Chalice of the Void


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Masterpiece Series: Kaladesh Inventions Mythic Rare
Modern Masters Rare
Mirrodin Rare

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Chalice of the Void


Chalice of the Void enters the battlefield with X charge counters on it.

Whenever a player casts a spell with converted mana cost equal to the number of charge counters on Chalice of the Void, counter that spell.

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Chalice of the Void Discussion

LithiumHD on Click for POLL: An Answer to the Prayers

11 hours ago

All very interesting and valid points. So far the vote stands 3:1 in favor of "no".

Bringing up another point; Counter this Does help against Chalice of the Void which sees a decent amount of play I think. Does this change things? Running a single copy could be worth in that case.

seebz on Shadows Over Bogles

2 days ago

the grixis control matchup is pretty much unlosable. played against it twice at GP Van, 4-0. also w/r prison is nigh unwinnable, mainboard Chalice of the Void(t1), Blessed Alliance, Blood Moon and Nahiri, the Harbinger is pretty much the ultimate counter to bogles.

Colgate on Colorless Artifact Lockdown

3 days ago

Yes I have wanted complete lockdown for game and I've even managed to do so multiple times. This isn't even lockdown and especially not complete. You don't have any reliable way to find the lock and you have bunch of dead cards in deck. If you somehow against all the odds manage to pull of your Exodia, your lock still is at its best just forcing your opponent to cast spells only during their turn, tap all their lands, if they tap any of them, your life total can't change and you bolt something every turn. Even if you somehow manage to pull that off, you still let them untap freely, cast as many spells as they wish during their main phase, draw as much as they wish, they can still also target you and all of your permanents with no penalty. There are many decks in legacy, which can continue to operate under your "complete lockdown" just like there were no lock at all. Trinisphere alone can make stronger lock than anything in your deck. Listen advice you're given and play some Trinispheres and Chalice of the Void. Defense Grid is good once you can do something threatening during your turn, but I would still keep it at side.

Winterblast on Colorless Artifact Lockdown

4 days ago

I play (white) Stax in Legacy and there's no real way around having 4 Chalice and Trinisphere in the deck. Maybe 3 Trinisphere, because its effect is not cummulative (Chalice can be cast for different X if you get more than one) but you need to have them and you want to play them on turn 1 if possible. You can do very much with the rest of the deck, playing almost creatureless or going for a rather aggressive strategy, but some parts are absolutely necessary.

That would be for you:

It may seem to reduce the fun a bit, when you can't make every "cool" creature work but trust me, there's nothing more fun than a turn 1 trinisphere...

emrakulinsmugglers on Mr. Phyrexia PHD

4 days ago

cut isolation cell and instead put in Chalice of the Void, also get Ancestral Vision, Serum Visions, and maybe put in black for Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind, theres a nice infinite combo with curiosity + niv mizzet that does infinite damage and card draw. also, since you have enough artifacts, maybe Thoughtcast

Mrow1987 on Soulja Boy

4 days ago

I think Bushi Tenderfoot is too hard to flip. I played him in a deck and he just was a vanilla 1/1 for most of my matches. I think Mirran Crusader would be a nice replacement for the Tenderfoot. Its 3 cmc but that can also be a good thing if ppl try to lock you with Chalice of the Void

PTsmitty on Get Started in Modern. Advice ...

6 days ago

I have decided that I would like to try and make a Modern Deck, but I am thinking of creating a budget build first to make sure I even like the format. I already have several of the cards needed to make an effective humans deck, but I am just not sure what color combination I should use. I have watched a few videos on a mono-white deck that has been effective, but it is also very vulnerable to Chalice of the Void and Engineered Explosives. So I thought I could create a G/W build that allows me to sideboard is artifact destruction to prevent being overpowered by these two cards. I then thought about possibly making a Naya Humans deck similar to one I used when I played standard several years ago. This is the deck, Naya Human Blitz, and it has been modified a little bit to include a few non-standard cards after the deck rotated out. Would something similar to this Naya build I used to run workout, or should I stick to G/W or Mono-white? The basic idea I have for this deck is to stick with the low-cost creature route with spell support for protection and/or removal.

This is where I can use the most advice because I do not know what decks are the most popular ones I will be facing. Obviously I need to guard against Chalice and Explosives because they can really slow my deck idea down. Are there any other cards that are popular in the format right now that I will find myself struggling against? I realize a Naya build may be difficult with Blood Moon being popular, but would this color combination provide me with the best firepower? I just want to make sure that I do not create a deck that sets me up to fail against every other modern deck. I realize each and every deck out there has their good, bad, and terrible match-ups, but I just want to make sure I avoid the terrible ones as much as I can!

I appreciate you taking your time to read this and am looking forward to any advice that can be provided.

Daedalus19876 on Dark Phoenix, Who Frowns At Fun

1 week ago

Okay, let's do this! cracks knuckles I love the snarky tone of the description, btw :)

The stax elements of this deck seem strong, mostly. You're missing Winter Orb though. I would normally suggest Crackdown and Meekstone and Moat, but they interfere with Alesha :( Perhaps Smoke or Mudslide? I don't personally like Chalice of the Void in EDH, though, there's just too much variance in the mana cost of powerful cards. And since you're reanimating things anyway, might as well play Big Daddy Smokestack!

However, the land base seems...a little off. 29 mana-producing lands is REALLY really low, doubly so since you will have to pay some of your own "taxes". I know that the Karoo lands help a bit, but I still wouldn't trust this mana base without SIGNIFICANT testing. You might also find the Filterlands useful to mana fix (Rugged Prairie, Fetid Heath, Graven Cairns). I also never leave home without Reflecting Pool, City of Brass, Mana Confluence, etc. Basically, look at Lilbrudder's Leovold mana base and color-shift it XD

I'd frequently choose to run Rest in Peace over (or in addition to) Leyline of the Void. Always good to run another combo piece!

Phyrexian Arena over Underworld Connections, 1000%. The former doesn't lock down a land, which is even more important in this deck.

I'm actually not really a fan of Nahiri, the Harbinger in EDH. Is she just there for utility, or are you planning to use her ult? If the former is true, there are better ways to get card filtering. If the latter is true, what's your finisher?

That being said, planeswalkers can generally be really good in stax decks. You might get away with including some other walkers that play more into your gameplan, possibly Sorin Markov to reset lifetotals? :)

Night's Whisper over Wild Guess: less color commitment, more card advantage.

No Necropotence? :( I guess maybe the card is too much color commitment in tri-color.

If you're going to run Mox Opal with only 18 artifacts, I'd try and include the three on-color artifact lands as well.

False Prophet seems odd here, since you have the ability to reanimate creatures with relative ease.

Personally, I'd substitute Austere Command over Merciless Eviction, though it does depend on how you plan to use the board wipe.

Land Tax does wonders to fix your mana, and recover after an Armageddon...

If you have oodles of money, Imperial Recruiter pairs well with Recruiter of the Guard.

Yes or no on Mox Diamond? Your land count is already low, but it's so good...

Swords to Plowshares over Path to Exile: you don't want to give your opponents land ramp in a stax deck, lol.

I hope that helps a bit! :) I'll leave more comments if I think of them, and happy deckbuilding!

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