Desecration Demon


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2017 Edition (MM3) Rare
Duel Decks: Nissa vs. Ob Nixilis (DDR) Rare
Return to Ravnica (RTR) Rare

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Desecration Demon

Creature — Demon


At the beginning of each combat, any opponent may sacrifice a creature. If a player does, tap Desecration Demon and put a +1/+1 counter on it.

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Desecration Demon Discussion

DotaFerShota on GB Rock (budget)

3 days ago

SynergyBuild I never knew that was a card! I will test it out. My first instinct is the evasion on Desecration Demon could be relevant.

SynergyBuild on GB Rock (budget)

3 days ago

I feel like dropping Desecration Demons for some other fatty like Erebos's Titan, it has more protection, and self-recursion with Scavenging Ooze synergy. Triple black is a little hard to get, but easier than Phyrexian Obliterator that many lists run.

MTGsnaaf31 on The Monoblack Deck Reborn

6 days ago

Oldschool930 Exactly! Desecration Demon is one of my favorite black cards ever, too bad Demon of Catastrophes cant quite live up to it. There isn't that much to sacrifice in this deck either...

Anyway I forgot all about Walk the Plank there are almost no merfolks around in standard so I will change Cast Down for it. Thanks!

Oldschool930 on The Monoblack Deck Reborn

1 week ago

LOVE Doom Whisperer...the newest incarnation of Desecration Demon (though maybe not quite as good). Maybe consider Walk the Plank? I think this could work...playtesting and such might help you tweak for the metagame in your area.

JohnnyBoyG on Heartless Monsters Stompy

2 weeks ago

Having a very low match one winrate against an archetype that's a large portion of the field is a bad idea, especially when games 2 and 3 are "winnable" but not guaranteed. Languish is your only truly strong card vs tribal decks, the rest are more roadblocks than game winners. And even if you give yourself a 60% chance of winning games 2 and 3, your match winrate is still 36% (a little higher because you have a slight chance of winning game one). I don't think a good win rate against the rest of the field can justify that.

Of course, all this is based on the current metagame, and if you believe that midrange will be making a resurgence, then this will soon be a very powerful deck. However, I fear that things are not as good for midrange as you seem to believe. Part of the reason tron is dying is because midrange is played so little.

I don't think you can justify Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma with your high curve. Yes, you do need ramp to play it. However, something like Explosive Vegetation is arguably better. Both cards ramp you for 2, but one can be easily removed and the other can't. (Of course, something like Rampant Growth is probably even better, but that's a less direct comparison).

I think your major misconception is that Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma is ramp and a body. However, it is merely ramp or a body. Unless your opponent has very few creatures on the battlefield, you won't be able to attack with it without them killing it. This is also why the deathtouch-trample interaction is not that relevant-it pretty much only matters when they have the same number of creatures as you and they're low on life-otherwise, you lose your Goreclaw. And there's only a few relevant creatures it is capable of blocking. So it really isn't that much better than Explosive Vegetation.

Of course, you can make tempo swings that you couldn't make with Explosive Vegetation. But in matchups in which such swings matter, turn 5 is far too late.

I don't like either of the maybeboard cards. Myr Superion on turn 4 with goreclaw isn't spectacular. And getting it with Heartless summonings is too inconsistent. Desecration Demon is abysmal on defence commpared to other fatties, so you should not run it.

HashMasta on Night's Oppression

3 weeks ago

So first, Welcome to modern buddy :D

So I don't know what your budget is, but I since you have fetch lands and other pricey stuff, it isn't to cheap. If it is though let me know I will get you some cheaper stuff.

So first think i notice is glimmer, there are so so so many better draw spells in modern, for instance, Night's Whisper, Sign in Blood, Serum Visions, Deep Analysis and many others. Those I could just name off the top of my head.

Next up is your grasp of darkness, While I am a huge fan of this card back when ogw was legal in standard, there are certain kill spells that work better. Dismember is better in that if you need it in a 1 mana pinch, 4 life and 1 mana. If you wanted more boardwipe kinda stuff, i find Mutilate rather good. Then there is always the good old Damnation and single targets like Go for the Throat and Cast Down

I would also do Ghost Quarter instead of Field of Ruin but honestly that can be more personal preference.

I would also do Gatekeeper of Malakir for your chupacabra. While you cant target it, you will find in modern lower cmc is probably better. Also, it will get around your hexproof and indestructible creatures.

And I would strongly recommend to dump your scarab gods. I know coming out of standard you probably think he is the best thing since Ancestral Recall. But it is way way to slow for modern. If you want high mana cmc threat, Phyrexian Obliterator will keep your opponent on his toes without proper answers. Desecration Demon is gonna hit hard either on their board or their life total. Gray Merchant of Asphodel. Since you have a good amount of devotion, this will probably hit for 5-6 every time you cast him. and it only becomes more dangerous as the game progresses when you flood the board with creatures. And although it is really high mana and you probably wont cast it effectively, Sheoldred, Whispering One is practically game ending if you use her right. Although good luck casting a 7 cmc creature without tron lands

While I could give you 100 suggestions of cards, it all relies on you and what you decide. Modern is a very diverse format and has plenty of cards in it to suit anyones needs and wants towards the perfect deck they want. So all i can really say is just experiment with cards. Use different versions, test new themes, all the good stuff. Just remember to always have fun :3

Spirits on Budget Thraximundar - EDH $50

1 month ago

Night's Whisper $1.58 is too much, Sign in Blood is $0.18 (and can target opponents), Read the Bones is $0.16 but I don't like the CMC3. Night's Whisper/Sign in Blood definitely the best. Brainstorm $0.70 is even better imo. Ponder is $2.30 so not a great option. Brainstorm/Sign in Blood best for budget. Altar's Reap don't like it either. Costly Plunder also not quite right.

Telling Time also not bad in budget $0.23 lets you scry one to bottom and replaces itself.

Dimir Signet $1.80 is so much. Talisman of Dominance $1.29 is better because it's CMC2. Also, Talisman of Indulgence $0.72. Fellwar Stone $1.25 but less predictable. I think the Signets are great, but $1.80 is tough.

Baleful Strix is $2.95 but pretty amazing, if you free up enough cash for him.

Archfiend of Depravity $1.01 can dominate this format, you've seen it from my Glissa, the Traitor deck.

Displacement Wave slows you down too much I feel, it can give you a Thraximundar alone. You control it with , but it's not going to work in 1 hour format, outside of the 1 hour feel it's pretty weak anyway.

Soul's Fire also feels wrong, a turn you cast Thraximundar you won't have mana for it, only a handful of creatures going to deal enough to be of consequence.

Shrieking Affliction is going to guarantee that 3x players are attacking you, and it's too slow to win you the game.

Nighthowler is a better Wight of Precinct Six (you can run both), he is CMC3, but he also counts your graveyard, and he also has Bestow if you have the extra mana (modular)

Consuming Aberration is a higher CMC, but he can also build the graveyards, remember that time SolomonsEfreet had him out. But high CMC. $1.90 too.

Can up you mana ramp with stuff like Mycosynth Wellspring $0.15,

You have Fleshbag Marauder & Merciless Executioner but missing their good buddy Slum Reaper $0.19.

Traveler's Amulet and Wanderer's Twig are great for color fixing and ramping. Wayfarer's Bauble goes onto the battlefield for CMC1 more.

Deadeye Navigator has lots of positive applications in your build, but he's $2.15. I won't list everyone, you can read the LTB/ETB guys, but Peregrine Drake is infinite ETB & infinite mana.

Murder always a nice multi-purpose removal in this format.

Far // Away $0.24 can also be handy.

You're mana source distribution is quite good 24% / 24% / 37% .

Vona's Hunger was pretty good when SolomonsEfreet played it.

Diabolic Tutor for Torment of Hailfire or the other half of Rite of Replication / Gray Merchant of Asphodel win-con.

Dark Petition is $2.32 but can assist with casting the Gray Merchant of Asphodel, I also don't mind Razaketh's Rite because I just cycle it for if it's drawn early on.

Desecration Demon might be fun, he's only CMC4.

I think your fairly balanced too, maybe a little too heavy on Sorcery, sub 1 for an instant or another creature or artifact.

One of the nice things with Thraximundar is you should get left alone early on because your not an immediate threat vs. someone like your Xenagos.

I wouldn't go counterspell (maybeboard has so many), won't work in this format effectively.

Havengul Lich has some recursion built in, but wouldn't say he's really that synergistic with Thraximundar but he can target others graveyards.

He's not a Xenagos, God of Revels but a good serviceable Commander in $50 budget. Crosis, the Purger no way lol, Sedris, the Traitor King would also work but he the same CMC anyway,

Dublomon on Black Control

1 month ago

the problem with Mutilate is that it could possibly kill Gurmag Angler or Desecration Demon too. So i rather run Languish over it. Undying Evil is a great suggestion though.

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