Ajani Vengeant


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Ajani vs. Nicol Bolas Mythic Rare
Shards of Alara Mythic Rare
Promo Set Mythic Rare

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Ajani Vengeant

Planeswalker — Ajani

+1: Target permanent doesn't untap during its controller's next untap step.

-2: Ajani Vengeant deals 3 damage to target creature or player and you gain 3 life.

-7: Destroy all lands target player controls.

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Ajani Vengeant Discussion

IlGuale on Why hasn't Mardu found a ...

22 hours ago

I've messed with a list with 24 lands and Madcap Experiment to find Platinum Emperion and now i'm wondering if it deserves those five total slots. Maybe something like Ajani Vengeant or Elspeth, Sun's Champion is simply better.

TheDuggernaught on White/blue life gain deck

2 weeks ago

Chalice of Life  Flip is a pretty meh card. If you want to gain 1 life per turn, there are far more efficient ways of doing so (Soul Warden and the like), and if you want to do damage by gaining life, there are more efficient ways of doing so (Ajani's Pridemate, Archangel of Thune and Serra Ascendant). I have used chalice once in a turbo fog deck... but that is a completely different deck.

But based on your description, some sort of control list might be what you are looking for. W/U Control is a pretty good deck. Most lists utilize a fair number of cards that gain life (Blessed Alliance, Sphinx's Revelation), although life gain is not a primary focus for the deck. Most W/U Control decks also use Celestial Colonnade as the primary win condition... and those are not cheap. Colonnades are good though as they are only creatures when you want them to be creatures -- which means you can play board wipes such as Day of Judgment and not lose your "creatures". I feel like this sort of style fits you needs best, so this leaves us with a few options.

  1. Planeswalkers. Some planeswalkers are kind of pricey... others are not so bad. But planeswalkers synergize very well with board wipes as they are not creatures and it gives them "free turns" to tick up to their big abilities which can often, more or less, win the game by themselves. Some examples of good planeswalkers for this sort of deck are Gideon, Champion of Justice, Dovin Baan, Gideon Jura, Sorin, Grim Nemesis, and maybe Nissa Revane.Other ones are that are more expensive might be Ajani Vengeant, Koth of the Hammer, Mike expressed that he has had no urge to self-harm as of late. and Nahiri, the Harbinger.

  2. Myth Realized. Is similar to a manland in that it is only a creature when you want it to be a creature, and can get scary big.

Alternately, if you are still keen on the idea of winning with Felidar Sovereign, there are a couple ways to help make sure you win. You could splash black and use Doomed Necromancer's ability to return your Felidar Sovereign back to play at the end of your opponent's turn once you are at 30+ life. This gives your opponent less time to be able to do something about the Felidar Sovereign as they have to be able to kill it with an instant -- or else you just win. Another option is to take a page out of the Emeria decks and run Emeria, The Sky Ruin. Play all the boardwipes, and do not care because once you hit 7 plains, all your creatures will start to come back.

Let me know what you think and I can start helping you carve out a deck list. Ultimately, you cant go terribly wrong with either of the establish archetypes, but brewing is not a bad thing either! As far as dealing with aggro decks, how fast are these decks winning? A normal aggro deck in modern will normally win turn 3 or 4. Although if you are playing against other budget decks, you likely have more time.

Oloro_Magic on Drag-on more creatures

2 weeks ago

Okay so I have spent the last few hours testing, and making notes about, the deck against some of my own decks and a couple staples of the format a kind of gauntlet for lack of a better term. Here is how it fared (please realize that most of these decks are fast and set in stone they are not work in progress builds):

vs. Mono-White Tokens 0-2

  • The deck was simply too fast for the dragons to keep up, game one the opposing deck was able to get 6 human tokens out turn 5 and win with a massive swing from a Thalia's Lieutenant; game two the token deck had two Champion of the Parish in the opener.

vs. Mono-White Death & Taxes 1-2

  • (Preface: this is the archetype and deck I play the most so my experience with the deck had a factor). Game one kept a risky hand with Death & Taxes and lost to quick ramp from your deck. Game two and three I played more conservatively behind my Aether Vial's and fell into my rhythm winning both games relatively easily behind vial and Flickerwisp. Goblin Guide did very well game one and two.

vs. Simic Infect 0-2

  • Again a matter of speed, game one your deck got mana screwed and infect got out multiple Noble Hierarch's; game two the infect deck was able to swing for 16 infect turn 3 which is near unbeatable when you didn't have Fatal Push mana.

vs. Affinity 0-2

  • Game one affinity was able to dump it's hand turn one and an Arcbound Ravager turn two, conceded on the spot as turn three faced certain death; game two went well until affinity played Etched Champion and Cranial Plating turn 6, had no answer (there isn't a good answer to this).

vs. 4-Color Aikido 0-2

  • (Preface: I play this deck a lot, it's one of my private decks). Both games got stuck behind massive life gain and drain from the aikido deck, slow loses typical when facing this deck as both games went well past turn 20. Didn't draw a board wipe and opposing deck sides in Selfless Spirit.

vs. Mono-White Blink 2-1

vs. Oath of Nissa Bant Superfriends 0-2

vs. Eldrazi Tron 1-2

vs. Grixis Death's Shadow 0-2

Final Thoughts

Though it may not look that way the deck did better than I thought it would considering it is just being built now and unlike the decks it faced hasn't been finalized. Overall record was 1-8; 4-17 in games. It hung on with the better decks in the format and beat a combo deck that once it gets going is near impossible to stop. I would say the gauntlet was a success as it highlighted the needs of the deck and showcased what went right. Follow up comment will have my suggestions.

iAzire on Archenemy: Nicol Bolas

3 weeks ago

I expect I'm not the first person to say this but I want to make Commander decks for the Archenemy: Nicol Bolas set. I figure it would be a lot of fun and something nifty to have.

I will be wanting all decks in paper, as that's when they will be played. I will want them (semi)balanced, as in the Archenemy doesn't win every game but has a good chance.

I figure this also gives me an opportunity to add Gatewatch members that aren't playable in the box set. Ajani, Jace, and Liliana are all missing.

Doing this creates a Commander decision issue. Would I use the creature cards? If I did that, Ajani couldn't have a deck.

There is also the possibility of using their namesake cards as the Commander. This would give it a better feeling of Planeswalkers battling as each would at least be in the Command Zone and would be much easier to cast each game.

Along the same line of using a Planeswalker as the Commander, I could just pick their best version to use that.

The question would then be, what to do for Nissa and Ajani? Would I use Mono Walkers, or their Multi colored cards for more variety. What supports this idea is that Nissa's Precon deck is .

I believe Ajani would probably be the better strategy, but fits thematically as that was the Walker released in the Ajani v. Bolas Duel Deck.

Anybody have thoughts, opinions, help to offer? Commander choices will be important, whether the decks have other Planeswalker cards in them matters, overall deck strategy for each character would help.

SynergyBuild on

3 weeks ago

Hey, to start with, thanks for putting my Kithkin Tribal in wants, second off, I'd like to say you should put in Ajani's Pridemate because Soul Warden and Felidar Guardian doesn't win you the game, but an infinitely large creature will, also throwing in Soul's Attendant will help boost your health and chances of finding a combo piece.

Take out Transguild Courier, Nylea's Presence, and Coalition Victory, it is a waste of time.

I don't even know what Mirror Entity was used for, so it might have a point, but it to me seems useless.

Nacatl War-Pride is fun, but I don't see it being useful due to it being so expensive.

You can take red out of the deck, or keep it in. I see Impact Tremors as good, but Suture Priest is much better.

If you leave in red, then Ajani Vengeant might be better for you. It can hold the board for long enough for you to combo out.

If you put in Suture Priest and Soul's Attendant, then Serra Ascendant may be the way to go. You can even through in Felidar Sovereign for theme with Felidar Guardian and for victory, or any of the great cats below:

Loam Lion

Wild Nacatl

Fleecemane Lion

Qasali Pridemage

Brimaz, King of Oreskos (I use this in my soldier tribal deck)

Qasali Ambusher

Regal Caracal

You can find more, but this is just to head you in the right direction!

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