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Destroy target artifact or enchantment.

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Naturalize Discussion

archtriton on Zoo on the RAMParts

1 day ago

CommanderMath This is still in build phase i have no build tested it in battle. I feel with Naturalize and Pithing Needle I can board well against tron, thought Needle won't stop Tron it will slow down the ramp by stopping Expedition Map and Karn Liberated I do like the idea of Leyline of Sanctity what would you suggest it replaces in the board?

KSULongneck on Comically Huge Hydras

2 days ago

Doubling Season wont go in here. My five mana slot is already pretty crowded and I would just be trading vulnerability to Murder for vulnerability to Golgari Charm or Naturalize

GrafOdin on Daring Thief Laughs at Your Tears

3 days ago

Hilarious idea! +1 For creativity!

If someone kills the thief before you can pull off the exchange, you're stuck with that enchantment though.

Maybe some Naturalize or Back to Nature in the SB just in case?

I'm also thinking about some LD to stall the opponent if you can't assemble the combo in the first 3-4 turns.

UpperDeckerTaco on Temur Midrange: Bestial Wrath

3 days ago

I feel Destructive Revelry is better than Naturalize for this deck.

ZekeR on Heil Hydra

4 days ago

Radha, Heir to Keld

Rosheen Meanderer

Genesis Hydra Cards Cards Cards!

Unless you'll be using the token function, maybe Fires of Yavimaya instead of Hammer of Purphoros, as it'll be immune to artifact removal.

Xenagos, the Reveler C'mon, R/G AND mana ramps!

Naturalize is strictly better than Shatter, though you could go for Destructive Revelry

Programmer_112 on Enchantments Abound

5 days ago

A version of this deck exists in Modern, namely Bogles or Aura Hexproof. Some important cards in this type of deck normally (note that I realize you may be trying to do something new, in which case I will have to think for a while) are Slippery Bogle Gladecover Scout Keen Sense Spider Umbra Hyena Umbra Unflinching Courage and Daybreak Coronet. This sort of deck normally tries to avoid enchanting Kor Spiritdancer because spot removal (like the classic example Doom Blade) leaves the enchanter 3-or-4 for 1'd, which is very bad in Modern. Additionally, this deck is a more aggressive version of yours, with T3 wins possibly and T4 very common. Also, this type of deck doesn't play anything that costs more than 3 mana because that is a very large investment if you're planning to win T4. If you wanted to play this kind of deck, cut the Enchanted Evenings! and basically everything else that costs more than 3 mana.

However, I think it would also be viable to play an "enchantment control" style deck with nice little synergies like Enchanted Evening + Primeval Light . This style of deck would need Path to Exiles, Naturalizes (because who doesn't love instant speed unconditional targetted permanent removal), Back to Nature (destroying every permanent is fun), Ghostly Prison and the like. I don't think it would be competitive, but it would certainly be fun.

gamaca on Gruuling 1st on TNM

5 days ago

I think that the sideboard needs some enchantment hate. Something like Back to Nature Destructive Revelry or Naturalize. I like the second two for this deck.

You also might want to side Hornet Nest as it does nothing against control decks. Think about Goblin Rabblemaster Boon Satyr or Fanatic of Xenagos either would be in the same slot and would do so much more. Boon Satyr would throw people off so much.

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