Bile Blight


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Born of the Gods (BNG) Uncommon
Promo Set (000) Uncommon

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Bile Blight


Target creature and all other creatures with the same name as that creature get -3/-3 until end of turn.

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Bile Blight Discussion

Craftwerk on Love/Hate Relationship

2 hours ago

This is indeed also a deck with a nice theme.

Certainly the Blood Artist with Hunted Phantasm and either Illness in the Ranks/Ratchet Bomb is a nice combo.

Did you also consider Bile Blight, since it will also destroy the green centaur tokens from Hunted Horror?

PhotogenicParasympathetic on Get 3 coffins ready

4 days ago

Hour of Glory is vastly preferable over Ashes to Ashes - it doesn't require you to pay 5 life, is an instant, is reusable from the graveyard, and doesn't require two targets to fire off.

Bile Blight is at its best against tokens, but even in games where no token creation happens, there are an awful lot of relevant creatures with less than four toughness.

Quicksilver on Get 3 coffins ready

5 days ago

Victim of Night and Ashes to Ashes. Sure, the former is specific and the latter is painful, but unless your meta is filled with token players, Bile Blight is really bad in EDH. Hour of Glory only works once and if their God deck is voltron, some players will just not care you got rid of their commander.

floose on 8-Rack Budget - Updated for Meta 2017

1 week ago

tdopires nice suggestions, man. Most of them I already have in plan in my non-budget 8-Rack build. Here are some comments about your suggestions:

  1. I suggested Bile Blight because the meta plays a lot of dorks, and Lingering Souls is very powerful. Plus, it's a super cheap removal, and I would like to say under 90 dollars in paper and 25 tix online.

  2. I have Asylum Visitor in my full version, but it didn't shine yet as it is supposed to.

Question:I am also a big fan of Pack Rat. Do you play it along with Smallpox too?

tdopires on 8-Rack Budget - Updated for Meta 2017

1 week ago

I'm currently building a B/w version of the deck (not so budget) but here are my points:

Besides that, I would put an extra point for discussion:

  • Gurmag Angler has an insane clock and doesn't die to Fatal Push, I'm running 1 on sideboard but is hard to say how effective could be. Thinking of replacing my mainboard 1x Pack Rat for another one, just for testing, but the Rat is really good when they got empty handed... Tough decision.

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on Yet Another Mono-B Devotion

2 weeks ago

Ooh, Bile Blight seems very good right now. Dismember should be able to hit everything that GFTT would hit.

I think I'll drop 2 Spellskite and 2 Nighthawk for the other 2 Gary and 2 Liliana. Lili seems good in this deck.

I'm currently playing 8 pieces of removal, 12 if you count the Gatekeeper. Is that traditionally not enough?

This is just something I threw together to see what it would look like and how it would play. For a tuned list I'd probably start with your profile decks and branch out from there.

APPLE01DOJ on Yet Another Mono-B Devotion

2 weeks ago

I'd swap 2 Vampire Nighthawk or 2 Gifted Aetherborn for 2 more Gray Merchant of Asphodel. You really want to hit Gary every single game and often more than once. I've played MBD quite a bit and in my experience the games often play out as simply survive long enough to cast Gary.

Perhaps swap some discard around or push Spellskite to the SB for more MB removal. Bile Blight and Go for the Throat are pretty good in the current meta. Funeral Charm is also a nice touch, bolt a bird or instant speed discard.

Sweech on Salt Sisters (Now with 80% more sodium)

3 weeks ago

I really like the look and idea behind this deck and am interested in trying it out for myself.

My initial thoughts are this:

Yahenni, Undying Partisan combos quite well with all the opponents dying tokens to make a hasty, beefy, indestructible possible wincon. The sac outlet also plays quite well with Blood Artist.

Have you thought about cutting out the Soul Sisters elements of this deck and considered going for a full out damage idea instead? Opting for a full 4 of Blood Artist (which I consider to be one of the most powerful creatures) and Blood Seeker (or something else). Would also go with my earlier Yahenni suggestion to get more aggressive.

I would also consider cutting blue. Swan Song is decent, but replaceable and the biggest reason to play blue is Hunted Phantasm which is the strongest of the "hunted" cards - as it can rumble for unblockable damage and 5 1/1 tokens combos with the rest of the deck nicely. That said I'd consider opting for Hunted Horror or Hunted Troll (if you went green instead of blue). The Hunted Horror only makes 2 3/3s which is the weakest token production, but a 7/7 trampler could be better for just simply racing your opponent for damage which is what I think this deck has the better potential to actually do. Making this deck more closely resemble RDWs with Hunted Horror acting almost as a Ball Lightning type creature.

I know I'm advocating cutting blue to make the deck run smoother, but as someone already suggested Commune with the Gods would go really well in this deck as your best cards happen to be creatures and enchantments that all combo with one another. If blue was kept instead of green Forbidden Alchemy essentially would do the same job. If either of these were used Return to the Ranks could be an option as it fits the CMC especially if you were using Hunted Horrors. Or even run both Hunteds.

Conversely you could also consider cutting white strangely enough. I already think cutting the Soul sisters is a good idea as they aren't quite as good in a deck not dedicated to life gain. Ghostly Prison is also cuttable/replaceable and I don't think 4 are necessary anyway. That said I really like what Suture Priest does in this deck and she alone somewhat makes me want to keep white. Essence Warden could be used as well if you still desire the effect but want to go more B/G.

Other cards I thought of:Bile Blight, Zulaport Cutthroat, Collective Brutality, Zealous Persecution, Virulent Plague, Bloodcrazed Paladin (similar to Yaheni), Ruin Raider, Toshiro Umezawa - Not for this deck, but one with more instants especially Mercy Killing and Forbidden Alchemycould be interesting.

Sorry for the long comment, but I really like the deck and the idea and think there's a lot of ways you could go with it - hence all my suggestions! Especially adding Yahenni, Undying Partisan who I think would do a lot in a deck like this.

Happy brewing! :)

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