Mirran Crusader

Creature — Human Knight

Double strike, protection from black and from green

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Mirran Crusader Discussion

xzzane on Swarm and Conquer V 2.0

4 hours ago

I wouldn't have Mirran Crusader mainboarded. It's a fantastic card against Rock, but consider that we already do well against that archetype, and most of the time you would rather play something like Spectral Procession or Lingering Souls .

DH_Cell on Swarm and Conquer V 2.0

7 hours ago

Hey man, how u doing? I was wondering about leaving 2x Mirran Crusader mainboard for most of the cases and 2x Kor Firewalker sideboard for burn stuff. This way Im not gonna use any Auriok Champion . I would like ur opinion about it :)

DH_Cell on Horse with no name (Knights)

1 day ago

Hey kiy251, thank you for the feedback.

Stony Silence and Kataki, War's Wage screw with my equips too, so do not worth :(

Batterskull is a excellent card but I was even thinking that Elspeth, Knight-Errant is too high cmc for this deck haha. The speed purestell knight gives u is really good, soo u have to keep the cmc as low as possible.

The funniest part of recommending Silverblade Paladin is that I was commenting on other knight deck to the guy to take him off. We already have a lot of 3cmc creatures, and Mirran Crusader already have double strike and double protection and Knight Exemplar is the lord, so I dont think more 3cmc would help. And this guy needs another knight on the field to work on, and as Im running only 20 knights (because of the equips) its gonna be hard to be useful.

The same logical for Golem-Skin Gauntlets , because u need something else to work well, and its not easy to get them all together :(

Cranial Plating would give me something like +2 or +3 of attack, no more than it, for two manas and I would have to splash black to be a little better, what is not good a heavy white cards

More equips would work on a deck where the creatures have some singery with them, but they have a huge interaction only with purestell, so I think, for now, 14 equips is enough

reverendvile777 on Seymour's Abzan Modern

2 days ago

If you really wanna go for this type of build,

Noble Hierarch >>>>>>>Birds of Paradise

Tarmogoyf >>>>>>>>>Sylvan Caryatid

Dark Confidant >>>>>>>>Wingmate Roc (Roc is cool in standard but not very playable in Modern. 5 mana)

Abzan Charm is too narrow as removal, and too overcosted for the other modes. I also wouldn't run 4 Path, against some decks, having to use multiple Paths becomes a serious liability - I would go -1 Path and the Charms for some mix of Dismember or Slaughter Pact and 2 Abrupt Decay . You lose a lot of matches in modern without Decay, I'd main at least 2 and side the rest.

Speaking of your sideboard, a one or two-of Bile Blight is ok for tokens and buying a turn against twin, but literally every other card feels randomly thrown in there with no purpose. Despise is terrible, the things you want to make them discard in modern typically are the very things this doesn't hit. Duneblast is not playable in standard, so it should definitely not be in the equation here. Abzan Ascendancy does nothing, Ready / Willing does virtually nothing as board wipes are rare in modern, you have enough maindeck lifegain the lifelink is irrelevant, and there's not enough swarmy aggro in modern for potential deathtouch blowouts.

And in Modern, Sorin, Lord of Innistrad is strictly better than Sorin, Solemn Visitor .

Cards to consider for sideboard that will be relevant in modern include Thalia, Guardian of Thraben , Rest in Peace , Thrun, the Last Troll , Golgari Charm , Aven Mindcensor , Mirran Crusader is really good against BG decks in modern. If you're really worried about having extra lifegain for burn type matchups then you could play Kor Firewalker but it shouldn't be needed with all the maindeck lifegain.

Also in your maybeboard, Knight of the Reliquary is great but you need at least 9 fetchlands to run him properly.

DH_Cell on Stompy rules

3 days ago

Treetop Village over Sapseep Forest ? And what do u recommend against Mirran Crusader ?

xzzane on The tokens are going to Isengard

4 days ago

Auriok Champion is useless against things like SplinterTwin, and I had a lot of combo in my old local meta. Rootborn Defenses is actually a pretty bad card. Not only does it take a precious 3 cmc spot, it has limited uses overall. And Liliana is amazing, no doubt about it. But the curve of b/w tokens doesn't work well with her. We don't need her. And Windbrisk Heights is well worth the coming in to play tapped. Ideally I like to fetch something like Zealous Persecution or an anthem with it. And that's a very low likelihood of happening with Blood Moon . People overemphasize its importance. And Tidehollow Sculler forces them to use removal on it, which is good in of itself. In addition it can grab key pieces of a a player's strategy. For affinity I would say Stony Silence and Sundering Growth will do you well. If you have 4 Zealous Persecution , affinity matchup is very easy though. Burn can be countered with Auriok Champion . Leyline of Sanctity too if you feel you need it. Tron can be countered with things like Ghost Quarter and Stony Silence . Your Mirran Crusader will do you well against Rock.

DH_Cell on Stompy rules

4 days ago

Hey kluchy, I would put Thrun, the Last Troll onboard for sure, but Im trying to keep this build budget. Because in modern this build is not that competitive, a single Mirran Crusader can finish my entire game.

Vines of Vastwood is cool but I think Aspect of Mongoose is better because its gonna back to my hand. Bow of Nylea I think deserves a slot, is not that expensive ;)

Kalonian Tusker is not the best two drop but Im gonna give it a try

Im not running any ramp, so Obstinate Baloth is too slow for me :/

DH_Cell on Horse with no name (Knights)

5 days ago

Hey EgyptianSpaceGamer, Fiendslayer Paladin is a good card but I already have 8 on 3cmc slot. Knight Exemplar is the lord and Mirran Crusader offers double protection and double strike, while Fiendslayer Paladin only for targets. So, I already have black protection and red protection (for RDW and Burn) on SB. Sword of War and Peace helps against Path to Exile and Lightning Bolt

TCGPlayer.com Price

Low Avg High Foil
$1.99 $3.44 $5.99 $6.99

Cardhoarder (MTGO) Price

Normal Foil
2.02 TIX 2.75 TIX
Power / Toughness 2/2
Color(s) White
Cost 1WW
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 1.12
Avg. cube pick 4.68


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Mirrodin Besieged Rare
Mirrodin Besieged: Mirran Rare
Promo Set Rare

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