Wickerbough Elder


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Eventide Common

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Wickerbough Elder

Creature — Treefolk Shaman

Wickerbough Elder enters the battlefield with a -1/-1 counter on it.

(Green), Remove a -1/-1 counter from Wickerbough Elder: Destroy target artifact or enchantment.

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Wickerbough Elder Discussion

Firebones675 on Shaman's rage

3 weeks ago

Looks good, I think there are a few catagories of cards you need more of though.

Card draw: EDH games tend to go on a lot longer than other formats. This means that you will soon run out gas in hand and be reliant on topdecks. This is where card advantage comes in. Cards that allow you to draw more than 1 card are good ways to restock your hand Regal Force or Lifecrafter's Bestiary are other options for you. I can suggest others but they are sorceries.

Board wipes: Sometimes the game gets out of hand and you just need a reset button to take care of the scary things your opponents are doing. Within green your best options are Boompile and Nevinyrral's Disk.

Creature removal: In almost every edh game you play, your opponents are going to cast creatures you need to get off the board, and fast. Duplicant, Song of the Dryads, Lignify and Ambush Viper are decent options.

Noncreature removal: Artifacts and Enchantments are also pretty common and its important to have answers. You have some already put they are often instants or sorceries, but i'd consider Wickerbough Elder, Ainok Survivalist (both are shamans) or Acidic Slime.

As for cards to take out:

Dowsing Shaman: you don't have enough enchanments

Trusted Forcemage too small of an effect

Riftsweeper situational at best

Overrun with genisis wave and primal surge in the deck, this being a Craterhoof Behemoth would likely be better

Bramblecrush I'd swap this for slime

Naturalize swap this out for noncreature hate that's a permenant

Lure don't think it does enough here

Again good deck, just think it needs a couple small tweaks.

Flagellum on Necrotic Ooze Combos

2 months ago

Grim Poppet and Wickerbough Elder also play nicely with Devoted Druid in the GY and the Ooze in play.

More combos pulled from another forum:

Argothian Elder + Morphling = infinite mana

Argothian Elder + Morphling + Arcanis the Omnipotent = infinite draw

Thornling + Magus of the Disk = board clear to remove anything stopping you from winning

Thornling = haste to combo the turn you play the Ooze

Thornling + Morphling = protect the Ooze if it needs to stay in play

Spikeshot Elder = mana outlet

TheMadRocketeer on Ruric Thar, May I?

2 months ago

I really need to add the Fierce Empaths here. This deck is all about getting Ruric Thar, the Unbowed onto the field as soon as possible and doing nice effects through creatures alone. While, as of this posting, Fierce Empath can find me only 7 cards (2x Forgestoker Dragon, 2x Inferno Titan, and 3x Ruric Thar, the Unbowed), these represent half of the current set of beaters in the deck and generally are the cards I most want to make sure I find. Just getting Ruric Thar, the Unbowed out ASAP is already worth the inclusion of Fierce Empath. Another advantage I see in doing this is that it would possibly allow me to move 1 each of Forgestoker Dragon and Inferno Titan to the sideboard, dropping the mana curve a bit, though that may be a bad idea.

The deck could use help to more quickly find the creatures and land it needs, and it could use improved ramp to be able to do more than one big thing at a time.

Maybe Frontier Siege for improved ramp? Maybe Outpost Siege for draw? Neither is a creature, though.

Now, how to make room?

  • Remove Embermaw Hellion? It's nice, but it may be sort of an unnecessary damage-more card in this line-up.
  • Wickerbough Elder is my only artifact or enchantment removal, but it's just 1 card of 60, and therefore unlikely to show up in a given game anyway, so it's a candidate for deletion, probably.
  • Dense Foliage stays for sure. That thing's been incredible. Worth a 6 point hit, even, it it comes to it. I'd include 1 more if I owned another.
  • What else?
  • Thoughts?

    seb9011 on Vhati Budget EDH

    2 months ago

    Thanks for suggestions! I have notices that the -1 counters theme actually does hurt some of my creatures so thats what I have trying to figure out, but you are very correct on the recursion. I will try to fit something in other than my Eternal Witness. Wickerbough Elder is another addition I looked at initially and didn't think much of it but after testing there were more -1 counter effects than I had initially thought and therefore the elder should also be in the deck. Thanks for the suggestions! I will be sure to get to your deck when I can!

    hoardofnotions on Vhati Budget EDH

    2 months ago

    I really like this deck, looks very tuned! Do you run out of cards a lot? Maybe some recursion could be good like Phyrexian Reclamation or Oversold Cemetery? Also Wickerbough Elder could be clever with all the -1/-1 effects running around. Does that deck struggle without the commander on the field doing his thing? Maybe run a Sorceress Queen as a back up? if you're running enough elfs Wirewood Symbiote could be another untap effect.

    Hopefully some of the suggestions are helpful, if you have the time could you check out my budget Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest build? I think I need another pair of eyes on it to make sure I didn't miss anything. Thanks!

    BalorOneEye on Casual Ezuri

    3 months ago


    Cut Invisible Stalker for Looter il-Kor

    Also practically unblock-able and Loots.

    Cut Brawn for Wonder

    Flying > Trample

    Cut Solemn Simulacrum for Bident of Thassa

    Green decks don't need Solemn. Bident draws way more cards.

    Cut Sakura-Tribe Elder for Devoted Druid

    Elder fits better in a reanimate game. Devoted druid is crazy with ezuri.

    Cut Thought Vessel for Cryptolith Rite

    you really don't need the vessel and rites turns all your tokens into mana. (i would suggest earthcraft but thats not very budget friendly)

    cut Nylea, God of the Hunt for Trinket Mage

    Nylea doesn't trigger Ezuri. Mage gets skullclamp.

    Cut Selvala's Stampede for Sol Ring

    Why aren't you running sol ring!?!?!?!?!

    Cut Overwhelming Stampede for Whisperwood Elemental

    You have enough wincons. Not enough ways to protect your creatures. Elemental is insane to safe your board and generate card advantage + ezuri triggers

    Cut Patagia Viper for Caller of the Claw

    Board wipe protection and generates more guys.

    Cut Acidic Slime for Wickerbough Elder

    this is repeatable in your deck

    Cut Rapid Hybridization for Counterspell

    you care less about creatures than you do about spells

    Cut Mulldrifter for Mindless Automaton

    turns counters into cards instead drawing once.

    Cut Nissa, Voice of Zendikar for Cyclonic Rift

    Nissa is just oke. Rift is a necessity.

    Cut Elvish Visionary for Evolutionary Leap

    visionary is just an underperformer. Leap is great card draw/advantage and can used to get some value out of your guys when the board gets wiped.

    Cut Coiling Oracle for Glen Elendra Archmage

    the only expensive(ish) card you really need.

    Cut Imperious Perfect for Life's Legacy

    Perfect is hard to cut but every creature based card draw is just great in this deck

    Cut Halimar Depths and Treetop Village for any land that produces and

    preferably lands that come in untapped. for example City of Brass and Mana Confluence

    Cut Wirewood Elf for Hardened Scales

    an underperformer for a powerhouse

    Forkbeard on Roon of the Hidden Realm: Transcendent Rhino

    3 months ago

    I used to run Wickerbough Elder and ended up swapping it out for Reclamation Sage which has been more efficient in my experience. Ixidron is a really interesting card and I'm tempted to test it out.

    Thanks for the suggestions Beebles!

    Beebles on Roon of the Hidden Realm: Transcendent Rhino

    3 months ago

    Have you ever considered Wickerbough Elder and Ixidron? I run these as tutorable answers to Torpor Orb and Hushwing Gryff while still providing synergy with Roon. I also love Ixidron with something like Ghostway as morphed creatures return face-up when blinked.


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