Vapor Snag


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2015 Edition (MM2) Common
Duel Decks: Ajani vs. Nicol Bolas (DDH) Common
New Phyrexia (NPH) Common

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Vapor Snag


Return target creature to its owner's hand. Its controller loses 1 life.

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Vapor Snag Discussion

Duke.Fleed on Jeskai Tempo

10 hours ago

with 13 creatures, do you feel that delver is worth it? If you are committed to the burn plan game 1, wouldn't Goblin Guide just be better? or even just more removal like some Vapor Snags or Repeal?

inGtSToRm on [Pauper] Bant Exalted Vehicles

2 days ago

MrCuddlefish thanks for your input!

I like your suggestion of running white fog effects over green. The deck tends to have access to white mana more often than green.

Vapor Snag seems like a great card in the board to get around threats such as Gurmag Angler and push through for those crucial last points of damage.

So far, Caustic Caterpillar has been impressive out of the board. Having another creature to crew vehicles has proven to be helpful.

Thank you for your detailed input! The deck will benefit from it.

MrCuddlefish on [Pauper] Bant Exalted Vehicles

4 days ago

So as a fellow player of Renegade Freighter I'm happy to call this one of the coolest new takes on the idea for vehicles. The exalted really helps push damage through and you seem pretty capable of being a real threat even without vehicles. Mobile Garrison is also intersting as it help defend, but I feel as though it could be a dead card if you already have a Frieghter out and attacking, but whether you agree or not with that is fine.

However I'd say that you should think about Kami of False Hope or Holy Day instead of Fog in the sideboard as you seem to have more white than green mana sources. Additionally I would run either Natural State or Fragmentize over Caustic Caterpillar unless you want to keep the creature to help crew vehicles. Also I would consider a few other ideas:

Sideboard Change Reccomendations: 2 Holy Day or Kami of False Hope, 2 Fragmentize or Natural State, 2 Gods Willing or Benevolent Bodyguard or Apostle's Blessing, 3 Mana Leak or Dispell or Vapor Snag, 3 Spell Pierce, 3 Life Goes On,

Mana Leak is a good card, but if your using three colours you'll probably want to use as efficent spells as possible such as Dispell; and Vapor Snag is also a good way to stop irritating creatures and is a favorite of mine but Mana leak is still good so keep it if you like it. But mana efficency is also why I reccomend Apostle's Blessing as it can cast with any colour; and as a side note Benevolent Bodyguard can crew vehicles which is relevent, which is also applicable to my recomendation for Kami of False Hope.

I know this may seem like a lot of stuff to reccomend but I love your deck concept and I'd love to see it improve! Cheers and have fun out there!

SoapyCilantro on U/W Control Venser

1 week ago

Hi Ris747 , have you thought about Vapor Snag or AEther Adeptfor creature bounce or Cloudshift to trigger your creatures' abilities again? Panharmonicon and Conjurer's Closet are fun cars when you can get them out.

gavoryn on Pauper Mill

2 weeks ago

Vapor Snag has always been my favorite alternative to Unsummon. The 1 damage likely won't matter, but...I mean...what is the downside?

RubenCosta on Acid Azorius

3 weeks ago

Thanks for the comment vic!

Well, to be honest, I considered it for a sideboard option (actually Vapor Snag). I might reduce all 3of in sideboard in order to have room for those!

I definitely will buy all physical cards and take it to the local store Modern event in the end of the month.

Liquidbeaver on Argent Moon: Liquimetal Control

3 weeks ago

Logics: Thanks for the thorough comment! Here are my thoughts.

Lands: The landbase has been working out pretty well so far, but I cut a second Sulfur Falls for a 3rd Field of Ruin, and after a bunch of real playtesting last night (the first non-goldfish testing of the deck). I think that was a mistake. The Fields have been working out well as they are also effectively my 7th and 8th fetches as well. The more I cut them though, the stronger Blood Moon gets instead.

As for the number of lands, at 20 lands I was flooding pretty regularly, so I tried 18 and it was much more consistent. 19 is definitely a good place to settle to, as it would improve the mulligans. Also, I went from no cards above 2 CMC, to four cards at 4 for last night's playtesting, so it was a pretty big swing. I think that should be at most two of them, or take that down to cards that are 3 CMC.

Bounce: Boomerang is really strong, especially when used on a land during the opponent's upkeep step. If it is imprinted, they are locked at that number of lands for the rest of the game, unless they can remove the scepter. That being said, I used to run 4x and it was way too many, and I constantly had multiples left in my hand and nothing constructive to use them on, so I cut them back to 2x. I added Vapor Snag to help with creatures, but effectively caused the 4x Boomerang problem again. I think I will at the very least sideboard the Snags, if not cut them altogether. Those slots would be better served by harder control, like you said, Remand or something similar.

Delay: Delay has been working really well on the scepter, and is awesome against counterspells because all of them except Cryptic Command fizzle when they get recast. I think Delay would be even better alongside a stronger counterspell package, not cut to make room for it. That would help the only real negative I see with Delay being creatures you counter having haste when they get re-cast.

Opt/Visions: I agree with you completely, I think my lack of digging is the biggest issue at the moment. The Izzet Charm and Mission Briefing being my only cards is definitely not enough. Between Opt and Visions I would lean more towards Opt, but I am also looking at Faithless Looting, which would let me pitch extra combo pieces that I don't want in hand.

Muddle: I think that is a fair statement, and although I don't want to cut it entirely, I think going down to a 1-of would be better. That way I still get a tutor if I need it, but I make room for a more versatile spell, and I never end up with 2 in my hand, which has really sucked when it happens. The statement about being good without scepter is spot on, and what I am hoping to accomplish with the deck. It needs to be a value engine, but not an integral part.

Coating: This is something I noticed a few times during my playtesting, so you are on the right track. Often enough I had a March of the Machines or a Liquimetal Coating out, but no removal in hand to use. I think a MB Shattering Spree is a great idea.

Again, thanks for the detailed comment. It really helps to get outside perspectives on this.

Let me know what you think of the newest revision!

JKRice on Merfolk for first FNM

1 month ago

I have a couple of suggestions, having played against modern Merfolk. I like the deck in general, you have the right structure, there are just some card ratios and choices that I disagree with. I’m not sure how low your budget is so you might just want to ignore these.

1: Cursecatcher is played as a 4-of a lot in merfolk

2: Peek is not the best card in merfolk I would reccomend taking out all of them

3: Wanderwine Hub doesn’t do much. Choke isn’t played as much as it used to be. However, I would reccomend Faerie Conclave if you’re worried about choke

4: Dismember is useful in merfolk as a 1 mana destroy spell

5: Master of Waves is a good card. However, modern is a turn 3 - turn 4 format, meaning by the time you play master of waves, the game will be close to ending. I would reccomend only running two masters

6: I would reccomend adding 2 harbinger of tides and cutting 2 merfolk tricksters. Also, a good alternative to merfolk trickster is Merrow Reejerey

7: I definitely like Mirror Image as a budget choice for phantasmal

8: Mistcaller is a good sideboard Card, but in the vast majority of situations it doesn’t do anything. I would reccomend 2 Vapor Snag instead

9: as for the sideboard, Echoing Truth, Dispel, and Flashfreeze/Hibernation are all strong choices for the current meta

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