Mirran Crusader

Mirran Crusader

Creature — Human Knight

Double strike, protection from black and from green
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Mirran Crusader Discussion

fartzilla on Which deck should I buy

2 days ago

If it was me i'd go monowhite: What I used to run in standard had Fencing Ace + Ethereal Armor, and could win T3 most likely 4-5 though. I think it cost around 40-50 (i think most of the prices dropped after standard rotated), and was usually in top 3 at my fnm. heres some more good cards you can take your pick. Phalanx Leader Silverblade Paladin/Mirran Crusader/ Fabled Hero Armored Ascension usually ended games that made it to 4 mana.Brave the Elements protects your creatures from removal, and pushes damage through blockers for the win.

Other than that I'd second the green deck someone else recommended above. Just add Garruk's Companion, and more pump spells.BBW Big Black Weenie on a budget my budget deck around $40 more fun than competitive, but does pretty well.

tyforthevenom on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

4 days ago

maybe some Mirran Crusader against g/b/x and coco in there for card advantage you may be aggro but shoring up your weakness against being slowed down is not a bad thing... and siege rhino, and goyf and thoughtseize and liliana (joking past the "...")

Nicholasgunn1994 on Selesnya Prison (Needs Help)

5 days ago

Thanks! I've really enjoyed the sinergey that comes from playing Fiendslayer + Mirran Crusader together. It's been really hard for jund decks to get through. Is there anything else I should take out or put in all together?

GofyTomcat1 on (Mono Red / White) Aggro

1 week ago

Here's my version:

Faith, Fire, and Fury

Notes on mine: 1. Chandra is better than Siege at my local shop, but if Siege is better for you, by all means substitute!

  1. Exquisite Firecraft is an extra burn spell, and it also kills larger creatures that are out of Bolt range.

  2. Mirran Crusader helps against Jund and Abzan in the post board games, while Leyline of Sanctity keeps your opponent from making you discard or burning you out.

Mtcuddles on Death And Taxes

1 week ago

My advice is add Umezawa's Jitte ASAP, drop the godsend, I wouldn't say it's good enough. As far as mana base, Cavern of Souls and Karakas if you have the money, both can replace plains. Ethersworn Canonist and Mirran Crusader are both sideboard material, since certain match ups you would not want to play them.

tyforthevenom on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

1 week ago

my current draft of mardu steel uses alot of pro red/black creatures like forge tender and Auriok Champion and Mirran Crusader plus Phyrexian Crusader in the side

smackjack on Modern Bant Value Beatdown + Knightfall Combo

1 week ago

Elspeth, Knight-Errant is great with those Geist of Saint Trafts, I would consider adding at least one. And Mirran Crusader is a great beatstick with all the Exalted triggers and elspeth (you can do 12 damage turn 3).

Check out my version: Knightfall

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