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Destroy target artifact or enchantment.

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Naturalize Discussion

toxicliam on 2015-04-25 update of Touched by ...

15 hours ago

Have you considered Nature's Claim in place of Naturalize in the sideboard? It is the same thing for one less mana, and it gains you 4 life.

lazyoibit on Green/White counter deck

1 day ago

I know that the cards that you put in are counter related, but you might want to focus on certain cards. Use a playset of cards you like, instead of singles of everything.

You might want to consider Phalanx Leader if you want to put in targeting spells like Artful Maneuver or Gleam of Authority

I would use Abzan Advantage over Naturalize

I would put in Abzan Battle Priest for lifelink and more Inspiring Call for the card draw and indestructible, then take out Resupply

Feat of Resistance would give a counter as well

Wiktul on Spies, lies and HUMONGOUS creatures

1 day ago

I support SpikedEggnog about Sultai Charm. It's really a great card, in fact it's Naturalize, Ultimate Price and Tormenting Voice in one card, excellent in 3-5 turn. I run 2 in mainboard in my deck, similiar to yours - Defenders of The Dead Mill - and I find it very usefull against all types of decks.

TheWholeUniverse on Bringer of Death

2 days ago

I just have a couple questions. I don't understand why you're using Dispeller's Capsule and Executioner's Capsule instead of Naturalize and Go for the Throat. Does the meta around your area call for more artifacts instead of spells? And since you have so many nonbasic lands, why not replace Wayfarer's Bauble with Expedition Map?

Wiktul on Defenders of The Dead Mill

4 days ago

Thank you very much for your support! :)

But, unfortunately, I think you're missing the point of Assault Formation. The first part is the only thing important - creatures deal damage equal to their toughness rather than their power. With this on hand I can attack for 4 in 2nd turn with Sidisi's Faithful, for 6 in 3rd turn with Dragon's Eye Savants and so on. Those blockers stops all aggro long enough to reach Assault Formation or Phenax, God of Deception with Commune with the Gods or Taigam's Scheming. Those creatures are big enough to endure any kind of burn and be used to attack or mill opponen.

Why I'm running 2 copis of Ritual of the Returned? Because that what I left after rebuild. Previous deck shape was mainly focused on putting Colossus of Akros into a graveyard and put 10/10 token from it in 4th turn. After Game Day that strategy proved itself to be unefficient, so now there are 2 copies of Ritual - good trick to reanimate big wall to block and attack / mill with it again in next turn. Single Collosus was left due to the very same reason - it can be still resurrected as 10/10 token if I manage to entomb it during auto-mill or, if I can spoil the tempo long enough with 4-5 walls, it can be putted as a single win con 10/10 indestructible to attack or mill. By any means it's not my main goal though and never was, so mana fixing is not what I miss here. 3-4 mana is all I need, priority is to get all sultai colours in 3rd - 4rth turn.

As long as I have Sultai Charm i have no need for Naturalize. Charm has all it's abilities with 2 more usefull options - removal, draw and discard.

EzraM on Morphing Manifestation

5 days ago

Cool deck. I would suggest taking out Lens of Clarity. It doesn't seem like an necessity and can be replaced with other things. You could definitely use 4 Deathmist Raptors, 4 Den Protectors, and 4 Whisperwood Elemental. Those cards give a lot of value and worth it to run 4. Also, this makes your deck more consistent. For the sideboard, I suggest adding in some enchantment removal such as Reclamation Sage or Naturalize. Also consider adding Hornet Nest for the main board or sideboard. If manifested, It can be flipped up at instant speed after blocks to get you a bunch of 1/1 death touchers. Good luck! -Also here is my deck which is also morph and manifested based if you wanted to take a look: B/G/W Morph/Manifest

PierreThePlaneswalker on 2015-04-20 update of The Good ...

6 days ago

She is pretty awesome! The Hexproof really puts her ahead of the curve.

I recently ran into a Standard deck that ran Archfiend of Depravity, I was the clear winner until they dropped him, responded in my turn with an Oblivion Ring but it was just Naturalized and I lost my Human Token army =\

With Sigarda, Host of Herons that won't happen again, I can also see the advantage of using her against Annihilator even though I've never played against any Eldrazi.

bensnowclark on Red Green Dragons

1 week ago

Yeah probably going to sideboard a couple of those tomorrow, the Naturalizes are going out too for more Draconic Roars and another Dragon Tempest over the Temur Ascendancy. Trying to get more Thunderbreak Regents to replace the Shockmaw Dragons. Wondering if I shouldn't put more blue mana sources in, possibly more Rattleclaw Mystics as they can be a turn four Surrak or Sarkhan, would have more Sylvan Caryatids too if I could find them as more blue, only having one blue land Temple of Epiphany is limiting if I don't pull a Rattleclaw or Sylvan first turn which with only four total is limiting for sure. Just not sure how essential more blue might be, probably going to sideboard some more blue lands so I don't get screwed tomorrow just in case.

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