Vedalken Shackles


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Masterpiece Series: Kaladesh Inventions Mythic Rare
Modern Masters Mythic Rare
Fifth Dawn Rare

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Vedalken Shackles


You may choose not to untap Vedalken Shackles during your untap step.

(2), Tap: Gain control of target creature with power less than or equal to the number of Islands you control as long as Vedalken Shackles remains tapped.

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Vedalken Shackles Discussion

NippDip on Jank Night!

12 hours ago

For sure I'll put Vedalken Shackles in. Thanks for the suggestion.

Lame_Duck on Jank Night!

13 hours ago

Vedalken Shackles is another 3 CMC artifact that's incredibly powerful in certain matchups.

Silber on the locust god edh

4 days ago

Hey, just commenting like I said I would on facebook. An easy cut here is Sulfur Falls because you have two :) Next I'd say Blue Sun's Zenith, Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind, Coat of Arms and Think Twice. The first three are win-more, and I believe that your goal for winning is fairly straightforward, it also involves a lot of mana, not infinte, which these often look for. Coat of Arms helps your opponents, do not reccommend. Running Rapid Hybridization, Pongify and Reality Shift may be overkill, I'd drop one, your choice. In an effort to avoid fluff, I also believe that either Vedalken Shackles or Helm of Possession can get the boot. It may be personal preference, but I don't like Mystic Confluence much, if you don't agree just drop one of my adds. In place of it, I'd add Muddle the Mixture to counter and search, as well as Merchant Scroll for more search, and Fabricate for you guessed it, more search. That's 8 cuts, 3 additions, which bring you to 100. Let me know what you think.

Avscubasteve on Barrin, Master Wizard (Control)

5 days ago

Definitely needs Vedalken Shackles to steal and sac

Sargeras on U/W Ultimate Control: Make Your Opponents Concede

2 weeks ago

Having seen and played many versions of decks that run Isochron Scepter, I have a few suggestions.

  1. You need to have Leyline of Sanctity as a 4-of in your sideboard,otherwise any deck running discard will tear up your hand and screw with your combo/control. Once that happens you wont have a lot of outs to a board state besides maybe shackles if you top-deck it. I get that this a budget deck but you'll need them to win against powerful decks like Death's Shadow.

  2. Run Glacial Fortress over Prairie Stream, since you have fetchlands you typically want to get shocks instead of basic lands, Fortress is guaranteed to enter untapped. I get that goes against playing your Vedalken Shackles but in my experience curve is far more important.

  3. For sideboard tech, you may want to play cards like Ghostly Prison in order to have a one-stop way to make your opponents not be able to attack you, instead of trying to buy a turn.

  4. You may want to consider playing Rune Snag over Mana Leak, because if the game goes longer your opponents will be able to get around leak, meanwhile snag is good in both the late and early game if you draw it (Also pairs better against discard).

Those are my suggestions, if you need more help let me know.


DaftVader on Survey: Bluffing strategy in mtg

2 weeks ago

Consider if your opponent had held onto the Vedalken Shackles rather than playing it. You would have just played your Master of Cruelties out into it and lost any chance of winning. The only time knowing your opponent has an answer slows a player down is if they are gaining an advantage by playing around it - so it would have been better for them not to know.

In commander (or other multiplayer formats), it's slightly different - as people are much more likely to hold back and wait until your seal gets thrown at somebody else's card, so having a number of on-board threats can be enough to slow the game down a lot. I play a Merieke Ri Berit commander deck and having a protected Merieke along with a couple of ways of untapping her in play tends to bring the game to a standstill until someone gets bored and boardwipes.

ChaosJester on Survey: Bluffing strategy in mtg

2 weeks ago

Yesterday, the possibility of bluffing strategies came into my mind. We all know that some card games usually include psychological strategies (Poker, etc.). In my opinion also Magic t.G.

So, what if we cast Revelation for instance, while we have a lot of removal spells in our hands. Would not create this a psychological pressure for opponents because they know that you can counter or remove their spells? Maybe this "remove-revealing" strategy could prevent them from playing their combos?

I have an similar strategy-example: My opponent played Vedalken Shackles, so I had the really huge problem to cast my Master of Cruelties but had no removal spells. This situation was very bad for me because he slowed me down and killed me with very simple life loss effects.

This leads me to an another point. Let us assume that we cast Seal of Doom and/or Seal of Cleansing instead of revealing our hand. I think this can create a similar effect. Would you prefere this strategy more than the first one?

Now my first question: Have you ever made experiences like that and if yes, with which cards?

Second question: This strategy can be very annoying I think - especially the hands revealing one. Would your playgroup accept it?

Last question: What is your opinion about this strategy?

Thank you for your time :)

Xandermarron on Disciple of... what? {HELP WANTED}

2 weeks ago

Holy crap, that's a lot of great input, some of those counters I didn't even know existed! Thank you for all of the suggestions!

So, I decided that I would test this deck, and I made the threshold of 20 island, adding to the above x4 Vedalken Shackles, x4 Imprisoned in the Moon, and x2 Dissipation Field, and it actually turned out pretty well! The only problem I had was a discard deck, and a "go wide" deck. Other than that, it had no issues!

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