Wall of Omens


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eternal Masters (EMA) Uncommon
Duel Decks: Sorin vs. Tibalt (DDK) Uncommon
MTG: Commander (CMD) Uncommon
Rise of the Eldrazi (ROE) Uncommon
Promo Set (000) Uncommon

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Wall of Omens

Creature — Wall


When Wall of Omens enters the battlefield, draw a card.

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Wall of Omens Discussion

dragonforce60 on Esper Wall-Mill

7 hours ago

Awfully did the math and I think you'll need 24 lands for this guy. Mainly wanted to say Wall of Omens , Tree of Perdition , and Wall of Tanglecord . But there's tonnes of other stuff too Hedron Crab , Jace's Phantasm , Glimpse the Unthinkable , Crypt Incursion , Mind Funeral , Archive Trap , Visions of Beyond , Manic Scribe . There are cheaper options for answers instead of 2-drop countermagic seeing as this guy isn't purely controlly Condemn , Dismember , Inquisition of Kozilek etc.. For the sideboard you have access to stuff like Dispel , Ratchet Bomb , Tormod's Crypt , Spell Snare etc..

Best of luck mill always looks fun!

dragonforce60 on Boros Legends

2 days ago

EDIT: Doubled back because this is a lot of suggestions, all in good cheer!

Cool build! This needs 25-28 lands (I awfully did some calculating). My suggestion would be make room for removal (3 path to exile etc..) to give this deck the midrange it needs to drop the explosive cards. 2x Dismember comes to mind, 3x Lightning Bolt , Lightning Helix is super powerful in home brews too. Even 1-4X Wall of Omens will hold them off for angels etc... In terms of cuts, I know that most pros run 1x Tagic, Legion's Edge. Could even get away with a couple Metallic Mimic naming humans, Thalia's Lieutenant comes to mind as well.

dragonforce60 on B/W Devotion

3 days ago

Nice call on 3 path’s, that’s the commonly run # with pro’s!!! Geralf's Messenger is cool, a single Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet can be fun. Another Gary comes to mind! 2 Go for the Throat , 2 Dismember , Relentless Dead iunno just flapping my gums at this point, 1 Hero's Downfall . Wall of Omens all day

kappa2583 on Wrath of the Sun

5 days ago

Thanks, Kjartan. There looks like there might be some Azorius cards coming out soon that I'm interested in for the sideboard; specifically, High Alert for when I may have to rely on more creatures after game 1 and would work well with Wall of Omens .

dragonforce60 on Mono-White Angel Human

6 days ago

Great to see dauntless bodyguard getting some play! You're the herooo

What that other guy said: There's an mtg goldfish video on youtube "how many lands" that does great things

Metallic Mimic 2-of in humans

Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx one-of

Kytheon, Hero of Akros  Flip 2-of

Dismember 2-of

Path to Exile 3-of

All in good cheer, Condemn and Gods Willing to boost removal/combat tricks, if this was my deck i'd play close to 20 answers for the explosive angels.

Sleeper, boosts midrange, replaces removal, blocks all day... Wall of Omens 1-4 of

mainly nykthos doh

cdkime on Monowhite Angel - (Maybe Add Green)

6 days ago

Scattered Groves is pretty bad in Modern. The possibility of cycling it is not worth the risk you have to have a land enter the battlefield tapped. I would recommend Temple Garden , as it is both a fantastic land and relatively inexpensive due to a recent reprint.

RedmundR2's suggestions are all very good. I would recommend four copies of Path to Exile ; four of a mana dork (term for creature that produces mana), and 2 copies of Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx . Beyond your mana dorks, I would not invest too heavily in Green, as that is going to weaken your devotion.

Wall of Omens is a decent little 2 drop, which replaces itself in your hand and provides a decent blocker in the early game.

You're still going to have some problems, as Angels are not the strongest tribe in Modern, but a stronger removal package, some early blockers, and some ramp will certainty help.

Darth_Savage on Abzan Sacrifice

1 week ago

Odd ass this may sound, you might have too many creatures and the creatures you have may also need minor adjustment. Renegade Rallier , Wall of Omens , Strangleroot Geist or Selfless Spirit seem like they would be ideal as does Eldritch Evolution in a sacrifice deck. I wouldn't play a graveyard strategy here, one, decks are running graveyard hate in the main-board and two, you won't do it as well as a deck dedicated to it.

Siege Rhino and Restoration Angel would be viable with Eldritch, Qasali Ambusher would already be good in your deck, but it's even better if you can cast it for free then flip it over to a Thragtusk or Sigarda, Host of Herons . You also want a basic Plains in your deck, heck you might want to go to 20 land.

I guess what I'd do as a starter is:

-2 Birds of Paradise -2 Blood Artist -1 Collected Company -1 Rally the Ancestors -2 Cartel Aristocrat

+2 Land (1 a Plains) +1 Siege Rhino +1 Renegade Rallier +1 Restoration Angel +3 Eldritch Evolution

As an aside, the single best card to use with Varolz, the Scar-Striped is Death's Shadow ... I hope this is of some help, good luck with your brew.

dragonforce60 on Token Cats With Artifacts

1 week ago

I did some awful calculating, turns out this is a 29(+) lander.

Removal / mana acceleration is a possibility with given colors: Lightning Bolt (X3), Condemn, a playset of Llanowar Elves could bring it to a 27 lander, a playset of Wall of Roots could bring it to a 25-lander (it generates mana right away, plus it's high toughness will probably stall opponents- like Wall of Omens would)

but mainly a single Brimaz, King of Oreskos would be sheer fun for the value

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