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Destroy target artifact or enchantment.

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Naturalize Discussion

DukeSteele on G/W Combo Deck

1 day ago

Playtesting - Salty Scalelords

Hey bro, so i am embarking on a playtest session of your deck. I am going to be playing vs competetive standard decks on the website. I will post my results/finding on here :)

Game A: Loss in 2 vs Azorious Control

Game 1: Both of our decks draws went to sleep. Your deck runs a healthy 8 2 drop creatures and 3 Courser of Kruphix but they just did not show up. I was successful in hitting Elspeth, Sun's Champion with Banishing Light and saw some End Hostilities discarded so i new what i was in for. As the crappy no land draws went on i scooped as his planeswalkers (he also dropped Narset, Transcendant got too far ahead.

Game 2: I sided in Glare of Heresy and Naturalize and sided out Ephemeral Shields. This proved to be a fatal mistake, lol.

The game started better with me catching my land drops, and starting with courser and some of the big dragons in hand. He dropped Myth Realized very early. I managed to avoid some of his early tricks by waiting for him to tap out to play his Planeswalker before i played my Courser of Kruphix. Unfortunately by this point narset was getting way out of hand (one turn from ult), so i stacked Reap What Is Sown and 2x Feat of Resistance on Courser, one of which he hit with a Dissolve. I chose pro white to help the centaur swing through his warrior tokens (he also had Elspeth on board) to knock Narset way down. Next i got hit with the lovely End Hostilities while i was tapped out which cost me my creature.

I was sitting around 15 life due to being chipped at by his ever growing Myth Realized and warrior tokens, but not in too rough shape. I was especially pleased because i was holding Dragonlord Dromoka 2x Enduring Scalelord and a rogue Ranger's Guile at this point. I removed Elspeth with Glare of Heresy.

Next i played Dromoka. He was not impressed. This gave me the freedom to play Scale Lord and top decked Sylvan Caryatid. I was threatening to take over the game and even with a 10/10 Myth Realized against me i was in good shape.

Then he hit me with a second End Hostilities, this time during his turn. It suddenly dawned on me how essential Ephemeral Shields is in this match up. Schoolboy error by me, haha.

So the game ended a little abruptly, but i learned alot. I do feel like this is a very good deck VS control but of course i made some errors in my plays. My only concern at this early stage in playtesting is how long it takes to really get up and running. Even when you reach the 6 mana promised land; if you also want that protection mana up it can be a little late in the game.

I wonder if more ramp could be nice? Like the lowly Elvish Mystic or even Frontier Siege for the first mode. Citadel Siege felt like it really clogged up my hand, i did not get to play it. However i do realise how fun it will be if i can have it out with double Enduring Scalelord. I wonder if ramping and dropping Scalelords AND/OR Sieges via Genesis Hydra or See the Unwritten is viable... hmm food for thought.

+1 from me, i will post again after my next playtest!

MindAblaze on Mayael needs to stop, right there.

2 days ago

A couple of Dragons that I think are pretty important are Hellkite Tyrant and Knollspine Dragon. I think you should limit the number of dragons with power 4 or less, since you want at least 21 power 5+ creatures to hit with Mayael regularly. The more draw and tutoring you have, the higher that number needs to be. You've currently got 13 creatures with power 4 or less, and some of them are important (like Oracle of Mul Daya.) Just be careful, especially with Captain Sisay potentially doing a lot of work for you.

I like this. I'd be tempted to run Beast Within over Naturalize, simply for the extra utility.

Anyway, +1!

SweaterKittens on The Pack - [R/G Werewolf Aggro/Rush]

2 days ago

Thanks for the all the quality advice, I really appreciate it.

Huntmaster of the Fells  Flip is a tricky one but I think you're right. Even if he enters the field and transforms only once, it's still a solid card. I've only got one but I'll work it back in. I'll drop Daybreak Ranger  Flip and 1-3 of the Ghor-Clan Rampager (He's in there only for the bloodrush, but perhaps getting more actual creatures and utility spells in there is better, yeah?

Full Moon's Rise is a great card, but if I'm dropping the Blasphemous Acts or even sideboarding them, I suppose I don't need all four for the main deck. I'll tweak that a little.

Destructive Revelry is basically a no-brainer instead of Naturalize. I'll have to order some of those. As far as tokens go, I think Slagstorm and Blasphemous Act are good sideboard cards for that, or even a fourth Kruin Outlaw  Flip as her flipped state has Pyreheart's ability but with better stats and first/double strike.

At first I was quite confused about Blood Moon and Magus of the Moon, before I grasped what they did. I am now realizing that they are atrociously powerful, and if I can get either for cheap, it'll definitely be in my sideboard. Same goes for AEther Vial, as it's a bit out of my price range currently, but has incredibly good synergy with these low-cost werewolves, taking advantage of the same element that Ratchet Bomb does.

bengalio on Soul-Switch

2 days ago

Over Erase Disenchant and Naturalize I'd recommend Nature's Claim because you aren't really worried about giving your opponents a little life since in the end it will be your health not theirs. More mana efficient.

DBCooper on Soul-Switch

2 days ago

benni4848, thanks for the support.

as for Stony Silence, I suppose i need an answer. maybe boarding a few Naturalize would be useful. any other good ideas?

I really dig the Master Transmuter idea. didn't cross my mind. Thanks for that. it will take me a minute to incorporate it effectively, but it is a solid add.

CPD on Jund ain't dead (PAX EAST)

2 days ago

If you need good red/green artifact/enchantment hate, I personally like Hull Breach since it destroys not only both artifacts and enchantments, the same way Naturalize does, but it destroys one of each. So, if you're running against somebody with both an important artifact AND an important enchantment, well, they gone! I do see the merits of Abrupt Decay except (at least if I'm thinking correctly there's not too many times that you really need an artifact or enchantment gone, to the point of sideboarding out Terminate and it's 3 or less mana. (But, I don't play against tron, so I really can't say much for that)

shawncarter7342 on Deathmist Forest (DKT)(Mono-Green Morph)

3 days ago

Here's what I suggest as some sideboard cards to provide more solid answers:

4x Display of Dominance

3x Naturalize or Ainok Survivalist

2x Arbor Colossus

2x Setessan Tactics

1x Bow of Nylea

1x Nissa, Worldwaker

2x Winds of Qal Sisma

Something along those lines. Those cards give you strong ways to work around your matchup. The Bow, Display of Dominance, and Nissa give you a strong late-game for control matchups. The Winds, Arbor Colossus, and Tactics answer any other aggro/mid-range matchup. Naturalize gets rid of any pesky permanents you can't eat with Poly. Also putting in a second Bow against Burn will just make your life total recover from their spells.

Your mainboard seems like a pretty strong list, well done. +1

primalhunted on THE FASTEST MODERN BELCHER (Turn 3 Kill)

3 days ago

Haha Naturalize doesn't stop anything... why would he/she ever play Naturalize in Modern let alone maindeck it?

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