth it? Turn 2 Loxodon Smiter ?

I'm thinking of coming back after a Planar Cleansing as much as a normally reached mid game boardstate

Dexter_Jexter on Enjoy the feast... it will be your last

22 hours ago

@JellyWafflez Oh wow I completely forgot about Mogis's Marauder , definitely a playset of him going in instead of the Desecration Demon and Sign in Blood . Unfortunately I can't afford to get any Mutavault at the moment though I would love to have some.

JellyWafflez on Enjoy the feast... it will be your last

22 hours ago

If you're running Pain Seer , I would suggest not running Desecration Demon . Taking 4 is pretty big. Now I understand it's suicide black, but you will literally kill yourself. 3 should be the highest cmc among all your spells. Take them out for Mogis's Marauder , that way you can swing for huge damage without your opponent being able to block. Also, Mutavault would be great in here!