Sakura-Tribe Elder

Creature — Snake Shaman

Sacrifice Sakura-Tribe Elder: Search your library for a basic land card, put that card onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle your library.

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Sakura-Tribe Elder Discussion

skimask38 on Drana's Mana Mayhem

2 days ago

Love the deck! I converted my Geth, Lord of the Vault to Drana on a whim because I felt like she might be a bit more consistent, and it turned out wonderfully.

Have you ever considered running Geth in this deck? My reasons for keeping him around are simple. Not only can you get back monsters that you slay, pull back in the mana rocks and other artifact goodies that might have moved on, but there is one card in particular that is in almost any EDH game that will break this deck, Sakura-Tribe Elder.

With the stupid amount of mana this deck can have, you can easily draw out every land in your deck, mill for more big nasty creatures your opponents have, and have a silly alternate win con for milling out the opponent.

I enjoy playing other peoples decks for them, and maybe you will too!


Pal00ka on Wanderlust

3 days ago

Why Embodiment of Spring? Sakura-Tribe Elder is better. Same with Birds of Paradise instead of Rattleclaw Mystic.

Atarka, World Render is fun but you only have 3 dragons. More (immediate) impactful drops in the 7 slot could be Avenger of Zendikar or Hornet Queen.

Panharmonicon would be bonkers in here.

Shamanic Revelation, Elemental Bond, and Mouth are great mass draw spells that complement what you are doing.

Soul of New Phyrexia plays well with most of your guys being big and combos nicely with Boompile for a one-sided board wipe.

Archetype of Endurance goes nicely wth cascade and protects your team. Same with Asceticism to a degree.

Eldritch Evolution could pair well mid/late game on a mana-dork to snag Reclamation Sage, etc. for a nice toolbox effect.

MagicalHacker on Rosheen Meanderer Hydra Disco

4 days ago

In terms of ramp, most of the ramp you have are cards that push you only 1 mana ahead, which I think is too small of an effect unless it comes with another valuable effect. Because of this, I would drop Mina and Denn, Wildborn, Sakura-Tribe Elder, Rampant Growth, Animist's Awakening, and Gruul Signet for Worn Powerstone, Astral Cornucopia, Gyre Sage, Khalni Heart Expedition, and Overgrowth. That kind of upgrade to your ramp will ensure that you get huge creatures out very easily. If you want to see other cards that could also fit this role, check out MagicalHacker - List of All Ramp Cards, but I would say that this deck definitely needs cards that advance your manabase by two or more, so ignore the cards that only ramp you by one.

Secondly, I only see three cards in here for draw, so there's no wonder that this deck doesn't hold it's own! We have all been there at some point, so let me emphasize this point: Draw is the most important thing for 99% of decks. Draw will let you have options, draw will let you build board states quickly, and draw will make it harder for you to get mana screwed or mana flooded. All of these are very important. You have Harmonize, Lifeblood Hydra, and Citanul Flute, but let's try to get 7 more cards for draw in here. If you need to take some out after testing, that's fine, but I don't see that being a problem. Too much draw isn't usually a problem with 10 cards that draw in the deck, so I think you should add any 7 of the following 9 options: Abzan Beastmaster, Elemental Bond, Triumph of Ferocity, Drumhunter, Outpost Siege, Lifecrafter's Bestiary, Skullclamp, Wheel of Fortune, and Life's Legacy to your deck to be able to refill your hand quickly and often. Check out MagicalHacker - List of All Draw Cards (Steady) and MagicalHacker - List of All Draw Cards (Burst) if you want to see options I didn't mention or options that aren't quite so expensive. I do think that those 9 cards are probably the best draw cards for your deck though, so picking 7 will bring your draw up to a reasonable amount. (I'll get into what 7 cards to drop soon.)

Next, let's tackle boardwipes. You've got Savage Twister and Chandra's Ignition, which I think are fantastic, but you do need more. There are only a few board wipes that can kill flying creatures and nonflying creatures in red and green at a reasonable mana investment, and those are Nevinyrral's Disk, Chain Reaction, Heaven / Earth, Blasphemous Act, Rolling Earthquake, and Starstorm. I think you can pick any 3 of those to add to the deck and you will be set on board wipes. (This brings us up to 12 cards that need to be dropped.) If you want even more options, again, feel free to check out MagicalHacker - List of All Board Wipe Cards to see more cards that could work, but I think adding any three of the above options would be fine.

Now, let's move on to item removal. You have Decimate, Hull Breach, Vandalblast, Beast Within, and Steel Hellkite. These are all fantastic, but I'd like to see Chaos Warp as well to be able to deal with any permanent.

Lastly, let's take a look at what cards you have to be able to deal with creatures at instant speed. Most people assume that dealing with creatures at sorcery speed is just as strong as dealing with creatures at instant speed, but here is why that is not correct: your opponents' creatures are good cards for you when they are attacking other opponents, and they only become problems when they attack you. For that reason, it's important to remember to have lots of instant speed removal to be able to kill creatures during combat when they would deal lots of damage to you or to kill creatures that are about to allow an opponent to go infinite. That said, your only options for that are Chaos Warp and Beast Within, making Chaos Warp that much more important for this deck.

Now that we have gotten the enablers down, let's talk about the bulk of the deck. To really abuse Rosheen Meanderer, we want the rest of the deck to be about using that X restriction. That said, we do want to use cards that will use that restriction to do things of value. If we are going to make big creatures (which we do want to do), we want to make sure that those creatures can attack to deal damage to players by giving them evasion.

Lifeblood Hydra and Primordial Hydra are the only ones that have an evasion ability naturally, so then we are forced to include things to give evasion. Flying is a good start, so I think that Akroma's Memorial and Homura, Human Ascendant are a place to start. You were right to add some ways to give everything trample, but I would add Khenra Charioteer, Gruul War Plow, and Primal Rage. Those five in addition to your Nylea, God of the Hunt and Archetype of Aggression should be enough ways to make your big dudes go through.

I realize now though that I've lost track of how many cards to add, so instead I am going to make a decklist to show what I would suggest this deck should become. No worries, I will link it at the end.

I would actually add all the creatures that cost X but enter with X counters (excluding the ones that cost double X, since those are not as powerful). And after that, just some ways to double +1/+1 counters or use Rosheen's ability will round out the deck.

Personally, I believe that 37 lands including Sol Ring would be enough since you now have enough ramp, so I brought down the number of lands too.

Example deck

Hope I was able to help you!

sylvannos on liliana, heretical healer

5 days ago

She's really good but requires a lot of build around for the flip trigger to happen. Then, your opponent can respond to the trigger with removal while it's on the stack, meaning you sometimes need multiple ways of setting off the trigger.

Sakura-Tribe Elder is one of the better ways I've seen people get Liliana, Heretical Healer  Flip to flip. I think the more time goes on, the more viable she becomes as more cards are printed. She's absolutely nuts if you can combine her with Cabal Therapy and Veteran Explorer in Legacy. As others have said, she's also good in EDH.

I don't think she'll reach Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip status, but she's tied for 2nd. best in that cycle next to Nissa.

DarkJunderMaster on Meren of Clan Combo

1 week ago

Sakura-Tribe Elder is for sure a better choice, but you should have Steve in regardless. Because Meren can abuse the graveyard you essentially want to get value off low drop creatures with some sweet ETB affects. One thing you get to abuse with Meren is greens ability to blow up artifacts and enhancements. Green has many creatures that ETB destroy target artifact or enchantment, which is very nice because many decks rely heavy on mana rocks and sick enchantments. Yesterday I was playing a game and I had someone Nevermore my commander not even realizing that I had a Reclamation Sage in the graveyard and my deck being heavy around reanimation of course there was a reanimate spell in hand.

Now the Necrotic Ooze + Phyrexian Devourer + Triskelion I believe it works as Having Necrotic Ooze out and the other two in the graveyard. Reveal the top card of your library from the Phryexian Devourer ability and add X +1 counters to Necrotic Ooze adding to the +3 he already has from Triskelion. Essentially you can respond to the 7th +1 counter being added by removing some with Triskelion's ability not causing you to Sacrifice Necrotic Ooze. This combo I am newer using and have some uncertainty with. I prefer to use the Altar of Dementia + Devoted Druid + Quillspike

bushido_man96 on Meren of Clan Combo

1 week ago

DarkJunderMaster, thank you for the comments and suggestions, and the +1! Devoted Druid got taken out because I felt like I got better value out of Sakura-Tribe Elder. I'm not running Mike and Trike because Mike is a $20 card I don't have. Your third combo isn't one I was aware of, but looks a bit nicer, price wise, and could be an option for the deck, but I'd rather not exile cards I could reuse with Meren. I added Butcher of Malakir because with Meren out, he can be recurred if its needed, as the enchantments can't if they get removed. Just one more option to have.

I keep tinkering with it, so if I come across the chance to plug some of those in and try it, I'll let you know.

I would like for you to lay out the third combo for me, Necrotic Ooze + Phyrexian Devourer and Triskelion.

I'll take a look at your build.

lagotripha on Budget Mimic Control

1 week ago

Nice idea. I'd consider Sakura-Tribe Elder for ramp and a nice imprint, Damping Matrix, Bottle Gnomes, Cloudstone Curio, Culling Scales, Filigree Familiar and Lifecrafter's Bestiary all deserve a look. I'd feel a lot more confident with some stallier smaller creatures mainboard, but your meta might support this. I'd honestly move Obstinate Baloth maindeck or perhaps run some manadorks. Good luck!

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