Destroy target artifact or enchantment.
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Naturalize Discussion

Argeaux on Green Machine

1 day ago

Thephelddagrif on Seraph/Masses + G tokens

2 days ago

I suggest replacing replacing Blossoming Sands with Sunpetal Grove, because taplands are bad in modern unless they provide a significant advantage. Also one Forest could go for a single Gavony Township to buff your army. Wall of Roots is a strictly better Vine Trellis, Qasali Pridemage is a strictly better Naturalize, Feed the Clan should be in the sideboard instead of the mainboard, and to replace it you could add Arbor Elf. Utopia Sprawl is a better Fertile Ground, and arbor elves can untap it. Path to Exile is a better Devouring Light. Loxodon Smiter is better than Meandering Towershell. I hope this helps!

square711 on Help making gravestorm work

3 days ago

By "work" do you mean "be competitive"? Because if you do, I'm terribly sorry to say this, but Heartless Summoning + Myr Retriever will never, ever, ever, ever "work". It's a four-card combo, and four-card combos are terrible anywhere except in kitchen table matches.

Building an entire deck with the mindset of buying time until you combo off is only a good idea if the combo a) is impossible, or at least very hard, to stop; and/or b) requires as few pieces as possible. Scapeshift works because it's a one-card combo and you can't counter land drops. Splinter Twin works because it's a two-card combo with plenty of counterspell backup, and creatures that can be flashed in when you're not ready to answer them. This is a FOUR-card combo that takes an ungodly amount of fetching and digging to set up, not to mention a whole lot of mana: 2 for Heartless Summoning, 3 for Bitter Ordeal, 2 for Infernal Tutor if one of your combo pieces is missing (and it WILL be), 3 for Transmute and so on.

To make matters worse, there are several ways to ruin your gameplan, from graveyard hate (Rest in Peace, Relic of Progenitus) to enchantment hate (Destructive Revelry, Abrupt Decay, Naturalize) - and don't get me started on Leyline of Sanctity and Spellskite. Notice how most of the cards I just mentioned are enchantments? Well, your deck happens to be in the two colors that lack any enchantment removal whatsoever.

So, long story short: the Retriever combo may be clever, but it's terribly ineffective. You'll be losing much more often than winning, and when you do win, it'll probably be only because of Blood Moon. If you still want to make it work, the first step you should take is to splash blue and have a lot of counterspells to back your stuff up, as well as card draw (Thirst for Knowledge is a nice way to get a Myr in the graveyard while drawing plenty of cards), more transmuters (Muddle the Mixture) and artifact tutors (Fabricate). B/R just won't cut it. Another option is to

enpc on One Hit Wonder

3 days ago

Since Runes costs the same as your commander the cost shouldn't be a problem. He's your number one target for the enchantment so you're not going to play it if he's not there. As for cards to cut, I don't like Lure. I think there are much better removal optins you could be running that don't involve slamming your commander into some creatures.

Path to Exile, Swords to Plowshares, Winds of Rath, Beast Within, these are all amazing for your deck. I also think you should be running Qasali Pridemage - he gives exalted and removal all on a stick. You can also swap Naturalize for Nature's Claim - you're looking to win off commander damage, not getting your opponent to zero life. So giving your opponent a bit of life doesn't really matter.

As for other creatures I think are worth running - Dragonlord Dromoka is a boss. She's a flying lifelink beater but more importantly she means your turns are much more yours. I personally run Grand Abolisher in one of my decks to protect my combo but I think Dromoka is a better fit here. But at the end of the day, por que lo nos dos?

Also, about the Boros Battleshaper story - Did you kill the Platinum Angel with the battleshaper or your commander?

Quarion65 on Just Stay Dead

4 days ago

I would add Naturalize, otherwise a card like Ground Seal would make you very sad.

braydin72 on Abzan Starfield

4 days ago

Swapped out the Kruphix's Insight for Evolutionary Leap This will help protect me from Searing Blood by giving me the opportunity to sacrifice the creature in response. I Added 2x Nyx-Fleece Ram to the sideboard, removing one Hero's Downfall and 1 Naturalize. These will side in with Assault Formation for mono red matchups. This is the list I will play tomorrow night at FNM.

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