Fires of Yavimaya


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Planechase Anthology Uncommon
Vintage Masters Uncommon
Conspiracy Uncommon
Commander 2013 Uncommon
Duel Decks: Heroes vs. Monsters Uncommon
Planechase 2012 Edition Uncommon
Archenemy Uncommon
Planechase Uncommon
Invasion Uncommon

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Fires of Yavimaya


Creatures you control have haste.

Sacrifice Fires of Yavimaya: Target creature gets +2/+2 until end of turn.

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Fires of Yavimaya Discussion

Errast on Xenabro

18 hours ago

Sorry to comment again so soon, but there's a few cards I forgot to list above.

Cyclops Gladiator is another Tyrant's Familiar, in case you feel your removal is lacking.

Urabrask the Hidden is a creature that gives all your other creatures haste., fantastic if you need hast, and don't want to run Fires of Yavimaya.

Stonehoof Chieftain is a big beater that can't be beat by most removal, or any combat damage. Bit on the pricey side mana-wise, but he'll do you good when he finally reaches the battlefield.

Fling is fun if you just need to end out a game and you can't get past their blockers. Or if you need emergency removal.

Avatar of Slaughter needs no description. You know why you'd want him in this deck.

Elderscale Wurm is both a good utility creature, and a decent beater. Give it a go if you want something weird.

Panglacial Wurm is a joke. At least it's got a good punch line ba dum tiss

Finally, Steel Hellkite is fantastic at clearing out enemy tokens/high threat targets as long as you have the mana for it's ability.

Sorry for the long posts, but there are a lot of really strong creatures for a deck like this, and I'm hoping you seriously consider including some (if not most) of them.

hoardofnotions on Radha, Butcher of Keld

1 week ago

Mj3913 Thanks for the suggestions!

I'm thinking about taking out all the nonvital artifacts/enchantments so adding Fires of Yavimaya is iffy. Anger is surprisely expensive, and though i think it's better than Surrak, the Hunt Caller that's what i have for now.

The 7 mana removal options kinda don't do it for me. I think the idea that your removal should cost less than what you're removing sounds smart, especially when we're talking about a 7 mana kill one thing. That's not great in commander, I think at least.

bushido_man96 I like your ideas!

Do you think Desert Twister or Rain of Thorns is better removal?

Crater Hellion is interesting. It's going to kill radha, at the very least, and I think I'd need to retool the creatures at least a little to ensure i don't lose too much.

Groundskeeper is good after a land wipe, but only in certain situations. The land kill spell almost has to be Epicenter, all the others kill it if it's out. I think it might be too slow right now, but I'll need more playtesting to see.

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor Thanks for explaining your reasoning about Crop Rotation! I agree it's a good card, but it's not very powerfull by itself and kinda expensive($) so i think i'll leave it out for now.

Growth Spasm could go in, it's basically a 2 land ramp that has a least a marginal upside late game. Thanks for suggesting this one!

Argothian Wurm seems like a trap. It's just a big dude, and it might time walk me. especially if people are spitefull after a land wipe haha.

Ember Swallower seems so lackluster, if only it was a mini wildfire on monstrosity!

Mj3913 on Radha, Butcher of Keld

1 week ago

Fires of Yavimaya and/or Anger could be helpful. Also, if you want more removal, seeing as you have alot of ramp, Spine of Ish Sah and/or Scour from Existence.

Vininn126 on Thromok gonna eat yo lunch!!!

2 weeks ago

Maybe replace Scatter the Seeds with Sprout Swarm, or not. Scatter is more explosive, sprout can make more over time, and helps you after a board wipe.If you're going to have Aggravated Assault in a token deck, Cryptolith Rite lets you go infinite, and ramps you hard (this is a pet card of mine, but it is good)Maybe replace Pandemonium with Impact Tremors. Tremors has less synergy with Thromok but isn't a universal effect.

Tibalt is... pretty awful in commander. Sorry. Maybe Shamanic Revelation for the tokens or Hunter's Insight if you're hitting with Thromok.

Maybe replace Burning-Tree Emissary with Fires of Yavimaya. Also Primal Rage. Maybe cut Contagion Engine, there are better counter producers in red/green, plus Thromok doesn't need them. Chandra's Ignition is a great board wipe if you have one big dude.

MohenjoDaro on Aurochs Charge!

2 weeks ago

The deck seems a lot smoother now! Normally you either get an Arbor Elf for a lot more mana or a Urza's Incubator to make Aurochs cheaper. This lets you play them a lot faster and if a Fires of Yavimaya is out or you have an Expedite then it's brutal. Also, Expedite helps if you play an Arbor Elf a bit later and need it to be able to tap for a ton of mana immediately.

I think you have a great amount of draw (but I don't think you can ever have enough) and Aurochs Herd allows you to shuffle if you need it (but if you have 6 mana you probably don't unless you're only drawing lands).

As of now, the deck runs very well, it should be able to do well in a casual meta with friends. It's a nice and fun deck to use.

MohenjoDaro on Aurochs Charge!

2 weeks ago

Glad you liked my deck enough to make a version yourself! As I've said, Aurochs are one of my favorite tribe because they're so powerful the more you have out.

My deck focused on using Shared Animosity to buff however many Aurochs I had out where your deck focuses on getting more out.

After doing some play testing with your deck, it gets mana screwed for me a lot (probably luck of the draw and tappedout being annoying) but it feel like you don't have the draw and it slows the deck down. As much as I want to love Descendants' Path in the deck, there just aren't enough Aurochs for it to be beneficial, it seems to do more harm than good. Once it's out you have a low chance of the next card being a Auroch and a higher chance of it being a helpful card that gets put on the bottom of the deck. I suggest adding Lifecrafter's Bestiary which would let you scry to increase the chance of the top card being an Auroch for Descendants' Path to work even better, and as an added bonus, it adds some card draw for you so you can miss less land drops.

I love the Crown of Fury being in the main deck since it means the Aurochs won't die when attacking (unless another creature has first strike).

I don't feel that you need 3 Fires of Yavimaya, 2 should be enough (sideboard 1 just in case though).

Cultivate is a nice card, but for 3 mana it slows the deck down on that turn 3 or 4. If you play Overgrowth then you can play Cultivate on turn 4 which will prep you for playing Aurochs on turn 5, but I'm not sure it's really worth it. Maybe try testing some Arbor Elfs instead of the Cultivates? They untap a forest, so a forest with an Overgrowth on it will yield 3 + 3 = 6 mana from being untapped. Otherwise it's a nice blocker so you don't need to waste your Aurochs (it also is a bigger target than the Aurochs because 6 mana is amazing and other players don't want you to have 9 mana on turn 4). If you don't want the elves in the deck then Search for Tomorrow acts as a cheaper Cultivate that you can play turn 1 and get the benefits turn 3 (this allows for you to play an Overgrowth on an untapped land so you can use 3 mana on turn 3).

Overall, nice deck, can use some tweaking as can any deck. I'm glad I could inspire you to make a deck for Aurochs, they're such sweet gentle creatures (until they stampede lol).

PanicButton on Out of the Way [Aurochs Tribal]

2 weeks ago

Hi MohenjoDaro I really like this deck idea and made my own spin on it here Aurochs Charge!. I added some ramp for land; Fires of Yavimaya for haste and power; and Descendent's Path to draw out Aurochs faster. Let me know what you think!

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