Chalice of the Void

Chalice of the Void


Chalice of the Void enters the battlefield with X charge counters on it.

Whenever a player casts a spell with converted mana cost equal to the number of charge counters on Chalice of the Void, counter that spell.

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Chalice of the Void Discussion

Lowenstein on Twiddle Storm > UR Storm …

5 days ago

Flooremoji good stuff. Psychic Puppetry is indeed very essential for Twiddle Storm.

Dealing with Damping Sphere before playing Lotus Field is true. Recently though I had a game against Eldrazi Tron where I had to get rid of Chalice of the Void and Relic of Progenitus on the same turn before really comboing off, but i did get it. So yeah that would be more tricky, it would probably just add an extra turn.

jaymc1130 on Silent Scepter

5 days ago

Interesting idea. Might be something to it.

Definitely an idea that could make good use of a 4x Gemstone Caverns build as it will essentially be a tempo based concept. Remand and Failure/Comply are ideal fits to fight along that axis and simply keep boards clear aside from lands until you land Scepter+Silence. Dealing with Chalice of the Void, targeted discard, and cheap instant speed artifact removal strike me as the most reasonable answers to the strategy, so cards like Veil of Summer, Miscast, and Spell Pierce hold a lot of value as does Force of Negation. Grand Abolisher, while an odd fit for a competitive Modern deck, might be an ideal fit for this type of concept to offer a 2 cmc lockout component in addition to Teferi at 3. Bant might be a better color combo for the idea, but it'd be tough to say without doing some serious testing.

Snowmen1 on Undying Retribution

3 weeks ago

While the aggro plan for the deck is something I think is really strong, what I like the most about it is that with the same draws, you can play in any number of ways with shocking efficiency. I will agree that playing in a midrange shell has some merit, I really think that staying low to the ground is the way to go. I say this because you will end up with a "neither here nor there" dichotomy to the deck with a higher curve. Retribution of the Ancients is a card that wants you to leave up mana, something that you can do when the deck is depleted from aggressively casting mostly one and two drops (as a side note, it also helps a lot with filling in the curve). I have had times where I had yawgmoth in hand and was able to cast it, but just leaving up mana for retribution of the ancients left me in a safer and more imposing position than casting it would. As another example to back this, when you have retribution and say three mana on turn three or four, casting a relatively high converted Mana cost card like Liliana of the Veil just leaves you not utilizing the card, and leaving your shields down for that turn in a way. This clashing really hurts the deck and detracts from the plan in my opinion, and I have done my best to minimize that by keeping the curve down and adjusting the numbers of a given cards based on my experience playing it. I can't really justify playing anything more than just a few discard spells in the mainboard if I were to go that route.

As for your point on the reletive power of the metagame: I have won games against pre-ban snow control and gruul midrange outgrinding them pretty easily just as an example. Matches against decks like mono red prowess have felt pretty easy as well. I don't really have any fear for any of the cards you mentioned, or at least I can think of a number of ways to combat these cards with the deck. I had a lot of concerns about playing against cards like the ones you mentioned, but in practice, I am often shocked with how well the deck just rolls over them. I still have concerns about facing a number of cards like Chalice of the Void, but most of these cards I have not even seen in testing, so I can't really say whether or not the deck handles them well.

I will say that eldrazi Tron seems like a bad matchup. Though I haven't faced the deck yet, having Chalice of the Void, ways to search for graveyard hate, and plenty of late game haymakers, it is easy to see how this deck can run into trouble there. Even Reality Smasher seems challenging because trample makes chump/reset loops really bad, and I can't machine gun the card down with retribution of the ancients without having to discard loads of cards. That being said, I don't think that going a rock route helps the situation much given the fact that the deck is notorious for topdecking those cards, and a Thought-Knot Seer would take an Liliana of the Veil out of hand anyways if I were to have it. Like I said, this last but is only speculation, and I will give you an update when I do get a chance to play that matchup.

SynergyBuild on The Battle of the Counterspells!

4 weeks ago

I mean, Mental Misstep is the best though, while narrow, every format it's been has warped around it. Arguably Force of Will is the closest, with it's much worse cousin Force of Negation still being incredibly powerful.

Mana Drain is honestly not that amazing. Is it busted? Sure, but Counterspell is often similarly powered in most situations. Swan Song is only great in EDH, whereas Spell Pierce, and occasionally Flusterstorm (Spell Snare, perhaps the new Miscast, and even Dispel could fall near here) see actual play in the more competitive formats like Legacy to Vintage (Where Mindbreak Trap deserves much more of a mention than the rest.)

Pact of Negation is only good in a few decks, cEDH lists for sure, but then there was Amulet Bloom, Ad Nauseam, and only a couple modern lists I can think of that used it. Older formats have better cards to run. Spell Pierce is better most of the time.

But then, the value countermagic matters too. Cryptic Command and the new Archmage's Charm fit here. Charm hasn't been around enough for me to argue it's validity, but looks promising. Command is amazing. Historically one of the most busted counterspells.

Obviously Pyroblast and Red Elemental Blast are good too, and are extremely good reasons to run red in older formats, but they are equally used as removal in my experience as countermagic, and fall short a bit having only assuming the use of their countermagic.

Now onto Chalice of the Void. It's busted. Straight up dominates multiple formats. Modern Eldrazi Tron, Legacy Karn Echoes (used to be much more dominant in Legacy, still is strong), Golos and Ravager Stax lists in Vintage, Chalice is basically Mental Misstep on everything or Spell Snare on everything. It's amazing, absurd, and busted. Only reason it's not the best is because of the deck-building requirement for it.

Top 10?

  1. Mental Misstep

  2. Force of Will

  3. Force of Negation

  4. Chalice of the Void

  5. Spell Pierce

  6. Flusterstorm

  7. Mana Drain

  8. Mindbreak Trap

  9. Cryptic Command

  10. Spell Snare

Want evidence of Mental Misstep's supremacy? Check where it's banned and restricted. Everywhere. It has the same banned/restricted list as Mana Crypt, a better mox.

Flooremoji on Goblin Sideboard

1 month ago

4x Chalice of the Void

4x Relic of Progenitus

2x Damping Sphere

1x Goblin Cratermaker

1x Legion's End

1x Fulminator Mage

2x Boil

This was the sideboard of a semi-recent 5-0 goblin list. Maybe it will be useful to you.

nooodle_ on Maralen Dreams

1 month ago

I really like this deck. Would recommend a Chalice of the Void and a Praetor's Grasp. Some Duress effects would help a bunch too imo. But yeah, nice one. Cute monoblack deck that could be fringe competitive.

SynergyBuild on GhostChieftain

1 month ago

Don't worry, I've worked with a lot of the people on that database and helped put up multiple decks there, I use it ;)

that is more of a, "How much does the average person know of the best deck" kinda thing. I expect the 'Control' player to say control is best or the tatyova/godo/zur.

The article/video I am publishing will discuss Kess, Kenrith, Najeela, and the final, statistically best deck, TnT.

I play Zur, Najeela, Tnt, and Kess, I've tried and played all of the top 50 decks tons of times each, and I have both data, reasoning, and anecdotes a plenty to show that the top decks are roughly as follows:

  1. Medium Green/Midrange Thrasios/Tymna

  2. Consult Thrasios/Tymna (All in)

  3. Consult Scepter Thrasios/Tymna

  4. Layered Tempo Najeela (Consult+Combat Combos Layered)

  5. Kess Consult

Now, Kenrith and Teferi were weirdly the higher than Kess in some data, so I'd argue for them in some ways, especially at grinding, but Kess just won more often, so using winrate as a basis, while its wins aren't flashy, it is super consistent xD

The other outliers were just how badly the Razaketh lists currently are doing, the fact that the flash-less hulk decks and the hermit druid decks performed consistenly worse than the Kess, Kenrith, Najeela, and other non-TnT decks in the top 7 were, and that only one Pod deck won a single game in hundreds of tests, and it won with Derevi (Najeela Layered Pod), so I think Druid, Pod, Hulk, and Razaketh should be phased out of the meta, since they are too clunky, and the format should look to optimize Oracle more heavily and find more hate for it.

Chalice of the Void looks promising in my own opinion, perhaps some lists like Tasigur or Zur could use it if they work on some more controlling variants. No idea, but a Chalice on 1 shuts down a lot of decks, Kess, some Najeela decks, TnT often, etc.

ThisIsMyAccount on Boros... Control???

2 months ago

The main thing is though is that I feel like I can make a decent version of this deck whether I decide to go with Chalice of the Void or not. One thing I don't really know where to go with either way is deciding how I want to win the game. As it is now, winning comes from a planeswalker ultimate, Gideon of the Trials beatdown, Castle Ardenvale, and Worship. I think these are okay I just don't know if it is good enough.

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