Elvish Piper


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Masters 25 (A25) None
2010 Core Set (M10) Rare
Tenth Edition (10E) Rare
Ninth Edition (9ED) Rare
Ninth Edition Foreign Black Border (9EDFBB) Rare
Eighth Edition (8ED) Rare
Seventh Edition (7ED) Rare
Urza's Destiny (UDS) Rare

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Elvish Piper

Creature — Elf Shaman

{{G}}, Tap: You may put a creature card from your hand onto the battlefield.

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Elvish Piper Discussion

NV_1980 on Life uh... finds a way

2 weeks ago


We like your deck! We'd recommend Urza's Incubator or cards like it to make your dino-casting a bit cheaper. Also we'd definitely recommend adding some more cheap-to-cast artifact mana rocks overall like the signets (Boros Signet, etc.) so that you have something to cast during the first few turns. Weathered Wayfarer, Burgeoning, Exploration or Land Tax might also be useful in this stage, should you have an of them. Another option would be to add some cheaters into your deck like Elvish Piper, Champion of Rhonas, Quicksilver Amulet, etc.

Hope this helps. Please let us know! Also, we'd appreciate your feedback on one of our EDH decks.


Mrs. and Mr. NV_1980

Vile-Wesker on Nissa, vastwood commander

2 weeks ago

Elvish Piper does loads of work in decks like these. Thanks for your help with my Thantis Political Slaughterhousedeck btw.

generalrenard on 5C Dragon Help - Looking ...

3 weeks ago

Also for Scion of the Ur-Dragon you have access to stupid win conditions like Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon plus the dragon with fire breathing for to instantly kill an opponent.

For just free-casting, I would recommend either going full graveyard for the best reanimation spells like Dread Return, or a ton of ramp with a few free-cast cards, namely Omniscience and Show and Tell. Those two cards can just win you the game if you have them in your hand together along with protection. Other free-casters include Elvish Piper, Dragonstorm, and Tooth and Nail.

For stupid tribal fun, you could run Conspiracy and Arcane Adaptation to make all cards dragons to tutor with Scion of the Ur-Dragon.

enpc on The Deckwatch [Home Base]

1 month ago

I think Omnispell Adept is going to be one of those "overhyped but ultimately only sees casual play" kind of cards. She feels like the Elvish Piper of spells. But I could be very wrong.

What are peoples' opinions on Knight of Autumn versus Reclamation Sage? Knight does more but rec sage is cheaper to cast.

Sillynx on How to Werewolf EDH Right!

1 month ago

Trying to build my own Werewolf deck rn. I think Elvish Piper and Quicksilver Amulet make great additions, as they allow you to put more creatures into play without casting them.

Mitrian on Teeth, Claws and a Huntress Goddess

1 month ago

I always love the big beastie style decks, and this one looks fun too! Two cards immediately come to mind as I’m reading through your list:

They don’t necessarily bring anything new, but they give you more coverage for some of the most powerful elements of the deck.

As for what to replace, a lot of that is personal preference. I’ve never been a fan of Greater Good outside of reanimator decks. And maybe between Mirri's Guile, Sensei's Divining Top, Scroll Rack, and Sylvan Library, just pick three of those four. Top deck manipulation and extra draw is excellent, but might be too much redundancy, maybe? You do have a LOT of good draw effects included already.

catar2 on Xenagos and his hitmen

1 month ago

Going through your suggestions Geralf_Cecani and Cloudius...

  • bloodmist: nice card and already in the 99
  • Gratuitous Violence: is interesting. First, I thought that increasing the devotion and making Xenagos a creature should be avoided if possible, but this card can be played for the showdown. I will give it a try.
  • Furnace of Rath: I prefer Gratuitous Violence over this one. If your opponents have no removal to a problem, they always have player removal. Furnace of Rath makes it easier for them to team up and kill me. This is the problem that I currently have to face.
  • Combat Celebrant: reads like the plan that I want to focus on. However, the downside is that I have to target him with Xenagos to give him haste and waste the +X/+X trigger on him. I need a third thing to give him evasion. On the other side: this card is nuts, when combined with other extra combat abilities that also untap the Combat Celebrant enabling him to become exerted for a third combat phase :D. As tempting as it sound, I think he is too vulnerable against any removal with only 1 point of toughness. People play Lightning Bolt in my playgroup.
  • Lightning Runner: Man, I whish there would be more support for energy counters in EDH. The runner without any further energy sources seems for me to be too tricky to pull off. I would have to attack four times with him before I return my investment.
  • Marwyn, the Nurturer: A beast in Elf decks, but has no support here. Outside of Elf tribal I prefer to have a good mix between land, creature and artifact based ramp. You are less vulnerable against boardwipes and you can boardwipe yourself in case of emergency without kicking yourself back into the stone age.
  • Spellbinder: Wow, that is a card! Problem though: I only run 8 instants without being able to tutor for them. That makes it a dead card most of the time. Gamble has tricked me too many times that I would run this tutor again.
  • Sneak Attack: Thought of it as well. The problem is that I have to sac the creature afterwards and they are the limited core ressource. Instead, I run Elvish Piper which does the same and leaves the creature unharmed.
  • Mana Reflection: Might be a really good card. Lorwyn comes with a price tag and it does less than Zendikar Resurgent. But hey, this deck craves for mana.
  • Defense of the Heart: Love it! Cheap, fits with the game plan, will draw enchantment removal, but if it sticks for a turn we are going down the beat em up road. Thanks!
  • Triumph of the Hordes: This card is nuts, but not in my deck. As it says in the name, it needs a horde. My bois are like soldiers attached to a line in a plane waiting for their parachute jump. One at a time. I might kill one opponent, but thats it.

faultypuppy on Tymna & Sidar Academy Hulk

1 month ago

PookandPie SynergyBuild First off just to give everyone a little more information my meta consists of Animar, Zur Shimmer Storm, Paradox Arcum, Gitrog Frog, Chain Veil Teferi, Jarard Protean Hulk, and then a bunch of random more casual stuff, however the mentioned lists are fully competitive. Natural Order will definitely be getting tested at some point since I've yet to struggle to get a green creature out. As for Manglehorn I've been on the fence about it for a while. I also play a cEDH Yisan list that runs it and it does very well there, although I may cut Elvish Piper for it. This is the first graveyard focused deck I've built and initially I wanted to make sure I had enough ways to cheat protean hulk out but I haven't had a situation where Piper is the fastest answer. Usually Fauna Shaman ends up functioning like I want Piper to. Toxic Deluge probably would end up hurting this deck more than helping because Animar is the only other deck in my meta where creatures really matter.Loyal Retainers has been such a flex slot I still haven't bought it in paper haha I mostly just wanted the redundancy of Rallier in case one got exiled or whatever. I've only managed to get about 10 real games in and it's performing well right now but there's definitely room for improvement, and yes you're correct in assuming Bloom Tender will be replacing Caryatid. I'd also like to work Elesh Norn into the deck so I could have another game changing reanimation target, but I'm not sure if it is worth running if I don't also run the Living Plane combo with it. Again thanks for the help!

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