Vapor Snag


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2015 Edition (MM2) Common
Duel Decks: Ajani vs. Nicol Bolas (DDH) Common
New Phyrexia (NPH) Common

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Vapor Snag


Return target creature to its owner's hand. Its controller loses 1 life.

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Vapor Snag Discussion

Darth_Savage on invisible stalker and friends

1 day ago

Hi LilianaSavedJesus

Sadly some of your card choices aren't modern legal: Counterspell, Propaganda, Sigil of Sleep. The Propaganda effect moved to White, Counterspell is unlikely to return, but Mana Leak will do for the moment and to replace Sigil of Sleep your best bet is Hands of Binding or just run Vapor Snag.

I also have some card suggestions; Looter il-Kor and Infiltrator il-Kor, Shadow might as well say "Can't block and can't be blocked", just like the Inkfathom Infiltrator.

A while back I put together a casual deck based around unblockable, have a look Unblockable Aggro

Hope this helps.

cdkime on Geist of Saint Traft. Tips is welcome

5 days ago

Darksteel Mutation is another solid removal spell, completely shutting down an enemy commander without your opponent simply returning their commander to the command zone. Detention Sphere is another amazing removal spell, as it can target any non-land permanent, and severely limits enemy token decks. You can also use it to remove all your opponents' Sol Rings.

Counterspell is strictly better than Cancel. Personally, I prefer Cyclonic Rift to Unsummon. Yes, Unsummon is cheaper (both in terms of mana cost and acquisition cost), and can be used to protect one of your own creatures. However being able to target any permanent is well worth Cyclonic Rift's downsides. Further, its overload cost keeps it relevant in the late-game, when a one-sided wrath provides a strong finisher.

If you want to keep the one-mana cost and ability to protect your own creatures Unsummon provides, I would recommend Vapor Snag instead. Same basic effect, but you'll also ping an opponent for 1 when you use it (and damaging yourself 1 to protect a creature isn't that big of a deal).

SeekerofSecrets on UR Delver Tempo Control

6 days ago

I would drop down 1 Vapor Snag for your third Mana Leak

I would also seriously consider Bedlam Reveler as a 2 of, it's the real deal. You could drop 1 swiftspear and a delver or Enigma Drake (Im not as sure because I haven't tested drake)

I would drop Chart a Course to maybe a 2 of and maybe an Opt for 3 Thought Scour. The sorcery speed of course really hurts it and thought scour pushes serpent and drake over the top.

I'm also not a huge fan of Monastery Swiftspear but thats just personal preference

Good luck with the build though! Im loving the sudden surge in delver on the site!!!

Darth_Savage on Rise from the Tides

1 week ago

Hi AlphaLiberator98

The best way to speed the process up is one drop spells like Opt, Thought Scour, Vapor Snag, Piracy Charm, Gigadrowse and everyone's favourite Serum Visions. You want to take advantage of having spells in your graveyard, so playing cheap one drops helps.

You also need to think about how your deck functions without your enablers (Baral/Homunculus) in the same way the decks which run Baral and Goblin Electromancer do, the most expensive spells they cast are normally four mana and have storm... I think you need an alternative wincon, maybe Thing in the Ice  Flip or Curator of Mysteries as more traditional finishers, possibly Nivmagus Elemental since the cast trigger would still take effect...

yonyon2002 on Pauper Mono Blue Delver

1 week ago

Preordain can get rid of cards that you don't want, where as with Brainstorm you have to draw the cards that you put back on top. the deck has a very high chance of flipping delver even without Brainstorm: about 41.5% for a blind-flip, plus 9 cards that manipulate the top of your library. This means that Preordain is superior because it can smooth your draws better. If you really want to play extra copies there are 4 flex-spots - the Vapor Snags and the Spire Golems. In a vacuum Brainstorm might would be better but I think these are favored in the current meta.

taq on My Unoriginal Izzet Aggro Deck

1 week ago

I'm finding that Slip Through Space and Vapor Snag are excellent changes to the deck. I actually had just recently taken out Slip Through Space in hopes that the flashback from Artful Dodge would be useful, but the deck is typically fast enough not to need it and card draw is better.

Also finding that Dive Down can be a suitable replacement for Apostle's Blessing and even Manamorphose. I don't miss taking out Essence Scatter and Spell Pierce. Keeping Negate in the sideboard, but I never seem to swap it in.

Still undecided on Temur Battle Rage, I have had at least one game where I could have had a potential turn 3 win combo had there been one more mana, but I do find that getting trample is super useful when up against a deck with a lot of small creatures (like goblins).

Also considering whether or not Spellskite could be a worthwhile addition.

Still playing around - any more suggestions are welcome. I don't have a huge budget, so no Jace or anything :)

gravitylol on Pauper Millfolk

1 week ago

Hi Dude.

Thanks for the Tip and your input. I will think about something to make islandwalk work. Anyways. To this deck. I am absolutely positive. That Mill is going to work in pauper. We just need to find out how. It will be a slow mill. So i guess. Staling the board is a good way to go. Things like Vapor Snag and Snap. Could help us a lot with that plan. I will think about some more options.

Cheers M8

RightyLefty on My Unoriginal Izzet Aggro Deck

1 week ago

If you've based this off similar decks I'm sure none of these will come as a surprise but, Temur Battle Rage over Assault Strobe, the trample it gives is absolutely worth the extra mana. Next worry less about counters in your main and focus on cantrips and cheap/free spells. I would cut the Essence Scatters and Spell Pierces for Manamorphose and Apostle's Blessing also switch the Artful Dodge for Slip Through Space to keep your hand full of spells. Also Mutagenic Growth is always great with Kiln Fiend. Also I would suggest Vapor Snag over Void Snare, it can save your creature from their removal or get rid of a threat about to kill you. Sideboard really depends on the meta at your LGS but Young Pyromancer can help you go wide against control decks and Surgical Extraction is a useful card for getting rid of their best spells and you can cast it for free to pump your Kild Fiend. more.

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