Bile Blight


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Hero Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Heirloom Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Born of the Gods (BNG) Uncommon
Promo Set (000) Uncommon

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Bile Blight


Target creature and all other creatures with the same name as that creature get -3/-3 until end of turn.

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Bile Blight Discussion

jgc10 on Black Control

3 weeks ago

Then you just hit it with Undying Evil and bam it's back in play.

I understand the reason to keep both, but the point is to clear the board with cards like that. Plus you already have Bile Blight to cover "go wide" strategies and 16 other ways to remove creatures. That's a lot.

You're going to get hosed on decks that don't run many creatures. You'll have a hand full of removal and the few creatures you manage to play will most likely get bounced by counters, removal, etc. I don't know your meta, so you may not be facing many of those kinds of decks, but it's something to keep in mind.

cole20112 on How to Piss Players Off WITHOUT Breaking the Bank

1 month ago

Would Bile Blight or Grasp of Darkness fit the slot of Agony Warp better? Or does the fact that it does two different things to two different creatures relevant.

robrone9 on Lands?

1 month ago

Hey there. I responded to your Reddit thread, and had the idea on my mind all day. So I sat down and tried to streamline it as best I could. I ended up on a G/B combo deck that basically wants to cast Natural Affinity + Bile Blight or Echoing Decay naming whatever land they have the most of. There are lots of variations on this idea, for example, using red for Pyroclasm or even Eradicate to remove all the lands not currently in play with the same name (this won't destroy the other lands currently in play).

I tried to keep everything as instant speed as possible, so as to keep your combo viable verses control decks.

These colors give you the best hand and board control options, and it is probably more consistent and faster than 3 colors. It also plays Ghost Quarter and Field of Ruin to great effect and without hurting the casting of spells to much. Currently only Courser of Kruphix and Bile Blight require double green or double black to cast.

Note that you can't cast Natural Affinity on the end step, untap and cast Echoing Decay on your turn, as the "until end of turn" takes effect on the opponents end of turn, rather than the "start of the next end step".

Here is my idea anyway. Hope it helps!

Bad Guy Land Destruction

Modern robrone9


GuyLJr on Need sideboard suggestions

1 month ago

Considering Killing Wave as a sideboard card against hexproof. Could probably board them in for Bile Blight as they both seem to be good weenie killers.

Icbrgr on A Real Pain In The Rack

1 month ago

Thanks for the input Se7enfoot! I initially had Mutilate as a one of in the Sidboard as a one-of before Bile Blight got the spot. After a few games with mainboarding it against Elves in particular I found because of Smallpox/Raven's Crime/Necrogen Mists I hardly ever get to see 4 mana and at the same time have Mutilate/Languish in hand despite running 24 lands... My lands tend to be the first thing to be discarded in favor of trying to hang on to Victim of Night/Go for the Throat as long as I can to take out lords like Joraga Warcaller/Elvish Archdruid. or even make spite Pack Rat tokens for chump blockers if applicable.

I love Extirpate but i find it more suited for the sideboard and bringing it in against a less creature focused matchups like Control/Burn to take away there Mana Leaks/Lightning Bolt or key combo pieces... otherwise actual discard effects to optimize the damage/lifeloss of The Rack/Shrieking Affliction or spot removal just gives me more piece of mind when something nasty resolves like Grim Flayer.

Funeral Charm seems pretty awesome with it being at instant speed as well as being a possible Pack Rat pump; i just hate how it visually clashes with the rest of the deck... I might have to get over it and put it in here though cuz it does seem like its great for this deck; but im not certain what i would replace/cut for it.

hungry000 on Say My Name

2 months ago

Inquisition of Kozilek is the next best discard spell after Thoughtseize, it's a bit expensive but a lot better than TS. The reason you lost to elves is probably because you have no main deck removal spells, and the removal you do have in the sideboard isn't very good. Some targeted removal like Cast Down in the main deck would improve your creature deck matchup a lot.

In your sideboard, Bile Blight is ok in small numbers (like 2 at most) since it's good against tokens and you play against pyromancer decks, but with so few lands there are just better cards than Killing Wave. Same deal with Torment of Hailfire. Some sweepers you could play include Drown in Sorrow, Mutilate, and Languish.

Also, you need to go up to at least 20 lands with so many 3 and 4 cost cards. There's just no way Cabal Stronghold is gonna do more than break even in a single game with 18 lands, much less make more mana, so you should cut it and play some Bojuka Bog or something. 18 is about how many lands Burn plays, and they only have like 8 spells that cost more than 1 mana.

If you want to upgrade, the best way to go for a discard deck is to use The Rack and Shrieking Affliction to close out the game with damage (it's an archetype called 8-Rack). That way you don't need to use any creatures which makes any removal your opponents have dead cards, and you can play sweepers in the maindeck which would improve your elves and pyromancer matchup. Since it's discard you're already naturally good against control, and against hollow one you just need to play targeted removal. Idk if you'd want to upgrade to something like that though, since it could qualify as a "net deck." your choice.

Kjartan on Why doesn't dismember care about ...

2 months ago

Two people from I lgs "allegedly" watched a game where a high level judge explained to a player that some -X/-X card killed a goyf before it got to grow.

I really doubt they were lying. Doesn't seem like them.

Were the high level judge just wrong? Or is it some really weird rule interaction that non of us apparently know of?

After scouring the internet, I couldn't find anyhting about it. (Maybe they were just lying.)

But i'd really like to see rules that could, if nothing else, explain why that isn't the case. Just to be sure, and so I can avoid arguing with them if I ever got to play a goyf vs Bile Blight or something.

pbanker on Zombie Copter

2 months ago

I think Dark Confidant would be a very good fit here with all my 1 cmc spells. If I do make the purchase I expect it would replace the 4x Gifted Aetherborn. Since I'm not playing threats like Tarmogoyf I think my opponents would save removal for Bob but it would still be a great play. Liliana of the Veil is also good here, I saw it was a staple in Devotion lists. I think Bob's a better fit here but adding both could definitely be a good idea. Don't own them yet but considering it.

Bontu the Glorified is a card I've gone back and forth on. It's definitely competing for the Plague Belcher spot and I'm also considering a 2/2 split due to Bontu's legendary status. My only hesitation is meeting the mana and creature sacrifice conditions can be rough in the early-ish game whereas Plague Belcher provides a more consistent body.

Herald of Torment looks really cool & I'd never heard of it. Could also replace a Lashwrithe too, definitely thinking about this one. I like Victim of Night over Cast Down for now but that could change if I start seeing more Gurmag Anglers.

I've been playing around with my Thoughtseize and Inquisition of Kozilek numbers but 3/3 seems good. I suppose I don't need to stash the extras in my sideboard....generally speaking my SB is still pretty rough so your suggestions there are appreciated! Bile Blight is a favorite because, as you said, it hits a lot. Smallpox could definitely work here, and land destruction is always a good idea. I'll be fiddling around with my sideboard for sure.

Thank you for the suggestions!

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