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Destroy target artifact or enchantment.

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Naturalize Discussion

Mgrabusky on Jungle V.I.P. (help)

2 weeks ago

Why is Qasali Pridemage in? It has no synergy with your deck because exalted is not an ability you want in a token strategy. Tokens are for swarm. It should not even be in sideboard. If you are going against any atrifact or enchantment heavy deck, you should use Naturalize instead. It goes at instant speed and does not need white, so you can leave the white open because your deck needs it. Also, work out the manabase. There is a pie chart on the side and it helps out a lot with the mana. I have put up a deck and used that to work out the mana because I know it is wacky. Otherwise, good deck!

ceji3 on 2015-02-21 update of Esper for ...

2 weeks ago

i feel like a singleton of Silumgar, the Drifting Death and a single Ojutai, Soul of Winter mainboard plus crux of fate over end hostilites would do you more good. I would definitely Main a Bile Blight or two. They hit nearly everything that is important, aside from rhino. Personally, i don't like banishing light because all it needs is a Naturalize or Back to Nature and they get their Siege Rhino back, etc. Certainly is painful.

ceji3 on 2015-02-19 update of What to ...

2 weeks ago

Its mostly my meta. I see a lot of sultai whip, u/b dredge, mardu (chain to the rocks) crappier mardu (banishing light) Its really killer against those, especially in response to attacks, get all those blockers. i used to run Abzan Advantage but people just sac a courser or pharika's snake token instead of the whip, which is the real end goal. plus, it costs the same as Naturalize but wipes all. And anyway, who runs artifacts.

DERPLINGSUPREME on 2015-02-22 update of Why are ...

2 weeks ago

you may want to convert this to sultai so you can add in Grim Contest, Kin-Tree Invocation, Archers' Parapet and Naturalize

Hynx on Jarad's elves salted you land (lets build)

2 weeks ago

Saburo57 thanks for the feedback with Naturalize big jump in quality to control against artifacts/enchants that stop me from messing their land up. and Courtninja I have that particular card as a tutor so i can get it turn 3 and play what i need turn 4...provided mana i need is there. what you think about breaking the tribal and throwing "you are cheap" but effective Devoted Druid + Quillspike + Seeker of Skybreak combo. Seeker of Skybreak just gives me a 7/7 each turn and isnt necessary.

griz024 on Manifest GU

2 weeks ago

Ghostfire Blades are pretty good-when they manage to survive. They turn the manifest tokens into decent beaters. And even if they are destroyed, they eat up opposing Naturalizes to spare your Trail of Mystery.

Honestly, Elvish Mystic is in there because i had four laying around :) But it does turn out he works well in the late game with Temur Sabertooth.

but I should grab some Rattleclaw Mystics and try them out

FatherLiir on The perfect Soulflayer

2 weeks ago

I wouldn't call it perfect, but it's fun :)

I think your biggest problem is a lack of artifact and enchantment removal. It's great that you have an Indestructible, Hexproof, Well Endowed Soulflayer but that won't stop Perilous Vault from exiling it since it doesn't target and doesn't destroy! Even worse! What if turn 2 someone gets a Tormod's Crypt or Cranial Archive out and your nice graveyard goes bye bye!! D= OH NOES!

Sultai Charm, Destructive Revelry, Naturalize, and Shatter are probably the best ways to take out artifacts, yeah they can tap the Crypt at instant speed in response but that Vault that's sitting out there is gonna be dead unless they have mana open. I think your best bet would be to replace Force Away with whichever one you think will work best and I wish you the best of luck! :)

Thee_Irishman on Kiora's Fiery Friends!

2 weeks ago

obvious to state Sylvan Caryatid over Rattleclaw Mystic but I'm assuming it's due to money saving. Don't seem to understand why there's no Polukranos, World Eater. Being a 5/5 with creature wipe is almost if not a staple in any temur deck. Back to Nature with Reclamation Sage seems redundant. I would suggest Naturalize over Back to Nature. Granted that's going to make it more difficult for you in the long run due to G/B constellation gaining in popularity, but, at the same time you won't be destroying your Courser of Kruphix. 4 count on Anger of the Gods is super heavy, I much rather run side and deal with Lightning Strike in main. However it looks like this is a more precise and controlling build so I would say Disdainful Stroke instead. Those are just a few opinions of mine, otherwise it looks like a solid build. hope this helps ya some.

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