Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragons of Tarkir Common
Khans of Tarkir Common
Magic 2015 Common
Magic 2014 Common
Gatecrash Common
Magic 2013 Common
Innistrad Common
2012 Core Set Common
2011 Core Set Common
Duels of the Planeswalkers Common
Rise of the Eldrazi Common
2010 Core Set Common
Shards of Alara Common
Tenth Edition Common
Ninth Edition Common
Eighth Edition Common
Onslaught Common

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Destroy target artifact or enchantment.

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Naturalize Discussion

Icbrgr on Liliana's Necrogen Caress ***Not!***

54 minutes ago

Thanks a ton for your tips Xica! Very appreciated!

For the idea of behind this deck... Its a tall order i know... but im aiming to keep this deck under $100. It doesn't have to be SUPER COMPETITIVE but yeah i do want it to be able to pull off some wins yknow?

Yeah I definitely do want my opponent to discard and even though the price for Liliana of the Veil went down just one copy is like $20 more than the whole deck. I do have full playsets of Distress and Wrench Mind but im not exactly certain as to what slots I would replace with... like even if i invested in Thoughtseize and picked up Raven's Crime Im just not sure where I would put it/what i'd replace. Currently im thinking that the discard effects happen late game/via cleanup step for the opponent exceeding the maximum handsize and then Necrogen Mists for assistance. Currently as it stands your right i have no way to Blow up all the lands so perhaps i need to integrate more discard enablers.

As for Ensnaring Bridge. The idea seems good. its just too pricey for what im going for... 2 copies of it alone cost more that the entire deck by 20 bucks. Im HOPEING that I finally found a home for Waste Not and some vanilla 2/2 zombie tokens can help chump block with the aid of some spot removal. for a budget Damnation effect i do have a playset of Killing Wave and 2x Necroplasm but just not sure about them...

I love your explanation of Blood Moon... that seems like a very smart idea. But again just not budget friendly and im aiming for mono black... otherwise id try to exploit Liquimetal Coating and green Naturalize/Splinter effects... however; now that you point out the synergy between Ghost Quarter and Life from the Loam thats a lot more tempting now... curse this thin wallet of mine!

As far as scry/tutor is concerned... idk... i have 2x Liliana Vess she does both discard and tutor... any thoughts?

Teifling on Budget R/G Assault Loam Project: ...

4 days ago

Taking the input I've gotten here and my current collection into account I jave 13 or 15 cards set aside for sideboard options.

Ancient Grudgex2Naturalizex2Pyroclasmx2Gnaw to the Bonex2Obstinate Balothx1Sowing Saltx1 (just what I have, otherwise would be Crumble to Dust )Tormod's Cryptx1Pithing Needlex1Crucible of Worldsx1 (this is has been suggested main but I want to test it, especially with Ghost Quarter )

If I could I wpuld get another needle and baloth for the last two slots... thoughts?

ehuez on Allies - As a unit we stand and united we fall!

4 days ago

At first I would like to thank you all for your comments and suggestions. You made me happy guys!

Redace878 I do not want to splash red because I think that you can not play 3 colours budget deck because of its expensive mana base... If I had played naya I would not have played cards which you recommend but as TheDuggernaught said I would play Akoum Battlesinger, Firemantle Mage, and Reckless Bushwhacker.

Argeaux I play Fragmentize mainly because some players have Torpor Orb in their sideboard which can shut down my deck. Fragmentize can get rid of it without problems and it is more mana efficient than Naturalize. On the other hand you are right that it is not limited like Fragmentize. I will think about and I might use it in the future.

TheDuggernaught You are absolutely right. I should cut 2x Talus Paladin. I will definitely buy Metallic Mimic. This card suits my deck much more together with Hardened Scales. I have not done it yet because I do not have much time to play magic these days beacuse I write my bachelors thesis :D I have tried Mirror Entity and Captain's Claws already. They did not prove to be good. Mirror Entity is good only if you have strong board position mainly with Harabaz Druid. Captain's Claws is a slow card in my opinion on the other hand you are right that it could be good in some situations.

Argeaux on Allies - As a unit we stand and united we fall!

5 days ago

How about Naturalize instead of Fragmentize?

One more mana for more choice.

Teifling on Budget R/G Assault Loam Project: ...

5 days ago

I planned on using Ancient Grudge at least for artifacts. I'm not sure with enchantments though if anything I can eun a couple Naturalize's.

I have a couple Burning-Tree Shaman's that I had incase on Splinter Twin or other combos of that nature. Twin's an out but does anyone think they might still be viable?

I have Ghost Quarter main deck but should I run something like Sowing Salt or Molten Rain in the side?

pax.wellington on Angelic High

5 days ago

StuBi Argeaux

Another way to meld quickly is by self-milling and tutoring Bruna, the Fading Light from your graveyard. Gisela, the Broken Blade returns from her cast trigger, as she will likely already be in the graveyard. In the mean-time:

It's up to you, but definitely in maybe . Grapple with the Past and Pulse of Murasa for the tutor, and maybe even Splendid Reclamation/Nissa's Renewal for much needed ramp. Emeria Shepherd is similarly great.

If you haven't tested this angle I recommend it. Your current iteration of this deck is a more general Selesnya-midrange only with Brisela, Voice of Nightmares on the roof, but no ramp.

And I understand the synergy between Always Watching and Stitcher's Graft, but it's vulnerable to any Naturalize effect. At the least basically 2-for-1'ing you consistently. Probably why it isn't seen in a lot of Standard decks these days.

Just food for thought - I'm brewing in these colours and experimented a lot with similar cards :)

Daedalus19876 on Nemophilist - Haunter of the Wood

5 days ago

I think it's unforgivable to not include Paradox Engine and Gilt-Leaf Archdruid in this deck of all places ;)

Krosan Grip over either Naturalize or Natural State. I know it costs a bit more, but that split second has saved me from infinite combos more times than I can count.

You need Sylvan Library and Mind's Eye for more card advantage, I think.

Your land count is RIDICULOUSLY low. I know your commander produces mana, and that you're playing lots of mana dorks, but I'm nervous about your ability to even cast them. At the very least, you will have difficulty rebuilding from a board wipe. For that reason, Heroic Intervention seems like a must here.

You have most of the good anti-blue pieces here (Hall of Gemstone, etc) but you could get great value out of Winter Orb, since you have enough mana dorks to compensate. Also, Carpet of Flowers is an oft-forgotten card that usually pulls its weight, and sometimes wins single-handed.

Oracle of Mul Daya seems very important here. It can help find those rare lands. Also, Steely Resolve can protect your druids from spot removal.

I really wish Conspiracy was in your colors...

And the big target you're missing for Natural Order is Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger.

Deck looks good to me! :)

nonjon on Fancy Pants - Pure (C/U)

6 days ago

(16) MODERN PURE decks as of 04/17/17

Delver and the Hasteful Eight (BLUE/RED)

10 spells, 20 land

Sideboard: Pyroclasm, Relic of Progenitus, Smash to Smithereens, Shrine of Burning Rage

Elves (GREEN/black)

10 spells, 20 land

Sideboard: Doom Blade, Elves of Deep Shadow, Putrefy, Naturalize

Veterans (WHITE commons only)

10 spells, 20 land

Sideboard: Journey to Nowhere, Kor Hookmaster, Kor Sanctifiers, Infantry Veteran

Soul Sisters (WHITE)

10 spells, 20 land

Sideboard: Harm's Way, Celestial Purge, Faith's Fetters, Armored Ascension

Goblin Tokens (RED)

10 spells, 20 land

Sideboard: Electrickery, Massive Raid, Destructive Tampering, Goblin Rally

Drain Inspector (BLACK)

9 spells, 24 land

Sideboard: Consume Spirit, Marsh Casualties, Shrieking Affliction, Mind Sludge

Trondrazi Fire (RED/GREEN)

9 spells, 24 land

Sideboard: Lightning Bolt, Shrapnel Blast, Darksteel Sentinel, Volcanic Geyser


10 spells, 20 land

Sideboard: Disciple of the Vault, Restoration Specialist, Nihil Spellbomb, Sunbeam Spellbomb

Bogle Battle Rattle (GREEN/RED)

10 spells, 20 land

Sideboard: Giant Growth, Electrickery, Destructive Revelry, Fling

Faeries (BLUE/BLACK)

10 spells, 20 land

Sideboard: Doom Blade, Agony Warp, Negate, Faerie Harbinger

Mill-town (BLUE/BLACK)

9 spells, 24 land

Sideboard: Balustrade Spy, Far / Away, Psychic Spiral, Illness in the Ranks

Lingering Tokens (WHITE/black)

10 spells, 20 land

Sideboard: Doom Blade, Rootborn Defenses, Marsh Casualties, Phantom General

Warriors (WHITE/BLACK)

10 spells, 20 land

Sideboard: Rush of Battle, Timely Hordemate, Grasp of Darkness, Raiders' Spoils

Viralbots (BLUE)

10 spells, 20 land

Sideboard: AEtherize, Corpse Cur, Rapid Hybridization, Corrupted Conscience

Dorkless Burn (RED/white)

10 spells, 20 land

All do damage to the face, a bit more than half can aim for creatures too.

Sideboard: Pyroclasm, Searing Blood, Smash to Smithereens, Journey to Nowhere

Fancy Pants (WHITE/blue)

10 spells, 20 land

Sideboard: Auramancer, Recumbent Bliss, Eel Umbra, Ordeal of Heliod

(16) MODERN PURE decks as of 04/17/17

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