Destroy target artifact or enchantment.
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Naturalize Discussion

Biogidget53 on White/Green Elf

7 hours ago

TheProNoob thanks!I totally agree with there being a lack of defensive cards (with the exception of Emmara Tandris for my tokens, i was thinking of scrapping Green Sun's Zenith and Chord of Calling and just running Collected Company mainboard to free up sideboard space for more defensive type spells like Naturalize and such, what do you think?

notKingCole on Arithmetic Lesson -- 1st Place: Origins Game Day

1 day ago

I would replace Naturalize with Unravel the Aether to screw your opponents out of Hangarback thopter tokens, or prevent them from bringing back the enchantment with Starfield.

thegreatwizard on G/W Mill? What?

2 days ago

In my opinion, 26 seems like a lot of lands. I would cut two lands for two Fauna Shaman since they can help you tutor for your combo pieces. I would swap Naturalize for Nature's Claim. Nature's Claim does the same thing, and since you don't really care about your opponents life total, it is way better than Naturalize.

DartanianBloodbath2 on Nath's Horde

2 days ago

Alright. I said I'd look at this, so look at it I will. I'm gonna start with what I'd take out:

Gaea's Revenge -- It's a fun bomb, but instead of a sad little 8/5, wouldn't you want something better? It just doesn't do enough in a 40-life format.

Immaculate Magistrate -- Handy, but a bit slow, coming down on turn 4, so it's competing with stuff like Nissa or Yeva.

Lys Alana Bowmaster -- Flying will always be something green has problems with, but instead of running removal specific to flying, we can run something more broad, meaning it's not a dead-draw against other green decks.

Managorger Hydra -- He's in the same boat as Gaea's Revenge, as a flashy bomb in 20-life formats, but in edh, by the time he's big enough to threaten, they have the doom blade.

Bitter Revelation -- Four mana to draw two. We'll shrink the cost for this.

Deathmark -- A sorcery that's a dead-draw 3/5ths of the time.

March of the Returned -- Bringing things back is good, but again, the card is limited. There's so much good " bring whatever you want back" that you don't need this.

Scout the Borders -- I appreciate the dig, but a one-off use could be better, I think. It only looks at 5% of the deck.

Aerial Volley -- See Lys Alana Bowmaster

Groundswell -- Turning a 1-life swing into a 5-life swing is fine, but it won't win you the game. The only pump spells you can get away with in EDH are things that auto-win the game when they hit, like Hatred or Triumph of the Hordes.

Leaf Arrow -- See Aerial Volley

Plummet -- See Leaf Arrow

Primal Bellow -- Yes, it's a bigger pump. Will you win with it? No.

Wildwood Rebirth -- Two-mana instant is good, but it's still narrow. We'll replace it with something good.

Dryad's Favor -- This just makes you really, really sad eighty percent of the time.

Upwelling -- Omnath is good. He is good because he only helps you. Upwelling crosses the board, meaning it's helping your manascrewed opponent more than you. After you have enough to do this, you can cast literally 90% of your deck already. Mana's just mana.

Luminescent Rain -- You have Wellwisher and Nissa Revane for this.

Naturalize -- Great card, but we'll do better.

Molder -- The life isn't relevant and the regeneration won't matter in 99% of games. This is a worse Naturalize

Creeping Corrosion -- Good, but when you gak your own Sol Ring and Birthing Pod just to answer a board of 1/1 myr tokens, you'll cry.

Elvish Promenade -- It's a solid card. Not great, but solid. Strive for greatness.

Reave Soul -- Even if it weren't narrower that both Go for the Throat and Doom Blade, it's still a sorcery.

Tanglesap -- Fog is amazing because they won't see it coming. Play more than one, and they'll start to catch on.

Glissa, the Traitor -- She's a stone-cold wall, but you just don't have anything to support her. She needs artifacts, or else she's just a Murder with legs.

Total cuts: 24

Now let's look at what we need to add. I've done my best to make the suggestions cost-effective, and you could probably pick up everything here for about $100 between Up North and any other supplier.

The first things I notice about this deck are a lack of lands and a lack of dig. Don't fall into the trap of saying you can run ~30 lands because you're playing mana dorks. I'd still run 34 or more. Obviously, you'll eventually want a Bayou and a full suite of 7 fetches, but for now you just don't need that shit. These are the most cost-effective manafixing I can think of, plus two utility lands:

Tainted Wood -- $1.25 -- You'd be amazed how often this gets turned on, even by other peoples' Urborgs.

Grim Backwoods -- $0.50 -- This is a land that also lets you sac those Nath tokens to draw cards, increasing your dig factor.

Woodland Cemetery -- $5.50 -- Both colours, provided you already have one in play? Yes.

Temple of Malady -- $5.00 -- It's a dual-land that packs a card selection punch.

Strip Mine -- $5.50 -- The OG land-destruction. Kills peoples' Cabal Coffers when they try to benefit from your Urborg.

Adds: 5

Price: ~$18

Next, I see you need more card draw/selection. EDH is a format that lives and dies off of consistent decks. In a format of singletons, playing a tutor or good draw spells is like running a second copy of any card you need. Birthing Pod is banned in modern for a reason.

Demonic Tutor -- $17.50 -- Super good. Super undercosted. Any card. Boom. To hand. It's a combo/toolbox player's dream.

Sign in Blood -- $0.25 -- This is like Bitter Revelation, but costs half as much. Also, you can play politics and let other people draw instead.

Night's Whisper -- $2.00 -- Sign in Blood, but less mana-intensive.

Staff of Nin -- $1.25 -- Sure, there are better cards, but it draws a card for you EVERY TURN and comes equipped with a "Destroy target 1/1" button.

Worldly Tutor -- $7.00 -- The best creature is any creature. Find what you need at end of turn, draw into it, and windmill slam it for game.

Phyrexian Arena -- $10.00 -- You already have one. Play it. You have 40 life. One damage a turn won't kill you. Missing out on one card a turn, though. That will.

Dark Deal -- $0.50 -- Not only does it screw with your opponent when you make them trade in their whole hand, but each discard gets you a 1/1 token from Nath.

Waste Not -- $3.50 -- I'm counting this a card draw because you'll statistically hit a noncreature, nonland about half the time in EDH. Even if you don't, can get a 2/2 body out of it.

Adds: 8

Price: ~$42 (-1 Phy Arena makes $32)

The next thing we'll look at is removal. G/B is the second strongest colour pair for removal, exceeded only by W/B. We got rid of your "destroy target flying thing" cards, and that's because G/B is good at just saying "destroy target anything" instead. Don't be afraid to run wrath effects to blow up all creatures: if you're on the losing end of a fast race, sometimes it's easier to blow it all up and start over. These are my suggestions:

Toxic Deluge -- $15.00 -- This costs 3, so it sneaks under Gaddock Teeg, and the fact you can pay anything into it means if you've got Joraga Warcaller out, giving each elf +4/+4, then you don't even wrath your own board with it.

Pernicious Deed -- $8.00 -- It's another "oh shit" button to fall back on, especially against combo decks that like to clutter the board with noncreature threats. The X stands for fleXible.

Nature's Claim -- $0.75 -- It's naturalize, but costs less. Don't worry about the 4 life. In the same way Groundswell won't win you any games, Nature's Claim won't lose you any.

Maelstrom Pulse -- $11.00 -- It doesn't just kill one Sol Ring. It kills all of them. But even as 3-mana spot-removal, this is one of the strongest G/B cards ever printed. Look at it as "Destroy target permanent" with an occasional upside against clone effects or two people playing the same general.

Abrupt Decay -- $20.00 -- It's my little Pulse. Gak a thing, can't be countered. It's even an instant, meaning immediate response to sudden threats or combo pieces.

Adds: 5

Price: ~$55

The next cards I'm gonna suggest are just value cards: some are discard, making Nath better while also giving you card advantage and limiting opponents' options, and others are overall just solid for you.

Hymn to Tourach -- $2.25 -- Shooting this off on turn two can very easily make someone discard two lands, leaving them very much manascrewed for the whole game. It takes perfectly good, keepable hands, and ruins them. No better turn-two plays exist in black.

Mind Twist -- $3.50 -- Imagine a Hymn, but for as many cards as you damn well pleased. That's what makes Mind Twist a black staple. Even as a late-game "discard your hand" trick, it's amazing, because of all the little Nathlings you get to make.

Cunning Lethemancer -- $0.50 -- Eventually, I'd replace this, but it's a recurring discard effect, a punchy body, and if you have either Staff of Nin or Phyrexian Arena out, you don't even lose card advantage.

Prowess of the Fair -- $0.25 -- Whenever an elf dies, get a smaller elf. It makes all your opponents' kill spells half as effective. I love this card, as it also makes it that much easier to recover from a wrath.

Regrowth -- $1.50 -- The ability to bring back whatever you please is amazing, and two mana is perfect for that. Pull whatever you need outta there, be it a bomb creature, or using it to Hymn to Tourach twice.

Eternal Witness -- $8.50 -- It's Regrowth, but on a punchy punchy.

Adds: 6

Price: ~$17

Total Adds: 24

Total Price: ~$120 CAD

Eventually, I'd look into splashier stuff for the deck, like Lilianas, Gaea's Cradle, Cabal Coffers, Sylvan Library, Damnation, Sensei's Divining Top, and a Sword of Feast and Famine, but that's for when you sell your soul, wife, and car to play EDH. For now, it's a start; a solid start.

meddler91 on Arithmetic Lesson -- 1st Place: Origins Game Day

2 days ago

Personally I prefer Ainok Survivalist to Naturalize. It may cost a little more but you get a creature with a counter on it out of it too. In a deck like this that's a 2 for 1. :) Also, I know you've seen it darleen but for anybody looking at similar types of decks here is a link to mine :)

Green White Hardened Scales Playtest

Standard meddler91

SCORE: 22 | 24 COMMENTS | 2017 VIEWS

alex105008 on Arithmetic Lesson -- 1st Place: Origins Game Day

3 days ago

The only recommendation for the sideboard that I would have is: replace Naturalize with Reclamation Sage. For one extra mana, you could get a two-one beater that can be brought into play by "company".

frogkill45 on The Tokens of Jund

4 days ago

Shrapnel Blast hits a player though.

i would lean towards Naturalize or Return to the Earth it helps vs flyers but at more cost

Mj3913 on Selesnya Renown (Post Rotation)

4 days ago

Stomper is 6cmc for 8p + trample, can't be countered, but can be removed.

Revenge is 7cmc that doesn't have trample, your deck has ways around that though so if its not too hard on your curve go with it.

Naturalize would be OK if your not playing against a starfield deck.

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