Terashi's Grasp


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2015 Edition Common
Modern Masters Uncommon
Betrayers of Kamigawa Common

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Terashi's Grasp

Sorcery — Arcane

Destroy target artifact or enchantment. You gain life equal to its converted mana cost.

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Terashi's Grasp Discussion

GS10 on Alesha, Who Smiles at Her Bank Account (UPDATING)

2 months ago

First of all I want to say that I read your description, so I know you are not trying to make a killer deck out of the bat. I'm going to give you some suggestions, I understand some might be a bit over your budget (even though I'll try and keep the more expensive cards only around a couple bucks) and some might not be as interesting for you considering your specific playgroup and your goal with the deck, but since EDH is the perfect format to develop a deck during longer periods of time, and I strongly encourage everyone who plays to do so in order to create an healthy and dynamic playgroup, I'm going to suggest some changes that will improve both on the power level and consistency of your deck.

My deck is more expensive (but still pretty reasonable considering 100 cards) but it performs really well in competitive environments without overpowering the board in more fun oriented playgroups. You can check it out and maybe you'll find some other cards you don't know about that might be good for you:

Watch out, we've got a badass over here

Commander / EDH* GS10


About your deck now, I'll list the changes I'd make and try to explain why so you can pick and choose when you start making replacements.

I'd definitely take these creatures out: Aviary Mechanic, Battle Brawler, Daru Sanctifier, Enraged Revolutionary, Minotaur Skullcleaver, Rotting Mastodon, Timely Hordemate and Zurgo Helmsmasher

You want your plays and reanimations to be more than vannilla creatures, doesn't matter if they make themselves larger if they are easilly blocked and killed, and definitely, if you are running cards over 2 power which are not targets for Alesha, they must enable something game ending, otherwise you are taking consistency out from your deck and not gaining anything in return.

As for noncreature spells I'd take out: Asha's Favor, Berserkers' Onslaught, Blue Ward, Fear, Messenger's Speed, Protective Sphere, Skeletal Grimace, Demystify, Dragonrage (this is kinda okay with double strike, but still, much better options), Harsh Sustenance, Pay No Heed, Profit / Loss, Showstopper, Tenacity, Uncaged Fury, Uncanny Speed, War Flare, Wing Shards (You have no reasonable way to enable storm, so for 3 mana there are numerous better removal options), Coercion (it's one use only. In a multiplayer game you can't possibly gain advantage from picking one card from one opponent in 99% of situations), Kytheon's Tactics, Spectral Reserves and Terashi's Grasp.

I'd take almost all of those auras and instants/sorceries because in my experience Alesha isn't suited for that. She is perfect for a toolbox commander, so you should enforce that and play effects like destroying enchantments, on creatures that you can recurr as you need them instead of on one spell that can be used once. Again, this is relevant because Alesha can use creatures over and over, but not noncreature spells. In decks like Dralnu and such, it would be the other way around. As for ways to pump your creatures, again, it's a one trick pony and then your opponents will be able to block or remove your threat's easilly. Double strike definitely is not the best option, since Alesha likes small creatures, and double strike on small creatures is underwhelming. The trick is to manage a way to keep the board under control, and win little by little or comboing off with something.

I won't change the land base because that's where most money is usually spent and I avoid that as well. Command Tower, Vivid Marsh and Vivid Crag are solid and not very expensive, but again, I don't usually feel the need to improve that much on mana base. But if you feel you are playing this deck for a long time, I'd recommend you pick up a Chromatic Lantern soon. It's insanely important, since Alesha is , and her ability costs so sometimes getting the colours you need for both soon in the game might be harsh. The lantern just saw a reprint so it's lower on price now than it's ever gonna be for a long time after.

What to include then? I'd change a lot, but since you are playing a deck made of what you had laying around, I understand if you don't. I'll go over a few that you should include if you want to improve on the list and you can pick and adjust as you feel it's right. Also, probably all of these will be in my deck, so you can check it and see if there are other options there that you'd want to play instead of those I suggested you'd switch out:

I hope this was of help, it's really cool you are making a deck out of scraps, per say, so you can easilly bring new players in, that's something admirable, since most times the biggest barrier to new players is the intricate play levels of their potential playgroups. I usually lend my decks to new players until they feel comfortable enough with the format to build their own, but that kind of approach making almost a "limited" EDH deck is pretty cool and perfect to help new players improve. As I said, EDH is perfect to improve deckbuilding in time, so that's an awesome way to kick it off!

The7thBobba on Black-White Something?

7 months ago

Non-creatures:Since I basically went all in on the lifegain/drain business with the creatures, this is where I'd try and to cover the colour-bases. With black you'll want to be killing and stealing. With white you'll want to remove and restore.

Doom Blade, and Murder are your go-tos. With all the the life you'll be gaining, you can survive the drawback of Minions' Murmurs. Enslave is fun and mean.

Solemn Offering and Terashi's Grasp are your ways out of enchantments and artifacts. And any exile-stuff, like Oblivion Ring helps you out of any and all permanents. you've already got stasis snare, but that one only handles creatures, but till you have something else, it'll do just fine. Macabre waltz is cool, but try Unburial Rites is sooo much more value.

Dk1997 on Crazy Cat Ladies (Soul Sisters / Lifegain variant)

7 months ago

Ordeal of Heliod works great with heroic cards, i'd suggest Phalanx Leader or Setessan Battle Priest it also works good with Ajani's Pridemate if it already has 3 =1/=1 counters on it, because then it's basically just gain 1o life, i'd remove the 4 Sunbound for 4 Ordeal of Heliod

Auriok Champion maybe replace one of the lifelink cats

Pious Evangel  Flip same thing

Suture Priest same thing

Terashi's Grasp replace Cursebreak

Solemn Offering same thing but it also targets artifacts

Kingdomsteel on Lin Sivvi´s White power

9 months ago

Ah, there are a ton of options there. I'm just going to name some cards, you can select any of them to help you find what you need.


Divine Offering

Seal of Cleansing


Aura of Silence (to make it harder for your opponent to cast them or to make him tap out/make it harder to cast 2 spells in one turn. can help lategame if sacrificed

Solemn Offering

Terashi's Grasp

Ray of Distortion

Akroma's Vengeance

Austere Command

maybe this will help :)

AliceInQuantumland on Budget help for shu yun

11 months ago

Monastery Swiftspear and Akroan Crusader would be good replacements for Bloodmad Vampire and Amphin Pathmage. Revoke Existence is better than Terashi's Grasp unless you aim for lifegain. You don't have enough Equiments for Strength of Arms so try to replace it with another heroic creature of your choice.

NinjaFist on Uncle Karl's Sick Beatdown

1 year ago

Why do you have so much kill spells when Karlov himself already takes care of those? Wouldn't you want more artifact/enchantment removal? Might I suggest Austere Command, Return to Dust, Terashi's Grasp, Solemn Offering, or Paraselene? Also, might I suggest an Arcane Lighthouse for those pesky hexproof creatures?

malmagora on Pay my money down

1 year ago

Thanks for the tips, you gave me some great ideas! What can I remove?In my play group we abolished the infinite combos so I did not put Sanguine Bond. The combo with Tainted Remedy It is too cumbersome. I must add removals like Terashi's Grasp. Polluted Bonds and Subversion are two great choices :-)

MasterTaco on Pay my money down

1 year ago

Love Orzhov and equally love extort, big fan of mine back when I played standard.I would recommend some enchantment/artifact removals, like Terashi's Grasp/Revoke Existence because Tainted Remedy & Soul Conduit are an easy counter to this deck and so is your Erebos if they have one or if they copy/steal yours, which I would also recommend Homeward Path, great card in any deck! Since you already have Urborg, I would also recommend Cabal Coffers and Magus of the Coffers for more mana ramp, since you have nykthos and crpyt ghast, and more mana never hurts!

Other random suggestions that act similar to extort, in terms of opponents losing life and you gaining: Subversion, Debt to the Deathless, Polluted Bonds, Ob Nixilis of the Black Oath, Chalice of Life  Flip. There is also Exquisite Blood that combos off your Sanguine Bond.. but we all know how everyone likes to infinite combo amirite?