Destroy target artifact or enchantment.

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Naturalize Discussion

Malvion on Atarka's Archive (SOI G/R Ramp)

23 hours ago

MTGNuclear, clayperce

Thanks for the suggestions. I really like Crumble to Dust to deal with Westvale Abbey  Flip, or help against 3 colour decks, or even the mirror. How many should I run though?

Warping Wail seems good, but I am worried about not having many colourless sources, as my only colourless commitment comes from World Breaker's activated ability, and the only colourless sources I run are Sanctum of Ugin, Shrine of the Forsaken Gods and Hedron Archive.

For Smash to Smithereens, Naturalize and Root Out, I don't feel like I need to run enchantment or artifact removal in the sideboard, due to maindeck World Breaker and Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger.

What are you're opinions on Clip Wings for the sideboard? They help against Orhmendal, Avacyn, Atarka and Ojutai, so I think I should maybe add more?



clayperce on Atarka's Archive (SOI G/R Ramp)

23 hours ago

Some more options: Reclaiming Vines; Naturalize; Root Out; and Smash to Smithereens (also nice against the odd Investigate deck)

clayperce on MoonDog

1 day ago

This look pretty tight!
Only a couple things I'd mention, from your sideboard ...

Please keep in touch on how the deck plays!

And draw well!

McSleuthburger on Why You Need Two-Headed Giant ...

4 days ago

When Im playing 2HG I find myself using more sideboard cards (Like Naturalize) just so we can stop things that hurt us and I dont have to focus on doing all the damage all the time

abby315 on Jund Control

5 days ago

It'll help to streamline your sideboard. Highly recommend Display of Dominance now that Creatureless Esper Walker Control is a really popular deck. Negates spot removal and kills planeswalkers at instant speed. To the Slaughter is a good supplement to Ruinous Path too against those decks, I like it a fair amount in testing.

I would take out Dragonlord Atarka, Clip Wings, and Dragonmaster Outcast. those one-ofs won't help and I can't think of a matchup where you'd think, "ah, I really wish I had one Outcast". I would also take out Conclave Naturalists for 2 Naturalize, the vanilla 4/4 body just isn't worth the extra mana.

I don't like 2 Sylvan Advocate in the side, I feel like you should just go all or nothing. I can't see where siding two in would be impactful. Personally, I like 4 in the mainboard, I've never wanted to take them out, they're so useful. If you wanted to make room in the mb, I'd take out one or two Goblins, and maybe some Read the Bones or Kolaghan's Command/Radiant Flames/ the one Duress.

Feel free to check out my own competitive Jund if you want: Arlinn on the Midrange (Competitive, Full Primer)

MsSysbit on GR Elves

6 days ago

I hate this glitchy site... Retyping all this! Firstly: you will want better spells in your deck! Removal should hit everyone like: Blasphemous Act, Windstorm(kills angels, demons, dragons, sphinxes, etc but not you!), Earthquake, Magmaquake, etc. Your targeted removal should hit pesky guys lije: Song of the Dryads(can neuter any commander!), Burn from Within(kill pesky indestructibles!), Banefire(you counter what m8?!), etc. Give them some flexibility and goodies! Now to aid the tribal: Coat is great but aids every other tribal too! A few like: Hall of Triumph, Stoneforge Masterwork, Caged Sun, Gauntlet of Power, etc can go a long way too! Now running green without mana ramp is a sin so add: Cultivate, Kodama's Reach at the minimum! You WILL see artifacts/enchanments so: Krosan Grip, Shattering Spree, Naturalize, Back to Nature, etc will be your best friends. Lastly: you lack big guys; green and red have plenty of big guys! Some classic, budget options: Utvara Hellkite, Avenger of Zendikar, Omnath, Locus of Rage, etc that can end a long game and bring down the house! Okay the actual lastly: add some good equips like: Lightning Greaves, Whispersilk Cloak, Mask of Avacyn, Hero's Blade etc to keep key creatures safe. You're new to EDH so if ya have anymore questions whatsoever then feel free to ask or I can teach ya how to open up a chatroom here. Happy brewing!

Mullac on Swamp them!

1 week ago

If you can you should ditch Naturalize and just go for Sundering Growth. Intangible Virtue also works which is good as it gives vigilance and +1/+1. Nylea, God of the Hunt is another viable option as all tokens will have trample, Hyena Umbra is a great enchantment which you can put on your Advent of the Wurm

thewyzman on He That Betrays

1 week ago

You know, Squirrel_of_War, I overlooked the idea of bringing guys back from exile after they've unearthed! I toyed around with Void Maw in my Anafenza, the Foremost deck for the infinite combo, but accidentally missed his use here.

Safe Haven is an interesting suggestion, but having that as a land for turn with no mana production could disrupt tempo, but still be a neat little trick. I'm gonna keep that one in mind, along with Cold Storage. Synod Sanctum is like Safe Haven, but feels ripe for a well-timed Naturalize. From other similar decks I've seen, most people consider Conjurer's Closet overrated, so I've delayed in trying to obtain it, but I don't really see the reasoning yet for avoiding it. Seems good with ETB effects!

Thanks for the suggestions :D

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Modern Legal
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Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper Legal

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