Insectile Aberration


Delver of Secrets  Flip


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Common

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Insectile Aberration

Creature — Human Insect


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Insectile Aberration Discussion

bobbyboo on I'll Have What She's Having!

3 months ago

Talrand, Sky Summoner, Young Pyromancer, Metallurgic Summonings, and Insectile Aberration  Flip should help you along quite well, Guttersnipe too. Tezzeret's Gambit and Steady Progress work well to gain experience, Inexorable Tide will give a similar effect.

In terms of theft a Stolen Goods is usually value, Treachery and Domineering Will too. For when you put money into it Bribery is effective as anything, same with Commandeer and Desertion.

naynay666 on U/G ThreshTempo

3 months ago

Don't get me wrong, I love Temporal Spring more than most- but is it worth 4 slots? Might be. I jam Chittering Rats where they don't belong sometimes.

Upping your fetches (Terramorphic Expanse and Ash Barrens) loads up your graveyard faster. More fetches = more Brainstorms = more Insectile Aberration  Flip. Commune with the Gods might serve a better purpose than Mental Note, but who knows?

Xica on Are You Alright? You Look SWAMPED!

3 months ago

...If you want your opponent to discard cards you will need to force them to do so. 4x cads are just too few to achieve that goal, at bare minimum you need 6x copies that give the effect or some mechanism to dig out the cards (scrying, tutor... etc.) if there are no two cards that provide the effect you are looking for.

Necrogen Mists tends to be a budget alternative of Liliana of the Veil in this role.

But even if you have 6 cards, its likely that people will just beat down with cheap creatures like Goblin Guide or Insectile Aberration  Flip, which can be cast for a 1 mana, and i highly doubt that you are able to hold them reliably at zero lands.
This is why similar decks tend to hind behind Ensnaring Bridge

RingweMakil on Dark Visions

7 months ago

Wirox, thank you for the suggestions! I considered the Expertise from the day it was spoiled, and then decided not to run it for a pair of reasons.

a. I have great game against little creatures already, so the -3/-3 is not as relevant as being able to sweep a board of Tasigur, the Golden Fang, Tarmogoyf and all manner of Eldrazi.b. I would rather suspend Ancestral Vision at the soonest possible time than hold it in hand to hope to have it go off with Expertise. If I play both cards on curve, then Vision would resolve the turn after the Expertise anyway, so I'm not accelerating it out by too much.

I am still testing Fatal Push, and did not want to begin with the playset. It is not Lightning Bolt, sadly, which means that it is not always relevant. I used to play Victim of Night and Dismember before Push was printed, and I liked the security of knowing I wouldn't just lose to something like Tasigur and Gurmag Angler and Primeval Titan (less commonly, Stormbreath Dragon. It could be correct to play the set in some combination across the 75, and if I feel as I want more quick spot removal, I shall make space for it; but for now, testing and practice.

Allow me to explain my rationale for Downfall and Bile Blight. One of the most common ways for UBx control decks to lose the game is when the opponent resolves a threat that is impossible/difficult to remove; these usually take the form of consecutive big creatures (Reality Smasher, Drowner of Hope - it isn't always possible to keep up a fetchland for Thought-Knot Seer either) or planeswalkers. As such, I am not comfortable with going below 3 Hero's Downfall. Downfall is my out to Liliana of the Veil and Liliana, the Last Hope, Karn Liberated and Koth of the Hammer. Between that and Geth's Verdict, I don't simply concede to Tron resolving something.

A spot removal strategy is most weak to tokens (dedicated token decks - I've seen a few Mardu/Orzhov lists - and elves). Trading cards for half, one third, or one fourth of the opponent's cards feels very very bad. Lingering Souls has always been a headache, and will continue to be; Abzan maindecks it or boards it in against me, as do variants of Esper control. I know I have 2 Engineered Explosives and 2 Damnation, but better 6 of these token killing effects than 4. Bile Blight is also quite the blow out against affinity quite often, with Signal Pest, Vault Skirge and Inkmoth Nexus often coming in multiples. Bile Blight deals with Snapcaster Mage armies, multiple Goblin Guide, Monastery Swiftspear, and Insectile Aberration. It gets around the card disadvantage created by Voice of Resurgence tokens, it makes racing Bitterblossom a real plan, and it almost singlehandedly shuts down elves (it is also excellent against Merfolk, where it lets me not fall behind too much because of AEther Vial by 2 for 1'ing them). It is excellent against Dredge, which no other spot removal is (it is particularly potent with a Kalitas on board). No other card that I know of accomplishes all of this for 2 mana. Hence the 2 of.

TheHelvault on blue balls

8 months ago

I know the copies go away at the end of the turn, but Mirror Mockery does double Insectile Aberration  Flip's attack value every turn, which is what It accomplishes. In any format, 6 damage is better than 3.

TheHelvault on blue balls

8 months ago

ClockworkSwordfish, Mirror Mockery is an ok/10 way to make copies of Insectile Aberration  Flip. If you really needed that 4th spell, you could enchant Erayo, Soratami Ascendant to make her flip. The Mirror is alright in here, I can see where your confusion would be.

Simon_Williamson on Anyone think VEHICLES will make ...

10 months ago

Shit I meant modern! Context and whatnot!

Goody The Standard Meta is bad card draw for modern, and you might get three cards and six damage, if you can lock down the Copter, the creature crewing, and manage to get the whirly bird through Insectile Aberration.

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