Faceless Butcher


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Premium Deck Series: Graveborn Rare
Time Spiral "Timeshifted" Rare
Torment Common

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Faceless Butcher

Creature — Nightmare Horror

When Faceless Butcher enters the battlefield, exile target creature other than Faceless Butcher.

When Faceless Butcher leaves the battlefield, return the exiled card to the battlefield under its owner's control.

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Faceless Butcher Discussion

jaeger_Konig on Meren's Naughty Graveyard Shennangins

1 week ago

You actually made me look at my deck and realize I hadn't updated it in a long time. I had listed a few cards, which were no longer in the deck, that I suggested to cut. one of the few cards that i have had a lot of fun with is Overseer of the Damned, really solid card with good utility. Also Mikaeus, the Unhallowed is super easy to combo with. Triskelion or Walking Ballista both go infinite with him alone. Something i noticed while playing Meren was that you could stop someone from playing their artifacts and enchantments super easily and creatures not terribly hard either. However, indestuctable creatures are annoying and hard to deal with as well as opposing graveyard recursion affects. to combat them i enlisted Faceless Butcher. Another good one which i only have 1 copy of is Duplicant. These are both really good cards to use multiple times. butcher is a bit harder to work with but costs less mana too. I am going to copy paste a scenario for you to show why he is very good.

1) Faceless Butcher enters the battlefield, triggering its ability. 2) Butcher's Controller puts the ability on the Stack, choosing the target creature. 3) Butcher's Controller then uses an Instant or Ability to Sacrifice the Butcher, triggering its" Leaves the Battlefield" effect. 4) The "Leaves the Battlefield" effect was put on the Stack more recently than the "Enters the Battlefield" effect, so it will resolve first. 5) When the "Leaves the Battlefield" effect resolves, nothing has been Exiled by the Faceless Butcher, so there is nothing to return to the Battlefield. 6) When the "Enters the Battlefield" effect resolves, the target creature gets Exiled.

rels88 on Alesha and the Combo Horde

1 week ago

i would say in stead of Faceless Butcher you should put in Banisher Priest cost one less to cast.

Sloanan on Her Name v. 2.0

1 month ago

Any reason for no Key to the City? I feel like that card was designed exclusively for Alesha. You discard a creature you want to reanimate, making her unblockable, then just put it out onto the field attacking! Admittedly might not work as well with the greaves, but that's why I usually trade them out for Swiftfoot Boots. It's more mana but it gets around the shroud.

Also have you considered Sunforger? It will tutor and cast all of your instants except Vampiric Tutor.

While I like the Faceless Butcher/Fiend Hunter, I always worry that they're not as good without sac outlets for the permanent exile. I usually choose Duplicant, Garza's Assassin, or King Macar, the Gold-Cursed (who works particularly well with Reconnaissance). Big Game Hunter is also particularly good in this build - you can either discard him and pay the madness cost or just reanimate him to kill a fattie.

beninator on The Centaur of the North

1 month ago

I assume Fiend Hunter and Tidehollow Sculler are in for their interaction with sac outlets (I.e. sac them with their etb triggers on the stack to permanently exile what they target) so for a little welcome redundancy I suggest Mesmeric Fiend and Faceless Butcher, since these two creatures can pull the same shenanigans.

lagotripha on DeDe will have his day v1.7

1 month ago

If you're only searching heartless with it, Shred Memory will serve as graveyard hate and an instant speed replacement for beseech. It'll also let you tutor apostles, stony and charm. Entomber Exarch could provide some cute recursion and hand control, Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet is broken, Korlash, Heir to Blackblade is ok, Mindslicer is hella threatening, Faceless Butcher provides targeted removal, and etb shenanigains. On the redder end Stormbreath Dragon dodges a lot of removal atm. Blood Baron of Vizkopa provides lifelink and all the relevant protections

Vessil on Athreos Skelly Tribal

2 months ago

Ooh I love obscure tribal decks. Saw your post on reddit but from some reason the website was saving my comment so I'll just leave comment here:

Rule #1 for janky tribes is that you cannot skimp on the power of the support cards. The core theme of your deck (skeletons) is already at an disadvantage (since skeletons are not that strong and there are not too many of them), you can't afford to pull too many punches on your other slots.

First, I think you have too many small draw effects like Succumb to Temptation and Infernal Scarring. If your meta is not too fast I would recommend only keeping the best 1-3 of these and adding some larger draw or tutor effects (e.g., Skeletal Scrying, Promise of Power, Moonlight Bargain, Necropotence, Plunge into Darkness, Diabolic Intent). Mid-sized draw is also worth considering, like Ancient Craving or Ambition's Cost.

You also have a lot of (weak) point removal which seems excessive unless your meta is really atypical of casual EDH metas. You run just keep a few (3-6) of your favorites (ones that are cheap, unconditional, and exiles are best), and replace the rest with in some removal that give you more card advantage and other utility. Mass removal that don't block regen, e.g., Crux of Fate, Day of Judgment, and Austere Command, could be useful for this deck because your skeletons can regenerate from them. You can also consider more Dictate of Erebos type effects like Grave Pact, Butcher of Malakir, or Martyr's Bond. You should at least replace Pacifism with something like Journey to Nowhere or even Faceless Butcher.

The next step is deciding on a specific game plan. Right now I see elements of aggro, control, and combo, but you'll want to specialize I think. Aggro is probably the weakest because skeletons don't have good aggressive stats, but if you want to go that route you'll want better pump effects like Obelisk of Urd, Coat of Arms, good equipment (Sword of Fire and Ice, Batterskull, Umezawa's Jitte), etc. If you want control then bombs like Profane Command, Wretched Confluence, etc.

If you want to combo win, which I think is actually the best plan for weaker tribes (because instant kill is instant kill no matter how bad your creatures are), then it's about picking which combo you want. I really like Mikaeus, the Unhallowed + Phyrexian Altar + Reassembling Skeleton/Tenacious Dead combined with something like Blood Artist or Falkenrath Noble, since most of the pieces fit naturally into what your deck was already doing anyways. Mikaeus + Triskelion is also super strong. Combo pieces like Enduring Renewal also go well with what you have already. If you go the combo route don't forget more tutors like Entomb, Increasing Ambition, Beseech the Queen, etc.

For sacrifice outlets some good ones are Phyrexian Altar, Viscera Seer, Phyrexian Plaguelord, Sadistic Hypnotist. And for artifacts, I would replace some of the less reliable ones like Gorgon's Head and Howling Mine with better equipment or Smuggler's Copter.

And for your mana, do you find 32 lands is enough? Skeletons are cheap but they have some pretty hefty activation costs. Most EDH decks are 35-40 lands, and maybe some more mana rocks (Sol Ring).

And finally, you can take a look here http://magiccards.info/query?q=t%3A%22skeleton%22&s=cname&v=card to see if there are other skeletons that might be better for your deck (e.g., Marang River Skeleton). Did you know that freaking Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon is a skeleton? Probably the best one in the game. Also don't forget things like Metallic Mimic, Adaptive Automaton, Brass Herald, or changelings like Skeletal Changeling, Cairn Wanderer, Mirror Entity.

Sorry about the huge wall of text, I just really like what you are going for with your deck! Hopefully some of those ideas useful even if not all those cards are going to fit into the deck. Let me know if anything doesn't make sense or if you want more budget suggestions. You can also check out an example of the janky tribe with powerful support staples in my black knight combo deck The Dark Knight Returns - Haakon combo knights if you want. Good luck with your deck, whichever direction you end up taking it!

Lordmax606 on The Undisputed Rasputin

2 months ago

@stagnantcelerity, Great point on the Nim Deathmantle still triggering, that is correct, however it still interrupts the combo pretty easily. Also nice catch on Ixidron, my playgroup sorta stopped using that card so since moving to Trickbind I haven't even seen him lately.

@Muse99, this is partially correct. Flicker effects from say Flicker, since they refer to the target to be returned as "it" or "that card", yes, they could simply use a replacement to the command zone and avoid the possible perma-trap in exile. However, other cards that exile the card, and then later refer to returning cards exiled (see Angel of Serenity, Parallax Wave, Voyager Staff's oracle text) will only be returned if they entered the exile zone (not replacement to commander zone since then it never was exiled).

See the rule quoted by Sheldon, one of the creators of EDH and a level 5 judge:

"Blink can get your Commander back because it's in the zone that it went to (Command Zone, replacing Exile). It didn't change zones, which is when an ability loses track, it just went to a different one than the ability expected.

If the return ability specifically references "the exiled card" (like Oblivion Ring or Astral Slide), it won't find it in the right zone and won't return it.

If your General gets Faceless Butcher-ed, you can put it in 1) the Command Zone or 2) have it go to Exile. If 1) it doesn't come back when the Butcher gets killed. If 2) it does."

Long story short, the types of flicker spells I would use on another players general are the type that look to the exiled zone to return it, thus leaving you the choice:

  1. Replacement effect and place it in the commander zone, incapable of returning it via the delayed trigger, or
  2. Allowing the exile to take place, moving their general to the exile zone and risking a Trickbind-esk effect.

Most players simply accept their general just got killed and move them to the command zone.

Opifex on Advertise your COMMANDER deck!

2 months ago

I edited my original reanimator deck, it has more discard, etb effects and ltb effects Fiend Hunter and Faceless Butcher were added and do awesome with Panharmonicon as well as just sacrifice on etb for permanent exile. I prefer low cost cards that I can use to reanimate or high cost with epic ETB potential. Not sure if I should add Exhume and I am always looking for new ways to flicker or animate that works well with the sacrifice mechanic. I also have Odric, Lunarch Marshal so if you know anything with ETB potential that also has lifelink that would be perfect. Victimize could be worth it if I can include more draw.

Psychopomp Tribal

Commander / EDH Opifex


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