Mirran Crusader

Creature — Human Knight

Double strike, protection from black and from green

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Mirran Crusader Discussion

Boza on Experimental Knights

9 hours ago

I would include the 4 vials main. Additionally, as counterintuitive as it sounds, add 4 Wrath of God . Greaves is unnecessary, I would play some Silence instead to protect your dudes from sorcery speed removal and reduce the number of blockers.

So, here is the deck list I would try:

16 plains and 4 caverns and 1 Emeria, The Sky Ruin . 21 lands seems ok for the deck.

4 Champion of the Parish 4 Student of Warfare 3 Path to Exile 4 AEther Vial

2 Knight of the White Orchid 3 Knight of Meadowgrain 2 Knight of the Holy Nimbus 2 Spectral Rider

4 Knight Exemplar 2 Mirran Crusader 2 Silverblade Paladin

4 Brave the Elements 3 Wrath of God / Silence

Something like that will be very effective and fast. Consider a sideboard of hate cards only (pro red/black knights, Leyline of Sanctity , etc.)

xzzane on Playing Fair

1 day ago

You're wrong about Tirel being the best for the deck. Knight-Errant is still the best walker for tokens. You've built your build to be more creature oriented, but I would recommend either going the Pack Rat route or going for a more traditional style. I would recommend taking out your Mirran Crusader for 3 Tidehollow Sculler . Cut 1-2 of your anthems, 6 is too many. Add 1 land, and replace Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth with a different land. Take out Doom Blade and add 4 Raise the Alarm . Add a 4th Zealous Persecution . Take out Elspeth Tirel entirely. You should curve out at 4, with having only 2-at most 3 4 cmc cards. You have the choice between Hero or Knight-errant; it can be a personal/meta preference as to which to use. Your sideboard could use a little work as well. What is your local meta? If you want some ideas, take a look at my deck Swarm and Conquer V 2.0.

Dritz on Modern: Puresteel Paladin

3 days ago

Puresteel Paladin

Basically, what I'm looking for here are people's suggestions for cards that would be basically 'best in slot' for an aggressive Voltron Puresteel Paladin build. I don't care whether or not it is tier one but I am looking to make it the best it can be. Part of the reason I'm asking here is that most of primers for this archetype died off a couple years ago and while nothing earthshattering came out for the deck there are things that could be good.

In terms of restrictions:

Basically, other than completely dodging the fundamental idea of being aggressive with Puresteel Paladin there aren't any. Any color goes. Any budget goes.

As for non-equipment that I am considering so far here is the basic list other than the Paladin:

Steelshaper's Gift : Tutors are good?

Auriok Steelshaper : Anthems and the other cost reducer.

Leonin Shikari : Good way to get protective value out of equipment. Also decent if the game is going long and I just kinda have equipment around with the mana to move them.

Mirran Crusader : I look at it like the anti-average Tarmogoyf (Creature, Land, Instant) while still being resistant to common removal and having the ability you want most with equipment.

Etched Champion : Fits in any color. Likes going tall. Protected very often.

Equipment (most of these being idle ideas and not set in stone. Numbers for these are variable too...

Flayer Husk

Basilisk Collar

Sword of Fire and Ice (and the rest of the crew)

Golem-Skin Gauntlets

Lightning Greaves - Swiftfoot Boots


Path to Exile : Basically the standard for white removal.

Dispatch : Not too bad of a chance for this to be live here.

Any other color removal goes here. (Galvanic Blast is a notable mention.)

Idle thoughts (cards that could be good or eh in any combination of colors, not comprehensive):

Goblin Gaveleer , Vault Skirge , Kor Duelist , Soldier of the Pantheon , Cavern of Souls , et cetera.

Any thoughts or suggestions are great. Posting this when I'm half asleep is meh but work does that. :P If this post gets somewhere I'll post an actual list in the comments.

tchau204 on Boros Modern

6 days ago

This looks quite good now man! A few new comments though:

How about adding more noncreature spells (like Gods Willing or Searing Blaze ). You can also consider using Hatebear type creatures like Aven Mindcensor . Mirran Crusader is also quite a beast - along this line, Swords would do a lot of work here too!

xzzane on Modern Event Deck

1 week ago

Fetches are amazing in almost any deck, what are you talking about...They provide a ton of uses for a myriad situations. Elspeth is the best planeswalker, don't both with any others. As for the Jund matchup, it's a good matchup for tokens so you should be good. Mirran Crusader might be an option though. Stony Silence is better than kataki as well, for reasons he mentions. Once you know more about your local meta I can help further your sideboard.

Hallowed_Titan on TheAnnihilator

1 week ago

Sorry for the confusion. My 6 Gitaxian Probe for your 2Spell Pierce , Cyclonic Rift , Mirran Crusader , Setessan Tactics , and Relic of Progenitus (duel deck) puts it about even.

cthompson on Mono-White Modern Knights. "Mights"

1 week ago

Ooooh, awesome call on the Bonds of Faith ! I should've thought of that one...

Kinsbaile Cavalier did exist in an earlier version of this deck. I found that between Mirran Crusader , Silverblade Paladin , and Student of Warfare , the Kinsbaile Cavalier was more redundant than helpful in many situations. I will still consider maybe having one in here, though, because that card can be bonkers.

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Low Avg High Foil
$1.99 $3.44 $5.99 $6.99

Cardhoarder (MTGO) Price

Normal Foil
1.85 TIX 2.5 TIX
Power / Toughness 2/2
Color(s) White
Cost 1WW
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 1.12
Avg. cube pick 4.68


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Mirrodin Besieged Rare
Mirrodin Besieged: Mirran Rare
Promo Set Rare

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