Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Rivals of Ixalan (RIX) None
Dragons of Tarkir (DTK) Common
Khans of Tarkir (KTK) Common
Magic 2015 (M15) Common
Magic 2014 (M14) Common
Gatecrash (GTC) Common
Magic 2013 (M13) Common
Innistrad (ISD) Common
2012 Core Set (M12) Common
2011 Core Set (M11) Common
Duels of the Planeswalkers (DPA) Common
Rise of the Eldrazi (ROE) Common
2010 Core Set (M10) Common
Shards of Alara (ALA) Common
Tenth Edition (10E) Common
Ninth Edition (9ED) Common
Eighth Edition (8ED) Common
Onslaught (ONS) Common

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Destroy target artifact or enchantment.

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Naturalize Discussion

Cragon18 on Temur Dinosaurs

2 days ago

Nice deck! I run an straight RG dino list that does decently well, but is fun to play so that is the important part. I like the idea of the blue splash for counters out of the board. I play tested a few times and either had all my green sources or all my blue sources. Tappedout also never wanted to give me any of the turn 2 ramp no matter how much I mulliganed so that didn't help much... That said I'd consider going up to 24 lands. I tried my deck with 22 lands and Commune with Dinosaurs and 23 lands and the same ramp package. I found that in both iterations I'd have opening hands with 2 lands and some ramp and a 4 drop and then never get my 4th land. I also only run a single Thrashing Brontodon in the main with some in the board I like having it as a silver bullet against tokens to get Hidden Stockpile but otherwise the card was pretty medium for me. I also tried just running Naturalize in the board which is much faster and instant speed which is really nice, so that comes down to preference. I like running Abrade in the main to help deal with fast aggro, like Red and Mardu Vehicles. It's good for those hands that don't happen to get any ramp and don't give you anything to do until turn 3/4. Hope this helps and good luck with the deck!

splatterb0y on Eldrazi Tron

3 days ago

GrubbernautThanks for the suggestion! I updated the sideboard to include Naturalize (because I have this card anyway from opening a lot of RIX boosters).

Grubbernaut on Eldrazi Tron

3 days ago

Looks fun! Only thing I'd change is to sub out Natural State for Nature's Claim, Gleeful Sabotage or Naturalize. Being able to kill Myr Enforcer, Spire Golem, etc is important. I started off running State and learned the hard way!

JuQ on gitrog the git gud frog

3 days ago

Hi these are in my opinion some bad card choices for your deck.

  • Library of Leng it's just simply a worse option than Reliquary Tower or Thought Vessel.
  • Ghirapur Orrery you shouldn't use this having green. You can just use Exploration for the additional land drops, its way cheaper to cast and only benefits yourself. You wont use the second ability of the orrery because you will draw a lot of cards from Gitrog (that's why you made it your commander) so you're just helping your oponents. There are also many creatures that allow you to play additional lands.
  • Dark Heart of the Wood You can only sacrifice Forests and the 3 lifes doesn't seem to be worth it.
  • Rites of Flourishing Once againg helping others more that yourself. You'll already be drawing more cards that your oponents and there are better ways to put lands on the battlefield.
  • Overwhelming Stampede awesome card but feels it's on the wrong deck, you dont have many creatures, you won't be drawing it together with Avenger of Zendikar
  • Decree of Pain and In Garruk's Wake two super high cost board wipes, you may not be able to cast them when you need a board wipe. There are many low cost budget options Bontu's Last Reckoning, Deadly Tempest, Life's Finale or Deathbringer Regent to name a few. Or you can have one tailored to Gitrog with Kindred Dominance there wont be many Horrors and Frogs on the Battlefield so you can be pretty sure it will destroy everything but Gitrog.
  • Artisan's Sorrow A bit expensive for a Naturalize with Scry 2. I kinda like better for the same CMC those that give you a card Mystic Melting, Slice in Twain and Rending Vines (lower CMC, but a bit conditional). The most popular version of naturalize for EDH players is Krosan Grip but there are many options for you to explore.
  • Grisly Spectacle a weak card in my opinion, milling your opponent a few cards is futile unless your game is milling them to death but if you are running it I gues it's because you dont have anything better. You have many options in black for removal, my favorite is Silence the Believers
  • Ayumi, the Last Visitor If you are running this it's because your meta has a lot of legendary lands, even so it may be better for you to get some flyers, this card won't kill your oponent fast enough.
  • Liege of the Tangle high cost slow and pray your oponents don't have a boar wipe in their hands once you turn your lands into creatures after you attack.
  • Penumbra Spider I suppose flyers give you a hard time and that is why you run this. It gives you two blocks (as it will most likely die on each block) without really solving your problem. Deadly Recluse will keep more scary flyers away than you can countb (nobody wants to waste a perfectly good dragon on a CMC 2 common spider), Silklash Spider has a decent toughness and can hurricane those pesky flyers, Ishkanah, Grafwidow will put three extra bodies with Reach on the Battlefield or maybe what you need is a Whirlwind.
  • Phage the Untouchable lovely card with lots of charisma but you can't give her Haste and Hexproof/Shroud with Swiftfoot Boots or Lightning Greaves she may be useless. You only have the Key to the City and Rogue's Passage to get her through the enemy lines. I hope she never gets flicked because you would lose the game.
You don't seem to have any game plan, there is not a theme. It feels you are just stuffing the deck with cool super high cost cards and that will take you forever to cast.

You can check my own The Gitrog Monster deck Deadly Gitrog that capitalizes on Deathtouch (Gitrog's and many other deathtouchers in the deck) and has a lot of recursion to get some ideas. It works amazingly in my group. Many cards in your deck are also in mine.

djnewellmit on UG Hadana Pummeler

4 days ago

Nice find, nomaddog. I faced off against a Hadana's Climb  Flip deck online last week with my Re-growing Pummeler, but the opponent was using hexproof merfolk, Jade Guardian and Jungleborn Pioneer, with the Climb in lieu of Hydras, Cubs, and Pummeler. It was a very controlling shell, vs this aggro/midrange build. Oh yeah, and I lost.

I too have been looking to test with Hadana's Climb  Flip in a Pummeler build, and this looks exactly the direction I would have gone (minus Sage of Shaila's Claim, which is an interesting inclusion).

I imagine the sideboard will include 2-3 Negate, a few Naturalize, maybe a couple Heroic Intervention and Aethersphere Harvester. I've been looking forward to playing with Admiral's Order out of the side, but I haven't run up against any Settle the Wreckage decks at my LGS.

x12721 on Bregalad

5 days ago

Do you have a budget in mind for this deck? If not, I'd say Fatal Push for removal (Walk the Plank for budget) and Blossoming Defense (Hapatra's Mark for budget) to protect your guys. Each creature in this deck dies to Push, and the Explore triggers can be responded to with Harnessed Lightning or Abrade. I personally run a nasty Grixis control deck, and had no problems simply countering or killing your creatures before they got out of hand. Prowling Serpopard might be good in the side, along with Naturalize and extra removal.

clayperce on Kin-Tree Defender

1 week ago

I've always been a fan off Assault Formation, and this looks seriously fun.

A few thoughts:

Good luck (and good skill) with the brew! And draw well!

BeaudaciousGiebs on Exploration of the Afterlife

1 week ago

GalaxyCat I want to sincerely thank you again for enjoying this deck enough to take the time to playtest against so many decks. I'm often not left with enough time to test prior to construction.

My hope with Thrashing Brontodon was the potential of a repeatable Naturalize in a way because it is on a body, but you are probably right in that noncreature answers to graveyard hate may be in order.

As for increased card draw, how about Nissa, Vital Force? I had considered her for a little while due to her -3 ability as a little extra recursion. In addition, her -6 isn't too hard to get and can provide a replacement for topdecked lands.

Let me know what you think and thank you again!

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