Temur Battle Rage


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Fate Reforged Common

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Temur Battle Rage


Target creature gains double strike until end of turn. (It deals both first-strike and regular combat damage.)

Ferocious — That creature also gains trample until end of turn if you control a creature with power 4 or greater.

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Temur Battle Rage Discussion

RK-Lounge on Esper Spirits

3 days ago

Kami of False Hope has saved me more than a few times. Without a 2 mana lord like Merfolk has, I find I'm not ready to block creatures turn 3 or 4 so I prevent the damage and it lets me save Selfless Spirit for comabat tricks or stopping board wipes. Also efficient in that it's essentially a 1 mana creature blocking an unlimited amount of creatures. Great to flash it because they often waste combat tricks like Temur Battle Rage or Become Immense not knowing you have it.

erty1468 on Turn 3

4 days ago

Looks neat and here are my suggestions on potential cards to consider. Temur Battle Rage and Slip Through Space both can serve as spells similar to Assault Strobe and Artful Dodge. Also Expedite can create surprise kill by keeping a creature in hand then unleash it once you have all the pieces you need. Lastly Monastery Swiftspear is super amazing the rapid spell agro deck like this.

inkfourblood on grixis truth fiend

6 days ago

I feel you are correct about the swiftspear/delver switch. I also think 3 cyclops and 4 fiends might be a bit better. feels like at least two Distortion Strike would help as well. Serum Visions and Inquisition of Kozilek are in the mail at the moment. Maybe cut the Gut Shot for Desperate Ritual and/or Temur Battle Rage. Kinda not looking foward to buying into a whole new mana base for a deck that will mostly get played casually in multiplayer games. so i will most likely keep that part very budget but i feel like some of the new cycle lands couldnt hurt. and maybe even a Death's Shadow or two for when things get iffy..?

JaceTheSwagSculptor on Uril's Revenge

6 days ago

Sorry I make so many edits...

**Edit: A more aggressive option for this slot is most likely better if you decide to make the change...

Kor Spiritdancer/Sram, Senior Edificer -> Temur Battle Rage/Abrade**

lagotripha on How to: Play Magic for ~$6.

6 days ago

There are a number of cheap, effective red kards Keldon Marauders has fallen out of favour, but is a 2 mana lava axe when it works. Nivmagus Elemental is cheap and provides limited counterspell protection and the oppertunity for combo finishes with Temur Battle Rage. Sin Prodder is dirt cheap and very effective, even without cheap delve.

With super budget the lack of lightning bolt hurts red, and lack of boros charm red white so janky combo is usually the most functional option. Board flooding with Mogg War Marshal, Foundry Street Denizen Dragon Fodder Battle Hymn Dragonrage Akroan Crusader Empty the Warrens, Haze of Rage and so forth to spam out a win. Guttersnipe used to be good but has fallen to more efficient options, leaving him pretty cheap.

Human tribal with Keldon Marauders/Thatcher Revolt/Kessig Malcontents is functional, especially with Gather the Townsfolk and Dearly Departed/Cathartic Reunion. For the non-$10 version there are some very competitive lists out there, but there are a lot of cards in modern that aren't valuable because they just aren't in short supply but are still super good.

dylanyad on U/R Cryptic Bloo

1 week ago

I totally see your point and have removed Dismember in favor of Vapor Snag to help smooth out life loss. Also, with the addition of Temur Battle Rage we can go for the kill faster which in turn holds us back less. Thanks for the positive feedback and i will continue updating the list in order to make it as optimal as possible!


Kalron on Rainbow dragon

1 week ago

So you're at 66 cards. You can honestly drop down to 20-22 or so lands if you wanted to. A lot of ramp decks don't run more than 22-24. So that would really help.

Dragonmaster Outcast should be put in the mainboard, hands down. Drop both Icefall Regents and the second Dragonlord Ojutai. The second Ojutai will likely get stuck sitting in your hand while you wait for the other one to die. The card advantage you get from it doing damage is nice but I don't think it's worth running two.

I'd drop both Dawn's Reflections because it's too expensive. Either include more creatures such as Elvish Mystic or the other elf that does the same thing for the same cost or Rattleclaw Mystic OR you can just put one more Abundant Growth in and another Verdant Haven. I would probably only do the one Abundant Growth and put in elvish mystic or whatever, you'll see why I suggest this soon.

I don't personally like Stormbreath Dragon because your creatures already have flying. This already makes your cards really hard to block so the effect you get from making it monstrous is kind of poor. I think something like Thundermaw Hellkite would be a fine substitution because you can tap flying creatures your opponents control and it has haste soooo this could be a finisher.

I also think that unless you can specifically search for creatures in your deck, you shouldn't be running so many one ofs. This ruins your consistency because you have very little card draw. In a deck like mine, I can safely run one of a few different cards because I'll likely see everything in my deck if the game runs long enough. With ramp, you're trying to end the game early with huge creatures. Typically you want them to interact well with one another. I think something like Mirrorwing Dragon AND Temur Battle Rage could help. You could also run something like Vines of Vastwood if you do Mirrorwing Dragon. I can't help but shiver at the thought of playing against that. With your current creature pool + interaction you can't really rely on any one effect from your dragonlords unless you can search for them. I know that's why you're running Sarkhan Unbroken but dropping all your creatures on the field at once will make your entire strategy vulnerable to board wipe unless they all have haste. Again, something that could be fixed with Mirrorwing Dragon or Zada, Hedron Grinder if you run Expedite or some other card that gives haste.

If you REALLY want to keep all your dragonlords as one ofs, you could always run Gifts Ungiven and Unburial Rites. These will let you get stuff from your deck and then back from your graveyard. I don't know where you'd fit those in but that's what I suggest doing if you want to keep all your individual Dragonlords. Otherwise, just side them in to deal with what cards your opponent is playing. For exmaple Dragonlord Silumgar is pretty useless against draw-go decks like mine.

I think Mana Leak Is out of place. If you're going to interact with your opponent, you should either be using burn to chip away that last chunk of health or some kind of permanent removal. I suggest Abrupt Decay, Terminate, Path to Exile, Detention Sphere, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Helix, or Electrolyze. Otherwise, if you really want to run counters, you should run something heavier like Cryptic Command, Rune Snag, Dispel, or Negate. Mana Leak can be worked around by paying extra mana and you will likely have enough mana to cast whatever you want if you're given enough time.

If you want me o actually suggest additions and subtractions in terms of creatures and spells and stuff other than what I've already done, let me know and I'll give it a shot.

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